NRL Supercoach Round 1 – What just happened?

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What a brutal way to start to the 2017 SuperCoach season!

Some of us may have escaped the carnage but a lot of coaches will be forced to reassess their approach.

Round one had it all! Top tier Guns under-performing, PODs delivering the goods, season ending injuries and a rookie busting out a tonne. There was no shortage of dramas and talking points so let’s sink our teeth into the week that was round one.

If you scored over 1000 points then you should be pretty happy. Most people that did will find themselves in the top 10k. I scored a disappointing 931 points which was largely due to my expensive choices underperforming (Tommy Turbo, Cleary and JT) and having Whare as part of my seventeen.

Luckily I didn’t have J-Brom, Phythian, Mez or GI in my side so I guess it could’ve been worse. My Round 1 Captain was Surgess.

Get Rid Of ‘Em

  • Greg Inglis (4%) and Dylan Phythian (26%) obviously need to go. They both suffered season ending injuries and need to be removed from your team ASAP
  • Jamal Idris (22.9%) has been named on the bench after a less than impressive performance last week. He’s probably the only player named this week I’d recommend getting out of your side.

The Controversial

There were a few disappointing performers that were expected to pull some high scores or at least score above their worth. As expected, coaches are talking about trade raging to counter these losses. Is it really worth giving up on a player after one performance? In most cases it isn’t. Let’s keep in mind that a players’ round one performance won’t contribute to their value after a handful of weeks.

Personally I think Inglis, Phythian and Idris should be the only three on the chopping block but it can easily be argued that others aren’t worth holding on too. Here are the candidates facing the chop:

Tom Trbojevic ($437.4k)

Scored an unimpressive 34 points in a game where Manly struggled with possession. Obviously this comes as a shock to Turbo owners; they’re already looking at the poor PPD figure and potential loss of value. The preseason hype over Trbojevic just added fuel to the fire with coaches receiving the complete opposite of what they were hoping for.

The Verdict: Many Tommy Turbo owners are now looking at Tedesco who cranked out 126 points of pure brilliance. OK, I can see where you’re coming from but it’s too early to abort ship on one of the most lethal fullbacks in the game. Turbo was one play away from scoring over 60 points and he won’t get the limited attacking chances he did last weekend on a regular basis. Manly are up against the underwhelming Bunnies this weekend and I’m backing Turbo to score 70+. He’s a HOLD

Dean Whare ($143.6k)

Was pretty much invisible in his 12 point effort against the Dragons and as a result is the most traded out player for round one. Some coaches are using Whare’s poor performance as a reason to trade in Moses Suli ($122.6k) who scored 103 points on debut and is due to gain some serious coin if he stays in the side.

The Verdict:  This is a tricky one. Whare is the perfect example of a player we shouldn’t be booting from our team after one poor performance. He’s very cheap, has good job security due to the injuries to Mansour and Hiku, and plays on the wing for one of the premiership favourites. He’ll more than likely make some decent coin. On the other hand it’s very difficult to ignore Moses Suli who is only available at CTW.

Honestly, there’s no point wasting a trade on a cheapie after one bad performance. He’s a HOLD.

Bryce Cartwright ($497.2k) and Nathan Cleary ($442.7k)

Both scored well beneath their worth and are now among the top five most traded out players. Let’s be honest, the entire Panthers’ outfit were disappointing and they simply didn’t play to their potential. The issue with Carty and Cleary is that they both lacked attacking stats. They actually played OK but lacked the big plays required to produce a score closer to their value.

The Verdict: We can’t assume that the Panthers will continue their poor form from last weekend. They were premiership favourites for a reason. As a Cleary and Carty owner myself, I’m going to look at the Panthers’ round one loss in a positive light. It was the kick up the bum they needed to bring them back down to earth. They’ll come out firing against the Tigers this weekend and their usual gun performers will play a big part. Call me Mr Positive but we need to give these two another shot. They’re a HOLD.

Jarryd Hayne ($244.7k)

Looked as if he was already thinking of which dream he’ll be chasing in 2018. He seemed disinterested but managed to boost his score with a second half try. He now finds himself in the top five most traded out players with coaches seemingly losing faith in his ability. Can we blame his poor performance on the lack of training while recovering from his Nines’ injury?

The Verdict: The Hayne Plane hasn’t crashed just yet. We can’t pull the pin on a player with his SuperCoach scoring ability after a poor round one performance. I should point out that the Titans are playing at home against the Knights this week so now is a better time than ever to give him another shot. It’s not like he’s taking up a big chunk of your salary cap. LATE NEWS suggests Hayne has been booted from the leadership group so he’s a HOLD until we see this week’s performance.

Be Patient!

  • Trent Merrin ($492.9k) played just 44 minutes in his 31 point performance against the Dragons. Look, he’s a Gun, he should return to epic form and you’ll want him in your team throughout the whole season. Don’t trade out a Gun!! HOLD!
  • Jesse Bromwich ($436.7k) scored 11 points against the Doggies due to coming off injured. He should be back in two weeks and you’ll want him in your side through the Origin period. HOLD!

Team List Tuesday


  • Adam Reynolds and Robert Jennings have been named on an extended bench. Proceed with caution if you’re thinking of grabbing Braidon Burns who is the new cheapie in town and is named on the wing.
  • Brendan Elliott has been named as Dylan Phythian’s replacement at fullback. He’s priced at $244.8k and isn’t worth considering for your SC side. There are more attractive options in the CTW position.
  • Moses Suli is the bloke that scored over 100 on debut last weekend. Get him in ASAP! He looked brilliant and is due to start making some serious coin in a couple of weeks.
  • Dallin Watene-Zelezniak has been named on the extended bench. This means that Dylan Edwards isn’t guaranteed a run despite being named on the wing. Don’t consider Edwards for now.
  • Junior Paulo returns to starting prop for the Raiders. Clay Priest (15.8%) is suspended and isn’t named this week
  • Alex Johnson moves to fullback as GI’s replacement.
  • Ryley Jacks will play his second game in the Storm’s halves. Cameron Munster moves to fullback.

Three Predictions

  • Tommy Turbo to bounce back with a score that justifies his price. 70+
  • Bryce Cartwright to score a three round average of 65+
  • Dean Whare to score a three round average (Rounds two to four) of 50+

What trades are you making this week? I’ll be saving mine despite the poor round one performance.


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Don't Blush Baby

Excellent overview Cowboy, I kept back a heap of cash for corrective trades , so out goes Phythian ( best wishes mate ) and traded in Teddy with RTS at FB ,locked and loaded


Cheers mate. Solid addition to the team haha. Poor Phythian 🙁


Great article as always champion…


Cheers Daniella!


Small mistake – Titans are away to the Knights this weekend


Bromwich and Python out. While Brom is meant to be back soon, hands take an awful beating between tackling and all the other stuff So that concerns me.

Burns and Matagi in.


Whew, glad I kept Tommy Turbo and Whare (even if it's only in the 25). Shame about RTS and Hayne's scores.

Hayne will go out now in favour of Lamb.


DPP's came to the rescue to switch Pythian to Suli. Holding fire on Merrin, CARTWRIGHT, and TTurbo, but boy will it be rough if they all stink it up again….


Looking like Hayne and maybe Carty are sells!!! Waiting on medical examinations


UPDATE: Carty may return this week


For Round 3
OUT Hayne, S Mat
IN Lamb (though I'd actually put in Norman before the teams dropped), Hess 427K in bank. Will upgrade to Tedesco or similar next week.