SuperCoach Significance Report: SYD v GWS

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SuperCoach 2017 match report

Hope you brought your wellies for this one community!

The heavens well and truly opened tonight at Blacktown International (ha!) Sportspark for the first Battle of the Bridge for the year. It was scrappy at times as you’d expect, but it was a hot footy. Saw some signs from both teams that they’re well and truly blowing out the cobwebs as we hurtle towards round 1.

If we cast our minds back to GWS’ first game they rested most of their first choice team and still had no problems in disposing of the Eagles. Now we get a look at the big boys. Deledio and Hopper were the only big name omissions of note. Tim Mohr missed, but I hope you weren’t relying on him to hold down D4.

Sydney were coming off a tight loss to North in JLT1 and welcomed back everyone’s favourite Buddy, Lance Franklin. Heeney has the sniffles and was given the week off, leaving us only next week to assess whether the promised mid time will come or not. Jarrad McVeigh did his shoulder in the week and could be out for a month.

As for the result? We don’t care about that. Snuggle up community, I’ve got a nice warm bottle of SuperCoach goodness that will help you sleep. I’ll even burp you when we’re done.


Heath Shaw | GWS | DEF | $576,500

It was piss raining and still Heater didn’t want to handball it. 19 of his 25 disposals were uncontested. Doesn’t answer our questions on how can he handle a tag. Rebounded 7 times


Stephen Coniglio | GWS | MID | $575,900

I’ll forgive a little in the wet but a d.e% of 39 and 5 clangers? Yikes. Didn’t look to be running with anyone but I’d be wary of it happening any given week.

Callan Ward | GWS | MID | $574,500

I love this bloke. Just goes about his business and steadily racks them up. Played most of the game (85). Jut can’t see him stepping up to uber premium status with the talented blokes around him.

Dylan Shiel | GWS | MID | $539,200

Seven clearances for the night, 6 of those were from stoppages around the ground though, of which there were many. Has had problems with his ceiling in the past. I think it will continue.

Shane Mumford | GWS | RUC | $536,300

I don’t want to fat shame the bloke because a) it’s not cool, and b) he could easily beat the snot out of me, but he looked like he’s been hitting the burgers over the off-season. Monstered Cameron and Sinclair in the ruck when he was up against them. Had a bit more trouble with Tippett. Need another look at him.

Ryan Griffen | GWS | MID | $511,000

Pretty sure he went off at quarter time because he was worried about his hair. Looked like a drowned rat for most of the night. The burns are still fresh. Don’t do it!

Toby Greene | GWS | FWD | $492,000

At half time I had to double check this bloke was playing. Pranced about in the second half and finished with 5 clangers. Pass

Zac Williams | GWS | DEF | $480,100

The community was pretty excited about this bloke, myself included. Just not doing himself any favours out there to break into those premium spots.

Josh Kelly | GWS | MID | $473,800

My knock on Kelly last week was is he able to replicate that 29 disposal, 151 point game performance from week 1 when the first team came back? 16 disposals to half time chucked that worry out the window. Kicked a SuperGoal. Sat out the second half unfortunately

Steven Johnson | GWS | FWD | $464,500

Didn’t do an awful lot to tonight. Conditions should have suited him. Far too pricy for your consideration.

Jonathon Patton | GWS | FWD | $349,000

Not a night for the big men. Went virtually unsighted for much of the night. When the camera did pan to him he had that look on your face you get when Ross Lyon has, one again, not named any rookies

Daniel Lloyd | GWS | MID | $117300

Smashed out a 115 from 10 touches and 8 tackles in JLT1. Played 30% of the game tonight and had 8 touches. Watch CD give him 80SC or something ridiculous. Not our midfield saviour, community.

Tim Taranto | GWS | MID | $207300

Kudos to the GWS medical team who pried the poor bastard out of the turf after Buddy absolutely steamrolled him (fairly) in the second. Backed up his 10 contested possessions JLT1 with 8 more tonight. Would be close to a lock if he played for the Blues. Can’t see him getting enough games.

Will Setterfield | GWS | MID | $193800

Was the dominate man in the first half against the Eagles in JLT1. If he was on your list cross him off community. Played half the game. Didn’t really notice him.


Josh P. Kennedy | SYD | MID | $617,100

Just got off the blower with Jarrod Witts community. Gave me some stellar advice on how to deal with split webbing in your hand because I’d blown both out by half time. We all know he loves splashing around in puddles. Had 10 first quarter possessions and finished with 22. I’d take him over Hanners if you only want one Swan in the guts

Dan Hannebery | SYD | MID | $616,800

Luke Parker | SYD | MID | $608,900

Both played a supporting role to the JPK show tonight. Both had problems handling the wet footy

Lance Franklin | SYD | FWD | $514,600

Did Buddy things that only Buddy can do. Absolutely tore the game apart in the first quarter but didn’t continue his domination. Wouldn’t hold it against you if you picked him

Callum Mills | SYD | DEF | $420,000

Was majestic JLT1 with 29 touches and he continues to impress. Looked as if he had parked himself at the top of the arc and was directing traffic. 7 marks, 5 R50’s, and 13 intercept touches

JAKE LLOYD | SYD | DEF | 460,200

Taking the kick out duties, which is a plus. 92% d.e is ridiculous in this weather. Highest possession winner on the ground with 27. Probably D3 at that price; faces competition from Tuohy for mine.

Kurt Tippett | SYD | RUC | 479,200

Darcy Cameron | SYD | RUC | $117,300

Sam “falcon” Naismith | SYD | RUC | $378,800

Callum Sinclair | SYD | RUC/FWD | $346,500

All these blokes rolled through the ruck for Sydney tonight. Not a night for the big men but it looked one too many in my opinion. Tippett did a lot of the work. Cameron took a few contested grabs from limited game time.

Zak Jones | SYD | DEF | $307,000

Had 11 tackles in JLT1 but couldn’t back it up tonight, recording only 4. Is a casualty of Sydney’s mids giving a stuff this week.

Jordan Foote | SYD | MID | $182,800

Could have stayed home in bed with a hot water bottle and watched Austin Powers on GO!. Just 37% game time

Will Hayward | SYD | FWD | $121,800

Was touted as getting some midfield run early in the preseason. didn’t see much of him unfortunately. number touches in game time.


Some bloke called Melican snagged an 87SC  from 11 touches. Come on!

How did you see it community?









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I didn't take much out of this game, especially after learning that Nic Newman was a late out.

Lewis Melican caught my eye in JLT1, caught my eye again tonight. Watching closely to see if he gets upgraded for round 1. Might have earned himself a bench spot.

JPK just doing JPK things.

Dac Zawson

Been looking at Jake Lloyd for a month and a bit now, had a cracking run at the end of last season so still got him D3 at the moment.

On another note, wondering what people's defence and forward structures are looking like at the moment (number of rookies-mid-pricers-premos)


How many keepers should we have in our sides to start at a minimum ?

Dac Zawson

As a minimum I'd say 13-14 but 15 is ideal


Don't know how you are gonna find 15 certain keepers with the salary we are given,


Umm… good luck getting 15.

Dac Zawson

I've been messing around with teams and I'll admit that I was wrong saying 15, however 13-14 certainly isn't out of the equation, depends on structures of course


Aim for 12, Luke. The winner last year had 7!


Last years winner had 7?


Hedski, Yeah that would be pretty right, The Art of Trading is a very important factor.

Only seven of the original selections remained in The Giant Killers across the entire season.


But he started with 12


Yeah he did mate but used trades differently to what is considered to be normal.
I would NEVER suggest less than 12 and last years winner traded out and back in again.
Ending up with only seven of the Original 12 is quite a feat to win the comp.


Not sure how you missed Greene, Kingy wouldn't shut up about him!
Got write up though Kev, shithouse conditions wrecked the game tho so we didn't learn much unfortunately


Tobias was a bit grumpy there at the end Billy.
There'll be lots of shitty conditions this winter, that'll sort them out.


Locked in JPK after this, besides from that didn't get much! Gonna whack up my V4 for some thoughts!

Shaw, Rance, Laird, Hampton, Vicker-Willis, Stewart (Otten, Guthrie).

JPK, Jelwood, Treloar, Sloane, Fyfe, Beams, O'Meara, Brodie (SPP, Barret, Wigg)

Gawn, Goldy (Cameron)

Dahlahus, Caddy, Roughy, Galluci, Black, Strnadica (Butler, Eddy)

And yes,.. No Danger, early upgrade to him R8 when Brodie as his buy and then pushes O'Meara to M8 as my first trade… talk about a loaded mid. $100k is $100k. My boys will produce enough points without him.
Rucks lock and load and throw away the key, thoughts?


Backline solid and not dissimilar to many with 305 structure
Brave call with Danger – will his price drop? Probably. Beams and O'Meara could generate a heap of cash.
Not sold on Goldy this year – lone wolf rucks for mine.
My question all pre-season has been Caddy or Macrae. No closer to answering it!
How much cash left? Good luck


Backline is sold.

Yeah… brave call, just trying to find the extra coin to get the right rookies in + enough in case I need to do some early trades.

Reckon everyone's jumping off Goldy too easy… he's still their best ruckmen and will dominate even more with the new rule.

Caddy doesn't have the R11 bye so that's my answer too it! Upgrade to Macrae after that.

$90k in the kitty mate!


Kev your starting to be my favourite scribe, give up ya day job mate!
Big Mummy loves the snags mate tho he's up for a Burger or ten (won't pick him).
JKel at $473k could be a very good selection over Beams/Smurph, glut of insiders at GWS but they're all dishing it out to him..
JPK over Hannas/Parker.


Thanks very much, hedski!

Jeez we're taking enough risks with mids at the moment with Beams, JOM, Swallow etc. Is there a place for JKelly?


Won't have Beams/Smurph Kev.
Probably not Kel either, just throwing him out as an option over those two for an extra $40k, I'm keeping an open mind atm.
Also like Tuohy over Lloyd.
Check this.

Doc Shaw RobDog (Newman)
Cocaisle Hampton Stewart (Guthrie)

Danger Pendles Hannas (Myers)
Fyfe Adams Hrovat (Brown)
Scooter McGrath (Maynard)

Nank Preuss (Serious Penii)

Roo JJK Macrae (Taranto)
Roughy Boyd Black (Begely)

I'm not changing that for a while, sick of looking at my team.
That was "intelligent auto pick".
Sad thing is its starting to look OK.

The Ranger

And that Hedski, is what makes you such a valued member of the community.
Nank Preus (Serious Penii) is gold.


Might have snuck Beams into my side, hedski. Out of the LTI returnees I like him the best. Under no illusions that he'll last the year but I'll ride him until he breaks.


He did look good Kev, I have Rocky, Fyfe, JOM and Swallow in atm (obviously not ai-picked side above) and that's way risky already I think.


cant see how Lions coluld make him capt if they thought he wasnt ready to fire….lock for me.


Best part of that game was:

Welcome to the big boys Tim. The buddy steam roller is coming through. The silverback was in full force.
Pity Tarranto was picked up by GWS, would be a walk up rd 1 starter in most other teams
Unfortunately will play magoos for most of the year, SOS might come a knocking at season end

didn't it p1ss down! Torrential. Cudos to those who turned up there wasn't many but they are the real heros.

Is there anyone who loves the slop more than JPK?? Was in his element. Was liked the pied piper follow me boys …

don't kid yourself either even though it was only JLT GWS will still be smarting after getting knocked off by the boys from accross town, no love lost there.

Just Ray

Really???!!!….. Silverback??!!…..Are you Eddie Maguire MK2


Nice read Kev but you're a bit harsh on Toby. He had it 21 times with 15 kicks (in the fwd half) and his 6 marks was twice as many as buddy and 2nd most on the night behind Lloyds 7, his DE% was also better than JPK who only had it 22 times with 13 handballs. 45% DE with a 9:13 KtoH ratio is a lot worse than 47.6 DE with a 15:6 KtoH ratio. Taking into account that flippers would've been better than footy boots and he still looks a valid option at F3 he's more accurate by foot than JPK is by hand based on tonites performance


I'm getting a headache from those stats




He's all yours, wombats. Stats side by side like that, fair enough, perhaps I was harsh.

More than happy to revisit the JPK v Greene debate at the end of the year to see who had the higher average


better way to compare would be points per dollar at start of the year.


Excellent write-up, Kev. Quite amusing too! Now got me thinking that having both Hannebery AND JPK is pushing the envelope, just torn which one to cull??
Darcy Cameron any chance round 1?


Didn't mind him, Drumpf. As I said, not a night for the big guys. If he's not named next week maybe start to move on.

Hanners is fine. Just warming up.


Cameron looks the goods but will be tough to break into that sydney side. As for Hannes and JPK, if you want both, take both. They are both top 10 mids.
Plus sydney had 3 of the top 7 sc mids last year so dont read to much into having to many from 1 team


I think it's a case of eeny meeny miny moe when it comes to the Swans gun mids. You could throw Parks in there too as he's played both JLT games and owned by just 6% of coaches.

I have one of each in each of my 3 fantasy sides with a slight preference for JPK in SC which is the format he has traditionally excelled at the most, versus the DT scoring system although he did very well there last season too.

Now that Sinclair and (in particular) Naismith are in the frame we may not see Cameron until mid season unless he can press for a forward spot in JLT3 which seems unlikely especially with Reid back up and running.


Leigh and Riewoldt or Heater/Simpson and Macrae


Dont think it matters. By season end they should all be keepers


Barron must be on the job with the Baroness


Lance Franklin 120

Dean Towers 101

George Hewett 101

Jake Lloyd 95

Callum Mills 89

Josh P. Kennedy 84

Dan Hannebery 84

Lewis Melican 83

Jeremy Laidler 83

Daniel Robinson 72

Luke Parker 72

Kurt Tippett 68

Sam Naismith 62

Robbie Fox 59

Dane Rampe 59

Oliver Florent 57

Zak Jones 54

Nick Smith 47

Harry Cunningham 47

Harrison Marsh 46

Sam Reid 43

Darcy Cameron 42

Callum Sinclair 30

Jordan Foote 24

Heath Grundy 14

Will Hayward 10



Callan Ward 120

Dylan Shiel 105

Tim Taranto 97

Heath Shaw 97

Josh Kelly 87

Ryan Griffen 86

Devon Smith 83

Toby Greene 82

Nick Haynes 78

Jeremy Cameron 77

Matthew Kennedy 75

Tom Scully 75

Aidan Corr 59

Rory Lobb 57

Stephen Coniglio 57

Adam Kennedy 54

Zac Williams 49

Will Setterfield 46

Dawson Simpson 44

Adam Tomlinson 40

Steve Johnson 39

Shane Mumford 38

Phil Davis 35

Matt Buntine 33

Jonathon Patton 33

Daniel Lloyd 10


Taranto got 40pts for being able to walk off after meeting buddy


Kev, mate wtf, Toby Greene was a star! Are you foxing. AA, BnF, 23, looked great, nearly BOG! Average write-up. Late mail Melican? were you even watching the game? Agree with a lot of your other thoughts. Callum Mills is a star. Kudos to Derek. D. Cameron looked very good and may well be a great fwd bench filler.


87% game time, only showed up for the 3rd, AMAC. BOG? Not even close. Hung around on the outside of packs and butchered it. Being AA and BnF won't get you SC points.

Fair go on, Melican. CD special. 11 touches at 54% worth 87? Rookie listed defender if you're interested.


Wow Kelly with 87 and only played half a game. I should really stop watching jlt games because everytime i think my team is sorted, you get a performance like this and you start all over again

What's a Ftumch?

Hi there community, been following the boards for the last year or so but this is my 1st comment, just thought I'd put my team out there as well and let you tear it all to shreds…suffered the ignominy of losing to my 8 year old son last year in the prelim…at least he went on to win our comp!

DEF: Doc, Adams, Laird, Mills, Hampton, Vickers-Willis, Stewart, J Smith

MID: Danger, Treloar, Zorko, Bont, Fyfe, Josh Kelly, O'Meara, SPP, Wigg, Miles, Hibbert

RUCK: Gawn, Sandi, Strnadica

FWD: Dahl, Macrae, Roughy, A.Black, Begley, Eddy, D.Cameron, T.Smith

$9,100 in the bank

Obvious question marks (to me at least) are: Sandi, Mills, Josh Kelly, Hampton, O'Meara (either because of injury history or mid-price madness on my part), but since I've chopped and changed almost every few days depending on JLT form and injury then obviously the above isn't set in stone…anyway, if anyone has a suggestion or comment, please feel free…Cheers!


Going strong in def Ft, Adams is risky IMO.
Like the couple of pods in the mids.
Not going near Sandiballs but each to his own.
Haven't heard much from T.Smith lately, need a bit of wriggle room with $9k left.

The Ranger

That's a nice team Ftumch. I won't be going to D4 with my team but I get why you might.
JOM is too risky for mine, I'd downgrade him and upgrade Kelly but that's only 'cos I prefer a GnR team.
And like Hedski said, a bit more cash in reserve is good.
Good luck mate.


Thanks Ranger (& Hedski) – hear what you're saying re D4…had Tuohy there after 1st week JLT…actually liked the look of him last year but don't think he had the opportunities to get off the leash at the Blues with Doc and Simpson in the same team…think the "Enright" role may be his at the Cattery but does he have the class? They're big boots to fill. For what it's worth, have a feeling Kelly and Mills/Tuohy could be in for a big (breakout) year…yeah, I know, famous last words! Anyway, thanks for your input, have a feeling there will be a few changes to my team in the weeks ahead…good luck to you too!


Nice team apart from the bye structure. You'll get savaged Rd's 11 & 13

Chad Wingard

I'd dump one of your defenders ( more rookie options available down there, for one more forward. Say a Mills to a Heeney if you want a direct example. You'll have you're preferred option though.


Like Mills to The Chad perhaps…

I agree with your suggestion btw. Seemingly plenty of decent DEF rookies this season so coaches may as well take advantage of that.


Yeah, that's my other option for sure, just haven't seen enough from the other premium forwards to get another one in…wanted to get Roo but I can't afford him just by getting rid of Mills, unless I get rid of Roughy…I'm thinking of Roughy as a fallen premium I suppose, but it's a risk and he may not reach his previous heights…oh well, thanks for the input (you too Chad – not sure I could put you in my team though!)


G'day guys,
New to the community and first post. I've been a regular on another SC site for a number of years and was highly aroused when I stumbled across this site. Where have u been all my life Jock? Love your work and have purchased the mag…
I wasn't sure if there was a RMT thread here, so not sure where to post sorry. Would love some feedback on the team.
Like many, I’m still tinkering with some different structures. Have settled on this for now. Please feel free to take it apart! Cheers

Docherty, Shaw, Laird, Hampton, Scharenberg Stewart (EVW, Newman)
Danger, Pendles, JPK, Selwood, Fyfe, Beams, O’Meara, SPP (Wigg, Barrett, Pickett)
Gawn, Sandi (Pruess)
NRiewoldt, Dahl, Roughy, Hoskin-Elliot, Black, Miles (Strnadica, Eddy)
$300 left

The Ranger

It's not set in stone but it's good to have 20-50k left over for corrective trades in the first three rounds.
You need to get the on the right rookies early or it's games over.


Cheers mate,
Have been changing between Riewoldt and Gunston, so that could be an easy way to free a little bit of cash up. Scharenberg could make way for a cheaper rookie too. Appreciate the feedback


I saw the "draft" game in GF week last year and was impressed by Taranto. Thought he had most upside in future uber status from that game. The way the kid played tonight in those conditions was more impressive. He looked cleaner than almost all. He's on my seriously consider list in FWD line. I think he's a real chance to pick up a spot in the mid rotation.

Awkward price but could be v solid point scorer on field if he gets that spot.

Getting a man crush on Callum Mills. He reads it so well, is so composed and never shirks a contest. 300+ game player we are looking at IMO.


Had Mills in team 2 months ago, hasn't looked like budging from D3

Did say last week I hoped McVeigh doesn't get injured so Mills will be free to get midfield time.


Stella as always Kev. Was really hoping to get another look at Newman. Bugger you horse. Taranto geez, any other team & throw away the key. Josh Kelly, don't care if he scores 200 next game. Won't be a top 15 mid. Too many better options. Like Darcy Cameron, hope he gets a crack, he's better than Tippett & much cheaper on pay role

Captain Awesome

Nice write up Kev. I'm still sitting fat with Hanners over JPK. No reason just a gut feel. Loved the buddy steamroller on the newbie, imagine how many weeks a soccer player would lay on the ground after that ha ha. Any one know if there is or will be a Jock Reynolds group?


I really want to get in Mills but i don't know what to do. Depending on how Adams goes tonight if he does well do i get rid of him for Mills or not because Mill is looking like a top 10 defender and getting 29 touches last night in the wet looks promising.

Doc, Adams, Laird, Hampton, V W, Newman (Ryan, Stuart)

$7,800 left over


Picked Lonegran last year after his tear away preseason & move to the midfield. And boy oh boy what a lesson that was. I smell a trap


I have a similar issue BONT. However I'm going with Doc, Shaw, & Laird as my premo defenders. Adams will produce good scores but think those 3 are safer. As for Mills, a gun for sure – can't squeeze him in yet. Upgrade target for me.


FWIW it was actually 20 touches last night in the wet and 29 back in JLT1.

I'm definitely warming to Mills as a selection. Can't squeeze him into my own side as running skinny in defence but he's been everywhere in the Swans first two JLT games taking intercept marks with poise beyond his years, rebounding out of defence and setting up play through the midfield.

But can he really press a top 10 defender case with all these 100 plus guys seemingly running around in DEF this season? I still feel he may come up a little short in that respect but I guess many were saying the same exact thing about Doch this time last season.

Always difficult to predict which guy will take his game to the next level. I'm already doing that with Heeney which is probably one breakout contender too many, so no room in Addicts for Mills as much as I may be tempted.


Come on SCA Heeney to Taranto & bank the 200+k! Haha


Only in your wildest Tinder fuelled dreams Pieman. Just not going to happen in my reality though. Young Isaac is going to tear INP Arbitrage a new one!


I'd say let's have a wager on that one but I think got enough going already lol looks like Buddy might eat into young Isaacs mid time


Nice write up Kev. Wasn't able to watch the game but liking the look of Kelly and Taranto just looking at there stats. Kelly could be that cheap breakout contender for anyone looking for a POD. I can't fit him in though. Not a lot to come from the game other than that


If Kelly was available on another line he'd be a juicy pick. But I can't find a spot for him ether in the mids


Yep when you've already got sweet low hanging fruit like Beams, Swallow and JOM just waiting to be picked off, there is little point climbing further up the tree.


Aren't we all suckers for value


Well if you want to keep up with the Jones's these are the sorts of uninspired choices you likely have to make. If those 3 lads go on to have great seasons, as we know they can, and you don't have 2-3 of them then you are already a couple steps off the pace.

You almost have to hope they get injured again or you could find yourself in a spot of bother in both leagues and ranks if you ignore that sort of value.


Completely agree. But you must expect to have to get rid of them. If one is a keeper that's a bonus


Great work Kev.
I liked the look of Taranto. If I was to grab an expensive rookie with DPP, it's down to this guy and McBaggs. They will both be very good, though Taranto will struggle with that list being so strong.


He does Rooster. But how often does a second season player break out to a top 8. In a game of odds I'm betting against it


A slight little error I noticed Kev. Lloyd's efficiency was only 56%. It was his TOG% that was 92% otherwise he would've easily scored a massive SC ton if his DE was 92% for 27 touches including 19 kicks!

However you slice it he could be a solid option in defence although perhaps a little better suited to the DT formats rather than SC.


Does anyone have the good oil on why Nic Newman didn't play?


G'day Cromagnon. Just being rested as they rotate others in similar roles. Likely started for round 1.


Nice work Kev, didn't take much out of this game, currently have Hannebery over JPK at M3 but geez JPK looked good.
Will be going back and forwards between those two all pre season.

Unrelated but what are people's thoughts on Bernie Vince? If he plays that role he's been playing so far this JLT series as a sweeping defender I can see him easily fitting at D6 come seasons end. Currently have him at D3 behind Shaw and Laird,


Omg i have changed my side that many times i feel like Wylie Coyote trying to catch Road Runner(Beep Beep)

I have gone back to the (ACME) drawing board and hopefully i have structuerd a team with G'N'RS

Backs Doch Shaw Laird Hampton EVW McInness ( Newman Stewart )

Mids Danger Pendles Hanners Trealor Cripps Fyfe Beams SPP ( Barrett Pickett Hibberd )

Rucks Grundy Sandi ( The Dick )

Fwds Dahl Wingard Roughie Gallucci Black Miles ( Cameron Eddy )

Thoughts please community.. Cheers


I didn't see game but ready all the reports and comments. Seems like it was a perfect night for ducks and JPK's.

The numbers say that JPK starts slow and finishes season strong, I'm sure it has a lot to do with the weather. Early on it's hard and fast, as winter comes the grounds get heavier.

With all the talk how well HPK played. They ended with same SC score!


J.Steele looks good!


Any rookie relevance?
How is Pickett playing?

Shake n bake

Does anybody have the doctor supercoach page on FB? I posted my score from last yr to get a chance to play in one of there leagues. Came up on FB ytday l made the league did anybody else enter or get in?


DEF- Adams,Laird,Lloyd,mills, Hampton,otten (EVW & Stewart

MIDS- Danger, fyfe, t.mitchell, Steven, shiel, beams SPP Barrett ( Brodie, wigg, hibberd)

RUCKS- goldy and sandy (preuss)

FWDS- Dahlhaus, macrae, heeney, billings, mccluggage, black ( butler & eddy )

Thoughts, changes?

Obviously not locked in yet.


6 mid prices you got a lot balls
Danger is you only top 15 midfielder you might want some more
Billings have looked impressive