SuperCoach Significance Report: STK v CAR

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It’s Carlton VS St Kilda, Jock VS LekDog.

The winner will be showered with praise. The loser will be taunted and booed until my throat is sore.

And it’ll be the LekDog I’ll have to be taunting today, with the Saints getting an easy win over the Blues. The sides went in a bit younger today, with the Blues missing the likes of Murphy, Gibbs, Simpson, Docherty and Kreuzer, while the Saints left out Riewoldt, Montagna, Geary, Weller, Roberton and Hickey.

This showed way more for the Blues than it did for the Saints, with the Blues struggling to create consistent chains of clean possessions, while the Saints produced some great spread from the contests and some fantastic pressure, especially in the forward half.

It was hard to pull much out of this game, it essentially turned into a training drill after the 1st quarter with the Saints dominating the play and the ball spending very little time in the Blues forward half.

But we’ll try extract some nuggets of info out of this think, just to justify to myself that it was worth watching the game!



Patrick Cripps | MID | $585,500

Looked like he was kept out of any of the contested stuff and the game was more about just getting some run in his legs and a bit of touch back. Wasn’t spotted in the 2nd half and finished with 7 disposals (only 1 contested) and 3 tackles from 39% ToG.

Rhys Palmer | FWD | $338,300

Was one of the Blues bigger ball winners, grabbing 19 disposals, but his DE was 52.6% and included 6 clangers. Don’t go near him at his mid-range pricetag.

Caleb Marchbank | DEF | $236,100

He had 9 disposals and 3 rebound 50’s in the first half, while running at 100% efficiency. Finished with 17 disposals, 4 rebound 50’s and might come into consideration as a slightly more expensive option down back.

Billie Smedts | MID/FWD | $217,100

Plenty of work across half back for him with 16 disposals @ 93.8% disposal efficiency and 5 rebound 50’s. Might not be that much work for him back there when Simpson and Docherty come back though.

Charlie Curnow | FWD | $267,500

Kicked a goal right on the line in the 1st quarter and was thrown into the middle to start the 2nd and finished the half with 7 disposals and 3 clearances. Shows some definite signs that he’ll be a quality player, reads the ball well off the tap, but I don’t think 2017 will be his year. Still needs to learn how not to rush his disposals, but that’ll come with time. Sat out the 2nd half to play just 48% ToG.

Harrison Macreadie | DEF | $117,300

Recorded 9 disposals in the 1st half, but had 3 clangers in there (2 were frees against though). Only had 3 more disposals in the game to finish with 12.

Jacob Weitering | DEF | $368,100

Struggled a bit at times, especially with the ball spending so much time in the Saints forward half. Was generally solid though, finishing with 17 disposals and 8 marks.

Zac Fisher |MID | $117,300

Did some work in the middle, grabbing 10 disposals and 4 clearances

Matt Korcheck | RUC | $117,300

Took the lead ruck duties with Kreuzer out. He did OK in the ruck in the first half, but like a lot of the big US basketball converts, struggled to have any sort of impact outside of the ballups. He’ll be back in the VFL again this year.

Harry McKay | FWD | $123,900

Came off in the 1st quarter with a torn jumper. I’m sure his Mum is very disappointed with the youngster wrecking his clothes, “YOU JUST GOT IT!” she was heard screeching at him from the stands. 5 touches in the first half, but looks like he still needs to work on his kicking skills. Wasn’t stopped much in the 2nd half, but the ball was barely up his end.

Jarrod Pickett | MID/FWD | $123,900

Used his speed to burn off Jimmy Webster and set up Cunningham with an easy goal in the 2nd quarter. Popped up on occasion with some nice play, but that may be the problem with picking him this year. He’ll pop up, but we may not get consistent output from him week to week, with Pickett finishing with just the 7 disposals.

Cameron Polson | FWD | $117,300

Just the 7 disposals for Polson from 61% ToG.




Jack Steven | MID | $560,600

Just doing his thing out there, which isn’t massively surprising given the players missing from the Blues engine room.  He had 23 disposals, 5 clearances and 5 inside 50’s from 62% ToG. All great numbers, but we’ll have to consider the opposition too.

Koby Stevens | MID/FWD | $467,900

Did some good work in the middle with 18 disposals, 4 clearances and 5 tackles. Could put up a decent average for the year, but even as a forward selection you’d be hesitant to pay his starting price straight off the bat.

Blake Acres | MID/FWD | $410,100

He had 15 disposals at 100% efficiency for the game, along with 3 clearances and 2 tackles. Only problem with selecting Acres is….

Jack Billings | MID/FWD | $407,700

Led the Saints in the 1st quarter with 7 touches, although only at 42.9% on the DE and finished the half with 14 disposals @ 64.3% DE. Finished to lead the game with 30 disposals, 5 marks, 2 clearances and 3 rebound 50’s. Great game for him.

Luke Dunstan | MID | $391,700

Had 10 disposals and 3 clearances in the first half and finished with 17 disposals and 4 clearances. Get the feeling he’s going to be a B+ player for the Saints, he won’t be a superstar of the competition, but he’ll easily play over 250 games for them and probably be a consistent presence in the top 10 of the B&F. That probably isn’t good enough to pick him for Supercoach though. 

Jack Steele | MID/FWD | $347,100

His defensive work looks fantastic, recording 5 tackles in the first half, along with 12 disposals and a goal. Booted 2 goals from free kicks, along with 25 disposals, 8 tackles and some fantastic forward half pressure. 158 SuperCoach points from Steele today.

Josh Bruce | FWD | $303,400

Spent some time in the ruck with Longer as the only genuine ruck out there for the Saints. Blues were having trouble with giving away frees late in the 1st and Bruce kicked 2 goals in the final 2 minutes because of it. Finished the half with 3 goals, 5 disposals and 2 hitouts and then ended the game with 7 goals, 13 disposals and 9 marks. That will be his year, he’ll have a big game, but a few quiet ones as well. Make him a CoachKings consideration instead.

Nathan Wright | FWD | $247,000

Was limited in game time at just 47% ToG, but booted 2 goals.

Paddy McCartin | FWD | $240,400

Looks to be developing nicely and is certainly helped out by having Bruce take the #1 defender. Kicked 1.2, but was involved a fair bit around the forward line, which is great to see, finishing with 18 disposals and 12 marks.

Ben Long | STK | DEF/FWD| $117,300

Sat out the first half, but came on at the start of the 3rd quarter. Showed some good defensive pressure, hit Simon White with a tackle, won the HTB call and slotted the goal right through middle of the big sticks from a 45 degree angle. Finished with 7 disposals and 7 tackles from 42% ToG.

Billy Longer | STK | RUC | $260,200

The big question for the Saints over this pre-season seems to be will they go in with Longer or Hickey as the main ruck this year? Probably wasn’t the game to make a decision on with Longer taking on Korcheck and handling him easy in the ruck, although he had limited involvement elsewhere. He had just 5 disposals with 6 tackles and 37 hitouts.

Bailey Rice | STK | DEF | $123,900

Had just 9 disposals in 84% ToG, but wasn’t exactly the day where the Saints defenders racked up huge numbers.

And that’s it from me, but for those of you who watched the game, who stood (or didn’t) stand out to you?


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Josh Bruce 7.1 43 Carlton 4.6 30


Saints played against the under 21 team for the blues, so your point is?


Even with Carlton running rookies it was terrible


Fan bloody tastic as always Barron. I watched my lads today and you know what came to mind re: St.Kilda?

Length. Girth. Width.

Don't be down on yourself LekDog – you were dismantled by one of the next monoliths of the competition today my friend.


Just happy we got some youngsters through the game, Macreadie looked pretty good for mine but not sure he breaks into the 22 early


I want to keep it real low key lads – but the comp don't know whats about to hit em. GO SAINTS


Up the mighty SAINTERS JOCK..


Lek mate, are you going to take Docherty at his price mate.
I have no doubt whatsoever that his price will come down due to the average he has to meet this year. (6 points above last year)
Most Guns are in the same position but will you take him to start with or get him on the price drop?

You seem to be doing some radical things this year.
Has USA affected you that much, This is after all Aussie Rules.

You seem to be straying from many rules that we can all be tempted by but get a hold mate.


I was happy to see Rice played near the whole game. He was very high on my rookie list last year until he got glandular fever. Maybe a chance for an early game


Great write up Barron.
Very tempted by quite a few guys including Steele and Billings from this game. Only problem is can't fit in all the names like Kelly, JOM, Swallow, Sheed, etc.


I'd still be extremely cautious when considering Steele, Billings, Stevens and the like Dec. They're playing to ensconch their scones into the 22, won't deliver with this viscosity when round 1 comes around mate. Don't get me wrong – bloody good today.


Yeah very true. Would like to see another game from them before picking them.


I dunno. Steele is a class above. Was so excited when he came to Saints. His scores in 2015 when he wasn't vested were ridiculous. I think he I'll break out this year.


Steele burnt last year.


Steele looked very good today!!
In my team at this stage but will have to play well in JLT3 to stay


Jock, you owe Barron a beer. Actually a slab, no one should have to sit and watch that rubbish.


The ladies match before it was much better

Russ in W.A

Good match if you're a Saints supporter, bad if you're a Blues man, all a matter of opinion and I'm a Saints man so, it was a great match.


I'll never understand this. My team or not the game was over at half time so wasn't worth watching basically.


B Long looks like he belongs. Loved his pressure on the blue witches hats. Shame hes suspended & will miss the start of the season


Carlton had far more people out then saints. So was always going to be a training drill for the saints. Good to see some the youngesters getting a game though.


Saints still had some quality out. Riewoldt, Montagna, Roberton, Weller and Geary. Blues are way off.


But none of those 5 players are midfielders DAS. 4 of them are defenders which they don't need when the oppositions missing their entire midfield (bar a half from underdone Cripps).

Not a Carlton supporter btw, and obviously St.Kilda are more advanced in there re-build than the blues, just merely pointing out you can't read too much into these games.


The blues ran pretty much all rookies and new kids


Hmmmmm, maybe i went 1 year early on Steele. Said he was the next break out star last year. I know jock is cautious about his job security but surely not after this performance. He would be in my team if he was slightly cheaper.


True barron. Have just rated steele for a while. Great in and under player who loves to tackle. Great for sc.


Thanks Baron. Absolutely no point in rating any saints based on this game they'd have had a tougher contest against their womens team. I thought Carlton showed all of the courage, skill, confidence and determination of their Glory Days under Marvelous Michael Malthouse. That smiling sideshow clown in the blues coaching box could still learn a thing or two from Marvelous though. Marchbank is an obvious in and Nemo will probably start in round i if anybody is desperate for a 117k mid rook, despite his size he's already played a couple of seasons of senior footy and if it weren't for injury may have gone top 10 in last years draft. He was unquestionably the number mid in WA's under 18 team last year


Nice one BVC agree on Pickett will have moments but be in and out of a game and marchbank will get plenty of the ball down back this year. Excy though.
Also agree with DAS jock owes you a jar of jam after pulling that game apart

Two things i took out of this game:

1. Take the top 6 blues out and it's a shambles they're young and in for alot of pain. i knew it would be one sided but not that one sided.

2. Saints will be finalists but can't guage much out of this game didn't have much to beat but showed good depth

I hear the blues are looking for a new major sponsor.

After the performance today PAMPAS would be ideal

Why they would a good fit?

They make lots of different turnovers, combine them and it is a big mess and if it's hot in the kitchen burnt turnovers are bound to leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Russ in W.A

Haven't they already been rebuilding for the last 10 years?


This game was a waste of a preseason fixture the saints have a right to complain and the blues should be fined. Was there any legal gambling on this match? Seems a bit dodgy to have Cripps as the only genuine midfielder in the team but then have him running behind play all day, I thought he was running laps around the boundry until some feral started abusing him

Top Hawk

I thought Ben Long made a solid impact after only coming onto the ground early in the third. 59 SC points in that time is impressive. I also liked the fact he laid 7 tackles. (Tells me he is hungry and wants to play). Kicked a goal as well. Will watch very closely in JLT 3. Right now he is close to making my team on the bench. (Cameron hanging on my a thread)


See INP comments above, he is not available Rd1.

Top Hawk

Good point Kevan. You could still start with the kid regardless. Could be a good little loophole option until he returns from suspension. Probably a little risky if for whatever reason, he does not get picked to play until later in the season.
How long is he suspended for? Just the one match?



Great report BVC! The two ex GWS boys in Steele and Marchbank looked the goods for me. Steele like to destroy weaken midfields though like he has in the NEAFL the past couple of seasons. Won't be touching him though. Marchbank could look like a nice higher tier rookie has started the JLT series well. Billings just adds to a long list of midpriced forwards who could look the goods.


Steele is an absolute lock!!


I really like the look of Jack Steele, but he hasn't had a real test and probably won't until JLT3, but he's on the right track to finding his way into my team.


Is it stupid to play otten laird and Hampton they look good ?


No, hopefully 2 of them you will cull by, or during, the byes.