NRL Supercoach 2017: Team List Tuesday Analysis

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The last few months have felt like a lifetime but Teams Have Dropped!

We’ve all been tampering with our SuperCoach teams since it opened late January and now is the time to get it ready for round one. You’ll notice a significant addition to the team lists each week but don’t let it overwhelm you. Coaches have been made to name a 21 man squad each Tuesday which will be cut down to seventeen prior to kick-off. I wouldn’t be too concerned though. Just pretend that the additional four players (numbered 18 and over) are reserves that’ll come into the side if an injury occurs. Well, that’s pretty much what they’re there for anyway. Simply, don’t over-analyse the additional names that are listed.

Thankfully we can stop speculating who’ll be filling in for injuries and vacated positions.

Team List Tuesday has now answered all of our questions so let’s take a look at who’s in the spotlight.
  • Charlie Gubb ($172.8k FRF) and Bunty Afoa ($276.7k) have been named in the starting side to replace Ben Matulino and Bodene Thompson respectively. While they may appear appealing, I’m still not convinced that either will be a great benefit to my SuperCoach side. Thompson won’t be far off being fit for selection so I’m not too sure how long Afoa will last in the starting side. Gubb should make some sort of profit but he doesn’t exactly have the best work rate. He scored an average of 26 PPG from 30 minutes in 2016.

  • Nick Cotric ($122.6k CTW) will be a very popular cheapie now he’s been named on the wing as Edrick Lee’s replacement. There’s a little misunderstanding that Cotric may be dropped when Croker returns from injury. This is not the case. Whitehead has been named as Croker’s replacement and will return to the second-row upon his return. This will see either Soliola or Bateman dropped from the starting side with Cotric remaining on the wing.
  • Tautau Moga ($167.1k CTW) has won the centre spot at the Broncos over David Mead. Unfortunately there’s little info to go by when trying to work out Moga’s worth. All we know is that he made one appearance last season where he scored just 25 points. In saying that, we can’t ignore the fact that he has a very cheap price tag and plays for an impressive Broncos’ outfit. I’m a little worried with his limited attacking potential in the opening rounds so he’s far from a lock for me.
  • Frank Winterstein ($172.9k 2RF) has been named in the second row and I think he’ll be a nice improvement on Nathan Green from last season (couldn’t get much worse). He’s likely to make a profit and comes with little risk.



  • Josh McGuire ($387.7k FRF/2RF) has been named as Corey Parker’s replacement at lock. That’s not exactly a surprise but it’s interesting to note that the Broncos’ bench consists of four forwards. I’m expecting little change to McGuire’s output from last season so he’s a no for me.
  • Jayden Brailey ($122.6k HOK) has been named as Michael Ennis’ replacement at hooker. He’ll more than likely play the full eighty minutes so he’s simply a must have for your team. Most coaches will have him as their bench hooker but you could also have him as your starter if you’re feeling courageous. After all, he doesn’t need to score that highly to produce a similar PPD figure to the top tier options like Smith. You’ll have an additional $400k to spend elsewhere too.
  • Brian Kelly ($122.6k CTW) has earned the left centre spot vacated by Steve Matai and should be good for a small profit at worst case. There’s no harm in throwing him on to your CTW bench or even as part of your seventeen when the Sea Eagles are playing a weaker opponent.
  • Sam Stone ($122.6k FRF/2RF) and Luke Yates ($122.6k FRF/2RF) have both been named to play from the bench. It’s likely that they’ll play minimal minutes but their DPP status and bottom dollar price will entice many coaches to take a punt on one or both of them. They come with very little risk so don’t hesitate to throw them into your side if you’re looking at filling those gaps on the bench.
  • Dean Whare ($143.6k CTW) has been named on the wing and will be a part of many SuperCoach teams. The Panthers have a very attractive opening draw so it’s likely that Whare will make a significant profit before we need to trade him out of our sides.
  • Siosifa Talakai ($160.4k CTW/2RF) has been named in the centres to replace the injured Aaron Gray (expected to return round 10). His DPP status should come in very handy while trading and he’s likely to make a nice amount of coin too. He’ll be in my starting side for sure.
  • Kaysa Pritchard ($153.3k HOK) has been named as the staring hooker and is expected to play eighty minutes. I hate the fact that Cameron King has been named on the reserves list so I’ll be going with Jayden Brailey as my cheapie hooker.
  • Dylan Phythian ($156.4k HOK/FB) comes with DPP status and has earned the number one jersey at the Knights. I think coaches will be split on whether he’s a viable option for our SC sides, especially considering there are other cheapie/value options available for both hooker and fullback positions.
  • Brock Lamb ($176.5k FE/HB) seems to be Jarrod Mullen’s replacement at five-eighth and also comes with DPP status. I think he’ll make my starting side at this stage. I liked how he looked throughout the pre-season and his job security isn’t an issue.

Unfortunately a number of popular SC candidates missed out on selection so many of us will have to do some serious shuffling among our teams. Kalyn Ponga is the most notable exclusion. There’s a slim chance he’ll make the round one side if Antonio Winterstein isn’t fully fit to take the field, although we shouldn’t get too excited if he does. He’s likely to return to the reserves upon Winterstein’s return and we’ll be left with an unproductive slot on our CTW bench.

The other cheapies to miss out on selection are Moses Suli, Curtis Scott and Braidon Burns. Jai Field didn’t completely miss out but he’s been named as a utility on the Dragons’ bench. Unfortunately he’s now too risky for our SC teams but we should monitor his break even if he stings together a couple of freak performances.

Kenneath Bromwich and Felise Kaufusi will both start in the second row as Tohu Harris and Kevin Proctor’s replacements. Understandably there’ll be a few coaches that’ll avoid these two. It’s a little scary experimenting with the unknown. I’m throwing K-Brom on my ‘wait and see’ list because I need to know what his minutes and output will be like first. Kaufusi is much less of a risk.

George Burgess has been named on the reserve list and is temporarily SC irrelevant. Seeing this made me think of how these 21 man team lists will be used and whether coaches will exploit them. Obviously we can assume that anyone named outside the seventeen will be used as back up (late injuries as an example), but will some coaches use this opportunity to toy with their opponent? It’ll be interesting seeing how the final team lists compare to the 21 man squad named each Tuesday.

Excuse my JT-like ‘Conspiracy theory’ approach. How is your team looking? Look forward to the chat below



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Valid point at the end. How long until coaches start naming their entire spine in numbers 18-21.


I've set up a Supercoach league 672658 for Jock Reynolds people.


Once issue I have with Brailey is the imminent signing of Segeyaro. Does that make Brailey a trap, and someone like Pritchard more attactive?


I think Pritchard has less risk now but they both come with some level of doubt.


Yeah I agree. Pritchard has King lurking obviously. Thanks!


and de gios. He is currently injured


If he goes out I'll move the Python from FLB to HOK and look for another rook.


how you going to move phython? I dont think there's another HOK / FLB player?


Sorry Rabbits, I'd trade him out – move Python into HOK and bring a cheapie into another line.


ive gone with E Taylor at hooker ionterchangeable with a dead monkey S KAtoa from panthers. if these bloody rookie hookers work out ill downtrade E Taylor (if he isnt performing) or swap katoa out

Bre Bushies

Thanks Cowboy – great wrap on the team list cheapies … going with a lot of them as I only have guns and Rookies – excited not long to go now


Good luck Bushies!

Pitch 72

Jump into this league, 318501, Does anyone know any leagues, hard to find..


Brailey and Moga went ok last night. More than achieved their breakevens.


brailey some solid defence. big hit on james roberts i believe it was. prob ordered to keep it simple with dummy half running and other attacking strategies, but he had a great 10m + dummy half run down the left side


Moga is bloody QUICK. beat the first man a few times with ease. took a good catch on the try line. pretty solid man child.

Don't Blush Baby

Ponga dropped, if there not going to play him then get the release papers signed and get this kid playing at Knights now


I have both GI and Bromwich…2 trades required 🙁


That sucks.


And python…


That was a brutal first week for some of us. Fell short of the 900 mark at this stage…


I've gone 983, but there's a few injury changes required courtesy.

Looks like the Python has become a constrictor 🙁


Nice mate. I dodged the inuries (JBrom, GI and Pythian) and didn't have Mez. Some of my players just didn't cut it. 923 now after updates. Feeling for those that copped some injuries.


1093, with Whare and Nelson on field. Will be making one corrective trade from Nelson to Wallace who I should've stuck with. Got sucked in thinking Nelson's minutes would increase. Lesson Learnt.


Nicely done.


987 could be worse but a lot of work to do . If anyone interested Draft tomorrow night code 839517. Need Suli in and have Python at Fb .Can either move Whare or Maumolo to Suli and then hayne to fb and python to hingano ?