SuperCoach Significance Report: ADE v GEE

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Adelaide v Geelong significnce Report

It takes two to tango!

Betts, Jenkins, Sloane, Crouch, Lever, Thompson. No, that’s not a list of Super Coach significant players. That’s a bloody list of notable absentees for the Crows.

Not sure if the Crows expected to play against an NFL team, but what the bloody hell are those Cats wearing. An absolutely shocking call and the AFL needs to step in here. Disgraceful.

Now, when the majestic Barron didn’t get the call up for his beloved Crows, I knew there must have been a reason, but a bunch of chicks (baby crows) running around was not expected.

In any case, these chicks bloody stood up. And I know Barron would have loved to have been a part of it. So I’m offering him a FREE pair of my majestic socks from For the rest of our beautiful community, use the #jockscommunity discount code for 20% off our ridiculously low prices.

With the Cats going in with almost a full strength squad and Adelaide calling up the youngsters, did we expect any other result than what we saw today?



Hugh Greenwood | FWD/MID | $117300

2 disposals in the first 2 minutes and I had an eye on him from that moment on. Problem is he did stuff all after that. 66% Game time, unlikely to start RD 1.

Harrison Wigg | MID | $123900

Quite 1st, more lively in the second. Put his hand up. Only 56% game time but 11 disposals. Needs to work on disposal efficiency, but with CEY out with a knee, he could fill the void.

Andy Otten | DEF | $123900

A lot of game time and did well enough. If fit and playing could be an option for us. Good disposal efficiency and a tall forward. Good to see him back playing after a luckless career so far

Jordan  Gallucci | FWD/MID | $148800

Nice side step but that’s about it. Only 59% game time. No.

Curtly Hampton | DEF | $160000

After a slow start, pushed on well and got amongst it. Has locked himself in our DEF at this output. Got tired toward the end, but can be forgiven in tough conditions and he played quite a bit through the middle.

Rory Laird | DEF | $526800

DE 69% not a great output. Got plenty of the ball, but it might be an up and down season for Laird. 23 touches, most of them uncontested.


Jock Reynolds SuperCoach Magazine 2017


Tom Stewart | DEF | $117300

Another lock in our teams if he can secure a spot. 80% DE from his 15 touches from 91% game time. Are they prepping him for a RD1 berth?

Aaron Black | FWD | $137100

57% game time and 7 touches. Let’s watch him in the next one. Expect the big blokes to have high standard deviation in scores.

Zach Guthrie | GEE |  | $102400

Bloke looks about 14 but got amongst it and received the pill a bit. Not sure he is ready for AFL with his size at this stage. DE at 72% but I’d like to see him kick it more than 17 metres.

Brandan Parfitt | MID/FWD | $117300

Kicked a nice goal and showed a bit of flare. 84% DE and 13 touches plus a goal from only 74% game time.

Zach Tuohy | DEF | $443200

Nine disposals each in the 1st and 2nd and gave plenty of run from half back. A lot of play set up through him. The only knock, never avg. over 81.5, can he increase that to 95+ in a new team? Probably not. Can’t ignore him any longer though. Watch JLT3, but at this stage a TRAP for me. A big game with full squads on both sides and I’ll consider. 89% DE… and 126 SuperCoach points!

Lachie  Henderson | DEF | $430700

12 disposals in the 1st and ended with 22 but not standing anybody and allowed to roam free all game. Won’t be the case in the real stuff.


Both running through the paces. You won’t go too far wrong picking these blokes. Looking like Danger has put on 3-4kg of muscle, more forward time?

How did you see it community!

Nick Z



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With Otten and Hampton putting there hand up, could we go with a 2 premo defensive structure, Hampton + 3 rookies???


Bold move, but I like it.


where would you spend that extra money though? There aren't that many great forwards out there and we already have a good midfield if you pick a few midpricers (i.e. JOM and swallow), what is the point of taking the risk when you could get an extra premo?


Might be going ultra premo in the mids. Interested to see Dan's response.


Yeah I'm toying with Stacking up the mid to avoid the risk of JOM/Beams, can also justify Sandi/Rough as the only risks… hmmmm


I have a 2 premo backline 1 mid pricer and Hampton plus 4 rookies, while still having 6 premo mids, I think it's a safer option to go with more than just 2 premos and 6 rookies in the backline. But that's just my opinion


That's where I'm heading Dan


Contemplating the idea Dan.

Not sure i want to start two of Eddy, Black and Butler on the ground up forward. Keen to get another look at them plus Begley in JLT III. Post JLT II i'm of the opinion the defenders could score better; Hampton, Stewart, Marchbank, Hibberd, Vickers-Willis etc.


Do not believe Geelong can afford to not have Danger in the middle.


Agree. Looking very exposed in the 3rd when he sat on the pine


Tuohy is in my side at the moment. His DE% and tendency to kick is supercoach gold, and filling the empty spot left by Enright and co. at a new club I think that he is a bargain at $443000. I reckon that he is going to average 95+ this year, which is just as much someone like Vince would average if I picked him instead. Thoughts?


Mate, if you are backing him in to be a 95+ then you lock him away and throw away the key.


I reckon the "weak squads" argument holds less merit with Tuohy. Was cherry picked by the Cats and given an assured role to play rebounding out of defence. Marks, R50, I50 numbers have been impressive.

I'm not expecting him to pump out 120+ each week, but rebounding defenders that have the role he does are exactly what we want in SuperCoach


Agree 100% kev.very well explained


After first jlt game i was impressed by tuohy and was tempted. After this game he is now locked in my side. This is one risk im happy to make as im confident he will be geelongs go to person in the backline


I'm still not convinced, but I'm getting there. I'd like to see another good output next game and hopefully both with full squads.


I'm replacing Thurlow to Tuohy…. absolute LOCK! BANG BANG….

Johnny Bee

Tuohy's relevance has very little to do with his scores in these practice game. Consider this. When I mention the names Simpson and Docherty what do you think of? My thoughts are "those two blokes are probably the best rebounding defenders in the comp" and they just happen to play for the same team. Carlton. Yep the team that Tuohy came from. The fact that he won't have to compete with these two rebounding freaks is the reason he is super relevant this year. I'm tipping he will have his most influential season thus far and ave somewhere in the 90's.


I was literally going to comment the same thing . All Cats defenders are key position now and he is the only experienced rebounder they have. Most likely his average will go up at least 10-15 points now without Doc & Simo


Kev perfectly said mate. How many times have we gone heavy in defence to get burnt year after year.

The only consistent defender in the competition for 5+ years now has been Heath Shaw – Simpson had a awesome season last year however dont expect a average of 95+ the guy is 33 years old.
As for Docherty yeah he seems to be the real deal, however I'm not paying $600k for a defender who quite easily could average 90's – I seriously believe players such as Pittard, Tuohy & Hibberd have every chance of averaging 90+ just as I think Simpson may do.

I wouldn't get carried away spending big in defence, I say this every year – Those who are going in with Docherty, Simpson & Shaw/Laird are just insane it's going to kill the rest of your side.

My defence for what its worth is D1 Shaw, D2 Laird, D3 Hibberd or Tuohy, D4 Hampton, D5 EVickery Willis, D6 Newman, D7 Ryan & D8 Stewart.


Excellent Writeup Nick lots of supercoach significance in this one!
Anyone know how players get points in coach kings


Thanks mate. I'm sure Jock or the lads will be better placed to answer that one.


Thnx Kev


Missed the game, Nick. My boy Crouch has some fantastic stats. 91% game time. How did you see his game mate?


Top game based on stats. Only reason i didnt include him in here is because I didnt see much of him during the games coverage. Will follow h next round but can he avg 110+ which is what we need from our mids? I think not.


Absolutely reckon he can, Nick. Refer to the identifying the next supercoach beast article in the mag. Also did a press-season writeup on him. TOG is very low, 91% is a huge spike. Usually he's low 70's. Ended up with 115 according to fantasy freako.

Crows missing a few in the guts though


Will review research on him and question everything. Good work Kev.


Spot 91% is HUGE! It's a tricky year to pick a break out at 500K with JOM, Swallow, Beams right there but Crouch is in my team currently.


nice write up spewing no more rookies put there hand up.


Me too mate. But they will. Next week big.


riley knight? interested to see how he went


Don't think he will be SC relevant to be frank.


the lack of rookie options this year is giving me headaches


They will all show themselves. They always do.


Who will average higher omeara or roughead?
If I pick roughy I have a Dahl, McRae,caddy,billings, him and a miles (hawthorn)

If I pick jom i am starting 0 rookies in the middle


I reckon both will be around 90 & I think Roughy has more of a chance of being a keeper.


ZERO rookies in the midfield = GAME OVER – Especially this year because the vast majority of what looks to be your serious cash cow rookies are all in the GUTS.


Yes but when?


Whos got tge supercoach s ores from this game?



Matt Crouch 111

Rory Atkins 110

Taylor Walker 94

Sam Jacobs 86

Brodie Smith 81

Andy Otten 80

Kyle Hartigan 80

Rory Laird 66

Curtly Hampton 66

Charlie Cameron 62

Troy Menzel 58

Tom Lynch 58

David Mackay 49

Reilly O’Brien 49

Luke Brown 44

Wayne Milera 44

Jake Kelly 41

Riley Knight 40

Dean Gore 39

Harry Dear 37

Richard Douglas 35

Harrison Wigg 26

Hugh Greenwood 25

Daniel Talia 25

Jordan Gallucci 24

Myles Poholke 20


Zach Tuohy 127

Lachie Henderson 119

G. Horlin-Smith 119

Tom Lonergan 117

Darcy Lang 94

Rhys Stanley 91

Tom Ruggles 84

Jackson Thurlow 84

Sam Menegola 80

Mitch Duncan 80

Harry Taylor 76

Zach Guthrie 73

Mark Blicavs 71

Nakia Cockatoo 67

Joel Selwood 62

Tom Hawkins 61

P. Dangerfield 61

Jordan Murdoch 58

Brandan Parfitt 58

Tom Stewart 57

Josh Cowan 50

Steven Motlop 44

Zac Smith 40

Daniel Menzel 38

Aaron Black 29

Lincoln McCarthy 11


Didn't horlin-smith only play half a game?? can't of got that many

Rick Grimes

Thurlow a cheap option? Should average 80 odd. Doesn't make him a keeper, but decent stepping stone.


If Stewart lines up round one I'll be taking him. Much cheaper & good for 70 odd if he gets the nod


Agree Pieman


What forward under 289,000 i already have


Miles from the Hawks



Shake n bake

Other than Danger & Fyfe the spread of Mid premium is pretty spread nearly every other selection that we consider premium is under 20%.


Z Guthrie looks 14 years old and has the frame of a preying mantis, but he looks a complete natural footballer. I'm not sure he'll start round 1 but he can't have been any more impressive in the first two JLTs. Roving donut at 102k who may well get a chance at some point.

I'm also liking Brandon Parfitt and think he is a good chance of playing some games this season. Lang, McCarthy, Cockatoo, Gregson – none of demanded their place in the team and this lad looks composed. DPP and will get some 60+ scores if he gets a chance.

Agree on what the others have said. Stewart is going to start round 1 especially if they want to continue with the Taylor up forward experiment. Lock.


Cockatoo will get games. He is a lot stronger this year.


Think he's best suited further up the ground, loves to run and carry. They tried him up back in the vfl last season – just hope he stays fit.


Gregson is injured for half the year and McCarthy went down yesterday, think Parfitt looks almost a lock for round one.


He's got a great pedigree. Related to Nova Pieris and destined for AFL from a long way out. Surprised he got to pick 23 and Steve Wells wasn't going to miss that.


Was gonna run out there for 'em today, Nick, but this old chunk of coal doesn't move like he used to anymore, so instead I sat out in the stands cheering the boys on.


Brilliant Barron, simply Brilliant.


Nick Z, Thank you for your summary of the game, It is very hard to do these things and Being a JLT game makes it even harder.
I cannot believe the amount of people changing their teams based on JLT Games.
Unbelievable, it seems every year people do this and totally disregard the teachings of the Father of Fantasy.
Yes there are undeniably good looking prospects but let's do some thinking.

Patch wrote an article on Mid Pricers.
Lek says he is going Nank and Sandi.

These two need to get into Crouching Ones gym and see who the winner is? We just might have to wait until next year for that.

Listening on the radio it sounded a lot like Geelong were more concentrated on their defensive structure.
Danger and Jelwood certainly never tried to impact the game.
Were they out there just to direct traffic?


They didn't play a heap of it. Looked like Geelong was testing a few things out in the mids. We must remember clubs give stuff all about JLT because there is no point to the JLT. All teams do is use it to manage game time and try a few things out. Proceed with extreme caution when assessing players in the pre season

Canny the Manny

Those selecting Tuohy, are you picking him with the plan of him being a keeper or a stepping stone type? He's very tempting, but I don't like the idea of picking him and then burning a trade and I'm not sure he can keep up the scoring rate. Same question goes for Mills also. Cheers.


Would have to be a keeper.


If I find a spot in my team for him it will be a as a keeper, but I will temper my expectations to around a 90ave,
Yes a 90ave would only put him 18-20th defender last season but 90 a week for 22 weeks is fine in my book.

I understand why many are wary and there lots of good options to go round but personally i think this looks more a JJ pre-season than a Lumumba pre-season.


90 av would have him 13th and I reckon he can push 95 which is a top ten defender. At that price I can slot him at D4 and it fits my structure perfectly. Keeper for me ATM.


Locked in since v1. Hoping he is Enright by another name.


Shout out to Jock, Nick and the lads for giving us a plug.