SuperCoach Significance Report: GCS v WBD

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AFL SuperCoach 2017 Report by barron

Everywhere I went today people were asking me “How do you think Gary is going to go?”

“Gary sucks!” I’d yell at them. “I’ve never seen a worse player in my life!” I said to one particularly confused passer-by who stopped me along Rundle Mall while I was getting lunch (Hawaiian pizza, because pineapple belongs on pizza, no matter what that moron Guðni Th. Jóhannesson says).

Of course, it wasn’t until Jock reminded me I’d be covering the Gold Coast VS Western Bulldogs match that I realized people were talking about Gary Ablett and not my mate Gary I play golf with who should be called a gardener since he spends so much time looking for his ball in the bushes.

So, just how did Gary go? Well, he had just 3 disposals in the first quarter. I know, I know, that’s about 10 less than normal. The good news however is he managed to kick 2 goals with those disposals, so that’s a pass. He then moved into the midfield in the 2nd quarter and racked up 8 disposals and 4 clearances. Just doing his thing no matter where he is on the ground.

The game was one of two halves (who’d of thought that’d happen at a footy game?), the Suns dominated in the first with some quality run and carry, as well as some good defending and rebounding in the back half. The Suns booted 11 goals in the first half to the Bullies 4 and then the momentum switched, with the Bullies kicking 10 goals (including 3 super goals) to the Suns 5 to take out the game by 21 points. As for how the players faired from a Supercoach perspective.


Gary Ablett | MID | $620,600

The good news is he didn’t sit forward the whole game, with Ablett spending the first quarter forward and then rotating into the midfield in the second. He finished the first half with 47 SCPoints and the game with 22 disposals, 4 clearances and 2 goals from 81% ToG. I won’t be picking him, but it looks like I’m not the only one…



Michael Barlow | MID | $533,200

Looks like he’ll be continuing his Fremantle form into 2017 with the Suns, with 13 disposals and 56 SCPoints in the first half and had 29 disposals, 9 marks, 2 clearances and a goal. Quality game, but will likely be just short of being a premo and no longer has that FWD eligibility.

Aaron Hall | MID | $519,800

Racked up a ton of possessions in the first half, especially across half back with 17 disposals and 4 rebound 50’s and 59 SCPoints in the first half. Led the game with 36 disposals (30 uncontested), 7 marks and 6 rebound 50’s. He blew the bloody doors off at the start of last year and tapered off towards the end, but he’s super talented and will be a POD if you pick him.

Tom J.  Lynch | FWD | $507,200

The guy is probably going to win the Coleman this year and I’m not just saying that because he booted 5 goals in the first half. Could only kick one more to finish the game with 6 goals, along with 9 disposals and 6 marks. Sounds like a few may take a chance on grabbing him.

Jarryd Lyons | MID | $490,900

Suns got a bargain with Lyons only costing them pick 43. He had 12 disposals, 4 clearances and 4 inside 50’s in the first half. Finished the game with 17 disposals, 4 clearances, 7 tackles and 4 inside 50’s. No longer a FWD eligible player, like Barlow, he won’t score enough to justify picking him in the middle.

Pearce Hanley | MID | $471,600

Scored 47 SCPoints in the first half from 12 disposals and 4 clearances. Did a ton of work in the middle, leading the game with 8 clearances, along with 23 disposals and 7 inside 50’s. He’s been a star in the past, could he regain that form?

Touk Miller | MID/FWD | $428,900

Notched up 13 first half disposals, but had 12 uncontested in there and finished with 20 disposals and 6 tackles. May still be considered a FWD play by a few, but there are risks.

Kade Kolodjashnij | DEF | $375,400

Finished the first quarter with 9 disposals at 100% efficiency, but all were uncontested. Finished the half with 16 touches and 55 SCPoints and the game with 29 touches. He burned me bad last year and I said some mean things about him in the off-season. I might have to take it back if he can continue this form. The classic mid-priced risk.

Jarrod Witts | RUC | $217,600

Did some good work in the ruck, tapping 19 hitouts in the first half along with 51 SCPoints. He had 14 disposals, 4 clearances and 31 hitouts. This has probably done quite a lot towards restoring our confidence in picking him as a R2/R3.

Ben Ainsworth | MID/FWD | $198,300

Recorded 3 tackles in the first half, but not a single possession.  Ended the game with 3 disposals and 1.1. Not enough there to justify picking him at his price.

Will Brodie | MID | $175,800

Didn’t see the field in the first half and got a little bit of junk time at the end of the game to finish with 3 disposals. Just 15% ToG for him, so hard to judge.

Jack Bowes | MID/FWD | $171,300

Guessing from the fact that he played 72% ToG, while Ainsworth got 60% and Brodie got 15% that he’s the GC rookie with the biggest chance of being there in Round 1. He had 11 disposals and 2 tackles for the game.

David Swallow | MID | $280,200

Spent some time in the forward line, kicking a goal in the first half and had a goal and 10 possessions and 37 SCPoints at the half. Ended the game with 20 disposals, 4 marks, 2 clearances, 4 tackles and a goal. Lots of bodies to be thrown about in the midfield it looks like, so his time there may be limited to start.


Marcus Bontempelli | MID | $586,100

Spent some time forward, but still got plenty of work in with 25 disposals, 5 clearances and a goal. Had an ankle injury earlier in the pre-season, but didn’t look like it was slowing him down at all. I wouldn’t hesitate to pick him if you were interested in him before the JLT series started.

Matthew Boyd | DEF | $563,900

He had 6 rebound 50’s, but only 17 disposals. Will need to do more than that if you are to pick him.

Robert Murphy | DEF | $392,300

Murphy had 18 disposals and 3 rebound 50’s. His price puts him in that really risky category. He hasn’t averaged below 84 SCPoints since 2010, but it’s a big ask for him to get back to that level after coming back from an ACL.

Jake Stringer | FWD | $410,100

Looked like he may be back to that 2015 level of form, Stringer looked fantastic today with 1 Supergoal, 3 normal goals, 26 disposals, 6 marks and 2 clearances. There’s risks in picking him and he may not be super consistent, but if he can put up games like that with some frequency, his should score very well.

Luke Dahlhaus | MID/FWD | $520,700

Ended the first half with 11 disposals, 5 marks and 3 inside 50’s and finished with 27 disposals, 6 marks, 4 clearances and 5 inside 50’s. You can safely lock him up in your forward line I’d think.

Jack Macrae | MID/FWD | $511,700

He had 14 first half disposals and 4 tackles. Didn’t do as much in the 2nd half, finishing the game with 22 disposals, 6 tackles, 3 marks and a goal. Will likely hold his current price and average for the year, so is still in play as a F2/F3 selection.

Tom Liberatore | MID | $494,100

Led the Bullies with 28 disposals, and 4 clearances. I think we know his ceiling by now, which is good, but not likely to be at a premo level.

Travis Cloke | FWD | $354,900

“The Bear in the Square” as Dermie described him, he failed to score a goal and had 13 disposals and 5 marks. Not worth the risk, certainly don’t think he’ll be jumping back up to having a 90 point average again.

Tom Boyd | RUC/FWD | $290,300

Aided a bit by 4 frees for in the first half, he also had 10 hitouts 2 clearances and 6 disposals. Ended the game with 27 hitouts, 5 clearances and 15 disposals. He looks to be the primary ruck going forwards for the Doggies, an interesting (and risky) pick though.

Timothy English | RUC | $130,800

Named and suited up, but the Doggies decided to replicate a real game and only used 22 players, so English sat on the sidelines (he might have stood for periods, I wasn’t watching him the entire time).

Marcus Adams | DEF | $438,700

Same as above, which might mean Adams won’t be there in Round 1 for the Doggies?

And that’s it for my review, but there were some quality players in the mix from this game.. what are your thoughts on the Bulldogs VS Suns game, Community?



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Top stuff, Barron. Love your work. This JLT series is playing havoc with my structures. What are your thoughts on the line with the best rookies available so far? Defence looks ok.


Definitely defence. I reckon we'll see many teams with a 2/1/5 or 2/0/6 structure.

Plenty of forwards, no real 117/123k standout though


Yeah thats what I reckon Kev. I'm seriously considering a 2/0/6 structure but just looking at it gives me anxiety. Keen to run deep in mids (to M7), but then FWDs look weak. Tell me again why we play this game?


I currently have a 2-0-6 defence structure. It doesn't sit well but we have to adapt to what we've been given to work with.


I agree with jock that 6 rooks is way too much. The 2nds don't count for SC you have to realize


Houston from Port has looked pretty good Kev




I can't see Guthrie getting a game with his small frame and all the Cats options in defence. Has certainly been one of the better players for them throughout the JLT but I reckon they'll be patient with him and look to build up his strength over the next few years.


Stringer certainly looks like the weight of the world is off his shoulders after his personal issues. Been very good in all the JLT games. Tempting but currently already have Dahl and Macrae.


Yeah I wouldn't get sucked in by Stringer mate. He's teased us in meaningless preseason games before.So buyer beware and whilst there is a Supercoach return policy it does cost a precious trade. 🙂


Flap that.


Nobody mentions Caleb Daniel………..would take him over Stringer anytime. Take him over Wingard, Heeney etc too………..


Tossing up between A.Hall or J.Kelly for my POD in the midfield, who would you all go?

Currently sitting Danger, Kennedy, Fyfe, Hall, Beams, O'Meara, Swallow, Powell-Pepper


Go Hall. Bugger it. Upgrade him at the byes. He's likely to come out blazing and then slow down. Could be a good move.


I wouldn't do 3 mid-pricers


4 if you count Beams, risky but high reward as three of them are quality players if they stay on the park. Big IF.


By going one of them with what you already have presents you with 4 big risks. All of them could come out and be exactly what we want them to be or that could be below expectations and get injured or not score as well, etc.


Liked Gaz and Lynch today!
But dont know if Gaz will stay in my team.


how'd JJ go tonight?


17 Disposals, 11 kicks but won't score high sc


What should i do with Brodie


Its been him v Bowes for me lately. But now I don't know if I want either. Downgrade him and pocket the cash?


Agreed neither.

Go cheap rooks up to 130k I reckon. (other than Black and Hampton but I wouldn't count them as rooks)


Will probably have to dump him. If Rocket was serious playing him Rd1 then Brodie surely would've got more than a handful of junk minutes at the end?? Just 15% TOG!


Find a cheaper rookie


I've always looked at hall for a POD and I decided he's done enough to be put in my team. Any thoughts on my new one would be appreciated

Def: Doch, Laird, Touhy, Marchbank, Hampton, Ed VW (Newman, Guthrie)
Mid: Danger, Pendles, Hanners, Fyfe, Tmich, Hall, JOM, Brodie (SPP, hibberd, bolts)
Ruck: Gawn, Sandiballs(English)
Fwd: Dahl, Franklin, Roughy, Taranto, Black, Pickett (Houston, Eddy)


Nice team, I like Tmich a lot and got him in my side.

However your safer going Shaw rather then Docherty because Shaw has averaged 100+ for 6 seasons in a row and Docherty just had a awesome year last season and the highest priced defenders more often then not score well below expected.

Just a suggestion even though I understand all rookies are subject to change until round 1 teams have been revealed but I wouldn't spend $236k on Marchbank even though he isn't officially a rookie.
You can get Otten for $123k who is a 28 year old player who has suffered tragically with injury but he will definitely generate you cash if named round 1 – His two games in the JLT series thus far have been 98 & 80 and he is a player who hasn't played a AFL game since Round 20 in 2014 so he hasn't played for 2 years but going by his JLT games he is a LOCK for mine albeit with injury risk but the same can be said with Marchbank.

If you're not a fan of Otten then get a cheap rookie such as Stewart who as a rule of thumb will usually generate you allot more cash compared to your $236k player who is very close to being a rookie. Out of all the tiers this season, there is no shortages of rookies in defence that's for sure. I will be very surprised if Guthrie played at AFL level this season, he needs to bulk up a lot more.

I'm not a fan of spending $200+l on Rookies when we have a ton of rookies to chose from, let alone this year when there are only a select few.

With that extra $113k you can get from getting rid of Marchbank you can upgrade Hall to any top midfielder you wish.

Good luck mate,


Docherty is on his way up and shaws on his way down pal. There'll be plenty of ball down carltons backline for Docherty to collect.


I'm sure my boys at the blues (gun team) will wooden spoon this year and avg. 10 goal losses so that's why I have marchbank. The defense will get most of the ball, and marchbank will probably be in the best 22. I have docherty for the same reason but I'm not going for Shaw because of his age. He's 31 and Doch is 23 (risk not being the best 22 anymore XD I'm such a comedian) so he's pretty much in his prime age


Get ready for your mind to be blown. I'm not starting with either of them.


I think Weitering and Mills were both very good picks last year.

Last year we had many more rookies to pick from and they still stood out


Nice one BVC

What's the saying?

Golf: A beautiful walk spoiled by a little white ball.

I think your review is spot on, bowes based on tonight is most likely rd 1. But has he done enough so far to justify spend?
KK and hall are going well but geez could you seriously pick them in the season proper?

Gold coast could well be the lynch mob this year – big Tommy first upgrade fwd after rd 9 for mine.


I think the extra 60k is alright if he's still under 200k so price isn't a massive issue at M8


Hampson lti makes nank a lock


Thoughts on Suckling?




Too many good defenders at Bulldog land, better options around


On my never again list personally. Got sucked in last year when I thought his price bottomed out mid season but he didn't ton up after Rd13. A substantial injury risk too if recent history is any guide.


I held him all year, through injury and spudding it up. Like him as a player, but not as a supercoach option.


Would having SandWitts rucking and Nanscrevice at F5 be asking for a spanking?


It's a high risk strategy but then again I'm thinking of doing it myself.


Somthing ill seriously consider if spencer is named rd1


Spencer's looking like a starter, they want a genuine foil for the HOG and they both have 2 goals to half time


As long as you have a ruck/fwd as R3 of course.




Thanks for the encouragement guys.
If I had that Sydney rck/fwd as R3 I could potentially make as much from rucks as I do from rookies and start the season with 6 mid prems + beamer + Jom, 3 premo def and, 3 premo fwds +roughy + Petracca
If Tommy Nicholls could maybe snog Heeney this week it'd be a lock


A whipping more like


Great article BVC! I would say your mate Gary is less likely to occur an injury in everyday life than Ablett in a game. The only Gold Coast player worth considering is Swallow, surely should be locked away by now. The Bont does interest me still have doubts that the third man up rule will still have an impact on him, be interesting to see what he's scores though


I can see some coaches going Sandi, Witts and a rookie R3 for a ruck dept grand total less than one Big Maxy ha ha.

Too much risk for mine although with all this Spencer nonsense going on right now giving Gawny the boot has to considered, especially if Spencer is named Rd1. $650K would be a shite load to stump up for a ruckman playing house with another.


I reckon I can snag Maxy for 500-550K mid season, and if not, I'm sure he won't be much over his current price.

Negative side to this is missing big scores and therefore captain scores early. Could cause me to fall behind the front runners fast.


With that early Rd11 bye he could be the perfect Sandi/Nank upgrade in Rd12 assuming he doesn't burn you too badly for not having him before then. Risks either side of the equation.


anyone tempted with Clayton Oliver?


Yes, he looks very good.


Similar story to Parish in that they will both be future guns of the competition but at nearly $400K there just isn't enough meat on the bone to be a legit stepping stone.

And as keeper material I think they will only likely disappoint falling well short of top 20 mid output. Just better value options out there like JOM and Swallow if you are looking for a midpricer in the guts.


Hell yes!
JLT1 101 SC from 68% TOG
JLT2 103 SC from 71% TOG
JLT3 122 SC from 73% TOG


No doubt he'll be a gun sometime but he doesn't have any endurance yet, don't expect to see his TOG get any higher.


Not convinced


Oliver is dead set a young red headed JPK. Big bodied, gets hard pill and does most of his damage by hand. When melbourne players are interviewed about the best inside mid at the club they always, always say Oliver rather than Viney. I reckon this time next year his starting price will be 550k so he is looking at a 105 ave.

NEIL Demons Delight

absolutely Jack will be the big mover this year


Very undecided this year……any advice much appreciated.

DEF: Adams, laird, tuohy, evw, offend, Stewart….Newman, guthrie
MID: pendlebury, hannebery, priddis, cripps, fyfe, t.mitchell, beam, spp….barrett, Myers, fox
RUC: goldstein, sandilands….cameron
FWD: dahlhaus, miller, roughead, nankervis, Steele, butler….eddy, houston

Very undecided at the minute


Hmmm I might be able to swap Taranto for Gaz in round 10.
Thanks Barron another quality contribution.


Touk Miller borderline again at F3.
Options – Nankervis, Higgins, others?


Touk probably hasn't quite shown enough in the preseason to attract significant interest from coaches although he was quite good today. Will probably out perform his starting price but you would still need to see him finishing as a top 10 forward to justify the selection. So maybe upgrade to him post his Rd9 bye should he prove top forward material.

Nank is already a popular choice now owned by over 20% of coaches and that will only increase before Rd1 if he keeps playing the way he has been this preseason again this weekend.


Thanks SC. Will keep a close eye on Nank as he has a tougher opponent this weekend. Touk may still get the nod as the options aren't great at this price.


Current team, thoughts?

DEF – Docherty, Adams, Laird, McGrath, Scharenberg, Vickers-Willis (Berry, Stewart)
MID – Dangerfield, Kennedy, Treloar, Fyfe, T Mitchell, O'Meara, Bowes, Powell-Pepper (Hibberd, Brown, Bolton)
RUC – Gawn, Nankervis (Strnadica)
FWD – Dahlhaus, Macrae, Caddy, Hrovat, Hoskin-Elliott, Gallucci (Daicos, Eddy)


Weak mid. Don't like the defense. Not sure the attraction on Strnadica at this point.


The attraction is a floating donut which cost 102k and plays the most sunday games with the added bonus of DPP


Ah of course.I admit I haven't researched a good donut yet this year.


Baaaaa Baaaa


Spot on


I think it is a pretty good side overall. My only concern is you are spending quite a bit on higher-priced rookies (McGrath, Hoskin Elliot, Galucci, Bowes). You are probably playing wait and see on who gets selected but if you downgraded a couple to $117k you could fit another premium maybe in the mids.

Good luck 🙂


Can't see the fascination with Scharenberg.. Injury risk, not much to show so in JLT.
Berry just coming back from minor knee surgery.
Daicos unlikely to play R1.
Much better options than Hoskin-Elliott. E.g Taranto or Black.


Matty Boyd taken off at the end of Q3 with his ear pretty much split in half by Two Metre Peter's elbow, but agree that he's not an overly good option this year. Brilliant stuff mate.




Tom J. Lynch 114

Michael Barlow 108

Aaron Hall 102

Peter Wright 95

Pearce Hanley 86

Jarrod Witts 85

Kade Kolodjashnij 85

Gary Ablett 78

Alex Sexton 73

David Swallow 68

Touk Miller 68

Steven May 66

Jarryd Lyons 60

Jack Leslie 57

Jesse Joyce 55

Matt Rosa 53

Jack Martin 51

Adam Saad 46

Rory Thompson 39

Jack Bowes 39

Brayden Fiorini 35

Callum Ah Chee 32

Ben Ainsworth 29

Will Brodie 15


Jake Stringer 116

Matthew Suckling 108

Lachie Hunter 98

Marcus Bontempelli 97

Jack Macrae 96

Lin Jong 96

Zaine Cordy 90

Liam Picken 89

Tom Liberatore 89

Luke Dahlhaus 89

Caleb Daniel 88

Robert Murphy 82

Tom Boyd 79

Stewart Crameri 75

Easton Wood 73

Shane Biggs 70

Clay Smith 61

Toby McLean 61

Jason Johannisen 57

Fletcher Roberts 56

Matthew Boyd 51

Travis Cloke 40

Tim English 0

Marcus Adams 0


Ahead of the WCE v Dees review … Gawn and Petracca … value questionable. I'm not starting with Gawn, reckon he will be $100k cheaper by R12.
Looking fwd to see how Goldy goes tomorrow. Mid price rucks will be common.
Mitchell, Gaff and Kennedy serious consideration for R1.


Looks like Spencer could be here to stay after performing well tonight. It's a new regime post Roosy and Goodwin does seem an avid fanboy of Spencer – unfortunately for us fantasy coaches.

Gawny will still score well even if he spends more time up forward as he's a downright superstar but whether he can maintain that ultra high 120 output may be in some doubt now.

Not sure too many coaches will be keen to fork out Pendles like dollars for him if this is to be the new reality now. I guess we'll have to see what happens when the team sheets drop in a fortnight but it's not looking too rosy right now for prospective Gawn owners.


Can't have your ruck fall away in the last quarter due to fatigue, seems most teams are following suit.


Yes Gawn looked a little flat last night. I still think he will push out a 110+ average. I'm sticking with him at this stage, and can't see any other rucks passing him yet.


With Sandi at R2, I need a keeper at R1. Currently have Gawn but if that falls through, besides Goldy who has his injury risks, what other option is there?


Youngster – Grundy & Mummy are the next tier. Mummy injury prone with a higher cieling – risk profile backs that up. Grundy consistent and working with a good midfield, safer option. Worth waiting a couple of weeks before jumping off Gawn. Plenty can happen still.


SMitch put on a clinic last night. An absolute gun and superstar of the game. As a Hawks fan, I don't think I'll be able to watch many WCE games this year.

Jager Bombs

Watching Mitch & Lewis run around in opposition colors brings a tear to my eye.


Yep I'm going to get involved. There's only one 'full' priced ruck I would start with this year.


If it wasn't for his DPP, would people be selecting the Nank?

There are 3 ruckmen and 4 forwards all cheaper than him who I would select ahead of the Nank.

I think he can average 70-80, so you should get reasonable value for money.

Is the DPP worth it?

I can see if people have Sandi at R2, he is good cover at F4. But what if Sandi gets a long term injury and you then trade him out, this may happen by round 10 anyway once his price Max's out, what do you do with the Nank when you don't need Sandi cover? Does he stay as cover all year? Do you put him at R2 as a keeper? Do you waste another trade to upgrade him?


I believe the DPP is a big bonus. That and his risk is minimal due to his price.
I believe you can keep him as Ruck cover for as long as possible and use a luxury trade if you are doing okay with trade count.
If not there would be a lot worse F6-7 or R-3 out there. Remember the big buggers tend to get little niggle and or get rested for a week or 2. So ruck cover could come in handy


The trade just moves elsewhere imo. Nank is not going to be a top ruck and I'll be looking to trade him. Conservatively I see him raising 80-100k

Grabbing him now for Gawn nets you 280k, which in turn makes the trade you'll use to upgrade, for example, Swallow, into a keeper


Part of the attraction is his DPP no doubt but have you seen how Nank has been going about it in the preseason? He has been one of the Tiges best players competing well in the ruck, tackling with ferocity, presenting as a marking option around the ground and looks to be reinvigorated playing at a new club. He also looks to have improved his fitness and tank in the offseason.

Remind you of anyone? All he needs is a mullet and we could call him Maric 2.0! 🙂

Speaking of which he looks to have no competition for the role in the first half of the season with the original Maric now well past it and Hampson placed on the LTI list yesterday:

So you Derek, more than anyone, should know how valuable a lone razorback ruck is these days after your insightful posts last month on the death of the solo ruckman. At a mere $366K it's a licence to print money!


The lone Wolf ruckman is an endangered species.

My only concern is that he hasn't yet done it.

Look at guys like Sandi, McEvoy, Kreuzer who will be their clubs clear Lone Wolf Ruckman this year. They have all been there and done it. Averaged around 100sc, fallen premiums.

the Nank is either a never was or a young breakout contender, neither categories do i like.


This is true, but I kinda see it as he's being forced to breakout. 22 is a good age to do it and he seems to be really taking it on.


Can you name these cheaper 3 rucks and 4 forwards that you would pick ahead of him please?


Forwards: Roughie, Cloke, Phillips, Moore, Vickery. All should score better than the Nank, but i'm not picking any of them (maybe consider roughie).

Rucks: McEvoy (Sandiland obviously) & Kreuzer. All clear #1 ruckmen at their club, all averaged around 100sc in past years. Will score better than the Nank.


Thanks Derek. Good food for thought.

Most people will have Sandi if using Nank in the forward line. Some may even go Sandi/Nank combo in ruck.

McEvoy is basically priced the same. No DP. Like this option though.

Kreuzer is more expensive and highly injury prone. Daniel Gorringe might do some ruck work for them? You'd really pick Kreuzer for +32K and no DP?

Roughy yes. The others are highly unlikely to score more than Nankervis as no.1 ruckman, each to their own opinions and this is why I love discussing SC. Cheers.


As i saw John Bruyn tweet, Nank isn't "cover" if you have to swing him into the ruck and play a fwd rookie on the ground. Witts at R3, that's cover.

If you have Nank in your forward line, he's there for output, cash generation and a degree of freedom when trading.


'It is 'cover' if you had a donut as your R3' as I just said right here…


"If it wasn't for his DPP, would people be selecting the Nank? "

I would be selecting him at R2 if we didn't have Sandi, so to answer your question i guess the answer is no I wouldn't but i'd still be tempted.

I can't help but think he has the SC game to be something a little special, from very limited game time he's averaged 60 odd and 70 odd whilst never being the sole ruck and never really being the no1 ruck.

I've been toying with the idea of letting Sandi run against me and just going Nank at R2 is that crazy?

Shake n bake

Had Gawn probably 1st picked when were able to put our teams together but now im really thinking of strengthening my fwd line and not start with Gawn my reasoning is 1 Spencer 2 strengthen my fwd line 3 he was my ligit vc, capt loophole but know not sure about that. Back to switching things up!!

NEIL Demons Delight

shake I will have a coffee with him down Loch and pick his brain Must admit bias to the beard but I for one wouldn't get carried away with Spencer good ordinary ruckman but reluctantly see your point about Nank good thinking wrong player

NEIL Demons Delight

Having to endure my team getting beat was bad enough but those west aussie commentators ex eagle players are terrible.At least Eddie is not as biased .I was trouser rouser impressed with OLIVER so much so he is in my team.I have been trying to get Swallow in and Oliver has provided just that.The rookies are just not coming through as quick this year.To have Parfitts and Boltons even wiggs doesn't sit well with me IN OLIVER and SWALLOW OUT Kelly and Parfitt BYES are not affected which is so important.

Shake n bake

Im doing a bit of that in my fwd line neil freeing up some cash to get in nank as my F5. Dont like alot of names being thrown around as potential rookies there. Hampson out gives nank every opportunity and that dpp is a factor.

NEIL Demons Delight

what is ur ruck set up do you need him or any cover

Shake n bake

Have sandi at no 2. But not sure why but maybe there midfield, maybe hes a one out ruckman want to see mummy against Collingwood.


How's my team looking guys

Rance, laird, adams
Sharenberg, Hampton, EVW
(Stewart, Ryan )

Danger, Pendles, jpk, Fyfe
T. Mitchell, beams, o'meara, Powell pepper
(Barett, Pickett, Hibberd)

Gawn, sandi

Dahlhaus, McRae, Roughead
Nankervis, Bowes, black
(Eddy, Stewart)


Cookie Cutter.


About how you trade buddy, had some of these selections for ages, turbo


True, and being cookie cutter is not necessarily a bad thing just something I observed.


Still a few spots left in the cash leagues. First come first served basis. Please email [email protected] he forwards that to me & I will be in touch


Excellent report BVC.


I just wish we knew for sure if Timothy English stood or not…


Anyone going for a Goldy, Witts ruck lineup?


If Witts averaged 75 till his bye what would his price be then?


Where abouts does everyone think I will finish overall and how can i change that

DEF: Docerty, Rance, Laird, Hampton, Otten, Vickers-Willis (Stewart, Guthrie)

MID: Dangerfield, JPK, Treloar, Bont, Fyfe, Swallow, Powell-Pepper, Atley (Wigg, Barrett, Hibberd)

RUCK: Gawn Sandilands (Cameroon)

FWD Dahlhaus, Macrae, Lynch( GC ), Roughhead, Black, Miles ( Butler, Eddy)

$246,000 left over


Can you trade Swallow with the left over $ to a premium? Couple of rookie changes maybe to get an extra 20-30 k

Top Hawk

Stephen and Bradley Hill seem to be loving playing together at Freo! Both have been running riot in the JLT in recent weeks. Started well again tonight. Bradley at $355K (MID/FWD) has just been put on my watchlist.


20 Touches, a goal, few tackles only 70 points plus lots of time forward not in the mids – no D.Swallow for mine