SuperCoach Rookie Cheat Sheet v2

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SuperCoach Rookie Cheat Sheet Jock Reynolds


This is how I see the rookie situation as we head into a third weekend of JLT SuperCoach splendor.
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Jock Reynolds SuperCoach Magazine 2017


SuperCoach 2017 Rookie Cheat Sheet by Jock Reynolds

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DogsvLions CoachKings


Couldn’t fit every rookie in – there are a few who might deserve a slot in v3.. what do you reckon community?


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Cheers uncle Jock

Lets hope a few more put there hand up.


Thanks Jock, a great service to the community as always. there are so many maybe's floating around that its hard to settle on too many this year, I hate the thought of everyone stuffing in the same rookies.


My team V1078 and v 1079
I have changed that much and gonna post the two I will probably run with and would like some feed back in helping me select one

Docherty, laird, Adams
Hampton, keefe, Vickers-Wills
Bench- Ryan, Stewart

Danger, JPK, treleor, ward
Fyfe, t.mitchell, o'meara, Powell pepper
Bench- Pickett, wigg, Hibberd

Gawn, Sandilands

Dahlhaus, caddy, Roughead
Mccluggage, Bowes, black
Bench- Cameron, eddy

Option 2
Docherty, shaw, laird
Marchbank, Hampton, vicker willis
Bench- Ryan, Stewart

Danger, Pendles, jpk, Fyfe
T. Mitchell, O'meara, swallow, Brodie
Powell- pepper, picket, Hibberd

Gawn, goldy

McRae, Dahlhaus, Roughead
Bowes, mccgluggage, black
Bench- eddy, McKay

Cheers guys !


I'm with Jordan below, option 2 looks bit more reliable.


Option 2 mate but a week ago I would've said option 1


No Luke Ryan again. Why did he have to fall into the hands of Ross!!!! I really hate that man


Next time ya see him mate can you give him a love tap with a crowbar for me


He will probably be produced in game 1 without JLT games.


Quickly shaping up as the Matty Fuller defensive rookie "lock" of 2017! 🙂

Assuming he's not carrying a niggle we don't know about then Rossy clearly doesn't rate him, if he twice can't even make a squad of 29.


He's left Griffin Logue out as well who is another surprise. That was his pick 7 from the last draft that was "ready made" & a round 1 certainty. But there is no such thing as certainty with Ross. Prick

Luskin Star

You can add to the Do's and Don'ts of SC, 'Dont pick rookies coached by Ross no matter how good they are'


SP Collins


I like option 2 better spread and a little more safer


Great job again Jock, see how may more rise to the surface in next few weeks.
Just a question for the Community re the other forward listed Pies, beside the good Will hunting you listed in the sheet, Josh Thomas and Jamie Elliott, do we see them as best 22, and if so, what sort of average do we think they'll maintain?
Thomas is basically at a high priced rookie valuation ($190k) and Elliott getting up to that mid-price danger zone ($290k), just trying different forward set-ups, seeing how things look. Thoughts Community?


Thomas needs elevation off the rookie list first. Been named for Saturday so good chance to get a look. Been out of the game for a while.

Elliot needed a flawless preseason to make me take notice. Ankle issues have put me off


Good to know Kev, thanks mate.


Josh Thomas is interesting. He's priced at half of what he's capable of. He's a 75 type player. So he's half price. But the question is can he get off the rookie list & into the best 22 again. He has to be a chance. I'm sure it won't take long for Wells to be on the LTI list & Thomas gets upgraded


Yeah Elliott seems the classic midpriced trap unfortunately. Attractively discounted with a flashy game that can certainly rack up some juicy SC points on his day so I can appreciate the appeal.

But with a modified preseason and now this latest ankle injury setback (however minor) you'd be playing with fire to go there I'd say. Might come off but could also badly crash and burn too.

Luskin Star

I was sweating on Thomas but have gone a little cold. On his past performances he is a steal at the price but did get a lot of midfield time in the past and that is in doubt now. I'm not picking him regard.ess of what he does in Jlt. If i see him get good mid time in a full strenth Pies team when they are p.aying for 4 points i will bring him in.prepared to spend a corrective trade on it.


Good point re % of mid time he might get as the Pies do have a fairly deep midfield now, thanks Luskin.


Strengthen the mids. I would drop houli to def rookie and upgrade Wigg or Graham to JPK. Jelwood, Danger etc.


Hey there all,

First post for the year here. Just finished up getting my SC Draft league done. Anyone here play that?
So finally turned my attention to SC Classic and pieced together a team.
I recognise my mid may be a fraction light and/or more-so, 'risky'.
Any suggestions would be welcome.

DEF: Docherty, T Adams, Laird, Hampton, Vickers-Willis, Stewart, (Newman, Ryan)
MID: Danger, Pendles, Fyfe, TMitch, Beams, JOM, D Swallow, McCluggage (Powell-Pepper, Wigg, Miles)
RUC: Gawn, Goldstein (Strnadica)
FWD: Dahlhaus, Wingard, Roughhead, Nankervis, McCarthy, Black (Eddy, Bolton)


Like the Titch and Wingard picks and believe both have a realistic shot at being a top 10 player in their position this season or at the very least will be a solid M8/F6 come SC finals. In fact we have nearly the identical forward line right now although I'm also expecting to be roll with Heeney too, who is being managed tomorrow which suits me to a T, out of sight out of mind.

Yes will be playing draft as well so will look to create a league in another fortnight or so which I will invite other interested JR members to join.


Thanks for the feedback. Might squeeze a Heeney in myself. Like the idea of a RUC/FWD swing option.. and figured a Ryder, Lycett or Nank as #1 at the Tigers might be worth it?? Even Boyd?! Hmm..

Yeah, love the Draft game, it's good fun. Fourth year running one. Most games I find are incredibly tight though, decided by 50 points or so…


Nah I wouldn't change your side just to force Heeney in there, your current side looks excellent as it is. He's far from a certainty to be a top 10 forward anyway but I'm likely to roll the dice on him and see what happens.

Also have Nank although need to see the Tiges remaining JLT games before locking him in. Seems to offer excellent value especially if Hampson isn't also named for Rd1. FWD/Ruck cover could prove handy later in the season and that Rd12 bye is a nice little bonus.

However to ultimately be worth it he would need to score a bare minimum 85 and preferably 90 plus. You also couldn't say his JS is iron clad particularly if he has a couple of poor games. But he does seem a good option right now.


Why do you have Nank? As cover? Nah!


Mid risky? Try forwards. Too many mifpricers in one position


Any interest in Libba out there?


Currently owned by less than 3% so the answer to that is pretty much nope.

At nearly $500K he's no longer the enticing stepping stone he was last season at $340K. So you'd really need to believe he has a shot at cracking 110 this season to go with him, as if he only improves that average to say 95-100 it's not really good enough for M8 material for most seasoned coaches.


Would consider in a different year, but too much competition in my midfield this year. Think he will easily go 105 in his second year back from acl.

Big Daz

No value there.

Madpie Tyrrell

Love your work Jock,you've saved my lemonade & sars many a time

Madpie Tyrrell

Oh..thoughts on Josh Thomas?


See above comments


Cheers Jock for this, great content once again.

Noticed that Joel Smith from Dees isn't on this cheat sheet for Defense, what are your thought after his 2 JLT games Jock and community? Cheers




Thanks for this Jock, Great work mate.. This is more useful than Mrs Crouchings rusty wok!!


What position does Mrs Crouching play? More importantly Higgo seems set with Cathy and the Church of the Holy SuperCoach Gods.
Cathy must be a lovely lady and I hope mother approves.
If not you know who to contact hahahaaaaaa.


Thanks Jock! Really helpful stuff.

Can I have some tips on my team. Cheers

Still can't decide whether to drop a midpricer in the fwd line to a rookie and upgrade a rookie in the back to Mills

Def: Shaw, Adams, Laird, Hampton, Vickers-willis, Newman (Ryan, Stewart)

Mid: Dangerfield, Treloar, Fyfe, T.Mitchell, Watson, O'meara, Swallow, Brodie (SPP, Miles, Hibberd)

Ruc: Gawn, Sandilands (Strndica)

Fwd: Dalhaus, Caddy, Wingard, Ryder, Roughead, Black (Pickett, Eddy)

Big H

drop a foward to rook then upgrade jobe good team otherwise


Love the Article Jock how many of those rookies do you have in your team?


Cheers for the article Jock – will be waiting with bated breath to see how the rookies go for the rest of the JLT!

Had a question for the community regarding bye round structure.

Currently my midfield is looking like; Danger, Pendles, JPK, Rocky, Shuey, Fyfe, JOM, Swallow – which means I should at most have 2 midfield keepers out of the team per bye round (assuming I upgrade JOM to someone like Robbie Gray)

Would it be such a bad idea to get in Treloar instead of Rocky? He should provide more games and more consistent scores, but is it worth having him in if I'll have Pendles, Treloar and Fyfe out for Round 13?

Any thoughts appreciated!

Big Daz

What's your back and forward line looking like ?


Bailey Rice DEF having a game. Was a top pick last year before getting glandular fever. Hope he does well.

Crows are playing the rookie brigade. Kelly, Knight, Wigg, Jarmsn, Himmelberg, Hampton, gallucci, Gore, hunter all playing. Will be watching very closely especially as Cats have strong team listed.


Finally Gallucci!

The Ranger

Hey Jock, not sure if anyone else is having this problem but for the last few days not all the pages are appearing on the home page?
I have to come to the Supercoach 2017 page to find this one and the JJ one.
Normally they all appear on the home page I think.


Yeah I've noticed this too this season Ranger and have made mention of it a couple of times. Would often have to go to Jock's twitter feed to access the latest content.

Not a major drama but it might mean that some folks miss out on some of the excellent articles here if they are only refreshing the home page. Sometimes they don't even show up on the Supercoach 2017 page either or drop off mysteriously.

Might be a database indexing issue of some sort??


I've noticed this too boys. Usually I just refresh the page and I'm all good



Maybe there is just TOO much information for the internet to take. Jock might have busted the web!


Having trouble too guys!!


Is this on mobile? I think some mobile browsers are only showing the left hand side of the page. So sometimes when a new article is published, you can suddenly see a bunch of old ones you missed.


Jock, Wayno better be coming back with his segment mate!





Ok fellas thanks fellas


Is Curly Hampton a MUST????


He's in my team and D4 is his to lose. Nice score from limited touches tough to look past that at his price.


Not a must, but should be high on the radar. Only played 1 game


Will be a must if named round one I reckon, with Lyons now gone, brad C, seedsman and cam ellis injured. Sloane possibly out too. They are going to need his speed.


Agree. If named rd1 he will be a great cheap pickup, mature body, expected mid time, 160k. D4 in my side is his to lose.


Adams, Laird, Marchbank, Hampton, Vickers, Newman Stewart, Guthrie
Danger, JPK, Treloar, Rocky, Zorks, Fyfe, O'Meara, Swallow SPP, Wigg, Miles
Gawn, Sandi Strnadicka
Dalhous, Wingard, Heeney, Roughead, McCluggage, Black Butler, Eddy

Zorko is my pod, he didn't real,y have a good year or much of an influence last year, he could've, would've and should've done better. As a fan of the lions, he would have liked to have had a better year. He has all the abilty in the world. He played bad last year and still found a way to score 109 sc points per game. This says he has the abilty to average high numbers if he's up to if and I think he is this year. Barely anyone has it but I've gone for the Brissy boys in the middle this year and I think it will pay off.

I've tried to go a bit safer with the rest of my premiums. I'm not sure in Wingard or Heeney either.
I think JOM and Swallow will be good, even though there's risk there's too much profit to be made there to leave them out of my side. Same as Roughy

I've gone 2-0-6 in he backline, just for some extra cash to stack my midfield just because of he lack of midfield rookies.
Sandi, I think if he last to round 6,7,8 he's made enough profit for me to load him off if he gets injured or while he has the bye. So I'm happy with Sandi, just it's risky with no backup.

I was thinking about billings as well in the forward line I fact he was in my team for about a month and finally after 1000 attempts this is finally what I've come up with and I'm reasonably happy with it.

Again any thoughts would be muchly appreciated and if you think it's trash let me know.

1823 PROJECTED SCORE, not that that matters haha


Well you called it early however I don't think he's going to be much of a pod anymore after tonight's display. Although he was basically versing witches hats, but yes he played extremely well. Good Call


That's a good team mate except I think you need backup for Sandi and if your not sure on Heeney and Wingard maybe think downgrading to some backup and upgrading Wingard to like a caddy or a Greene, maybe even a Gunston or Mccrae.


lol Zorko played bad last year?


Come on he only averaged 109. and is priced to get 118 this year. Way too expensive for mine.


Too expensive for sure, but played bad last year? Can't fathom the comment.


Sorry buddy, I was laughing at Zorko playing bad last year with an average of 109, Brisbane supporters expect miracles.
NOT directed at you I hit the wrong reply message.
Tongue in cheek comment from an old fart. (sarcasm sorry)
Yes I was a Lions supporter for 50 years too. SC is a different story.
Cheers mate.


Not convinced by Marchbank, Wingard, Heeney, Luggage. Along with Sandi JOM and Swallow you are going to need a lot of mid price luck. Odds say it won't end well.


Is that the greatest call of all-time or what, I know it's only jlt. But I completely agree he will definitely improve on his stats from 2016


Sorry, I was wrong. The Hit outs last night were 48 – 9 in favour of the Lions.

I might have even got a kick with that domination.


Is Bowes a viable option?


Was in my team for about half a day a week ago I think.


Expensive, not convinced. Will be in most cookie cut teams too.


You don't need to POD your rookies


Bowes could be a viable option as a forward probably a 50/50 for Round 1 though. If you're looking for a midfielder go Brodie


Beams Locked and Loaded!


Why because he is going good against a crap bulldogs lineup? I wish you all the luck with that pick


Beams going ok. I can see his ownership skyrocketing.

Effect on Rocky?


It's a kind of average Lions lineup too. Lots of first and second year players?

Shake n bake

Ive had beams since ive been able to put a team together. if hes fit will avg over 100 @ 430k to much value there for pts generation & l still think a great chance to be around top 10 but thats just my view. Hope not to many jump on!


He's an ultra premium imo pity about his body.

Top Hawk

Zorko "the magnificient" looks sharp. Very sharp. How the hell am I going to fit this beast into my side at $593K! God damn!!!


Far too expensive


Agreed. Is a gun but can get him anytime throughout the season.


1.Goldstein and Pickett
2. Sandiballs and roughy
3. Sandiballs, Pickett and upgrade beams to premo

Any other ideas will be welcome!!!


Depends on your structure, you don't want too many midpricers. Sandi and Roughie would be risky but it could generate the most points. Who do you feel safest with is the question

Supercoach Spud

Backs=Doch,,Laird,Vince,Hamton ,Newman,Ryan,Vickers-Wills,Stewart,
Rucks=Gawn,Toby Nak,Strnadica,
Fwds=Josh Kennedy,Dalhouse,Ryder,Roughead,Black,Eddy,Smith,Camreeon,

help with any part of team and $8,111 in bank

Need to look at Andy Otten he was good till he started getting injured


Barrett looks ok for brisbane, best 22 is another thing though.

Beams anyone?


I think Barret is on rookie list. If elevated he will play round 1. Very good player.

Top Hawk

On the radar alright. Very impressive.

Top Hawk

Well, I can't afford Dayne Zorko, but I can afford Dayne Beams at $432K…. It's the battle of the Dayne's!! Beams looks like a lock if he produces another solid performance next week against Adelaide.


Zorko got 66% time on ground at kicking every ones ass

Supercoach Spud

Backs=Doch,,Laird,Vince,Hamton ,Newman,Ryan,Vickers-Wills,Stewart,
Rucks=Gawn,Toby Nak,Strnadica,
Fwds=Josh Kennedy,Dalhouse,Ryder,Roughead,Black,Eddy,Smith,Camreeon,

help with any part of team and $8,111 in bank

Need to look at Andy Otten he was good till he started getting injured


You just posted this up the page about 3 posts ago. Stop spamming it will ya?


Zorko is just shitting on Bulldogs


Zorko is going about his usual business really.


wow only 66% tog that is impressive.


71% atm


10 possie last quarter…..12 tackles lol he mopped up.


Before everyone gets carried away by Zorko and Beams effort against the dogs, the hitouts were 50 – 9 in favour of the Lions.

The one that impressed me the most was McCrae. 17 touches, of which 14 were contested in a midfield that lost the hit outs that badly. Plus he looked half pace. Very impressive effort (no Bont or Dalh though)

Top Hawk

Zorko pumped out a serious score last week also. Just saying!


Zorko averaged 110 last year so selection would be valid, will probably continue in such a fashion scoring wise.

But yeah I wouldn't get too excited by the JLT and expect him to do it every week.

Beams is exciting but of course a real injury risk. Teams with Beams, JOM, Swallow and Sandi are going to suffer some problems I think, and teams with all four will be common.

Could hurt if they all do well though and you don't have them.


Nice Jock! Not 100% keen on Black, Clark couldn't make it there and all I see Black for is backup for Hawkins. Also what about Tim Smith (FWD), heard early on that he might get a early run but nothing recently.


McBaggage costs too much and he ain't no Mills/Parish imo. Thoughts?

Top Hawk

He is on my watch list Jock.


Nice job on the cheatsheet.


the good part is we will know he will play if they elevate him off the rookie list prior to round 1


Mcrae or Caddy…. thoughts?


McCrae always been above Caddy imo. Like tonight Derek pointed out how he managed to still be very competitive with almost no help from the ruck


He looked half pace and a class above


DAYNE Zorko put on a SuperCoach masterclass at Etihad Stadium against the Bulldogs with a score of 175 in the win over the Bulldogs.

While his skipper Dayne Beams also hit triple figures in a very encouraging performance in his return from injury, it was his midfield teammate who stole the show.

Zorko was a standout with 34 disposals, five clearances and a goal in the victory at Etihad Stadium.

Dayne Zorko had 34 disposals and laid 12 tackles. Picture: Wayne Ludbey
Beams, in his first game as skipper, was impressive with 24 disposals and four clearances and we can only expect him to get better with another run under his belt.

Popular Brisbane cash cows Jake Barrett and Hugh McCluggage had differing nights.


Barrett underlined his credentials for a spot on our benches with 85 points from 17 disposals, while McCluggage, who will cost a tick over $200,000 managed just 41 points.

For the Bulldogs, Josh Dunkley relished the opportunity to shoulder more responsibility without his more senior teammates by top scoring for his side with 109 points.

Josh Dunkley was disappointed with the result but would have been pleased with his own game. Picture: Getty
Jake Stringer showed good signs and gave us something to think about with 103 points, while Lin Jong showed why he’s such a damaging midfielder with two goals and 94 points.


Josh Dunkley 109

Jake Stringer 103

Lin Jong 94

Jack Macrae 88

Liam Picken 86

Toby McLean 86

Easton Wood 83

Matthew Suckling 76

Timothy English 70

Lukas Webb 69

Mitch Honeychurch 68

Dale Morris 67

Clay Smith 63

Bailey Dale 61

Stewart Crameri 53

Marcus Adams 52

Tom Boyd 46

Brad Lynch 38

Declan Hamilton 37

Kieran Collins 36

Bailey Williams 32

Roarke Smith 31

Nathan Mullenger-McHugh 28

Patrick Lipinski 27

Lewis Young 7

Dayne Beams was outstanding in his first game back. Picture: Wayne Ludbey

Dayne Zorko 175

Dayne Beams 105

Harris Andrews 103

Rohan Bewick 100

Tom Cutler 86

Tom Bell 86

Mitch Robinson 86

Sam Mayes 86

Jake Barrett 85

Tom Rockliff 82

Michael Close 69

Jack Frost 67

Lewis Taylor 66

Eric Hipwood 66

Ben Keays 66

Ryan Lester 64

Daniel Rich 59

Nick Robertson 59

Darcy Gardiner 57

Ryan Bastinac 42

Hugh McCluggage 41

Stefan Martin 40

Claye Beams 32

Archie Smith 32

Matthew Hammelmann 19

Jacob Allison 17


Anyone who are thinking of starting Sandi, Swallow and JOM should look at these numbers.

Assume there are two almost identical teams.

Team A has Sandi, JOM and Swallow. These 3 will cost $900k. Assume they will average 90, 90 and 85.

Team B has Gawn, SPP and Wigg (this can be any $123k rookie) cost of $900k. Assume they will average 115, 70 and 65.

Team A will outscore Team B by 15 pts each week. However……..

by week 10, Team A players should be worth $460k, $460k and $430k. All good to trade over the byes to 2 $610k premiums and a rookie. And over the 10 weeks would have scored 2650. All good.

Team B would have the two rookies ready for culling by round 5 or 6. SPP would be $385k and Wigg $355k. Perfect for a paint the fence upgrade to a $610k premium and another rookie. Assume the rookie continues scoring 65, and the new premium scores 115 ave. Gawn continues with his 115. By round 10, team B would have scored 2750.

100 points more.

Also by round 10 the new rookie would be worth $355k, ready for culling.

Net result by week 10 is Team A, 2 premiums worth $600K+ and a $123k rookie.

Team B has 2 premiums worth $600k+ and a fattened rookie worth $355k plus 100 more points.

Go figure……


Get what your saying, but horses for courses I.e. Sandi would be an R2 selection, Gawn on the other hand can never be an R2, Goldy may be an R2 only if Gawn is R1. So Goldy is the highest ranking ruckman that can fill the R2 slot in your example. Just saying and I get your point – well done!


i just used Sandi & Gawn as example. It could have been any two who are about $350k different, because that is the cash you save by not have Swallow and Jom

I didn't factor anything for Swallow bye in round 9

Or discuss the risk factor of Swallow and JOM and having to trade them early compared to trading s rookie early (not many sideways options)

I didn't factor in if. Rookie has one massive score followed by a poor score (same average) but it has a huge price jump effect.


Team A could possibly have 1-3 keepers and will save trades if everything goes to crap via injuries. Which we saw last year.

Nice write up but I see a lot of variables.


Sandi JOM or Swallow as keepers! Serious?


It's possible to get one keeper out of them. Two would probably be a miracle. Three is crazy talk.


I see what you are sayin here Derek and I agree with you, all for goin the cheaper rookie options. But the problem is at the moment there are not enough cheap rookies with job security on particular Lines to not look at the Swallow and JOM types. This is why more people this year are looking at the mid priced options.


I agree there isn't much, but we only need SPP and ONE other.

$350k is a lot of coin to use elsewhere to save a trade, make more coin.


Nice Derek, those averages though would be end of the season averages, look at Aaron Hall last year, came out with 110+ average (I think) then pitted off late. That is probably where the midpricers come in. Nice piece of research though


Yeah. Had to throw something inTo the calculator.

You get my drift. Where possible go cheap and if you have nothing, then look mid/exp rookie

Didn't like swallows game in JLT2 at all. Nowhere near midfield at all.


Coach said they are easing him back in but that is his natural place, and they practically have to hold him down to stop him from throwing himself in there


What about JOM and Beams against Barrett and JPK ?
Can see JOM and Beams averaging 95 and 110 each just not sure if they will play week in week out, especially if Beams is going to be a keeper.


Smoother upgrade path also if not starting some of the really pricy players, ie stepping stone

Captain Awesome

JOM- 100
Swallow- 100


Possible, that's why I have all 3 at this point.

The Poolroom

in the fine words of a Mr Daryl Kerrigan……Tell him he's dreaming.


JOM might average 100, but he will get rested if he plays round 1.

Swallow won't be in midfield and at best 85…. at best!


Sorry Captain, this is 2017 not 2014. Their maximum average would be 10 less than what you have written


I think safe to assume 100, 95, 95


Nice list. Zuthrie won't get an upgrade this season though but one to watch for the future.


Hey guys would like your opinion on my team, taking a few risks early let me know what you think!

Def – t.adams, laird, tuoy, wellingham, jones, ed vwillis(ryan, Stewart)
Mid – hanners, jelwood, Bont, Cripps, fyfe, beams, jom, spp (Barrett, wigg, hibberd)
Ruck – z.smith, sandi (pruess)
Fwd – dahl, lynch(gcs), I.smith(hawks), Higgins, McInnes, butler (Houston, strnadica)

neil demons delight

wow 10 midpricers don't think you should go that many but each to his own mids look good rucks without being super no danger/pendles rucks risky and forwards dahl and lynch good selections smith and Higgins good pods anyhow good luck with it cheers


Hey Guys. Any thoughts on my tream
Def – Docherty, laird, mills, hampton, v willis, newman (ryan, stewart)
Mid – Dangerfield, selwood, treloar, fyfe, hepple, omeara, spp, wigg (picket, miles, hibbert)
Ruck – Gawn, grundy (strnadica)
FWD – Dahlous, macrae, heeney, petraca, roughead, black (cameron, eddy)


Backs = docherty, laird, tuoghy, hampton, v willis, newman (ryan, stewart)
Mids = dangerfield, pendles, tmitch, fyfe, watson, omeara, spp, wigg (barret, miles, mounterford)
Rucks = gawn, ryder (preuss)
Forwards = dahilous, macrae, caddy, heeney,, roughy, black (d cameron, eddy)

any advice?


Awesome work as always jock.

2 leagues if anyone is interested… 315787 and 941271 plenty of spots!


THOUGHTS? Help wanted
Backs: docherty,shaw,montanga,thurlow,hampton,vickers-willis(Newman,Stewart)
Mid: pendels,fyfe,zorko,JPK,beams,omera,swallow,brodie(J.berry,powell,pepper,Hibberd)
Ruck: Gawn,Sandi(preuss)