SuperCoach Significance Report: GWS v NTH

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CarlosAgainSome insightful SuperCoach information was gleaned out of this JLT match between GWS and North Melbourne.

The game provided us with a chance to have another good look at the Taranto boy and a number of perspective North rookies, as well as seeing how the likes of Heater, Goldy and co are travelling as potential keepers.

There were plenty of enticing performances from temptresses like Greene, Higgins, Waite and MacMillian as well.

Here’s some key observations from the match:

  • Toby Greene will be very tempting for many. Had a MASSIVE game tonight.
  • The ruck puzzle continues. Goldy was OK, without splitting the contest open.
  • Lock Heater in as D1. He was majestic tonight.
  • Shaun Higgins is a legitimate FWD option this season. He *clears throat* looks in really good nick. Only played the first half as precaution, though.
  • Tim Taranto and Kayne Turner showed they will be very solid, although more expensive, FWD rookie options for our sides.
  • Our cheap North rookie options have been reduced in number. Only Vickers-Willis and Hibbard a chance for Round 1 now.


Stephen Coniglio | MID | $575,900

Looks every chance to elevate his game to another level in 2017. Was one of the top mids on the ground when he hurt his knee in the third term. Finished the match shortly after as a precaution. Had 21 touches from just 48% time on ground.

Toby Greene | FWD | $492,000

Had a ripper of a game. Probably BOG and will tempt many after this performance. Looked bloody dangerous around goals and got shitloads of it at half forward. Opened the match with 11 touches and 2 snags in the first stanza alone. Snagged 5.1 for the match to go with 25 possessions, 18 of them contested. Hard to justify picking him as a FWD keeper when it looks as though he will get little mid time in the GWS engine room. But the way he’s going, it’s not the worst move. Looks like he will improve on last year’s average.

Dylan Shiel | MID | $539,200

Came off early in the match with a hip complaint. Tried to play on, but didn’t really have a huge impact. Went down again in the third with a shoulder complaint.

Callan Ward | MID | $574,500

Another warrior-like performance from the samurai king of GWS. 28 touches, 2.1 goals and 15 contested possessions. Massive game.

Tom Scully | MID | $530,000

He ran. And ran. And ran. Sometimes he got the ball. But he was overshadowed by the many others.

Devon Smith | MID | $575,900

Decent match. Another part of this potent GWS forward line. Finished with 3.1 from 18 touches. Will form a potent half forward combination with Greene.

Jonathon Patton | FWD | $349,000

Good in patches, but not worth considering as a key forward.

Tim Taranto | MID/FWD | $207,300

Worth forking out the extra cash for this young lad, I reckon. The kid can play. Had five touches in the first five minutes. Looked incredibly impressive. Tough as a rusty nail as well. Faded a bit in the second half, but all in all has enjoyed a stunning pre season. Should be named Round 1. Get him in your side.

Matthew Kennedy | FWD | $235,000

Was given kick in duties on the odd occasion. Mature young man for his age, but battling for his spot with a lot of other prime talent.

Jeremy Cameron | FWD | $386,300

Dangerous up forward with 3.4 and six marks. Just one part of an insanely-packed forward line.

Adam Tomlinson | DEF | $316,900

Went down in the third. That was the first time I noticed him. Finished with 18 touches and nine marks.

Josh Kelly | MID | $473,800

Shitloads of it early. Break out contender. Finished with 24 possessions. But, as is the common problem at the Giants, is fighting with a lot of other quality mids.

Heath Shaw | DEF | $576,500

It’s poetry in motion watching Heater take the kickout, do a little dinky kick to himself before streaming out from full back, taking a bounce and hitting a team-mate on the chest. A very reliable, safe option in defence. Had 27 kicks and 16 marks. Lock at D1.

Zac Williams | DEF | $480,100

Got done for a deliberate rushed behind. Messed up a kick-in that resulted in a goal. Turned a couple of others over. Not the best day at the office for Zac. But he rebounded nicely in the second half and finished with a half decent score.

Ryan Griffen | MID | $511,000

The forgotten man at GWS. And if he keeps playing like this he is unlikely to ever be remembered at the Giants. Was solid, but not spectacular.

Shane Mumford | RUC | $536,300

Had 34 hitouts. Looked in alright nick, but I can’t see him having much SC significance this season.

Rory Lobb | FWD | $406,100

Picked up a few niggles, which limited his output.

Nick Haynes | DEF | $457,900, Adam Kennedy | DEF | $273,500, Matt Buntine | DEF | $281,600, Phil Davis | DEF | $355,700 and Nathan Wilson | DEF | $363,700.

All played as pure defenders. Pass.

Steve Johnson | FWD | $464,500 and Aidan Corr | DEF | $236,700

Both fell to injuries in the first half, sat out the rest of the match.

Notable absentees: Brett Deledio, Jacob Hopper, Harry Perryman, Will Setterfield, Lachie Whitfield.



Shaun Higgins | FWD | $426,400

Only played the first half, but he looked really good. One of North’s best mids up to half time. Probably the fittest and strongest he has been in his career. Sat out the second half as a precaution. Could be a legitimate FWD keeper if you have the spuds to start with him.

Jack Ziebell | MID | $514,200

Looks willing to step up as captain to try and cover North’s losses. Was very strong at the contest and is a chance to improve his average this season.

Nathan Hrovat | MID/FWD | $301,400

Quiet early. Did a couple of nice things as the game wore on. Is he still an option?

Andrew Swallow | MID | $464,800

21 touches up and 8 tackles to 3 qtr time. Looked solid, but can’t see him being relevant.

Luke McDonald | DEF | $348,200

No frills type defender. Plays in the true Shinboner spirit. Not ideal for SC though.

Lindsay Thomas | FWD | $343,300

Played some long stints in the middle. Will actually provide some good X factor in the midfield for the Roos if they play him there more during the regular season.

Ryan Clarke | MID/FWD | $306,500

Played an outside role, got a bit of it.

Trent Dumont | MID | $415,500

Didn’t notice him much, but played OK in patches. Still a bit rough around the edges in certain aspects. Pass for now.

Jy Simpkin | FWD | $162,300

Showed some touches of class. A crafty half forward, he might be worth a look if named Round 1.

Todd Goldstein | RUC | $588,400

It’s worth noting Goldy is tapping to a much shitter midfield now. But like Gawn, I wouldn’t read into this performance too much, though. He played with 2 other ruckmen and didn’t really get out of second gear. Still a good option.

Kayne Turner | FWD | $171,400

The slightly-built Turner has put on 5kgs in the off season. Kicked a couple of snags in the first term and finished with impressive stats of 3 goals, 14 touches and 5 tackles for the match. Awkward price, but could be a smoky option considering the lack of FWD rooks.

Jarrad Waite | FWD | $499,400

Was probably the Kangas’ best tonight. Let’s not forget this man worked himself into form worthy enough to be considered the best player in the competition by some North supporters in the opening rounds of 2016. Waite looked is pristine condition and took a number of strong contested marks. Finished with 5.2 for the match.

Braydon Preuss | RUC | $123,900

He’s a bloody massive unit this bloke. Models his game on Shane Mumford, apparently. Played the majority of the match as a tall forward. Has great strength for a big man and even outmuscled Mumford a couple of times. Took several massive contested grabs. High chance for Round 1 based on this performance.

Ed Vickers-Willis | DEF | $123,900

Went at the body instead of the ball on a couple of occasions. Made a few mistakes. But he looks a good prospect none the less. Wait to see if he is named Round 1.

Jamie Macmillan | DEF | $438,500

Was shown up early by Toby Greene, who absolutely killed him in the first term. Worked his way into the game nicely and showed some good speed and rebound out of defence. A very attacking defender, he ended up getting a fair bit of it.

Majak Daw | RUC/FWD | $378,800

Struggled to get into the game. Not on our radars.

Mitch Hibberd | DEF/MID | $123,900

Played only the second half but was in the thick of things early. Kicked a goal and I thought he was impressive. A good size for AFL already. Pick him if named Round 1.

Sam Gibson | MID | $468,600

Had a fair bit of it. But shouldn’t be considered from a SC perspective.

Ben Cunnington | MID | $575,900

Played second half. Didn’t really inspire.

Robbie Tarrant | DEF | $458,500, Lachlan Hansen | DEF | $326,400, Scott Thompson | DEF | $386,300, Shaun Atley | DEF | $353,400 and Sam Wright | DEF | $333,200.

Wright and Atley got a bit of it, but all these blokes are DEFs I don’t have any SC significance.

Notable absentees: Marley Williams, Jed Anderson, Ben Jacobs, Mason Wood, Ben Brown, Sam Durdin.


What are your thoughts, Community?




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Shaw, Laird, Mills, Hampton, Hibberd (NM), EVW (Otten, Stewart)
Danger, JPK, Treloar, Fyfe, Hall, Beams, JOM, Swallow (SPP, Barrett, Miles)
Nankervis, Sandilands (Pruess)
Riewoldt, Dahl, Lynch (GCS), Roughy, Taranto, Turner (NM) (Picket, Eddy)


Toby Greene 155
Heath Shaw 136
Jeremy Cameron 111
Callan Ward 111
Josh Kelly 101
Devon Smith 91
Shane Mumford 90
Stephen Coniglio 85
Tim Taranto 76
Zac Williams 75
Dylan Shiel 74
Matthew Kennedy 73
Adam Tomlinson 73
Phil Davis 68
Matt Buntine 64
Nick Haynes 63
Tom Scully 62
Ryan Griffen 58
Nathan Wilson 57
Adam Kennedy 52
Rory Lobb 50
Jonathon Patton 43
Aidan Corr 21
Steve Johnson 11
Jarrad Waite 107
Kayne Turner 102
Jamie Macmillan 90
Andrew Swallow 87
Lindsay Thomas 85
Sam Gibson 77
Trent Dumont 75
Shaun Higgins 68
Robbie Tarrant 67
Majak Daw 61
Ben Cunnington 59
Nathan Hrovat 59
Ryan Clarke 59
Shaun Atley 59
Jack Ziebell 58
Scott D. Thompson 58
Todd Goldstein 56
Jy Simpkin 53
Braydon Preuss 45
Luke McDonald 44
Sam Wright 40
Lachlan Hansen 35
Ed Vickers-Willis 28
Mitchell Hibberd 27


btw, Great Review Mate

Blackie White

Say SandWitts returns 180avg for an outlay of $525k, and Gawn/Goldy returns 240avg for an outlay of $1233k.
Sells itself really.

The Ranger

I guess it's what price you put on a trade then Blackie?
You have to put that price into the equation.

Blackie White

Just treating the Rucks like any other line. Sandwitts should appreciate 400k+ by the byes.
I would only go this strategy if set & forget is not so clear, ie dual ruck set-ups prevail at Melb, Roos & Pies as prices for the top Ruck combo may drop $150k+.
So there's another 500k plus $700k on starting prices in value to spend elsewhere and save trades on other lines.
This strategy also requires a decent F5 fwd/ruck as security, for injury, poor form or omission.

The Ranger

Yeah I can't find the cash for that decent fwd/ruk position.


Blackie i'm right there with you mate. Haven't got witts but same strategy here. NO standout ruck option anywhere, so doing some cheap lone wolves. Good option! Stick with it!

Blackie White

It's def got the potential to provide a nice tactical adv over the competition, but Rd 1 selections will have the final say.


The only problem is Witts is a dumb as dogshit hack of a footballer.

Blackie White

Good point, but it's either Witts or Currie at GCS, and really we only need to look at him as a cash cow until the byes, and he's going early this year.


Geez old spitter looked good this arvo….. Shaw is Locked!!!


Wow. Fyfe 103 points at the half.


Looking good Holty so is Sandi


Yes they are gator. I still have Cripps in my side. Altough he is coughing the ball up a bit, very happy he is back. May need to swap him for someone who hasnt had a interupted preseason and look at him after the bye


Crouch will be a good option


Agreed but wont pick him as already have a couple break out contenders and not risking another

The Ranger

If Cripps had got thru the preseason I think he might have been my M5.
I'd put him above Crouch as a likely next SC ultra premo, beast of a player!


I may still keep him. Had 48 points at the half and looked underdone. Will/should only get better. If he gets to 95, he will be in my side come rd1.


I'd pay $675k for him. My first picked


With Ben Brown to come back, will Preuss hold his spot? Having R3 cover in Preuss or Cameron will mean not needing to play a Nankervis or Ryder. If they go with 3, is he ahead of Daw? Or will they go with 2 and leave them both out?
EVW and Hibberd looking a little less secure for Round 1 after that. Hopefully they will have both done enough across the whole pre season to be named Round 1.


I think hibberd only played a half. But yes both evw and hibberd were both disappointing as was goldy

The Ranger

Even if you're not going the Nankilands route Preuss at R3 is handy.


Brown back – Daw out – Preuss keeps his spot
I have Preuss as R3 at the moment

Now to decide Nankilands or Boydilands as R1 and R2

Shake n bake

Im still really worried about EVW & Hibbard!!


Yeah. Good chance 1 will play. Cant see both fitting into the kangas side unfortunately.


I liked Hibberd, reminds me a bit of JPK

The Ranger

Hope it's Hibberd. That DEF/MID next to his name is handy.


Def: Adams, Laird, Mills, Hampton, Otten, Vickers-Willis (Stewart, Guthrie)
Mid: Pendles, Selwood, Treloar, Cripps, Fyfe, Titchell, Beams, O'Meara (Wiggs, Barrett, Powell-Pepper)
Ruck: Gawn, Sandi (Strnadica)
Fwd: Dahlhaus, Macrae, Roughy, Nank, Black, Houston (Eddy, Cameron)
Chuck me some feedback if you can guys much appreciated


Fwd line is very light on. Too many mid prices

The Ranger

Top work, thanks Carlos.
If you had to pick one…Taranto or Swallow as M8?


If i had to pick one, Id go Taranto. I said it a week ago that with gold coasts midfield depth, cant see swallow spending much time in there. Same could be said for Taranto but he is a lot cheaper and think he will make you more.


*make you more…

The Ranger

Sorry. That should have been M7.
Same opinion Holty?


anyone think Higgins could cop the tag this year? he appears the likely candidate and i imagine could struggle with it.

Blackie White

Most sides would probably feel confident enough going head to head with the Roos midfield, and back their own ball winners. So chances are he may avoid tagging most games.

One's Bowler

Love Jock and the boys podcast and having listened Powell Pepper is a lock as a bull. Having seen the way Taranto has played this JLT and the way he got up from a Buddy shoulder this lad wins the Norwich Rising star and could be quite special? $200K not a huge impost?


Gee, I'm starting to ask the question, Adams or Shaw?


Shaw, I'm running Simmo, Shaw and Laird


I think shaw is in the same conversation as doch and simpson. Adams is below them with laird and jj.

Shake n bake

Both in my side Derek. For me it was a toss up between Shaw & Doch l went with Shaw.


What to do with Cam McCarthy, Just bagged his sixth


against Carlton


Good JS.


Seems like you haven't done your research. He's only kicked 7 in the whole JLT series


Fyfe 178 sc points… welcome

One's Bowler

Geelong play the Dockers round 1. Danger or Fyfe captain?


Good question OB we will wait and see dangers last JLT and decide after that.. AT this stage i would say FYFE..


Devon Smith's price and posi is wrong, thoughts on him as a fwd option?


where's the match review for the Carlton and Fremantle game?


Where abouts does everyone think I will finish overall and how can i change that

DEF: Docerty, Rance, Laird, Hampton, Otten, Vickers-Willis (Stewart, Guthrie)

MID: Dangerfield, JPK, Treloar, Bont, Fyfe, Swallow, Powell-Pepper, Atley (Wigg, Barrett, Hibberd)

RUCK: Gawn Sandilands (Cameroon)

FWD Dahlhaus, Macrae, Lynch( GC ), Roughhead, Black, Miles ( Butler, Eddy)

$246,000 left over


I noticed not a lot of teams starting with Pendles yet again, the bloke is so reliable and has accumulated the most SC points in the last 7 years. The Rolls Royce of midfielders and for the last 4 years or so I have always started my team with Pendles. Him and Ablett have automatically filled my M1 and M2 positions come Round 1 in recent years, although this year I won't be going in with Ablett… I hate not picking him though, I feel like I am betraying him for not selecting him in my side "DIVINE FC" after all the good things he has done for our teams, week in week out we didn't have to stress about who to pick as captain, 130+ averages and he'd bless us with a couple of 200+ games. I'm gonna miss you Gaz, you're not in my team but I still bloody love you mate. Can't wait for you to come back to Geelong next year with Selwood and Danger, whooooahhh my mouth is bloody watering already. Cats Premiers 2018 I reckon, lock it in and throw away the key lads….. absolute bloody certainty!

Anyways….. So I guess you could say that me starting with Pendles is a bit of a POD? I wonder what percentages of teams will start with him, before I go I have a Question for the community. Does everyone here reckon Pendlebury's scoring output will decrease this year? With Adams and Treloar stamping their authority as the next generation of Collingwood midfielders, specially with Wells in there too…. Do you guys think Scott Pendlebury will still be Collingwoods #1 midfielder by seasons end? Thanks for your time community, I hope you all have a bloody ripper of a year! WEEKKKKUMMM….


Hi Dee. Not a POD mate. He is the 3rd most selected mid premium with 21.5% ownership. Only Fyfe and Danger more selected.
As for Pendles dropping off, lots are concerned with collingwood having too many mids, pendles role, etc.
Exactly the same was said pre season last year and ended up being the 2nd best scorer. I think it is a preference of the individual. Some not willing to pay the money early because they will pick him up cheaper later in the season. But will guarantee they will all be trying to get him in at some point in the season.


then you miss out on all of his scoring early in the year….


Cheers Holty, thanks for the information…


You dont need to sell pendles to me. He has been locked in my team since the start


You can't have them all.

One Touch Wonder

Everyone has got it WRONG. Anyone who is thinking of having Nankervis or Ryder in there forward Line as COVER for Sandilands needs to know that if Sandilands or any other Ruck gets injured or managed, it isn't Nankervis or Ryder who is your cover, it is Eddy, Pickett, Smith or whoever else you have at F7/F8 is your REAL cover. Think about how many points that will generate, they might not play and if they do they may score at a Menapoo level.

People thinking about Nankervis as cover just because he has DPP don't get it. He is NOT the cover because he was already on field and therefore his points already counting. Is is your forward line bench that will need to be counted. Your F7/F8 score should be better than a donut, but not by much, so are those FEW points WORTH the drama of having to restructure your whole team in the CHANCE of Sandilands missing a week. If Sandilands is going to miss anything more than a week you just trade him, you don't cover him with Eddy. Don't follow the SHOAL, make a SHARK MOVE. If you seriously think Nankervis is a better F4 option than Roughead (or Brayshaw, Steele, Camron) please seek professional Help. The points he/they will outscore Nankervis in the first 3 games alone will be more than Eddy/Pickett/Smith will score as COVER, if you even need them.


You forgot your shark move last year was Tex Walker, how did that work out for you?


I think your missing the point, most people are picking the nank because he's a great cheap forward option, the r/f is a bonus. For mine Nankervis as a solo ruck is a far better f4 (f5 in my case)option than brayshaw Steele and Cameron. On par with roughy for mine. Your also forgetting that when you swing you r/f nank up to cover sandi's one week out you get to use the emergency loophole in your forward line so you can hopefully get the best of your f7/8. I understand your thinking but for mine nankervis and roughy are by far the best sub 400k forwards, the rf on nank is just a bonus and makes him a no brainer, 85 average minimum in expecting.


the Nank won't be in my team! He's not that good


I get what your saying, but if sandi or whoever is out for one week your better off having whatever eddy scores than having a donut or wasting a trade as most people use r3 as the loophole


The thing is if Sandi gets injured he would have already appreciated 100k so that could be used for better options in the forward line instead of being stuck with a bad ruckman in his place


Both stepping stones but who is your pick? Kelly or Oliver?


surely they can't be keepers…. or can they maybe?


Kelly is not a stepping stone. At his price you select him to be a keeper. So my answer is Oliver


So if you pick Kelly in your team, he's there for good? Surely he won't finish top 10 MID this year, so why pick him? Same with Matty Crouch…


Im saying you would only select him if you think he will be a keeper.
No point paying 470k for a player if you dont think they will be a keeper




Not too sure about VW and Hibberd now…. a bit disappointing.


Rookies will do that from time to time.

Hibberd only played 45% game time and still had 10 touches – so not too bad.


Tom Rockliff or Robbie Gray?




Rocky too for me.




Marchbank a lock at D4? Don't know about VW and Hibberd anymore….


Looks to be one of the best higher defensive rookie selections, has been impressive in the JLT


Shaw may have done enough to earn a start in my team instead of Adams. My Sandilands emergency bank account is dwindling


Shaw been locked away in my side for a while. Only defender who is proven to back up 100+ averages.
You still not having backup for Sandi this year Derek? If Nank has a good game today will you be tempted?


the Nank won't be in my team!

If Lobbe is not named then Ryder is still a chance, otherwise I'll be like crouching and roll the dice


Shaw scored 200 last year, were you up until this point concerned that he had forgotten how to play football?


You can't have everyone, so was saving a few bucks and starting ADAMS. Not anymore


Is danger going to be able to score against a lock down freo round 1. Then has to get his hands on a sandles tap going against him. If that ain't enough he then has to beat fyfe and mundy and neale to the ball to get a clearance. 130 BE against a scorned Ross Lyon who for some reason and missed granny's chance second guessed himself for a year and gave into to peer pressure, only to see a game plan play out that doesn't work for him.
Lock in Ross Lyon Lock Downs this seaon and danger round 1 goes bust.
Just a thought. Danger your not in my side fella.. yet..


First round only counts once in rolling average. It's one third of the impact that a poor score would be from Rd 3 on. So you'll be hurting when he bangs out 150 in week 2!


Going by history, all signs point to yes he will smash Freo. Has played Freo 11 times and averages a staggering 125.4. Averages more against freo then any other side.
Freos midfield has never really tried locking down a whole opposition midfield. They have had Crowley and last year Barlow as taggers but have never been able to do a job on Danger because of his speed and his contested game.


Look who he plays R2…


I have a new M1.

Fyfe at M1. Dangerfield at M2.

He was that good last night it was beautiful.


Anyone point me to where SuperCoach scores from free game are posted? Thanks


Free should read Freo


He was certainly in full beast mode last night which is always a sight to behold even if it was against Carlton in a glorified practice game. Can't wait to see him renew acquaintances with Danger in a fortnight. Could make for a tricky captain's call late Sunday.

Do you remember that game when Fyfe went head to head with Danger when he was still at Adelaide a few years ago? Perhaps the closest thing we've had to Jakovich Carey since, at least in terms of two physical freaks going at one another, albeit in a completely different way and at different positions.

It was like watching an X-Men movie so looking forward to the sequel in a fortnight ha ha

Shake n bake

Hes the reason why im not goin to start with Gawn. Last year it was Danger & Gawn, you need two players were you can identify as capt & vc. Most weeks this year im sure it will be danger & Fyfe. So im goin to go with mummy or Grundy and put the extra cash in my fwd line.


The question is with Daw struggling yet again will Preuss take his spot?


No doubt on last night's performance from Daw.


Nice Carlos. Gee Greene was prolific, making have a real hard look at him, could improve with GWS success. Kelly looks like he will breakout, but probably won't average enough for me. Taranto looks very talented for a first year player, how will he fit in when the season starts who knows. Also starting to get worried that the podcasts will fade away with the reemergence of Higgins, hope that's not the case…


JPK and Beams or Coniglio and J Kelly?

JPK and Beams irresistible in the past, but a couple of POD up and comers are very tempting!!


Or JPK and Kelly and a >500k defender…


Coniglio injured his ankle last night. Didn't look too good. Might not be there rd 1.


Ah true!


Kelly, hall & shaw


With all the uncertainty in rucks this year my tactic is to go with cheaper options and save cash for an extra premium mid. Gawn and Goldy have too much uncertainty in their time in the ruck with possible shared duties I cannot confidently outlay high 5s-mid 600000s. If Nankervis has a good final JLT and with Hampspud out he has to make enough to perhaps upgrade to Gawn/Goldy if they drop y 50-80k. Shaw and Greene have become locks and already thrown the key down the S bend. Liked Turners game but unsure of job security – is he best 22. Can't see him getting game time with Thomas, Hrovat, and even Higgins playing the small forward role. Gotta love SuperCoach


I'm hearing ya Phil…. Never gone any way other than Set n Forget rucks… can't do it this year. Sacked Gawn yesterday 🙁



DEF: Docherty, Shaw, Mills, Marchbank, Hampton, Stewart.
EMG: Otten, Guthrie.

MID: Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Kennedy, Gray, Fyfe,
T. Mitchell, Oliver, SPP.
EMG: Barrett, Hibberd, Miles.

RUC: Sandilands, Witts.
EMG: Preus.

FWD: Kennedy, Dahlhaus, Roughead, Nankervis,
Taranto, Houston.
EMG: Black, Butler.

$50K left in the kitty, your thoughts please community….


Great team

Dac Zawson

Mills, Mitchell, Oliver, Sandilands, Witts, Roughead and Nankervis are a lot of either non-proven premos (previously not top 8-10 in position), injury risks or pricey stepping stones to have in a single team

Would consider going 1 up-1 down with some of them


Fremantle v Carlton

Nat Fyfe 176

Lachie Neale 121

Stephen Hill 111

David Mundy 99

Cam McCarthy 86

Garrick Ibbotson 84

Michael Johnson 83

Lee Spurr 83

Michael Walters 82

Ed Langdon 82

Darcy Tucker 81

Bradley Hill 77

Jonathon Griffin 70

Aaron Sandilands 68

Connor Blakely 61

Danyle Pearce 59

Griffin Logue 56

Lachie Weller 50

Hayden Ballantyne 48

Zac Dawson 47

Joel Hamling 42

Shane Kersten 31

Sean Darcy 16

Cameron Sutcliffe 9


Sam Docherty 116

Matthew Kreuzer 105

Kade Simpson 93

Bryce Gibbs 87

Jarrod Pickett 86

Caleb Marchbank 85

Sam Kerridge 83

Ed Curnow 72

Matthew Wright 71

Patrick Cripps 69

Billie Smedts 67

Marc Murphy 64

Rhys Palmer 63

Simon White 62

Dale Thomas 62

Jacob Weitering 62

Dennis Armfield 57

Jack Silvagni 52

Jed Lamb 49

Lachie Plowman 48

Sam Rowe 47

Levi Casboult 44

Alex Silvagni 25

Harrison Macreadie 11


Coniglio or Ward? How are people feeling about these 2? i'd like to take one.. not sure which


I'm backen kelly over both. Ward between those two.




3 Premo FWD JJK or Green w/Dahl and Macrae


2 Premo FWD 2 of the above?


2 Premo FWD will give me a 6 Premo MID


2 prem fwd with 6 mid


please please please help
$140k left, like to have around 90 to 100 for corrective trades or a sandilands bank. I dont want to have Nank in my fwd line.

H.Shaw, T.Adams, B.Laird, C.Hampton, MiHibberd, N.Newman,
(L.Ryan, T.Stewart)

Danger, Hanners, Trelor, Rocky, Fyfe, JOM, Taranto, W.Brodie
(J.Bowes, S.P.P., B.Parfitt)

Gawn, Sandi, (Strnadica)

Dahlhaus, Chad, Billings, Roughy, R.Knight, J.Picket
(T.Miles, B.Eddy)

All comments welcome, even the abuse


Not sure about that forward line very risky for mine.


Thanks jacko but risky how? They aren't injury prone.


Been Playing around a bit whilst watching the mighty Lions!

With all this Ruck issues going on ive gone back to Martin who I had in my original team. I think he'll be a POD with only 4.7% selection and with Archie Smith not looking like getting a run in the early season, Martin will be a single ruckman. #Martilands #getonit

So far this is my team. Happy for criticism.

DEF: Shaw, Laird, Johannisen, Marchbank, Vickers-Willis, Hibberd (N.Newman, T.Stewart)

MID: Danger, Pendle, Selwood, Bonts, Fyfe, Beams, JOM, SPP (J.Barret, H.Wigg, T.Miles)

RUCK: Martin, Sandi (Strnadica)

FWD: Dahlhaus, Macrae, Roughead, Mancrevis, Tarantino, Pickett (A.Black, B.Eddy)


$31700 remaining,

2-10-7-11 Byes