SuperCoach Significance Report: PTA v RIC

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Richmond Port SuperCoach


It was a strange day at Mount Gambier, Richmond looked like Hawthorn and Port Adelaide looked like…well Port Adelaide. Okay maybe that second part isn’t very strange.

Richmond defeated Port Adelaide.

For me today was about seeing the Port Adelaide rookies and the Richmond offseason recruits and I wasn’t disappointed. Port will provide us with several rookie options for our teams this year including Sam Powell-Pepper, Joe Atley, Dan Houston and Brett Eddy. Not all of these blokes will play Round 1 but I saw enough from each of them to be confident they’ll play in 2017.

On the Richmond side of thing I’m very aroused by Toby Nankervis and my impending ruck combination #Nankilands. Rance and Cotchin looked great and my man Josh Caddy did enough to move my needle.

I had a ball in Mount Gambier but I’d hope next time the Fox Footy commentators would actually show up rather than cover the game from a studio in Melbourne.


Let me know what you took out of the game


Port Adelaide

Notable absentees: Matthew Broadbent, Angus Monfries, Brad Ebert, Aaron Young, Jimmy Toumpas

Robbie Gray | PTA | MID | $588200 | SC 38

Is one of my favourite players in the AFL. He just rolled the legs over today and didn’t really have an impact. He’s still in line for selection at the Puppies despite his early bye.

Ollie Wines | PTA | MID | $533700 | SC 92

Just about the only midfielder who showed up for Port Adelaide today. Wines was back to his contested best today but after last year I’m steering clear. Will be a post-bye upgrade option if anything.

Jasper Pittard | PTA | DEF | $499300 | SC 45

Looking like Kayne-Mitchell-Son with his samurai hair style. He played pretty well prior to tweaking his hamstring. Not sure if it will impact his Round 1 availability but he looked sore.

Travis Boak | PTA | MID | $496800 | SC 61

Almost all of Boak’s 18 possessions were contested and whilst that’s impressive I sure as hell won’t be selecting him in Supercoach, if you’re reading this then you probably won’t either. Played a sweeping defensive role throughout the game.

Justin Westhoff | PTA | FWD | $463700 | SC 87

Clearly wants to challenge Nick Riewoldt for the 2017 Richo Award, started on a wing and was involved in the chain of play all day. I love it when teams play a tall on the wing and whilst I don’t think it’ll be enough to warrant a starting selection, Westhoff could end up being a player we consider later in the year.

Chad Wingard | PTA | FWD | $439800 | SC 37

Started in the midfield but struggled to get his hands on the ball. It’s only quarter time but his inconsistency worries me already this year, I won’t be starting him. He received a corky on the right thigh during the fourth quarter. Only had 8 touches before he left the ground with a corkie.

Sam Gray | PTA | MID | $436200 | SC 89

Played in the midfield but struggled to find the ball. Was able to kick a goal but ultimately didn’t produce anything worth discussing.

Hamish Hartlett | PTA | DEF/MID | $423700 | SC 68

Just looked a bit slow for mine in defence. Was thrown into the midfield at stages and gathered 17possessions 6 of which were contested.

Patrick Ryder | PTA | RUC/FWD | $418100 | SC 66

Was the number one man in Port’s ruck but also pushed forward at times. He really struggled to gather possessions today which has been a strength of his in seasons past. In fact he had 0 possessions at half time. My confidence in Ryder was not elevated after today’s game. He bumped Miles high in the third quarter. 5 disposals and 23 hitouts.

Jared Polec | PTA | MID | $406800 | SC 105

Played off a wing and was able to impact the game. Has no Supercoach relevance this year but will be a decent CoachKings choice at stages.

Jackson Trengove | PTA | RUC | $400300 | SC 33

Started the game playing as a deep forward. He was used in attempt to shut Alex Rance down but it didn’t really work. Had to help out in the ruck but did very little with his day.

Jack Hombsch | PTA | DEF | $378700 | SC 50

Is a full back.

Matthew Lobbe | PTA | RUC | $357700 | SC 41

Had minimal impact on the game and any positives were reduced by his 3 frees against. Did we think he was good at one stage? I can’t remember but I have a feeling we were wrong.

Charlie Dixon | PTA | FWD | $356400 | SC 25

Played the game, which simply amazes me given his status as “living human being” remains questionable at best. Couldn’t see the usual Adelaide Oval rigging to prop up his corpse so I can only assume that Mount Gambier has a series of tunnels and magnets hidden beneath its turf to help provide the illusion of Dixon’s life

Tom Jonas | PTA | DEF | $351800 | SC 41

I can play My Name Is Jonas perfectly on the hardest difficulty in Guitar Hero 3 using a controller rather than the guitar.




Darcy Byrne-Jones | PTA | DEF | $347100 | SC 46

Didn’t play the first half…not that anyone was wondering.

Jarman Impey | PTA | FWD | $339000 | SC 22

The imp continues to play his small forward role pretty well. It’s not worth discussing his Supercoach prowess.

Karl Amon | PTA | MID/FWD | $327500 | SC 65

Was running around as an outside-mid today. The role suits him but he isn’t going to be a Supercoach player this year.

Tom Clurey | PTA | DEF | $289000 | SC 85

Deep in defence and did nothing of note.

Riley Bonner | PTA | DEF | $248100 | SC 51

Will be looking to lock down a halfback role for port this year. Looked solid but won’t be up for Supercoach consideration for several seasons to come.

Sam Powell-Pepper | PTA | MID | $135300 | SC 71 a beast of a man, just showed raw power today. He actually reminds me of Ollie Wines in his rookie year, this could be a very good omen for us. Finished the game with 13 disposals, 8 tackles and 4 clearances but he only went at 53% efficiency.

Aidyn Johnson | PTA | FWD | $123900 | SC 25

His first kick for the day went out on the full and judging from starting structures he’s going to be playing a small forward type role. Even if he could find his way into Port’s team I’m not sure he’d score enough points to be considered.

Joe Atley | PTA | MID | $117300 | SC 78

Might have done enough to put himself into Round 1 contention today. He had 14 disposals as well as 4 clearances and a goal and most importantly of all he was actually trying. Could be a bench option for us.

Willem Drew | PTA | MID/FWD | $117300 | SC 27

Only played the second half and acted as the high half forward target. Showed some signs but would need to do a lot more to break into Port’s side.

Dan Houston | PTA | FWD | $117300 | SC 81

Found his first few possessions in the defensive half before pushing into the forward line. He’s already been touted for selection in Round 1 and is currently sitting on my bench. He had 15 disposals and 5 rebound-50’s for the day.

Brett Eddy | PTA | FWD | $102400 | SC 40

Presented well again as a target up forward. I don’t think he’ll be able to contribute much scoring capacity to our Supercoach teams but if he gets into the side at $102K who cares, gives a bit more cash for other positions. He had 7 disposals and 3 shots on goal.


Jock Reynolds SuperCoach Magazine 2017







Notable absentees: Dion Prestia, Bachar Houli, Shaun Hampson, Shai Bolton


Dustin Martin | RIC | MID | $588300 | SC 87

Played a fair chuck of the game in the midfield but true to his word Dimma pushed him into the forward line. Pre-game Dimma said he prefers Martin forward of centre and would like him to kick more than 8 goals in 2017. Are they preparing for life without Dusty already? Butchered the ball with his 17 touches.

Trent Cotchin | RIC | MID | $546800 | SC 85

The *clears throat* Brownlow Medallist looked really strong today. He was fighting for contested possessions as well as getting his usual cheeky handballs out the back of packs and really looks like he’s going to benefit from Richmond’s midfield additions. To pick him would be a bold decision but he’ll average 105+ this year.

Alex Rance | RIC | DEF | $535600 | SC 70

Best defender out there today. At one stage in the second quarter he broke three tackles in a row and had me rearranging my backline. I might have to settle down but Rance did end with 12 disposals and 6 rebound 50s for the day. Will be a good selection and is pushing to take my D1 position…scoring floor and ceiling is still the main issue for me.

Shaun Grigg | RIC | MID | $504100 | SC 79

I still think Carlton won this trade, we traded away Grigg who had more touches today (20) than games played by the bloke we received in Andrew Collins (11 games played for Carlton).

Josh Caddy | RIC | MID/FWD | $488600 | SC 95

Atarted as a midfielder and pushed forward for rests. Commentators had question marks over his endurance but to be fair it was Derm who was talking so take it with a grain of salt. I’m an admitted Caddy man so maybe take my word with a grain of salt too but I see him as being a good selection. Was the 13th ranked forward in 2016 based on average, at least 3 of the blokes above him have retired or are no longer forward eligible…should be top 10…touches all the wood. He had 18 disposals and 5 marks for the day.

Anthony Miles | RIC | MID | $488500 | SC 85

Was used as a link up option going forward. Miles found some targets and was involved in a number of scoring chains. 24 disposals to go with his sickening 37.5% disposal efficiency.

Jack Riewoldt | RIC | FWD | $467400 | SC 103

Played deep forward where he blongs. Took some very nice contested marks and (aside from the worst set shot of the preseason in the first quarter) was able to convert. Don’t see him impacting Supercoach outside of a couple 150+ games in 2017.

Brandon Ellis | RIC | MID | $464400 | SC 116

Played on a wing and had 15 kicks of his 26 disposals. Will be vital for Richmond this year but won’t be a breakout contender worth considering.

Kamdyn McIntosh | RIC | DEF | $390900 | SC 43

Played through defence but struggled to make an impact, no relevance here but I’m committed to writing up every bloke on the park.

Nick Vlastuin | RIC | DEF | $407800 | SC 84

Played through the midfield before pushing into the forward line where he kicked 1.1. There has been some talk of selecting him but I feel that there are far better options elsewhere.

Toby Nankervis | RIC | RUC/FWD | $366400 | SC 129

Reminded me of Stef Martin today. Started of the game with consecutive hitouts to advantage before pushing forward. Showed some ability to find the ball around the ground but needs to convert in front of goal when he gets the chance. He was the best on ground with 15 disposals, 22 hitouts, 4 clearances, 5 tackles and 1.1. #Nankilands

Ben Griffiths | RIC | FWD | $382900 | SC 15

Played as a key forward and helped out in the ruck. Nothing of note.

Sam Lloyd | RIC | FWD | $381100 | SC 115

Was playing as the third tall forward today and showed some signs that he’s developing nicely. Kicked 3 goals with his 15 possessions. Not Supercoach relevant but should have a good year for the Tigers.

Taylor Hunt | RIC | DEF | $378000 | SC 83

Ran the ball out of defence for the Tigers. He’s a very fast player and was able to split Port Adelaide open on several occasions. No Supercoach relevance but he could be a mean CoachKings selection throughout the year.

David Astbury | RIC | DEF | $357100 | SC 97

Played at fullback on the corpse that is Charlie Dixon…basically just a day off.

Kane Lambert | RIC | FWD | $353300 | SC 42

Didn’t play the first half and barely played the second, nothing to report.

Oleg Markov | RIC | DEF | $345500 | SC 40

Has a great name, started at halfback and found the ball in patches. No Supercoach significance.

Corey Ellis | RIC | DEF | $335800 | SC 39

Played both in the midfield and in defence. Will break out one day but it won’t be in 2017.

Dylan Grimes | RIC | DEF | $331500 | SC 65

Played deep in defence but doesn’t have enough of an impact on the game to be discussed any further.

Reece Conca | RIC | MID | $315600 | SC 75

Has been suggested by some as a better option than O’Meara…madness. He played in defence but I think he’s already sitting at his price point. My advice would be to avoid.

Jacob Townsend | RIC | MID/FWD | $287700 | SC 19

Like Lambert he didn’t play the first half and barely played the second, nothing to report.

Ivan Maric | RIC | RUC | $282900 | SC 16

I have no idea why Richmond played Maric today, I have no idea why they even re-signed him. Just play The Nank Richmond.

Daniel Rioli | RIC | FWD | $278700 | SC 67
Still has question marks over his tank but played through the midfield and pressured the ball really well today. He is a great CoachKings option.
Jason Castagna | RIC | DEF | $253600 | SC 73

George started forward and slotted Richmond’s first goal. Struggled to find the ball and will be in and out of Richmond’s side this year.

Ben Lennon | RIC | FWD | $248100 | SC 58

I honestly didn’t realise this guy was playing today. Ended up with 9 touches in the forward line but did sweet FA with them.

Dan Butler | RIC | FWD | $123900 | SC 49 | SC 53

Stuffed up a bounce running into an open 50 so he just soccered the ball the whole way into the goal square. He looks to be a very quick player and found the ball easily enough with 9 possessions. Another guy that we can select in the forward line assuming he gets named Round 1.

There we have it community! How did you see it?





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Good work DogLek!


Why did nank have to perform today, I had a great forward structure and he is now Ma,img me think I need to change it to fit him in


Nice write up LekDog :)__I am going to start with Sandilands so having Nankervis in the forward line would make good cover.
Do you think that Nankervis is a keeper though?


I think he can become a top ten forward, judging by his 74.8 avg last year with limited games and building from the previous year where he avg 42.0 that is a change of 32.8 points while being the 2nd or third ruck at sydney, therefore can expect a 90+ avg from him this year if a LONE WOLF RUCK But it is his RUCK/FWD eligibility that is bonus in this. Judging by his 89 and 130 consectuative JLT scores he is thriving at richmond. He could possibly be a keeper this year, bench cover (come years end) or a stepping stone. Not to much wrong with i king him IMO.




If he ends up the highest scoring RUC/FWD he probably is

Blackie White

Comprehensive review, thanks!
Based on total points, what was Caddy's ranking last year.
Main worry for mine is durability.

Blackie White

Caddy Ranked 50th as a Forward for Total Point, perhaps not a keeper on that score?


LekDog – PROLIFIC effort my son.

Richard III

yes please

Richard III

now is another winter of my discontent.
a venue, a venue, my kingdom for a venue.


Nakilands Lek. Gathering momentum at a rapid rate


You'd want to limit your risks elsewhere & reinvest the savings. But it's a big risk reward move


My goodness. I'll strap myself in for your next team reveal!!!!


Would love to see patch and Lek in a room together arguing that one out. No MidPricers and Lek gone mad.
Not sure how that would end up but the results could be interesting in Crouchings Gym.


You think Nank and sandi are good idea for ya two rucks?


Nank as in the Forward, Sandi in ruck is a good idea


Cheaper then goldy and a rookie!!!


I have Gwen and Sandi, looking at Nankervis in the forward line.


I have Gawn R1 and Sandi R2 with Nank as my F4, I think that is the safer combo.


Thinking I'll do the same Emma – will see how he goes VS Grundy next week for the final call


where can we get the SC scores from?


Head says Nank
Heart says Rough


Im feeling ya. I feel like i can fit only 1 of these 2 in my team


Nice review lek….I liked the look of Atley today …Attacked the ball hard and actually had a crack in the midfield….Slotting him onto the bench hopefully will be named Rd 1


at the end of the year, we will look back and see that the winner of supercoach would have started with sandi and nank in the ruck. beams, omeara and swallow in mid. Roughy in the forward


None of them…but not in the middle


While we're referencing Weezer, my team has once again "come undone". Cheers for another quality write up, L-Dog.


same here, both games causing me to re-juggle the whole bloody team….


Weekend dilemma after JLT, for F4-6 – Heeney, McBags & Black or Nank, Taranto & Ainsworth?


Quentin Tarantino is looking great, no doubt, but who is he going to displace in GWS best 22 to get a game, and then, will it be a regular gig? I doubt they'd be in any hurry to get games into him.


Agree on Taranto, just like his form more than McBags right now. Do you think McBags the safer option at F5 then?


100% safer, but that doesn't mean McBags is a surety to score well, just more likely to play


Heeney, Taranto and black


Roughy F3, Nank F4? Too light having Rough at F3?


I dont think so. I look at roughie as a cheap keeper


whats everyones thoughts so jeremy howe? remember last year when he had that patch of averaging 110, can he replecate that


His been in my team since the start and hasnt been replaced once. Myself and a few have mentioned after his move to the backline last season he averaged 100 from rd 6.


You sir, are a great convincer!


Could well be lek. Although being a carlton supporter i hope him and the entire collingwood side breaks down after round 1


as a DPP in our defence whose the man for the job? adams or vince?? big question mark over adams durability…


Tough one that. Adams has a huge ceiling but has that ongoing injury ? cloud hanging over his head. Vince is durable and very gifted. Stick with Adams. SC points is what wins this thing.


Rances game time anyone?


Rance 65% TOG




My bad! I was looking at his fantasy


When will the SC scores drop?


My forward line currently has Paddy Ryder and Isaac Heeney. I could go Ryder to Nankervis and Heeney to Macrae… thoughts?


Who is everyone VCs come round 1 and C


Danger C Pendles or Gawn VC


Danger captain and maybe Gawn vc


where are the scores??


What's everyone's fwd rookies at this stage?


Teia Miles, Brett Eddy, Aaron Black


Very comprehensive and inciteful LekDog. Appreciated


R1 – Goldmember R2 – Sandman
F4 – Roughlid F5 – Nanny

Plan on eventually upgrading Sandman to Gawnski


Very nice

The Stiv

I've had Ryder locked in my forward line since the team picker last year but today I traded him for Nank the Tank. Ryder looked like absolute shite today. I'm not sure if I can trust him especially coming from a year out and injury history. Plus, Port look terrible again this year.

What do we honestly think of Nankervis? Keep in mind the opposition he has had so far. I feel like he will get beaten in the ruck but he's quite good around the ground, can take a contested grab, and loves a cuddle. He reminds me more of a Stef Martin undersized type ruckman.

Even if he doesn't turn out to be a keeper I think he may be worth keeping as an F9/R3 swing man (insurance).

Shit I hate mid priced breakout options. I normally avoid them like the plague but I don't want to be left without ruck insurance again this year.

Russ in W.A

Giday the Stiv, I reckon Nank could have a great year, he'd be excited about hopefully becoming number 1 Ruck and will give a good effort I reckon. Hardwick should just call it and make Maric / Hampson number 2, they're not reliable anymore. Mid pricers are fun mate!…it's a gamble and may not always pay off, but how boring just having the same players as everyone else, and the same rookies.
So many teams are similar or almost the same from what I've seen in many threads here.
Depends on if you're going for the grand prize or just league wins I guess, I only ever play for fun, and hopefully a few league wins.

Russ in W.A

P.S, Ryder is a pleb, and lazy, he never lived up to his so called potential.


Port have looked absolutely horrid in both JLT games, it's like they have no plan at all. Hinkley is a dead man walking IMO, I'm calling it, he'll be the first coach sacked in 2017.


Nathan might have something to say about that


Thanks for the writeup Lek!

Does the community think leaving $100k in the kitty is about right if choosing JOM, Swallow, Beams and Sandi?

Some sizable risk starting with them so Id think you would need to leave some cash behind just incase they go down early.

Russ in W.A

The more dosh the better Steve, if you're happy with your final team. 🙂


I am keeping 200K in the bank as I have gone Sandi and Beans as M6 so if both get injured early at least I have some cash in the bank for trades. I have 11 premiums (>500K) with mid prices in Roughhead (F3), Nank (F4), Sandi and Beams, I am happy to have the 200K in my bank.


My plan was Sandi plus $200k.

Upgraded to Hampton, Brodie shoenmakers and Simpkin. Cash reserve disappearing fast because of lack of rookies



Toby Nankervis 129
Brandon Ellis 116
Sam Lloyd 115
Jack Riewoldt 103
David Astbury 97
Josh Caddy 95
Dustin Martin 87
Anthony Miles 85
Trent Cotchin 85
Nick Vlastuin 84
Taylor Hunt 79
Shaun Grigg 75
Reece Conca 73
Jason Castagna 70
Alex Rance 70
Daniel Rioli 67
Dylan Grimes 65
Ben Lennon 58
Dan Butler 53
Kamdyn McIntosh 43
Kane Lambert 42
Oleg Markov 40
Corey Ellis 39
Jacob Townsend 19
Ivan Maric 16
Ben Griffiths 15


Jared Polec 105
Ollie Wines 92
Sam Gray 89
Justin Westhoff 87
Tom Clurey 85
Dan Houston 81
Joe Atley 78
Sam Powell-Pepper 71
Hamish Hartlett 68
Patrick Ryder 66
Karl Amon 65
Travis Boak 61
Riley Bonner 51
Jack Hombsch 50
Darcy Byrne-Jones 46
Jasper Pittard 45
Tom Jonas 41
Matthew Lobbe 41
Brett Eddy 40
Robbie Gray 38
Chad Wingard 37
Jackson Trengove 33
Willem Drew 27
Charlie Dixon 25
Aidyn Johnson 25
Jarman Impey 22

Russ in W.A

Port Adelaide for wooden spoon lol


If Zac Guthrie plays Round 1, will you put him in your team?

haiku bob

Sandi, Roughie, Nank, JOM/Swallow in the same side – plenty of cash-cow POTENTIAL but too much RISK.
Tempted to go Billings as M6 now instead of either JOM/Swallow.


Just as much risk going billings as one of swallow/omeara


Had Billings last year. worst decision of my life. never again. TRAP.

neil demons delight

Always had Rance in mind now thinking of swapping laird for him .Got a lot to do with bye structure .R13 I have 14 out with 8 keepers .lots of doughnuts there. Many will be in same boat Adel coll ess gws freo and haw all have the bye and are popular choices also thinking strongly of deleting Treloa rfor a round 12 and picking him or pendles up when either drop thoughts community Cheers Neil


I think Laird is too good to drop for Rance. If you have Adams, I'd drop him for Rance.

neil demons delight

thinking the same but deleting treloar then byes not teloar for rance move adams to mids


NANKILANDS starting to gain traction.. it is a bit out there Lek and would have to see what happens this week but has got me thinking.

Esp as Gawn himself has said he will be rucking more in tandem with Spencer and spending more time forward. This is the roe change Goodwin is looking at going with. Really hate those two words when it comes to premo selection – role change.

Was trying go to work our how to get JOM and perhaps swallow without causing too much disruption to my structure. . This could be the answer.
Gawn and SPP, wigg
Nank. JOM, swallow not the craziest idea.

Will ponder.

Fantastic write up Lek top notch.


I'm with you on the second option. I feel it has just as much risk as the first but the potential for a much higher reward.

You know Gawn is going to be elite but with SPP and Wigg we have no idea yet. Might not even get consecutive games. SPP probably but not Wigg

With Omeara and swallow they have been up there before and we know they going to be good for at least a minimum of 80 points per game, probably more. And Nank the Mummy clone looks set for a big breakout season.

Big G

Adams or Rance?


I'd go Rance, ball will be in Richmond's backline a lot and Adams is injury prone. Haven't seen Rance in many teams so I'd go him.

Big G

ok. I was thinking their final average may be similar but Rance due to being KPD more likely to go big or small in any given week.

Big G

Also weighing up between Toby Greene and Caddy.




Greene for mine… good POD too


Thoughts community
bit risky but after the nank's game it's forced me to restructure the whole bloody thing

DEF: Doc, Simpson, Shaw, Hampton, Vickers-willis, Newman (Stewart, Guthrie)

MID: Danger, Pendles, JPK, Jelwood, Trealor, Fyfe, Swallow, SPP (Wigg, Miles, Atley)

Ruck: Gawn, Sandi (Strndica)

Forward: Rooey, Dalhaus, Nank, Black, Pickett, Houston (Eddy, Smith)

Round 11 looks a killer for me, thoughts appreciated


I like it. A well structured team. Missing orange roughy but you can't have it all I guess and I wouldn't change f1-3 given your structure. All the best.


Treloar top 6 midfielder come seasons end?


I personally think he will overtake Pendles. My top 6: Danger, Treloar, JPK, Selwood, Fyfe, Pendles with the likes of Hanners, Rocky, Cripps around the mark.

Big G

Pendels is a pretty good footballer..


No doubt Pendles is an outstanding footballer, very underrated but Pendles can also play elsewhere. Treloar can only play in the middle. Just worried Pendles plays off half back due to the depth of the Pies midfield.


Top 7


Right now I have roughy at F4 and nank at F5. And in the middle I have JOM at M6 Brodie at M7.

I was thinking maybe I should make reiwoldt my F1 into a mid premo and make Brodie a forward rookie?

What are poeples thoughts? should I keep my structure or go one more premo In the middle?


I think its a good idea, you have quite a loaded forward line already, and a premium mid will most likely outscore Nick, it'll bring a bit more balance into your side, i say go for it 🙂


Does anybody know how long Ben Long is suspended for? Cheers


Two weeks, Tophawk


Thanks for that Kev.

Rick Grimes

I might go Nank at R1 and Sandi at R2 and full on balls to wall it. Will make for nervy viewing but I always manage to stuff up my ruck selections each year anyway.


I don't think I could stomach that, hope it works out well for you!


JLT series is messing with our heads I'm taking a marathon not a sprint approach guns and rookies strategy it's the way to go

neil demons delight

Nank is not on my radar. sandy and gawn locked away with no insurance. Nank will be found out in real time No for me


It's hard to pick the best forward line rookies this is what im going with

Dahl, McRea, Roughy, Black, Picket, Miles (Butler,Eddy)

Who should I change got plenty of cash

neil demons delight

hi bont gone one prem more just don't trust the rooks KENNEDY 2 DOGGIES ROUGHY BLACK HOUSTON miles eddy tough the forwards


would love to hear patches thoughts on running nankilands. since his article ive refused any mid prices but there doesnt seem to be ebough rookies to run a strictly guns and rookies strategy


Neil how do I get Kennedy with this line up

DEF: Doc, Adams, Laird, Hampton, Vickers-willis, Ottten (Stewart, Ryan)

MID: Danger, Pendles, JPK, Jelwood, Trealor, Fyfe, Brodie, SPP (Wigg, Barret, Hibberd)

Ruck: Gawn, Sandi (Cameroon)

Forward: Dalhaus, McRea, Roughy, Black, Miles, Houston (Butler ,Eddy)

$184,000 left over


Port Adelaide and Gold Coast have their bye on round 9 so the byes aren't effective this year

neil demons delight

as a great polly once said please explain not sure the relevance port/g.c R9 bye has.For me the byes can ruin you. At one stage I had 14 out i.n R13 and only 8 keeper/stepping stones The problem is the bye includes Coll Ess Adel gws haw all popular teams Just roughly bont I see 10 missing from yours lot of doughnuts unless you plan