JLT3 SuperCoach Rookie Spreadsheet

Published by Barron Von Crow on

Supercoach rookies 2017

JLT3 has come and gone – time for an updated rookie spreadsheet!

You can use this spreadsheet to see what each rookie priced player scored, how much time they spent on ground and how their price might rise (or fall) to if they score the same when the real stuff comes around.

The average on a full game is only an estimate, using a bit of Peter Higginbotham style footy maths.

Dual position players are only listed once in their first listed position. Eg MID/FWD will be found in MIDS.

Look out for an updated sheet after JLT4!

Now, unless you’re just coming out of your off season SuperCoach hibernation I’m assuming you already have what most are calling the “greatest piece of SuperCoach literature every created” in the hand? If not, you’re missing out BIG time.. make sure you get your copy of the Jock Reynolds 2017 Fantasy Footy Magazine by ordering here!

Jock Reynolds SuperCoach Magazine 2017


Barron Von Crow

Note: You will need to have Microsoft excel on a desktop or laptop to use this spreadsheet!

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Don't tell me I am the first one to download this beautiful rookie statistical beast.
Thanks Barron you lovely man.


Thank you also for the unbelievable every player spreadsheet – incredible work and I duly made a well deserved donation after using it for the umpteenth time on the weekend.

Have been wanting to ask you if you can shed any more light on where the "magic number" comes from? Feels like I'm before Gandalf seeking wisdom!


Where is the every player spread sheet !!!!!!


Valens, Cheers you are a champion. The "magic number" and formulae used in the spreadsheet came from Champion Data a few years ago, using actual stats and break evens round by round from last year that number is STILL very close to being correct.
Hope that helped.


Cheers OldOcker – I'm glad there is an element of mystery to it and it wasn't my failure to be able to work out the number. It's an important number!


Curtly Hampton is starting to look like a must have looking at this wonderful spreadsheet.
Many more gems will be found upon closer analysis.

You are a bloody champion BVC.


Sensational effort BVC. Still not much in the midfield rookies. Those hoping for 5 of them to be available I'd start planning for less unless you like donuts. On a brighter note I heard an interview with someone at the Dogs yesterday & given injuries to Roughead & Campbell that young Tim English is a strong chance to partner Tom Boyd in round 1. Can we please have our 2 Mid rook & 2 rookie ruck bench back please!


Hey Nuts, That would be grouse I prefer to have the 2 ruck bench options it would help greatly this year.
Wasting a FWD spot does nothing for me. I normally go set and forget but find it hard to do that this year with the lack of mid rooks.


True mate. Beyond SPP & Barrett there isn't much to get excited about. The mid bench might be the loop line this year. I did it with Petrecca last year & it worked well because I knew he'd come in at some stage. Saved a trade & gave me a loop. That man might be as Higgo pointed out in the last Pod Mr Myers


Best info I get are from these spreadsheets. Thanks BVC


Thanks BVC

Solid gold in there


Attention cash league entrants. If you are unable to access the payment detail in the activity feed of the league please email Jock at [email protected] for the details. Keep in mind there is a waiting list & I will need to cull non payed up members in the not too distant future


Talking of cash mate, I feel bad about nudging you out of the $ in CK mate.
Just a rumor but I feel bad.


All good buddy. I'll get by. Glad it was you Ocker well done mate. I was pretty happy how I went in my second ever game of CK


How can I join one of these cash leagues?


Hi Ryan. ATM there are 7/18 paid up members. I'm sure not all will pay up & I'll have to remove them. Please email your interest to Jock at the above email address & I'll make contact with you when a spot opens up. It's $100 entry & i'll email you the format


Must have missed the original post, how can I join the waitlist?


Just an email to Jock on the email above. He will forward them to me


is anyone worried about max gawns role change


Yes. Jack Watts


I saw that exact same question and answer two days ago from 2 differently named contributors. Maybe I didn't see with my eyes maybe I saw it in my mind like a premonition. On the same day I read here (or had a premonition) that Mills would be getting the midfield time that everyone thinks heeney will get, looking at the heat maps it is the case so far in JLT


Heeney out for the start of the year with glandular fever, Mills now becoming even more enticing!

The Stiv

There is no role change, just a bit of practice up forward. He's the best ruckman in the league. He will be in the guts as much as possible.


Boom! Best Rookie Spreadsheet ever!


Otten Hampton and laird in backline ??

Touk tuk



Assuming Otten get's named R1 looks very hard to go in without him.
No worries for me that they are all from the same team, Crows share the points around anyway.


Community would LOVE some help and input on current squad :

Docherty, Adams, Tuohy, Hampton, Vickers-Willis, Stewart, Newman, Ryan

Danger, Pendles, Trealor, Bont, Fyfe, Beams, Swallow, Powell-Pepper, Barrett, Wigg, Miles

Gawn, Sandi, Strnadica

Dahlhaus, Heeney, Roughead, Nankervis, Steele, Eddy, Black, Smith (had someone else but can't spend over 114k )

Cheers for the thoughts lads


No love here lads?

The Ranger

Not bad Beard, too much injury risk with having all of Fyfe, Beams, Swallow and Sandi for me but if it comes off you're laughing.
And I think having Steele and Heeney is one too many midpricers but that's 'cos I try to stick to GnR.
I like the Steele pick, if he can cement a spot in the St.Kilda mids he could breakout this year.


Bont can't seem to shake this ankle issue, Beard. I'd be looking elsewhere.

Agree with Ranger that your forward line looks a little uneven


So would trading Bont for someone cheap and going for Reiwolt or Franklin perhaps for Heeney & a rookie sound good?

E.g Bont & Heeney & Smith out for Rookie & Frank & Riewolt?


I see 13 trades to have an ALL PREMO team…. That means 13 rookie trades for cash generation plus 13 trades for upgrades. Leaves you 4 trades for injuries and bonus cash gen…… Pass on that…


Get rid of Heeney, out with glandular fever


Can't choose from jpk and hannaz, everyone says jpk but then Hannaz has apparently had a great preseason so not sure.

Anything lads?


I'm going Hanners. Had JPK locked in my team last 3 years.

My reasons are.

1. JPK does start slower. This has a lot to do with the autum weather compared to the wet conditions of winter that are better suited to JPK. Get him after bye.

2. Hanners spent a fair few games on wing last year that affected his average. No TMitch he won't be on wing so I think he he slightly underpriced by 3 or 4 points.

3. TMitch is gone and Hanners will benefit more than JPK. JPK can't get anymore midfield time than he already gets, I can see Ganners getting a few points added.

4. Hanners is a POD this year.

Both excellent picks, but I see Hanners has a little upside


Fair point Derek. I am having a hard time picking which SYD midfielder. I want one but even looking at 2 with Hanners and JPK. Put a fair bit of time into this selection last week and at last check had the following % of teams selected.

Hanners 13%
JPK 11%
Parker 8%

Fair spread

Shake n bake

All players we think are premiums are pretty spread across our teams except fyfe & danger all the rest are pretty much under 20%


You've convinced me


Hanners, got to respect a man who can give up booze over the summer to improve his already formidable output.


Stuffed if I could give up my formidable input of booze over the summer!!




flip a coin either way you wont go wrong.

I'm going JPK though.


Community, any thoughts appreciated

D: Shaw, Laird, TMac, Hampton, VW, Newman, STEWART, Guthrie

M: Danger, Hanners, Treloar, Fyfe, Titch, Beams, JOM, Swallow. P-P, Barret, Wigg

R: Gawn, Sandi, strandica

F: Dahl, McRae, Roughy, Nank, miles, begley, CAMERON, eddy


Looks good mate.

If youre picking Beams, JOM, Swallow, Sandi and Rough maybe think about having some left over cash incase 1 or more go down before you can upgrade.


Don't mind it, Doc. Going in with Titch, Beams, JOM, Swallow looks a bit too much though


Better options than TMac
Guthrie, Mills, Pittard


Pittard in some doubt with a hammy


DP VINCE better option than TMAC


Horlin-Smith is an interesting one.


Awkward price for a mid only. Pass


Will not get a game


cracking stuff BVC.

Looking at your masterpiece it appears we now have enough mid rooks but we are struggling for cheap fwd rooks??

Miles – will probably play rd 1 – 56 avg – on ground? would we be happy with a 50 on ground.
Butler 63 – will he play rd 1? has the done enough – meatball and a couple of others to come back in
WHE – excy but may have to pay the price – is best 22 but dear
Tarranto – loved his two JLT games but unlikely to get a gig rd 1
Eddy – only a bench option
Smith – hasn't played – cross off list
Houston – been great in his two games – wouldn't hesitate to start him on ground but will he get a gig?

other two are black and shoey.

others who are yet to impress and don't have you hitting the select button

Looks a bit slim pickings at the moment unless we spend a bit extra dosh on the rooks.

would only go maximum 2 on ground unless someone above or else screams pick me this weekend.


Hey Trig who is WHE?


When I look over the forward rookies I don't see to much I like. There are 3 problems. I either don't like the price, the scoring potential or the job security. You could add Darcy Cameron to that list Trig but again his JS is a major concern


I currently have Simpkin, Shoenmakers, Johnstone (Melb) and Eddy as my forward rookies.

Knight has fallen off radar.

Also on watchlist is Turner, Parfit, Lovell, Long


Houston is a lock for round 1 Trigger. Jasper is a historically slow healer and port have 2 upgrade spots available

Shake n bake

We are going to see a heap of teams jumping on rookies named rd 1. I say be careful because after maybe 1-2 weeks they wont be there. Remember its about the coin with these rookies we select. Dont want to watch every week for the team sheets to see if there selected after being dropped! Look for the marchbanks, W.H.E, Swallows maybe its that year!!


sam powell pepper definetly a keeper!!!!!!! 71 thats solid


Riewoldt will average higher than dangerfield due to the new 5 points for mark on a lead


That was in scoring last year


Is this another one of the scoring rules that isn't on the official scoring table? This really sh!ts me. Same happened last year with the sharked hitouts.


trent cotchin surely is a lock will average atleast 115 on a bad week


Ns if srs


Bwahahahha! Pick him then!


lol You're kidding aren't you?

My luck he may well pull his finger out and score 115 on a bad week, however that's when I'll believe in miracles…

Not gonna happen Jacob, the guy is far to inconsistent.


Howdy everyone. Am back again this year . Hopefully do a bit better then last year though. Anyone want to join my league this year is welcome League number 956695. If this is the wrong page to put this then my apologies . Looking forward to a great competition again this year.


just traded treloar out scoring a 103 against an average team is just not good enough… Who are some other good options at his proce


Don't judge premos on JLT form, they are just out stretching their legs.


That is a absurd decision.

It's like watching a horse trial and most trial ordinary I might add, yet once their entered in a real race they are totally different and win easily.

For your premo's treat this JLT with a grain of salt mate. These players such as Treloar aren't even out of 2nd gear.


I had treloar last year and the supercoach scorers ignored him one quarter he had 7 touches in about 5 minutes 2 resulted in goals 6 of them were clearences he got 7 points for those touches, pretty sure they hate him


Thoughts community
bit risky but after the nank's game it's forced me to restructure the whole bloody thing

DEF: Doc, Simpson, Shaw, Hampton, Vickers-willis, Newman (Stewart, Guthrie)

MID: Danger, Pendles, JPK, Jelwood, Trealor, Fyfe, Swallow, SPP (Wigg, Miles, Atley)

Ruck: Gawn, Sandi (Strndica)

Forward: Rooey, Dalhaus, Nank, Black, Pickett, Houston (Eddy, Smith)

Round 11 looks a killer for me, thoughts appreciated


Really like your mids!

Reckon you've overspent down back.


Doc, Simpson & Shaw BLOODY hell you're game.


darcy moore, he bloody lock. no cloke he has the forward line to himself and should kick atleast 40 goals


Mike he might kick 40 goals but not a SC relevant player


Anyone think someone like hanners or JPK could be a better pick than Pendles? Or should I stay with Pendles?


you are really splitting hairs Seb. For what it is worth, i'm starting with hanners but have two spots on my Mid for JPK and pendles at a slightly cheaper price.


Similar plan, My top 2 mids are Danger & Hanners, Pendles & JPK are upgrade targets if they don't get themselves injured.


Pendles will probably score more so depends what you can do with that 30k saved going with the sydney mids. I have all 3 in my side at present although my side has been changing everyday so may not last for long.

David Kings Elite

DEF: Laird, Vince, Marchbank, Hampton, Vickers-willis, Guthrie (Stewart, Otten)

MID: Hannebery, Selwood, Trealor, Bontempelli, Fyfe, T.Mitchell, Beams, O'Meara, (SPP, Barrett, Wigg)

Ruck: Gawn, Sandi (Strndica)

Forward: Dalhaus, Macrae, Caddy, Nankervis, Miles, Houston (Eddy, Pickett)

Change of structure for my team, out goes Cameron for Nankervis. May change mind before Round 1 lockout, if I swap it back I have $254,600 biccies sitting there. This was the originally the idea to upgrade Sandilands once he makes a bit of cash for me to a solid locked R2.

The Ranger

Just thinking aloud…
is there any worth in putting Vince or Adams into the mids instead of a rookie?
Then swapping them into the def line when the rookie situation in the mids is clearer?
I currently have Hibberd on my mid bench and swapping him with Adams makes my mids look a heap better.
Adams then sits at M6 with Swallow M7 and SPP at M8.
It does mean I have to run Hampton at D3 which doesn't look so good…


just quietly… that is a nice way to take advantage of the rookie loophole. for those considering starting season with a donut on bench to loop with so you max your rookie score.

The Ranger

Hmm…more food for thought.
Thanks Derek.


Berry might be a good option. Don't think he will be far away. has DPP

Tiger Shai

G'day Ranger, I had the exact same thought and commented here a few weeks back. I thought I sounded crazy at first but when you look at it it does work. Gives you the ability to have 4 premo backs in your team at the click of a button. I wouldn't worry too much with Hampton if he ave is in the 70s I think that's serviceable for a month or so.

Still considering this option highly myself

The Ranger

Thanks Tiger, not sold on it yet but it's a thought.
It sits well with my theory that you don't want more than five keepers in your mids at the start of the season.
Any more than that seems overconfident to me.


That's what I have done. Say to start them where you want them but with no mid rooks move them back when back rooks make their money.


Should I stick with my initial choice of Heeney at F3 or look at Billings ?

Thoughts greatly appreciated




Both risks mate imo. Billings is a injury risk and Heeney's role playing midfield still isnt guaranteed. But if i had to pick one, id go heeney.


Heeney out with glandular fever, I think Jack Steele is a better breakout option from Saints.


Hoping Steele traps a lot with his JLT form. I will not be among their kind.


forgive me but how do use the spreadsheet

Be Sharps

Down the bottom, there is a few different sheets titles DEF, MID, FWD, Ownership %

Click there and away you go mate.


Love your work BVC


would love some feedback guys! I do realise there's alot of risk in there but you have to risk it for the biscuit

DEF: rance Laird Vince Hampton Marchbank Stewart (berry newman)

MIDS: Danger Treloar Zorko Fyfe Beams JOM Swallow SPP (Hibberd Barrett Wigg)

RUCKS: Grundy Sandi (Cameron)

FWD: Riewoldt Dahlhaus Caddy Roughy Nank Black (Miles Butler)

Coolibar to Riv

Don't read too much into preseason scores bro.
Use previous years to choose premiums. Studs are studs.
Best team i've seen on here.
Nank is last years Zac Smith…..pass
Riewoldt……….will his price improve? Take his 200 out and it makes him overvalued.
No Gawn? Good choice recent reports increase his risk.
Too much mid-price? PFFT!!! Your mid prices are guns. Makes this team Guns and Rookies(forgetting Nank)
Will Zorko be top 10? Probs not sharing points with Rocky and Beams.
Sandi gets injured you trade no cover required
Love this community 🙂
Nank out rookie here.


I like it Harry though not sold on Zorko to finish top 10. One or 2 of the mid price mids likely to get injured, but could make enough coin to trade up. Nankervis in great form but wait for this weeks JLT as Grundy will test him more. Berry injured still?


yeah im a bit unsure about zorko have been swapping him with the bont all preseason! any other suggestions of a premo rivo? i only have 597k. yeah berrys injured but im banking on him being a walk up starter when fit they had big expectations for him before the knee!


Priddis or Sloane are great options to consider over Zorko – both under $597k. Their ceiling may be lower but they are super consistent. I like Berry too but not sure how his recovery is going.


Shuey a smokey to pick up a bit too with Smitch there.
Saves a few $, played 22 games last year.


Nankervis or O'Mera/Roughy? Here is my current squad….

D: Doc, Shaw, Larid, Hampton, EVW, Stewart (Ryan, Guthrie);
M: Danger, Pendles, JPK, Pridd, Fyfe, O'Mera, Swallow, SPP (Barrett, Miles, Hibberd);
R: Gawn, Sandi (Strnadica);
F: Dahl, Caddy, Heeney, Roughy, McBaggs, Black (Cameron, Eddy).

Stuff all cash left, but good DPP set up. Hold team as is it make a change?


If you are going Sandilands, put Nank in your fwd line… you'll sleep so much better


go cheap in ruck sanders,english and pruest,allows u to have 4 guns in back line and forwads plus six elite mids

The Stiv

Going that cheap in the ruck is foolish. Neither English nor Preuss have decent job security and Sandy is coming off a calf strain as a 34 yr old man mountain. Too big a risk in my opinion.


Hey guys, will there be a dedicated 'Rate my Team' thread or is this the place to be submitting your team for scrutinising?


Here is fine


I have some questions for you guys.
1. Do you think if you pick Sandi it is a must to have a DPP Fwd/Ruck as backup?
2. Do you think Taranto will get early, regular games, or maybe no games?
3. Has anyone considered Dom Sheed ($267.4K)(JLT 1 91 SC)(JLT 2 92 SC)?
4. Is anyone considering Marchbank?
5. What do y'all think about Tuohy? Is his current form a trap, or a sign of things to come?


1. No, im just going with Preuss or Cameron at R3.
2. Will be hard to break into the giants best 22.
3. Swallow and JOM better value
4. Defence rookies are good this year, can't see him averaging above 80 which is what you'd want from him.
5. Hard to say, think he might average around 95 but will see a bit more attention come real season.


1. Yes – DPP cover necessary;
2. Yes – maybe Round 1, keen on him too;
3. No – awkward price. Better value in rooks;
4. No, better value in Hampton & rooks;
5. Yes, but not now. Maybe an upgrade target if form continues.

James Sykes

Please please please tell me its so wrong to be considering nankilands…..so much money saved….

Its invading my cortex……..

I need a slap of reality…..


Lekdog is all over it, and has been for a while.

James Sykes

Thanks BrownlowBoy.

At least now I can define the culprit of such silly thoughts.

Lekdog, why do you lead me down the path of temptation?

Gawn has been sitting there pretty for 6 weeks….



I've met Nank a few times, the swans would send him around the junior clubs for their Auskick days. The kids didn't know who he was so just asked him questions about Buddy.

Never did I think he would be SC relevant

Rick Grimes

I think we need to wait until final teams are named before we can really settle the debate. If there is any chance of rucks sharing duties and floating forward, it really raises questions about the value of selecting ultra premiums.


I'm running with it. Big risk, big reward. Allows so much more in other areas and I really don't like the forward rookies this year, hesitate to start 1 on field so the saved cash is handy.

Worst case scenario is if Sandi goes down early I'll have to burn some trades to downgrade Swallow and upgrade Sandi. Acceptable risk for mine when I think of got 14 starters in my team.


Nice PODs in Merrett and Priddis!

James Sykes

Oh Booma.

I too have been sucked into the Nankervis and Sandy double.

But what will we do if they both go 75 week one…one hell of a bind…..

And what do we do if Richmond name Nanks and Hampson round 1? or even 2? How do we restructure from there?

Think I need to go back to Gawn……its just safer.



unless they start spencer and gawny avg 95-100 and loses 180k


there could be an argument that Booma keeps that 200k as an insurance. That would mean Sandi could become Grundy or Nank become Goldy… My plan is to stick with Gawn/Sandi and I've got enough cash on the bench that Sandi can become Nank if things go to hell.


Was hoping to get thoughts on my side so far of course subject to change……thanks meter keep up the good work!

Dec: shaw, rance, laird. Hampton, otten, vickers-willis ( newton, guthrie)

Miid: Danger, pendels, jpk, treloar, fyfe, t-ich, M. Crouch, JOM (SPP, barret, Hilbert?)

Rock: navlands, sandyballs (strnadica)

Fwd: dollhose, macrae, J. Roughead, A. Black, Balic?, .T. Miles ( Bolton, Eddy)

Thanks all


F4 to F6 looks paper thin bud. Would drop a mid down to Will Brodie, or start a Barrett or Salt N Pepper. Spend the extra money on F4 to F6. I'm worried about starting one forward line rookie, let alone three. I have Eddy at F6. Not convinced on Black yet. I don't believe Miles will get a game round one either.

Remainder looks fine, outside of ruck department. But that's your bed, and you've gotta sleep in it if fails.


Thanks mate

haiku bob

DEF: Doc, Laird, Mills, Hampton, VW, Stewart (Newman, Guthrie)

MIDS: Danger, JPK, Treloar, Priddis, Fyfe, Beams, Swallow, PP (Myers, Barrett, Hibberd)

RUCKS: Gawn, Sandi (Strnadica)

FWDS: St.Nick, Dahl, Roughie, Nank, Black, Miles (Houston, Butler)

$132, 400 in the kitty

Byes 3, 9, 9, 9.

Any thoughts?


When will Myers play?

haiku bob

Hard to say. Estimates are 4-6 weeks. With such a deep midfield, might be worth holding unless another rookie puts his hand up.


Looks a good team Haiku Bob, except for F5 & F6.

Not sold on Black. Think he could be a 60-70 one week, 20-30 the next. Need to see a very good performance from him in JLT III to warrant a starting spot. Bench is where he's at for mine.

Miles, i don't believe he'll get a game in round one. At this point in time, i have him as an EM in my best round one side.

I believe Eddy is a better starting option at present than the above two.

haiku bob

Thanks T-Woof. Eddy has been in my line up right up until now. Will definitely be considered. What does his JS look like?


I believe it looks decent. Mature age recruit, obviously there to fill a position.

Ken wanting to push Chad through the midfield, therefore there's a vacancy up forward.


Amazing work Barron! Is there some way to filter the eventual ultimate sheet to ignore JLT1, which I think was even more of a training exercise than the other JLT's?


DEF: Shaw, laird, mills, Hampton, otten, VW, (Stewart, Guthrie)

MID: Danger, pendles, treloar, Selwood, Fyfe, titch, JOM, SPP (Myers, Barrett, wiggs)

RUC: Gawn, sandi,( strindica)

FWD: Dahl, McRae, roughy, nank, black, Houston (smith,eddy)

15k in the bank, bit worried about that number.

Would love your thoughts, cheers


Your mid field will be decimated for round 13 bye – no pendles, treloar, fyfe, titch and JOM.
if you are happy to lose footing then go for it. otherwise i would try to get a better spread.


I think it's a great 'safe' team but it's very much similar to a lot of other teams in here. Just my opinion but I'm looking for a few more risks- PODS to separate from the pack. Will be to boring otherwise. Good luck


Great work Barron, I've played around with this and come up with (according to JLT only obviously) the choice of must have rookies for R1 if they get a game. This is based on the following criteria:
– all have played both games so far,
– all are less than $150K in price,
– all have made over $200K based on scores in these games.

DEF: Otten, Stewart, Guthrie, Smith, EVW, Melican, Lynch
MID: Wigg, Barrett, Parfitt, Lloyd, Mountford, SPP, Atley, Fox
RUC: Preuss, Cameron
FWD: Black, Houston, Butler

Interesting, obviously the likes of Otten, Melican, Wigg, Parfitt, Lloyd, Fox, Cameron are unlikely to get games straight away.
That still leaves hopefully a choice of 4 MIDS that have a chance of R1 action.



Heard a whisper that Gregson may be put on the LTI list and Zac Guthrie could be upgraded and in line for round one, interesting….


Heeney in doubt for round 1 with Glandular Fever!


Huge news confirmed on HS website!! I didn't have him in but plenty of others do!


Last year Kade Kolo was a late scratch. You beauty, I thought to myself, I'll keep him and he'll become a POD. Before the season everyone wanted him.
Turned out everyone else dodged a bullet and I just stayed in the firing line…

Boltons Blues

Comments on my team would be appreciated, been tinkering lately, so its bound to change, havent put in the time like last year so if some rookies are off the mark, thats probably why haha

Docherty, Shaw, Adams, Hampton, Vickers-Willis, Newman (Stewart, Guthrie)
Danger, Pendles, Kennedy, Selwood, Fyfe, JOM, SPP, Wigg (Miles, Freeman, Atley)
Gawn, Sandilands (Strnadica)
Riewoldt, Dahl, Macrae, Nankervis, Pickett, Eddy (Black, Houston)


swap selwood for cotchin brother


You are either a Richmond supporter or you surely have to be joking?


Standard team, won't do you any wrong but won't win 50k


Thoughts on trent cotchin fellas?

jack viney

no hes the worst player in the afl absolutly soft, haven't seen him since the final against the kangas


your soft viney


Plenty of better options at that price imo. He is certainly durable though.
Question, why do you feel he will be supercoach relevant this year compared to the last 4 years?


After realising he's a soft prick i reckon he'll harden up this year and average 110+

trent cotchin







Heeney diagnosed with glandular fever. Almost certain to miss start of the season. Significant.


Hi community, Could someone please tell me where to find the link for last years winner.. I just want to check out his starting structure.. cheers


Thanks INP you're a bloody legend

The Ranger

Thanks Ranger, you're a legend too


Thoughts on Taranto's JS?

The Ranger

Not sure he has any Zee. Shame 'cos he's looked good.

Clock Management

For mine he will play and has job security but he won't have the same output as he has had in pre-season will get less midfield time.


JS is shaky for any GWS rookie now. But he's a gun, no doubt. As clock said don't expect a 90 output. Perhaps 70 at best, which is still very good. But if he gets spelled it's a problem. Any other team & he's a lock


Struggling to find premium PODS? Any ideas?


Jack Steven? Jack Viney? Dyson Heppell… Lachie Neale


There has been a lot of talk on Matty Crouch, would be interested to see his ownership percentage?? Can't tell if people are actually selecting him or not. One guy I'm toying with in my lineup is Shuey, however I have the coin to go up to a safer option in Treloar/Hanners etc so will be looking closely at his next JLT game before doing anything rash.

Some PODs to consider for me though would be Shuey, Viney, Steven, Priddis (always flys under the radar), Merrett, Ward, Zorko, Martin. Keep in mind I haven't seen any ownership percentages though so can't confirm whether these guys are heavily selected or not.


Have a look in the coaches choice link in supercoach. It will give you the ownership % on each player. Anyone under 8% imo is classified as a POD


Mundy, Cotchin, M.Crouch, Sidebottom, Menegola, Howe, T.McDonald, J.McGovern, Coniglio, Ward, J.Lloyd, R.Gray, D.Prestia, Shiel, Neale, Priddis, Merrett, S.Mitchell

All these guys are under 4% ownership.

The Ranger

Personally I never worry about PODs at this time of the year Seb.
I just pick what i think is the best team available.
If I've got pretty much the same team as the top 1% after three rounds that'll do me.
POD's are for later in the season once the trading starts.


players are only POD's because others haven't picked them in their teams.

I much prefer the idea of picking the best players. If other people agree, good luck to them.

why pick a POD like Priddis if you don't have him in your best 22

i'm very clear as to who i think are the best 22. I am open to fluctuations and the possibility of injury but pretty much got it sorted.

My starting team includes those 22 who i think are the best value now (have Gawn & Danger for C/VC options) and the others i will look at getting (hopefully much cheaper). All other starters are Cash Cows. That's why Roughie has gone.

If my best 22 happen to be different to other people's and they are a POD, oh well.


Not sure it's been mentioned by anyone but saw Port are looking to play Houston in Jasper's spot while he is injured. He's looked decent thus far in JLT.


This is true. My worry is when jasper is back, will Houston still be playing? You would want Jasper out to at least rd5 for Houston to appreciate in value.


Houston will have a tough time staying in that team IMO, once Jasper is back. Last year's wonder boy Byrne-Jones will have a spot locked up back there and Riley Bonner got a game right at the end of the season (just to stuff up his SC price in 2017) and looked fantastic. Both will play small defender roles this year.


"Houston we have a problem" with your JS


just wondering peoples throughts as to who who to pick for F1 McCrae or Dahlhaus


dalhaus is slightly more consistent and has a bigger ceiling


league open to any followers of this page or otherwise. Code 601991.


if sandilands had midfield elligibility im might consider him but 133 isnt good enough for me




Dangerfield POD


Is it safe to have touhy JOM swallow sandy roughead all in one team?? That's my POD

Clock Management

Lol definitely not a pod a lot of people will do that,


Are you picking Touhy and Roughie as keepers?


Community please help me add finishing touches…

Pick 1 out of JPK, Hanners, Parker, Selwood?

Pick 2 out of Riewoldt, Franklin, Macrae?

The Ranger

Depends on ya bye structure but Hanners, Franklin and Macrae for mine.
Roo could be a great pick but surely tooth length has to affect him at some point?


Thanks mate. Anyone else got a comment with it? Likely going to let it be decided here haha doing my head in over it. Gotta beat the old boy again!


Selwood. Has proven he has a much higher ceiling. They are all very durable though and all keepers by seasons end i would think.
Tough to say with pick 2. Macrae (underpriced imo) and Reiwoldt (more durable than Franklin and his role this year could boost his average by a fair bit)


Hi Holty,

So you are leaning towards Selwood, Riewoldt and Macrae?


Yeah mate.


much easier to pick two out of the midfielders (Selwood & Hanners) and 1 out of the forwards (McCrae)

but if i had to ……….

Hanners, McCrae & Buddy.


When in doubt go with younger player on the "up".



Macrae and Franklin


Community whats thoughts on this current squad :

Docherty, Adams, Tuohy, Hampton, Vicker-Willis, Newman, Stewart, Guthrie

Danger, Pendles, Selwood, Trealor, Fyfe, Beams, Swallow, Powell-Pepper, Barrett, Wigg, Miles

Nankervis, Sandiballs, Stnadica

Riewoldt, Dalhaus, Franklin, Roughhead, Steele, Houston, Black, Eddy

Feeling really strong to be honest.


Hey supercoaches would like some feedback Def Shaw,laird,touhy,mills,hampton,stewart,guthrie,Ryan MIDS danger,jelwood,Sloane , ward, Steven ,jom,swallow, spp, wigg , hibberd. Ruck Gawn , sandi Standica Fwds jk, dollhouse, buddy,whe,mcclug, butler miles,eddy This is the first team I picked real quick would love some tips cheers guys

Clock Management

Do you own a dollhouse? thats cool i guess


Yeah y don't u have one ya missing out mate


Thoughts will be appreciated Supercoach community!

Def: Shaw, Adams, Laird, Tuohy, Hampton, Stewart (Otten, Vickers-Wills)

Mid: Dangerfield, Pendlebury, JPK, Fyfe, Beams, O'Meara, Swallow, SPP (Barrett, Wigg, Hibberd)

Rucks: Nankervis, Sandi (Cameron)

Fwd: Dahlhaus. Macrae, Caddy, Roughead, Hoskin-Elliot, Eddy (Black, Butler)


Lots of risk here. You only have a few solid performers here based on history (point scoring AND play all year). Adams doesnt play full seasons, Laird is iffy. JOM, Swallow and Beams all pose risk. Hoskin-Elliot. Plus your rucks are risky. I can see why you have done it – to go deeper across all lines. But geez I wouldnt be going down that path. At best you will lose a few of these to injury… at worst…? you could lose 3-4 mids, 2 rucks and 2 forwards. I'd be putting in a couple more rookies and putting in a few more proven premos. Value isnt everything.


Appreciate your opinion Zee.
This team will definitely change again after this week.. Most likely clear all team, start again kinda thing! hahaha. Looking forward to watching all teams play there best 22 this week and I will go from there.
My thoughts are 3-1-4 Def, 5-2-4 Mid, Maybe Gawn, Sandi Ruck combo. 3-1-4 Forward line structure..

neil demons delight

I dont think it too bad def is good mids two of your 3 midpricers need to become a premium and get gawn forwards not too bad either good luck but dont destroy it cheers neil


Thanks very much Neil, appreciate your opinion!


First time posting here, just wanting some thoughts on my team community.
DEF: Docherty, Rance, vince, Hampton, otten, VW (Stewart, Guthrie.)
MID: Danger, Pendles, Hannebery, Zorko, Bont, Fyfe swallow, Powell-pepper (Barrett, wigg, hibberd.)
RUCK: Grundy, Sandiballs (strandica)
FWD: NRoo, Dahl, Roughy, The Nank, Black, Miles (eddy)


pretty standard mate, you'll go well

neil demons delight

Pretty content with my team aside from rookies.I have pops Kelly at D3 and tossing around Mills for same spot.Kelly makes appeal with dpp and did have a good year 2016 ave 90s plus both could be D6 Forwards now ok with Kennedy F1 2 DOGS AND ROUGHY .Wont bother about lnsurance for Sandy as strd is his backup at Dockers and going well Cheers Neil


My thoughts on Nank.


1. Has DPP. good cover for ruckman if they get injured, especially if going with Sandilands

2. Has a reasonably good start to season by way of playing against other ruckman


1. He isn't that good. Hardly got any games at Sydney. I've met him a few times, and he is fairly short for a ruckman.

2. JLT he has rucked against, Ryder (hasn't played for two years), Lobbe (sigh), Jacobs with a sore back and busted hand and O'Brien (hardly had a game). Against good ruckmen he will get killed.

3. May not hold down #1 ruck. Definitely won't be a Lone Wolf Ruckman.

4. Won't be in best 6 forwards for the year (not a keeper)

5. Won't be in best 2 ruckman for the year (not a keeper)

6. Won't make enough cash to be considered a Cash Cow. At best he might make $100k slow burn.

7. Is not a fallen premium.




Agree mostly with what you're saying, however I'm with Trigger, see how he goes this weekend – A strong showing against Grundy will certainly draw many in.


I wouldn't call him cheap. i was actually surprised when i saw how expensive he was. More expensive than McEvoy


I'm leaning towards cheaper* i suppose than cheap. As you say he isn't rookie priced or anything however that $200 k saved can be put to use elsewhere. Or, stashed away as I've done. I think he's a massive risk and if I had to put my money on him succeeding or failing I would be backing the latter, however I just don't think it is so heavily negative as you seem to be leaning.


Bit early to be dismissing somebody simply because the opponents that they've starred against are spuds. See how he goes against Grundy this week and you could well change your mind.

neil demons delight

Why select nank anyway Cant go past Gawn at R1 and Sandy cheap playing well and if he gets injured strd takes his spot as they both play for freo. done and dusted Gawn / Sandy /Strd too short and rubbish good vfl player


A reasonable assessment but there was a lot of politics in Sydney that made them committed to Tippet. And when Tippet was shit up forward they had to play him in the ruck, thereby setting the other guys back. But Naismith did clearly go past him in the pecking order, that can't be denied.

What I'm liking about him is his competitiveness in winning possessions, not just tap work. But rationale has to be because you think he is a chance to be in best 6 forwards and this in my view can't be dismissed at this stage. 95 average might be more than enough for top 6. But also agree the crapness of his opponents has got trap written all over it.


Thank you Derek. You are a reliable voice of reason. With the forward line still so difficult, a mid priced option is more tempting than usual. It's a salient reminder to stay strong with core principles.


Just think TBC of 2 years ago


After watching him on sunday and Lekdog's game review Nank made his way into DIVINE FC at F4…. after Derek's thoughts on him, he could well and truly be out of my side! Very convincing reasons though…. the beauty of Super coach hey! Now I got a bloody headache….


i can see the attraction, and that is the DPP. But he 'aint no Nic Nat.

I am starting Sandi and won't be worrying about cover. If he gets injured i will trade him out. That is the price to pay, put a trade aside with Sandi's name on it, at some point in the season it will be used.

I'll probably start the year with a little more cash than usual in case he gets injured in the first 3 or 4 weeks before any significant price increase.

Have $110k in bank but that with Brodie at M7. That changes to swallow daily and then i get worried i have no cash so change M7 to Wigg/Barrett and have $160k in bank but worry i have two cheap rookies on field in the mids. focus!!!


What about Ryder at F4, is that worst or better? You're a bloody clever man Derek…. thanks for sharing your thoughts!


Ryder is a better pick than Nank. He is almost a fallen premium. The excitement around Nank and the problem Ryder has with sharing with Lobbe, has turned people off Ryder. Makes him more of a POD.

He is half s chance to be top 10 forward this year, certainly has the ability. My early teams had him at F4. Pick him before The Nank for sure.


McVeigh and Heeney out – does this help Mills' scores?


He was already going to be a major part of the midfield rotation this year and Heeney wasn't, so it shouldn't make much difference. The only difference will be the loss of my POD with everyone jumping off Heeney onto Mills.
Might make a big difference to Zac Jones' prospects in the early part of the season though.


i'm looking around the swans players to see who will benefit the most for Heeney missing.

McVeigh out will be bad for Mills. Will make him play the sweeping defender instead of right in the guts.


round 11: 8 player have bye
round 12 : 9 players have bye
round 13 : 9 players have bye

Most of my rookies have the . bye round 13 so i can upgrade them to premiums in rounds 11/12


Thoughts please community, I know this doesn't belong here but don't know where else to put it. Cheers

DEF: S. Docherty, H. Shaw, T. Adams, C. Hampton, A. Otten, E. Vicerks-Willis (T. Stewart, Z. Guthrie)

MID: P. Dangerfield, D. Hannebery, A. Treloar, N. Fyfe, T. Mitchell, J. O'Meara, D. Swallow, S. Powell-Pepper (J. Barrett, M. Hibberd, H. Wigg)

RUC: M. Gawn, A. Sandilands (L. Strndica)

FWD: L. Dahlhaus, T. Greene, J. Roughead, T. Nankervis, J. Thomas, A. Black (J. Pickett, B. Eddy)

I don't like the though of so many mid pricers in Rough, JOM, Nank and Swallow, but at the moment they're all worth it for their own reasons. It's a weird year ahead!


plenty has been said about midpricers. I posted last week about 3 types of mid-price players. The fallen premiums, the never was never will be's and the young breakout player.

From my own experience over the last 3 years, my success rate of picking mid price players who have succeeded have been pretty poor. The ones that have done ok (ie Wells last year) have usually come from the first category, the fallen premium. 3 out of 4.

the young breakouts 1 out of 3 (and thats being generous to KK)

the never was, 0 out of 9 (Newnes and Ibbotson did ok)

Of the ones you have listed, i think Roughie can be called a Fallen Premium.

JOM & Swallow are Young Breakouts (Swallow was almost a sub-premium)

Nank is the middle type.


You speak a lot of wisdom Derek! However Nankervis is perhaps the most interesting one as he provides the cover for Sandilands as well. If he wasn't DPP I wouldn't be touching him. I'm hoping he could appreciate a tick over 100k, downgrade him and upgrade a peak Sandilands to Goldstein (assuming he's the clear choice). What are your thoughts?


I need one more rookie for my mid currently have

SPP (Barret, Wigg, Hibberd)

got the cash


Is this for M7?

My M7 has been my biggest headach. Changes daily from Brodie to McGrath, to Swallow to Wigg/Barrett

neil demons delight

parfitt or Bolton McGrath may not line up same as hibberd


Could use some advise here lads.

With stuff moved around would you take :

1 of Hanners/JPK/Trealor and 2 of Franklin/Macrae/Riewolt IF THIS LINE WHO?


JOM, Gawn, 1 of Franklin/Macrae/Riewolt & 200K in the bank?


you gotta have Gawn.

I'd go option 2, but find the extra cash to get TMitch instead of JOM with the $200k


Thanks Derek. Who do you think out of Frank/Macrae/Riewolt?


Tried it. 40k short to get Tich 🙁


Could ditch Doch for Rance or Laird to make it happen?