NRL Supercoach 2017: Rabbitohs, Roosters & Tigers

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NRL Supercoach Fantasy Cowboy

First up.. The Bunnies

The Bunnies are one of two teams that will play all three big bye rounds so we’ll need to monitor their players closely prior to round twelve. Luckily they boast a few beneficial SuperCoach options within their seventeen; it’ll prevent us from wasting trades on temporary fill-ins.

Greg Inglis is a very appealing POD candidate for your starting side. He’s usually good for a 60 point average and comes with the very useful DPP status. GI is currently owned by just 4% of coaches and shouldn’t have a problem scoring well throughout the opening eleven rounds.

I’m not sold on too many of the Bunnies’ CTWs but the obvious standout is Siosifa Talakai. Talakai should be the beneficiary of Aaron Gray’s absence and there’s no real downside to getting him into your starting side. His price is pretty close to bottom dollar and he boasts having the 2RF/CTW DPP status. Don’t worry about his 30 PPG average from last season; he averaged just 46 minutes from the three appearances he made. He should be one of the most selected SC players come round one (currently in around 18% of teams).

Cody Walker and Adam Reynolds would have to be one of the more lethal halves pairing in the NRL comp. Their scoring potential is huge but they can tend to be quite frustrating to own. The upside with Walker is his DPP status and extreme hunger for involvement. He’s a very exciting player to watch and can produce a nice chunk of points in a single play. ARey averaged 58 PPG in 2016, just 9 points short of his halves partner. His kicking game can be exceptional and at times can lead to a sneaky try assist. Unfortunately he is currently out with appendicitis and is expected to miss a month of footy. Luke Kelly and Damien Cook are two of the likely options to replace ARey but John Sutton could also make the positional change to the halves.


Robbie Farah was once a top tier SuperCoach option and could potentially bring some decent points to your SuperCoach team. It’s rumoured that Farah could make a positional switch once his replacement comes from the bench but we won’t know for certain until we witness the rotation in round one. Some of us will be tempted to give him a crack as our starting hooker and we can’t be blamed for taking that risk. We’ll be saving over $150k when choosing Farah over Smith and it’ll give us a guaranteed hooker for each of the big bye rounds (unless he’s selected for Origin of course).

Geroge and Sam Burgess should be the two forwards worth taking note of. George’s appeal is with his cheap price tag and proven SC potential. I wasn’t too impressed with his pre-season form but he’s a low risk option at $241k. As reckless as it sounds, it’s not out of the question to use him as one of your main FRFs. He should score a similar PPD figure to the higher performers at his cheap price. Sam is simply a base stats machine that averaged an incredible 75 PPG last year. Many of us will be more than happy to fork out half a mil for his services. He’s always keeping the points ticking over and comes with 2RF/FRF DPP status. Both of these Burgess boys will boost your big bye round numbers too.


  1. Greg Inglis ($402.1k)
    2. Bryson Goodwin ($365.1k)
    3. Hymel Hunt ($290.5k)
    4. Siosifa Talakai ($160.4k)
    5. Alex Johnson ($274.1k)
    6. Cody Walker ($444.9k)
    7. Luke Kelly ($160.4k)/Damien Cook ($269k)
    8. George Burgess ($241.8k)
    9. Robbie Farah ($346.9k)
    10.Robbie Rochow ($342.6k)
    11. Kyle Turner ($304.9k)
    12. John Sutton ($366.5k)
    13. Sam Burgess ($499.3k)
    14. Damien Cook ($269k)
    15. Zane Musgrove ($225k)
    16. Angus Crichton ($203.9k)
    17. Thomas Burgess ($280k)

Sydney Roosters

The current Auckland Nines champions had a season of two halves last year but shouldn’t have a problem playing finals footy in 2017. Their opening draw is one of the best in the comp but they certainly have a challenging run home after the second big bye round. Michael Gordon is the only significant addition in the Chooks’ seventeen who’ll slot straight into the fullback role.

So with their appealing opening draw, which outside back do we take advantage of? Every single one of them has scored highly at some point so I couldn’t say any one of them would be a bad decision. Personally I like the look of Latrell Mitchell. He may have averaged just 43 PPG last season but he could easily maintain a 60 point average against a string of weaker opponents. The dual CTW/FB status makes him even more appealing and there’s no question he’ll be a POD come round one.

The Roosters’ halves combo will be exciting to watch and could bring some great benefits to your SuperCoach side. Luke Keary isn’t exactly SuperCoach royalty but his appeal comes in the form of a cheap(ish) price tag. Now don’t get me wrong, hardly anyone will have Keary in their starting side and he usually averages around 40 PPG which is nothing to get excited over. He’s a high risk option that could benefit significantly from the favourable opening draw. Mitchell Pearce is much more of a quality SuperCoach option and his price definitely reflects that. He played just twelve games last year due to the run in with Lassie but he came out with guns blazing upon his return. Pearce maintained a five round average of 60+ through the entirety of the season so it’s exciting to think what he’s capable of doing when he’s up against a run of bottom eight favourites.

The starting forwards will line up as they did last season with the exception of Sio Siua Taukeiaho (injured). Jake Friend was one of the more popular hooker options last year and we’re expecting a similar output this season. His base stats are very impressive and he could rival Cameron Smith with his PPD figure. Boyd Cordner is the only Gun within the pack but I can’t say he’s on my radar at this point. Honestly, I’m not sure why. Maybe because there are more appealing options in my eyes but I can’t ignore his 70 PPG season average from 2016. When it comes to the other starting forwards all I can see is consistency and a steady price. I thought Mitchell Aubusson looked good throughout the pre-season but he’ll need more than DPP status and a reasonable price to make his way into my team.


  1. Michael Gordon ($323.9k)
  2. Daniel Tupou ($332.6k)
  3. Latrell Mitchell ($290.2k)
  4. Blake Ferguson ($343.3k)
  5. Shaun Kenny-Dowall ($348.3k)
  6. Luke Keary ($$272.5k)
  7. Mitchell Pearce ($443.4k)
  8. Jared Waerea-Hargreaves ($325.6k)
  9. Jake Friend ($420.6k)
  10. Dylan Napa ($350.2k)
  11. Boyd Cordner ($466.8k)
  12. Mitchell Aubusson ($315.1k)
  13. Isaac Liu ($269.8k)
  14. Connor Watson ($279.5k)
  15. Aiden Guerra ($367.3k)
  16. Kane Evans ($255.2k)
  17. Paul Carter ($323.6k)/Zane Teveto ($154.3k)

Wests Tigers

The West Tigers struggled to perform in 2016 but they boast a number of attractive SuperCoach candidates for your team. Their draw is very awkward, playing against a run of top eight favourites in both their opening and closing draws. Fortunately this won’t affect most of their more viable SC options though.

James Tedesco may be a SuperCoach beast but many of us will be contemplating holding off before paying for his services. He averaged 70+ for the past two seasons and there’s no reason to expect any less from the always popular SC choice. So should we join the 18% of coaches that have decided to run with Teddy? Let’s be honest, we’ll probably miss out on some juicy scores if we do but it’s well worth the risk if you decide to lean towards the likes of Moylan or Inglis as your high priced fullback. Maybe the Tigers’ tough opening draw will persuade you to look elsewhere but keep in mind that Teddy doesn’t necessarily need multiple attacking stats to produce a good score.

Jamal Idris has returned to the NRL and he’s looking fit and ready to go. He was originally backed to play among the forward pack but a move the centres isn’t out of the question now that Simona has been stepped down. Either way he’ll be one of the most popular SC choices due to his 2RF/CTW DPP status and fairly attractive price tag. This bloke can be an SC scoring machine and should well and truly generate some good coin throughout the season. If you’re concerned about Jamal’s scoring potential just remember that this is a guy who scored 135 points in one of his six appearances in 2015. Moses Suli is the other appealing CTW option but he’s no guarantee to get a starting spot.

If you’re looking to take a risk on a POD five-eight then Mitchell Moses could be for you. Moses was far from spectacular through the opening portion of 2016 but managed to maintain a 70+ point average for the closing eight rounds of the season. That’s pretty damn impressive! If you think he’ll jump out of the blocks firing then don’t hesitate to join the other 4% of coaches in taking that risk.

Matt Ballin has suffered an injury through the pre-season but is rumoured to be fit for round one. I’m assuming he’ll be eased back into the side (possibly from the bench) due to the lack of recent game time and I think we need to ignore his cheap price. It has been a long time since Ballin averaged well and I can’t see any upside in having him as a back-up hooker in our team. 10% of coaches seem to disagree.

Almost all of the Tigers’ starting forwards can benefit your SuperCoach side in one way or another. Aaron Woods is easily the highest averaging but he’s not high on my list of appealing FRF options.  He once averaged over 70 PPG but I fear those days are well and truly behind him. Sauaso Sue and Elijah Taylor are two middies you could consider for your side and they don’t exactly come with a lot of risk. The worst case scenario (putting injuries aside) is some steady scores with no significant cash generation; not a huge negative in the scheme of things. Taylor is the more popular of the two at 4% ownership and should be more likely to bust out some 50 to 60 point games.

West Tigers

  1. James Tedesco ($466.3k)
  2. Jordan Rankin ($265.1k)/Moses Suli ($122.6k)
  3. Jamal Idris ($263.6k)
  4. David Nofoluma ($400.2k)
  5. Kevin Naiqama ($347k)
  6. Mitchell Moses ($371.1k)
  7. Luke Brooks ($296k)
  8. Aaron Woods ($404.6k)
  9. Matt McIlwrick ($143.6k)
  10. Sauaso Sue($301.8k)
  11. Chris Lawrence ($315.4k)
  12. Josh Aloiai ($208.1k)
  13. Elijah Taylor ($307.1k)
  14. Matt Ballin ($143.6k)
  15. Tim Grant ($290.8k)
  16. Ava Seumanufagai ($260.1k)
  17. JJ Felise ($151.2k)

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Hey Cowboy, great summary as always!
Tigers-surely they go with suli over rankin as he is a beast! Tedesco imo is only relevant back, others way overpriced and Idris is a trap.
Roosters- cordner is a gun but his injury history and origin duties are massive concerns! Would take big brass balls to go with pierce!
Rabbits-Sturgess is a lock as as always. I can't have gburgess despite his cheap tag, he is just too slow and has a shocking error rate. Think you will get better value from lisone or Nelson A from storm! Love to see burns get a gig…..we need those cheapie.

Bre Bushies

Great work again Cowboy ….. Inglis locked and loaded in my team (DDP with Hayne) – am hoping the other 96% don't get on …. I'm like Casper not really sure about Gurgess – Surgess 1st picked ….. a lot of the good judges are tipping the Roosters to take out the title but for me I just can't see any value/guns from them – cheapies Talakai and Suli are in at the moment, can't wait for Team Tuesday


Hi Cowboy,

Teams are up. Here's my effort, trying to get a full 25 on the field.
HOK – Farah, Brailey
FRF – S Burgess, Bromwich, Afoa, Yates
2RF – Mannering, De Belin, Vaughan, Winterstein, Talakai, Stone
HFB – Thurston, Elgey
5/8 – Johnson, Lamb
CTW – Rapana, Radradra, Mitchell, Whare, Moga, Cotric Kelly
FLB – Tuivasa-Sheck Phythian

15.5K left over

Don't Blush Baby

Hey Cowboy, do you have any community leagues happening that we can join like last year with Jock ect ? Also Casper ,Bushies ect , would love join up ,Cheers


Yes please.


League 369930


also league 672658