SuperCoach Significance Report: FRE v COL

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Ben Madden The Kid

After a close win against Essendon (hopefully we can reverse the result come Anzac Day)..

..Collingwood welcomed back big-name stars in Pendlebury, Treloar and Adams, 3 premiums that will be in a lot of Supercoachers’ teams come Round 1 (mine possibly included).

However, that’s not the headline for this match. For a large part of the early pre-season, Aaron Sandilands wormed his way into a lot of sides’ R2 position.

A player who’s previously averaged 100+ priced at 308k seemed too good to be true. Finding out the big bastard was struggling with a calf strain, aka an old man injury, led to a major reshuffling of squads. Many coaches, having written him off for the year, now find themselves tantalised by the proposition of a fit and firing Sandilands.

Playing in a close to full-strength side after Fremantle were soundly beaten by a rampant West Coast, did Sandilands impress in his return to football?

Short answer: Yes.

We saw 2 different styles of point scoring from the 2 ruckmen playing today.  Sandilands scored from contested marks and hitouts to advantage, making every other player on the field look miniscule when compared to his big, tree-trunk like calves.

Meanwhile, Grundy ran around the ground, losing the ruck battle to Sandilands but matching his work everywhere else, and then some. Both teams played well, noticeably lifting in the last quarter, with Fremantle running out winners in the end by 2 points after Ed Landgon slotted a goal after the siren. But how did the SC prospects fare?

Why, I am glad you asked.

NB: Game shortened to 88 minutes due to heat




Missing: Harley Bennell, Zac Clarke, Griffin Logue, Matt Taberner
Emergencies: Michael Apeness, Brennan Cox, Sam Collins

4. Sean Darcy – RUC – $117,300

Sat out first half and still managed to score more than Zac Dawson, which says more about Dawson imo. Came on at the end of the 3rd quarter, then seemed to disappear again. Hard to see him getting a game.

7. Nathan Fyfe – MID – $573,500

When Fyfe took a career aspirations test at school, I have it on good authority it came back with “SC Stud”. Runs around the midfield free as a bird. Sandilands to Fyfe may just be the best 1-2 we have all year. Pick him if you want the 50k at the end of the year.

10. Michael Walters – FWD – $427,600

One for those who think midprice-madness should be taken to the extreme. Appears to be the kicker into the 50, which provides a good role for him. Covered the ground well. Not saying I would personally pick him, but one to watch if you ask me.

23. Cam McCarthy – FWD – $203,600

Despite an absolutely shocking moustache/haircut combo, McCarthy is putting his hand up for selection. I personally was very keen on him early pre-season, and he is showing why. Running a little bit through the midfield, had a great first half, before trailing off in the second. A good JLT3 could find him make his way into many a side.

27. Lachie Neale – MID – $612,800

Didn’t do anything to justify his pricetag. May revert back to a somewhat supporting role to Fyfe ala what we saw in 2015. Came off for the last quarter. May be an upgrade target if falls

31. Aaron Sandilands – RUC – $308,200

Within 2 minutes took a great mark inside 50, before handballing to Bradley Hill for a goal assist. Talk of him going forward could scare some away, but I think for 308k you have to seriously consider him. Competed well against Grundy, who looked good himself. Also managed to get a clearance or 2 out of the ruck, which is gold for a ruckman. Marking well, getting clearances, racking up the HTA’s.

If Sandilands can stay on the park, he makes Fremantle look a different side, at one stage clunking a contested mark on Grundy inside 50 for an easy goal. Easy to forget just how big of a beast this man is, so make sure you eyeball him in JLT3. Very convincing for me. Approaching lockable after 1 game. Hopefully kicks a little bit more during season proper. 77% game time is promising in terms of tank too.

Sandiballs had 40 SuperCoach points to quarter time.

36. Brennan Cox – DEF/FWD – $117,300

Didn’t play. Possibly a F/D (floating donut) to link with Ben Long if he looks like he will play after his 2 game suspension, to be served through Rounds 1 and 2.




Missing: Daniel Wells, Jamie Elliott, Tom Langdon, Callum Brown, Ben Reid, Ben Sinclair, Josh Smith
Emergencies: Jordan De Goey, Adam Oxley, Lachlan Keeffe

4. Brodie Grundy – RUC – $520,500

Grundy will be a great pick this year. Manages to get a lot of ball around the ground, and matched it with Sandilands when required. Don’t get sucked in by his lower than usual hitouts. Goliath himself is on record as coming off second best when rucking against 211. May be a way to save cash versus the hefty price-tag of Gawn. Hopefully picks up a few more contested possies in the season proper.

7. Adam Treloar – MID – $605,400

Treblebury won’t let you down this year. Whilst Treloar had a little bit of a quiet one, doesn’t need to do anything to prove himself. Pick him if he takes your fancy, in for a big year. Lifts when it matters, which is how you win the real big points.

10. Scott Pendlebury –  MID – $645,700

If you’re reading this looking for a reason to pick Pendlebury, just do it. He won’t let you down. Supercoach royalty. Just kept on doing what he does best. Still easing into it with 64% game time.

12. Matthew Scharenberg – DEF – $164,000

Didn’t hit the park in the first half. Think Hampton’s taken that D4 spot that many had Scharenberg in early. Did show a little bit in the last quarter, but the impact he has in the real thing may not be too high judging by fitness levels.

13. Taylor Adams – DEF/MID – $527,800

Played almost exclusively midfield in this game. Lockable territory. Midfield numbers at a defence price? You’d be doing yourself a disservice not to grab him. Kicked a great goal in the last, so can do it all.

23. Lachlan Keeffe – DEF – $165,900

Didn’t play, which is disappointing. Probably time to scrub him off your watchlist, if you haven’t already.

26. Josh Daicos – FWD – $117,300

Played about half the game, didn’t really do too much. May be a bench option if named round 1, but unlikely considering Collingwood still have a couple of players to come back in.

32. William Hoskin-Elliot – FWD – $213,300

Didn’t do anything that screamed pick me, but didn’t do anything to scare you off. May be a bit too pricy when you consider options like McCarthy and McCluggage, but is a good talent and will be a great player in years to come.

38. Jeremy Howe – DEF – $500,500

Howe has been somewhat forgotten this pre-season, with Vince very much a pick coming into vogue, as well as many picking Adams already. Make no mistake, Howe will be a good pick this year, playing that half-back floating role to take intercept marks when needed. Wasn’t adverse to a specky either on a hot afternoon. 16 disposals in the first half at 94%, 24 at 92% by the end of the game. Consider strongly.

46. Mason Cox – RUC – $322,000

Looks good as a forward. Which is good for those considering Grundy, as I think Grundy will be almost solo-rucking this year, with Cox a great forward target (once he sorts out his kicking). Shouldn’t impact Grundy’s scoring too much though.

How did you see it community?

Ben Madden



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Fantastic job on the article mate keep up the good work!


Good one Ben you focused on exactly what we want to know.

1. How did Sandi go and how much game time? Tick well answered. Enormous value. Risk v reward clearly.

2. How did the gun pies go? Tick well answered. Pick with confidence.

3. Fyfe. Lock. Next

4. Luke Ryan. Wait a minute didn't play. Ohh that's right plays for Ross Lyin. Travesty someone with so much talent and scoring get potential might not get a look in. Why oh why did he need to go to Freo? Almost as bad is Tarranto to GWS Doesn't seem right won't see either until we are well underway into the season [email protected]@!!!# if at all.


A travesty? Perhaps, but let's remember he was pick 66. Was passed over by every other club … a number of times. Hopefully a good trade down target once settled at Freo.


I got to see Ryan play a lot last year at Coburg and he had shoulder surgery around Sept last year. Not sure how his rehab is going though.


Could well explain his absence. Looking fwd to seeing him play.


Here we go. Sandi vs Grundy at R2. What are your thoughts community?


Sandi. Look at footage from the game and Sandi will be in your team like that. Too good not to pick if this form continues.


Good man.


Sandi will end up being the same price at the end of the year imo.


Cheers mate.


As long as you trade him out before that, won't be a problem!


Why not both and just have Gawn as an upgrade target?


Damn you're wise.

Russ in W.A

Sandi all day Eric, he's worth the gamble after today's effort, if he goes down, so be it..just gotta burn a couple of trades.


Thanks for the reply Russ. Good luck this year old mate.

The Ranger

Grundy if you want set and forget, Sandi if you can accept the injury risk.
I'm going with Gawn and Grundy and hoping I don't have to trade in the ruck all season.




David Mundy 151

Stephen Hill 149

Aaron Sandilands 133

Bradley Hill 114

Michael Johnson 96

Danyle Pearce 87

Cameron Sutcliffe 86

Jonathon Griffin 86

Lachie Neale 80

Darcy Tucker 73

Nat Fyfe 72

Michael Walters 70

Joel Hamling 68

Lachie Weller 66

Ed Langdon 66

Connor Blakely 65

Cam McCarthy 58

Lee Spurr 54

Hayden Ballantyne 49

Garrick Ibbotson 41

Hayden Crozier 31

Shane Kersten 27

Zac Dawson 11

Sean Darcy 5

Ethan Hughes 0

Nick Suban 0


Jeremy Howe 141

Adam Treloar 105

Brodie Grundy 99

Scott Pendlebury 87

Taylor Adams 84

Levi Greenwood 82

Alex Fasolo 81

Mason Cox 80

Brayden Maynard 70

Will Hoskin-Elliott 64

James Aish 62

Darcy Moore 62

Lynden Dunn 61

Steele Sidebottom 53

Tyson Goldsack 52

Tom Phillips 49

Jackson Ramsay 47

Travis Varcoe 40

Jack Crisp 39

Jarryd Blair 36

Chris Mayne 33

Henry Schade 33

Josh Thomas 31

Josh Daicos 28

Jesse White 25

Matthew Scharenberg 21


Pick two of beams, swallow and omeara


Omeara and Marc murphy


Murphy is rubbish.

Russ in W.A

Beams and O'meara..easy.


Beams and Swallow




That's so insane that I actually like it!


I'm going Brolands to start with, I really think Grundy will be top 2 at the end of the year, if not a close number 3.


the rucks are so unpredictable to be doing silly things like that lekdog. set and forget for me


Gawndy our saviour


Sandi will just get injured again


Not a guarantee, but a high probability. Would have thought Burgoyne would be injured again after his injuries at Port but has barely missed a game at the Hawks.


Is there an argument for Grundy R1, Sandi R2? Gawn has round 11 bye and Goldy round 12. Aim to switch Sandi (round 13 bye) to one of them? If Sandi gets injured so be it, but if you're planning on him being injured probably best not to pick him at all.


It's what I have at the moment. I really think Grundy can be a top two ruckman, if not a very close third.




Good work Ben. Not a lot to take from this game other than Sandi might have enough in the tank to make enough cash and points before any injury. And as Lekdog would say #Fyfeislife


30 k in bank

DEF: shaw, adams, laird, hampton, vickers-willis, stewart (ryan, guthrie)
MID: Danger, Pendlebury, Hannebery, Treloar, Bontempelli, Fyfe, Brodie, SPP (Barrett, wiggs, hibberd)
RUC: Gawn, sandilands (preuss)
FWD: Dahlhaus, Heeney, billings, roughead, black, miles (cameron, eddy)

can downgrade bont to swallow, jom or steele if i change my mind about sandilands


Only problem I can see is Dahl, Heaney and billings all have round 11 byes mate, might want to change one of them otherwise big issue in round 11. Otherwise solid team. Billings and heeney are both speculative picks anyway, change one for proven keeper like jjk (round 12 bye)or Gunston (round 13 bye) both don't miss games and will average 90+ at seasons end


i just want all three of them, dahlhaus is a no brainer, and i think heeney and billings are set for monster years, and the 'sad' thing is i still want to fit in wingard. i think there is a lot of mid-price madness this year in the forward line but all 3 of heeney, billings and wingard should all play in the midfield, gonna have a few headaches. thanks for the input


Michael Johnson???


Only played 4 games last year, 10 the year before and 16 before that. Agree that he will average above his price but some degree of risk there. Maybe if the rest of your team is pretty safe and are willing to increase the risk factor.


Thank god my local servo has a 2 for $6 on Gatorade. Lost a lot of electrolytes this afternoon. 133 with a bung calf. Majestic. Moved well, took a few contested grabs. Been my R2 for a long time now.

Great stuff, Ben.


Great article Ben, love your work mate.

All I have to say from reading a ton of comments is that I'm almost certain the vast majority of people are taking these pre-season games far to seriously and its gonna really screw up your side.
Stick with the players you know will score you 110+ year in and year out in the season proper who aren't susceptible to injury regarding ultra premo's, don't get disheartened and change your mind due to their poor form in these B/S pre-season games.

Add no more then 1 or maximum 2 mid priced players – many are sticking with Swallow and I understand why thus far and IF your gut/mind is absolutely set one other mid priced stick with him I guess.

Just use this pre-season games as your guide for rookies, however keep in mind even that will change several times until round 1 list is named.

Good Luck ALL.

Ben Madden

I agree with you Dean, but I think you must also be malleable as a coach. Your eyes don't lie. Stats do. Easy to say Sandi was a one-off, and he's too injury prone. That doesn't take into account the sprint he did to lay a tackle, the way he reaches above everyone to grab marks, and the numerous amount of ruck contests he attended.

1-2 midpricers that you will back to the hilt can mean all the difference if you nail it.


Love your initial comment about taking pre season games with a grain of salt. BUT, I don't agree with your take on mid pricers. Generally that rule stands, but this year is different. The mid pricers you are talking about are fallen premos. I'm loading up on them. P.O.D.

Gotta work out whether you want league or competition win. If you want top 10000 place, just go guns and rookies, get trade an bye round strategy and your set. To win comp is completely different story.


Agree with That Guy. GnR all the way if you can but there is is some talent in the mid pricers this year and unless something happens in the next 3 weeks there just doesn't seem to be 16 solid rookies.


BCrouch 2016.

I rest my case!


Keep in mind Swallow and O'Meara aren't fallen premos but yes I do agree with what you're saying, Beams, Sandi, Roughead & one of Swallow & O'Meara is the way i'll be going I think.


Good luck to ALL those who are loading up with mid-priced players. I personally wont be touching Sandiballs, Beams, O'Meara and most likely Swallow I wont start with.

Roughead yes he has been locked in since day dot. All the other fallen premo's mentioned that many are selecting such as Sandilands, Beams, O'Meara & Swallow have ALL had continuous injury problems year after year so chances are you'll be wasting trades once they get injured to have 5 mid priced who are injury prone its not IF but when will they get injured or be rested. Far to high risk for mine.

Swallow is the only other "midpriced" player that I will ponder over, before the season proper starts only because his price is closer to a elite Rookie compared to a "midpriced" so he should very well increase in price very fast providing he remains injury free for at least the first 7 rounds.

Good luck regardless what stragedy you all chose, its a tough year.


Surely a bigger risk not to start Sandilands than it is to start him


Great recap, Ben.

Still think Grundy is a year away from being a legitimate rival to Gawn, Goldy and Sandi.

And glad you pointed that out about Dependlebury. His ownership was at 22% yesterday. THAT…IS…INSANE. As the great Pieman has said "he's the greatest SC bridesmaid of all time" living in the shadow of Swan, Gazza and now Danger. Leave him out at your peril.


Always catching the bouquet

The Ranger

And then look away handpassing it to an outside runner with perfect timing…


is Pendles worth $650k?

He averaged insane numbers from 2011 to 2014. Over 125 ave each year.

Last two years 116 ave.

Trelor, Adams, wells and a few others.

Not starting him this year for first time in many seasons.


Played with busted ribs first 6 rounds. Take them away id assume his average goes over 120.


Always feel he's dependable but not the massive ceiling others may get. Stats may prove me wrong but that's just my gut.


Can't have everyone.


Hey Derek, one of the things I consider when choosing starting premiums v upgrade targets is previous seasons price variation. Pendles' last year was $102.1k, which was 3rd best of top 10 point scorers. $ peaked at $657.5 round 10, low of $555.4 round 22 which suggests he's not a good upgrade target. Probably a result of his lowest score being 82, the highest of top 30 mids last year. You're right that you can't have everybody, but I'll be starting with Dependlebury.


Who is running with grundy and sandi? Or are people more going with Gawn at R1


That's my ruck combo. Grundy has to be top 3 and sandi will kill it if he stays on the park


Less risk (Gawn top 2 ruck) + greatest value (money saved on Sandi strengthen other lines…meaning the engine room)


The main interest in the pre season comp should be rookies. If we were considering a mid pricer, then the JLT can confirm or deny that feeling.

For the rookies, I feel that in Defence what looked like a bagful of rookies has slowly dwindled. Hard to take McGrath or Scharenburg on what we have seen so far. Hampton looks ok. As does EVW (although some small concerns whether he chops and changes with Hibberd). Stewart looks positive also. Still hopeful on Newman. Ryan being a no show is not helpful. Smith from Melbourne may be on the bench. Hard to see too many more at this stage.

In the mids, starting to feel a bit more confident about SPP, Wigg and Barrett. Have taken JOM and Swallow out to play two on field. I think either Cunico or Parfitt with their FOP will take M10. I am going to play my Freo donut at M11.

In the ruck, I think the chances of Pruess, English or Cameron being a R3 cover that makes us some money are growing. Hence my donut in the mids. I am considering starting Cameron at R3, and in Round 3 if Pruess or English demand to be picked, I can either move Cameron into the forwards bench, or replace him with one of those.

In the forwards, Black and Miles have emerged, with Eddy on the bench. Bit reluctant to have Black on field, but I might need to bite the bullet. Not sold on any of the more expensive guys as representing value.

Of the mid pricers, I think Swallow may have done enough to convince those who want him to pick him, but maybe not enough to convert those who didn't want to pick him. JOM has possibly done a better job of convincing people to pick him.

I think the same can be said for Mills, Heeney and Roughead.

Sandi has probably done the best job of converting people. But for those who won't pick him because of injury risk, nothing might convince them to pick him. Though I would suggest the rise of legitimate R3 options and not having to rely on a Nankervis or Ryder taking a spot on your forward line might help.

Of the rest of the sea of mid pricers, I think Wingard and Tuohy have done the most to bring their cases forward. Despite the appeal of Tuohy's round 12 bye, I am still preferring Mills. Wingard can be an upgrade target after his bye if he is the real deal.

I am sure there will be a Billings or a Josh Kelly emerge which would make us say we should have seen it coming based on their JLT form, but rather than try to pick the right one now, I am prepared to wait for them to emerge and get them at a higher price.

Chance that this might change again after next week, but I am starting to feel that despite the shifting sands, some sense of structure and selections are starting to emerge.


Great summary laced with wisdom!


Nice write up Keen.


Forgive my ignorance, but what is FOP?


Is auto correct problem. Meant to be DPP. Have no idea why it would correct it to FOP


Which two?

Gawn at R1 and Brodie at M7
Grundy at R1 and JOM at M7


What structure is the best to win your league?

Russ in W.A

You need to have higher scoring players in your team, then they do in their team 🙂


The best structure is GnR and aim to maximise team value. The more value you can build up the better premiums you can afford later in season coming into the finals.

The biggest difference between playing for leagues or overall rank is using your trades up. To win leagues you want to head into the finals with a few trades left. Let's you pick a player running hot or cover injuries and late outs (and Ross Lyon) at the end of the season.

Going for league glory you might not worry about the byes as much, in fact you may sacrifice a week to make sure the other two bye weeks are very strong.

As a league player you always have an eye on what teams have easy games during the league finals and trade players from those teams.

Don't use your VC and C too early in the weekend games if you can. A lot of players will use their VC on Friday night on a speculative pick. If that doesn't work for them you can then cover their C choice with your VC and if they score poor you have a free shot at your C, if their C kills it, you didn't lose anything or if you are behind going into the last couple of games you still have your C for a Hail Mary choice.

Hope this helps…..


I remember back here exactly 3 years ago and we had the same situation. A heavily discounted Sandiballs coming back from another injury ravaged season.

A lot of admanant coaches swearing that they would never pick him. That they learned their lesson from seasons past. It was "turf toe" this and "too old" that … BLAH BLAH BLAH!

Then he comes out in a late preseason game and goes BANG and busts out a massive ton. A week later he's in every bastard's team! 🙂

Russ in W.A

He did look damn good though you must admit, i'm gonna take the gamble, cause the whole thing's a gamble anyway…any player can crap out and have a bad year..or a really good one, Sandi could play every game and dominate the comp, we just don't know yet.


Value, value, value. And you especially can't pass up when it's from a fallen premo. Lockey lock, lock!


The biggest issue is if he gets injured, it's hard to replace a 300k ruck


Have some cash in your bank to cover.


How much cash you keeping Derek?


Derek is right – need to have some cash up your sleeve and a plan just in case he goes down. I'm leaning towards having a Ruck/FWD in the forward line – that way he can cover Sandi if no clear trade option has emerged.


Yes worst case scenario Sandi cops an early LTI and you temporarily swing in a Nank/Ryder to R2 via a DPP trade and bring in a cheap forward option who is on fire. Then DPP trade that swinger back into the forward line once you have the cash to make a permanent upgrade to R2. Little point holding $250K in your bank for some event that may never happen costing you early league wins and damaging your rank.

We only need Sandiballs to play the first 7 or 8 games anyway and he's actually been quite durable the past 3 years other than bit of a freak ruck collision injury last year playing 21 games in both 2014 and 2015.


I remember that I put aside a trade just for Sandi. I don't think I had to use it 🙂

I've had Sandi in team all preseason. Just too much value plus having him lets us assess the other big blokes and see who are the Lone Wolves.

I tell ya, clubs are all moving back to two Ruckman


Indeed a lot of coaches had him all preseason … but now there will be helluva lot more. Damn you Sandi (and Ross Lyon!) why couldn't you just ease back into it, play a half and spud out an inconsequential 40 or something. 🙁

I know you like your budget R2s Derek, as I do, but unlike TBC or Lobbe this particular R2 can actually play! As Crouching One so sweetly sang a couple of poddies ago:

'Who can take tomorrow
(Who can take tomorrow)
And dip it in a dream
(Dip it in a dream)

The Sandi man can cause he
Mixes it with love and
Makes the world
Taste good'


Freo and West Coast have been running 2 ruckman for years and works well for them..


I'm just not risking him as I've stated earlier.
Gawn/Goldy all the way….hey, what the?
U big prick Sandi how'd you get back in there?


Yup as I've said before Sandiballs is the Supercoach equivalent of herpes. Just after you thought you got rid of him for good he keeps coming back!


T Adams or Laird?


My D1 and D2. Can't split them.


Totally agree. Going Simmo/Laird/Adams. Worry-free D1-3


Despite the fact that Adams is extremely injury prone and never played more than 18 games in a season? That is the reason I am not picking him or caddy.


Adams is a concern but he could hurt you bad if you don't have him. Especially if he keeps playing in the guts. That's my gut feeling. Like you I don't like players who haven't gone a full season. But given the history of DPPs who don't have a problem going 95+ in a year and end up tearing it up, Adams is worth the chance.


I agree kim. Although i dont mind the adams pick, i already have fyfe jom and sandi. Not sure if i want to select another injury risk.


Really comes down to how many other injury risks you already have. I have Fyfe, jom and swallow in kids plus sandi, so not risking another in Adams who I would only pick as a keeper. Sandi, Jon and swallow are all stepping stone players for me so I only need them for 6-8 rounds, risk is worth it as they will all average 80-100 and snap up fallen premos at a nice discount.


I already have doch and laird in def plus touhy who I hope will be a keeper given new club and possible new role, so I don't need Adams at this stage. Happy to trade him in around byes if he doesn't get injured which I feel is very likely.


Spot on, they're the 2 blokes I can see to challenge for top defender whilst not having to pay the very top dollar for them.


I've got Laird and am entertaining the idea of Adams too. You definitely can't go wrong with both.


Porque no los dos?


With all this talk about 211, another ruckman seems to have slipped under the radar…..Grundy 99 against Sandi! Is this his floor? Imagine when he comes up against any other ruckmen, other than 211? Surely, a few more hit outs easily takes him to 110-120.
Sandi has been a lock for me since October, but I'm thinking starting both might be a solid option. With only ~800k spent on R1&R2 you could even justify Witts at R3 and you're still spending a tad over a mill. Thoughts?


Agree on Grundy. Ability to gather pill away from ruck contests (at which he does nicely as well) is similar in a super coach point scoring sense to Dean Cox – a utility like ruckman.


Have 613k in the bank for a mid who shoulder I pick, I already have danger, pendles, JPK, Jelwood



Dac Zawson

Treloar seems value for what he could produce this year




No Fyfe?


If you have Fyfe look at Hanners, Treloar, Gray or Cripps.


cheers btw forgot to mention Fyfe

Russ in W.A

Matt Crouch or Josh Kelly could be good smokies, maybe even Jack Viney, and same yourself some moolah.

Russ in W.A

'Save' not same.




I'd watch the rest of the JLT series before deciding. Caddy and Wingard play today. Watch them closely. All are rumoured to be getting more midfield time this year.


Anyone know where I might find TOG stats for this game?


AFL website, click the Freo V Collingwood game up the top, scroll down until you see match report, then click full time stats, then advanced stats then look far right to the TG%


Thoughts on going mzungu at m8?!
I believe he will play and will score higher than SPP type player… I LOVE RISK


Think he will struggle to get a game. You want a risk? Go Scooter Selwood or Fiorini instead.


Good to be back for the year. Please rate my team.

Docherty, Shaw, Laird, Hampton, hibberd, vickers, (stewart, ryan)

Danger, pendles, Kennedy, treloar, rockliffe, fyfe, swallow, spp, (barett, wigg, miles)

Gawn, Sandi, (cameron)

Dalhouse, Mcrae, Roughead, black, pickett, butler, (long, eddy)


Solid team.


Latest team
DEF Laird, Vince, Mills, Hampton, EVW, Stewart. Ryan, Guthrie
MID. Fyfe, TMitch, JKelly, Watson, Beams, TAdams, JOM, Swallow. SPP, Miles, Hibberd
RUC. Grundy, Sandi. Strnd
FWD. Reiwoldt, Dahl, Franklin, McCrae, Rough, Black. Butler, Eddy.
164k so possibly Watson, Beams or Kelly upgraded. (Beams to Zorko most likely) Adams eventually in back line. Obviously work to upgrade mids. No Doch or Sompson yet. Hate paying massive dollars for defence.
Not a fan of key forwards but Reiwoldt, Buddy and even Rough may wander upfield.
Only other option for spend is put Nank in the forward line.
Aiming for some points early with my risky mids.
Rookies subject to change (Ryan, Miles, Butler)


Think your far too light in the middle. Danger is a must. If you want Adams chuck him down back for mills. Downgrade Buddy or Macrae to a rookie then use the cash to upgrade Watson and Mills (who you replace with Adams down back) to Danger and another big gun mid.


Meant looking for points early with cheaper mids and fairly locked Fwd and Back.


you have Riewoldt, franklin, Dahl and macrae all out in round 11, would rethink your fwd line and not worth having Adams at all if he is in your mid, needs to be starting in def will not be a top 20 midfielder let alone top 8 dpp players need to start in fwd or def and swing them into mid only to cover an injury or during bye rounds


Howdy people. Back for another year . Have vacancies in my league if anyone is interested. League number 956695. looking forward to the competition. Best of luck to everyone


1-Sandilands and Bont
2-Grundy and O'meara/Swallow

Chip in any thoughts cheers.


About my 100th team, thoughts?

Shaw, laird, mills, Hampton, VW, Newman (Guthrie, Stewart)

Danger, Pendles, treloar, Fyfe , Mitchell, Brodie, SPP ( Myers,Barrett, wiggs)

Gawn, sandi (preuss)

Dahl, McRae, wimgard( not sure about him yet will see how he goes today), roughy, black, miles ( smith, eddy)

46k in the bank, thoughts?


Sandi has ruined my pre-season planning. Goldy out – Sandi in. But what to do with the $$$
Would be nice if my SC bank account generated interest!


Josh Caddy or Zach Touhy


McRae or franklin??


McRae is a Mid in a Forward position LOCK Buddy can be a upgrade target


Just wondering if the blokes plan on keeping the play at home coach kings format running??? Pretty sure its just for the jlt, but i have a theory.. I understand the concept of making it free to play but what if there was like a one off $20 fee for the whole yr??

I see theres already 800+ ppl signed up for today. Say there was 500 ppl willing to cough up for this to work $10,000 woukd go a long way in prize money and also operating costs..

What do ya think fellas??? Reckon the idea could gain traction???
Would love to hear thoughts from the community

What say you jock???


Taylor Adams or Heath Shaw?

Wanting to pick Adams, but is it just burning a trade down the track?

Russ in W.A

Well there's 50 grand difference, if you just want the dpp, maybe go for Vince. I doubt Adams durability too.