SuperCoach Significance Report: NTH v HAW

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Nth v HawThere was a hell of a lot of fantasy relevance in this afternoon’s game between North Melbourne and Hawthorn.

It was actually an entertaining game down at Adren Street today. I had to watch from the balcony of a nearby flat because I’ve been banned from North’s training ground for a previous discretion involving a chicken and a funnel, but it was fun nonetheless.

North Melbourne defeated Hawthorn to

We might have uncovered some rookies in this game as well as having the opportunity to have a look at some premos. Goldy looked OK but I need to see more from the big man, the big story of the day is Jaeger O’Meara who absolutely tore this game apart.


Let’s jump into the player reviews below.

North Melbourne

Notable absentees: Jed Anderson, Ben Brown, Sam Gibson, Jarrad Waite, Mason Wood 

Todd Goldstein | NTH | RUC | $588400 | 95 SC

Came off late in the first with a thumb injury before going into the rooms part way through the second term.  Came back onto the ground approaching half time and took two strong marks. Was able to push forward and kick a goal in the second half as well as taking control of the ruck contests. Finished with 14 disposals, 18 hitouts and a goal.

Jack Ziebell | NTH | MID | $514200 52 | SC

Started forward but was moved into the midfield very quickly. Had 12 possessions and 2 tackles but if you’re looking for a POD, the North captain isn’t it. He was taken out of the game late in the third quarter.

Andrew Swallow | NTH | MID | $464800 | 70 SC

Struggled to get into the game and stole/ruined a goal for youngster Zurhaar in the third quarter. That alone makes me say he’s irrelevant…that and his history/role/scoring potential etc.

Robbie Tarrant | NTH | DEF | $458500 | 58 SC

Had a lot of the ball in defence but was favouring the handball. Not what you want from a man with his leg, no Supercoach news here.

Ben Cunnington | NTH | MID | $438900 | 71 SC

Had a pretty good game with 18 possessions, the only issue is 11 of them were by hand. I don’t think anyone will be risking a spot in the midfield for this bloke.

Jamie Macmillan | NTH | DEF | $438500 | 98 SC

Will tempt some coaches again this year. He’s probably North’s best defensive option in terms of Supercoach production and had 17 possessions today, 11 of which were by foot. I won’t be going near him but he’s a defensive POD that a bold coach could consider.

Shaun Higgins | NTH | FWD | $426400 | 123 SC

Had a fantastic first quarter but don’t let the man fool you. HE IS A TRAP. In Higgo’s defence, Higgins was starting out of the centre square and had some nice clearances courtesy of Todd Goldstein. Ended up being one of North’s best players for the day. 24 disposals and 4 clearances.

Trent Dumont | NTH | MID | $415000 | 116 SC

Looks like he could be taking his game up a gear. Seems to be relishing with a relatively inexperienced side around him. Will be good for North again this year but has no real Supercoach relevance. Was “tagging” O’Meara but really they were just running head to head.

Scott D. Thompson | NTH | DEF | $386300 | 58 SC

Played deep defence on Schoenmakers. No fantasy relevance here, better off picking Sam Rowe than this bloke, at least Rowe won’t cost you much.

Majak Daw | NTH | RUC/FWD | $378800 | 45 SC

Played a deep forward role for a lot of today’s game. North were giving Preuss a run in the ruck and as a result Daw didn’t have a massive impact around the ground. Not sure what this means in terms of Goldy’s output. Rucks are difficult this year.

Shaun Atley | NTH | DEF | $353400 | 90 SC

Played through the midfield at times, not sure that will actually happen in the real season. Will be discussed as a cheap defensive option but the best course of action is to avoid him like the plague. Did kick a nice goal in the fourth.

Luke McDonald | NTH | DEF | $348200 | 69 SC

Played out of defence but struggled to impact the play. Like most of these smaller blokes he just isn’t relevant to us.

Lindsay Thomas | NTH | FWD | $343300 | 64 SC

Is a small forward who continued to be a small forward today. Isn’t really worth talking about in a Supercoach article.

Marley Williams | NTH | DEF | $309100 | 55 SC

Played out of halfback but had minimal impact on the game. Will be interesting to see if he can string some games together for North. Not going to go near him in Supercoach.

Ryan Clarke | NTH | MID/FWD | $306500 | 16 SC

Had a corky in the first quarter, really hampered his play for the day.

Nathan Hrovat | NTH | MID/FWD | $301400 | 79 SC

Will be a midpriced POD in a few teams but it won’t be my team. David King reckons he’s an “elite” player but I would challenge that. Had a good game in the forward line and kicked 2 goals from his 18 possessions. He won’t be the worst selection but he’s still a midpricer, I’m not interested.

Corey Wagner | NTH | FWD | $206700 | 42 SC

Found the ball enough but his DE% is an issue. Played as an outside midfielder but probably won’t produce enough to be considered for our side. Better options available.

Kayne Turner | NTH | FWD | $171400 | 62 SC

Played on a forward flank. Pushed up the ground a bit but really didn’t do enough to convince me that he could be a viable rookie option.

Jy Simpkin | NTH | FWD | $162300 | 42 SC

Had limited minutes and will need to work hard to play in the regular season. Ziebell reckons he’ll play midfield minutes but his injury-interrupted preseason has me concerned.

Sam Durdin | NTH | FWD | $123900 | 44 SC

Played in defence for the majority of the game. Only had a handful of touches, probably won’t get a game in the real deal. Might be a late-season downgrade option.

Mitchell Hibberd | NTH | MID/DEF | $123900 | 72 SC

Started at halfback and found the ball with relative ease. Looks like North will be going with him this year so he’s a valid rookie selection. He is currently in my midfield due to lack of options but needs to work on his efficiency!

Ben McKay | NTH | FWD | $123900 | 34 SC

Played forward like his brother did yesterday for the Blues. He contested well in front of goals but like all key position rookies I’m going to be steering clear, his ability to generate cash will be minimal.

Declan Mountford | NTH | MID | $123900 | 43 SC

Played an outside midfield role, which isn’t very conducive with Supercoach scoring. Borderline watchlist.

Braydon Preuss | NTH | RUC | $123900 | 95 SC

Did everything he could to put his hand up for Round 1. He kicked 3.1 today and had 27 hitouts. If he cements a spot he might be a better option than a floating donut in the ruck. Mason Wood is out for a while with a hamstring, could land a spot.

Ed Vickers-Willis | NTH | DEF | $123900 | 80 SC

Played a defensive role. Applied a lot of pressure with his tackling but didn’t find a lot of the ball. Used the ball at 100% and should be a decent bench option.

Cameron Zurhaar | NTH | FWD | $114400 | 48 SC

Got involved in the forward line early and kicked a reasonably impressive goal in the second term. Looks to be playing a medium forward role, pushing into the half forward line. If named in Round 1 he could be an option. Watchlist.


Notable absentees: Ben McEvoy, Shaun Burgoyne, Grant Birchall, Isaac Smith, Paul Puopolo

Tom Mitchell | HAW | MID | $565600 | 119 SC

Was able to impact in the middle of the ground. He had 5 stoppage clearances for the game as well as 24 possessions at 87.5 DE%. Really was excited to see what he could do today and he didn’t dissapoint. Can he be a viable selection? Will he be a top 10 midfielder?

Jack Gunston | HAW | FWD | $502300 | 92 SC

Forced his way back into my forward line today. Was playing up on a wing and even found himself with the ball in defence. His disposal efficiency and preference to kick the ball make him a sound selection. Had 18 kicks to 1 handball.

Josh Gibson | HAW | DEF | $490400 | 83 SC

Was pretty quiet today. Still had 19 touches but I didn’t really notice him, maybe I’m just bad at watching footy. Supercoach days are behind him and his DE% seems to have dropped off a bit too.

Cyril Rioli | HAW | FWD | $490000 | 79 SC

Continued to do Cyril things. Played mostly as a crumbing forward. Pushed up the ground at stages but was mostly out there to have a run rather than impress Supercoach scouts. It’d be a bold decision to go in with him.

Luke Hodge | HAW | DEF | $481300 | 75 SC

Played in defence but snuck up the ground for a goal. I think his consistency will still be an issue this year and he might be taking a step back for the Hawks new recruits. Could be a target after the byes but I don’t see him doing much for you at the start of the year.

Luke Breust | HAW | FWD | $450100 | 86 SC

Played really deep in the forwardline. Didn’t miss a target all day but didn’t get enough of the ball to warrant Supercoach selection. He’s a good player but I have very little interest in the man.

Will Langford | HAW | MID | $395900 | 46 SC

Had his day ended in the second quarter with a concussion.

Liam Shiels | HAW | MID | $383200 | 64 SC

Also played forward before rotating into the midfield. Had 13 touches but I don’t think anyone was ever considering him anyway.

Taylor Duryea | HAW | DEF | $381400 | 45 SC

Copped a knee to the eye courtesy of Cunnington, blood was everywhere and he did very little after that.

Billy Hartung | HAW | MID | $379300 | 57 SC

Seems to be touted as a breakout option every year. Just seems like he’ll be a career contributor, no Supercoach news here.

Brendan Whitecross | HAW | FWD | $368000 | 1 SC

Only played half of the game but never even got close to the ball.

Jarryd Roughead | HAW | FWD | $367100 | 95 SC

Was playing his usual role again, starting in the centre at times and providing a target at half forward. Also pushed deep to contest in front of goals and looked pretty fit. The value lover in me still wants to lock Roughead away. Can he become a top 8 forward? Can he average 85+? If not is he a keeper or a stepping-stone? Theses are questions we must consider.

James Frawley | HAW | DEF | $362400 | 49 SC

Copped a Thomas knee to the back of the neck in the third quarter, plays fullback so not much to talk about.

James Sicily | HAW | FWD | $345900 | 68 SC

Played off a halfback flank early in the game. Looking to provide some intercept marks for the Hawks. Ended up playing the whole game in defence, looks like he’ll be playing this new role in 2017.

Ben Stratton | HAW | DEF | $328400 | 61 SC

Took a few marks playing deep forward but like a lot of theses Hawks players he just won’t produce enough for any sort of POD selection.

Jaeger O’Meara | HAW | MID | $318900 | 90 SC

Had 9 touches in the first quarter alone. Was a raging bull in the midfield but let’s not forget his propensity to get injured. He looks good right now but he’s still a risky pick. Classic risk/reward selection but did manage to bristle my moustache with his form. Had 23 touches for the day.

Ty Vickery | HAW | FWD | $310400 | 117 SC

Played a pinch-hitting David Hale type role. Was able to take some marks up forward as well as compete in the ruck at stages. No Supercoach relevance but watch Hawthorn turn him into a really strong contributor.

Kade Stewart | HAW | FWD | $274200 | 56 SC

Played as a forward for the day. Didn’t do enough to arouse me, price is awkward and output will be minimal.

Ryan Burton | HAW | DEF/FWD | $254600 | 55 SC

Played as a forward for most of the game. He presented well but struggled to convert that into scores. He’s just too pricey to be considered.

Kieran Lovell | HAW | MID/FWD | $230700 | 39 SC

Played forward but rotated into the midfield at stages. Same issue as Burton in that he just won’t produce from a fantasy sense.

Kurt Heatherley | HAW | DEF | $228500 | 8 SC

Played in defence but basically didn’t touch the ball in his limited minutes.

Jack Fitzpatrick | HAW | RUC | $217100 | 32 SC

Didn’t have a whole lot of game time and didn’t look up to it in the ruck. Would expect to see Pittonet named before him during the season.

Marc Pittonet | HAW | RUC | $214000 | 7 SC

Towelled up in the ruck and gave away too many free kicks. Might play for the Hawks but has no fantasy relevance.

Ryan Schoenmakers | HAW | FWD | $155100 | 66 SC

Played up forward this week. Whilst he had 7 kicks, 4 handballs and 5 marks will he be able to actually make cash or points? At $155K it’s hard to justify him over other rookies we have available.

Blake Hardwick | HAW | FWD | $134900 | 39 SC

Played some midfield time and rotated forward, Didn’t wow me and with a lot of talent to come back into this Hawthorn side I doubt we’ll see to much of him in 2017.

Teia Miles | HAW | MID/FWD | $123900 | 46 SC

Was already in my midfield but just keeps increasing his chances to play in Round 1. Played in defence for the most part but still contributed well. Isn’t going to average 70 points per game but at least he’s a warm body who we can slap the E on.

Let me know what you took out of today’s game in the comments below and on Twitter @Lekblog


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JOM made his way into my side half way through the second quarter. Nice analysis Lek


He sure did. He stared the game at 27% ownership. He's passed 30% since then. And fair enough. Value is value & considering the mid rooks aren't leaping out he needs to be considered


How can you view the ownership percentage?


Everyone has SC gold atm


If your using the app click on players. Then bottom right of your screen click on the thing that looks like a toilet. Then click on players choice & then hit the x button to clear the screen. Will show you % ownership


JOM just feels like 2016 BCrouch.


Rough, Titch and Omeara locked. First time in years I've had so many Hawks, but the quality and price just too tempting. Great wrie-up Lek.


Does Titch have that much potential? Can he fit instead of say a Heppell or Fyfe or Bont?
Also could JOM be better option than Swallow?


110 For SC points today with only 24 Disposals


119 Now! Lock for 24 Disposals


Don't get excited with SC scores. Remember there are still 3300 pts to go around


Yeah I think so. Is POD atm, Bont can't squeeze in coz of bye structure, already have Fyfe and not sure on Heppell. And yes, if fit I think JOM a better option than Swallow, who also has the Rd 9 bye which I'm avoiding like the plague.


Got Gunston at F2


I think Vickery and Burton even Shoenmaker seems to free Gunston up to play on the wing and so Gunston might not drop in value as sharply as other KPFs. Also just think Macrae at F2 is a trap. Gunston potentially good alternative


With Gunston in your side , look's like Roughy going through to the keeper.I tend to agree.It's not who you pick, but more who you dont. Especially this year.
Notable omissions from my team: Shaw Adams, Pendlebury,Swallow, Sandilands, Macrae, Roughead.

Nice write up Dog


Great write up Lek, but I'm having trouble figuring out what you said about Will Langford. 'Dad his day ended in the second quarter with a concussion'. Are you suggesting his dad (Chris Langford) punched him out? If so, that's terrible


Had i think


JOM, roughie and titch locked.

I have a backline dilemma. Wondering who has more value, marchbank or Hampton?


Marchbank I am taking. Will get plenty of chances and had the pill 18 times against the dees for 76 SC points


Thats the issue Lek. Is he in the best 22 on a consistent manner?


Who is Titch?




Welcome to the community 🙂


Why didn't Isaac smith play?


Like anyone cares XD. Not supercoach relevant.


Need some help with my last premo midfield spot: Titch vs Bontempelli vs Cripps. Who should i select?


Leave Cripps. How is your mid looking with byes?


Cripps would be the best option if he didnt have a injury affected pre season. Titch and cripps in my side at present but may need to get rid of 1 to strengthen my backline


back injuries always a worry to re-appear


After that game and titch being cheaper than both of them, I'm taking titch and looking at Cripps and Bont as upgrade targets near by rounds.




Scores published??


Everyone's thoughts on goldy? Right now I have him set and forget. Was That injury in the first q just a niggle?


You didn't look like a must have Goldy


Every year he's fit he dominates, and I'm talking 110+ avg. Every year he gets injured/carries a niggle he drops to a 100 avg player which is still good.


Will (pun intended)l probably be picked up in the next review but surely Will Brodie deserves a conversation two JLT's now where he has put in a big Performance. Everyone big on bowes but i think after this performance where there is a will there's a way. Must be firming for rd 1. As we are searching for mid rooks, will might have moved to the pointy end of the queue.


Btw excellent write up lek
JOM and rough firming for round 1 start every game – might have to have a good hard look at jom
Liked Titch's game will watch with interest next time around
Yep miles stayed on the bench
Reall really like pruess. If named rd 1 will make coin quickly seriously contemplating. if you cop one off him you feel it big time


Gee JOM looked good today.
The big question that I need answered.

JOM or Swallow ?



Shaun Higgins 123
Trent Dumont 116
Jamie Macmillan 98
Braydon Preuss 95
Todd Goldstein 94
Shaun Atley 90
Nathan Hrovat 84
Ed Vickers-Willis 80
Mitchell Hibberd 72
Ben Cunnington 71
Andrew Swallow 70
Luke McDonald 69
Lindsay Thomas 64
Kayne Turner 62
Robbie Tarrant 58
Scott D. Thompson 58
Marley Williams 55
Jack Ziebell 52
Cameron Zurhaar 48
Majak Daw 45
Sam Durdin 44
Declan Mountford 43
Corey Wagner 42
Jy Simpkin 42
Ben McKay 34
Ryan Clarke 16
Tom Mitchell 119
Ty Vickery 117
Jarryd Roughead 95
Jack Gunston 92
Jaeger O’Meara 90
Luke Breust 86
Josh Gibson 83
Cyril Rioli 79
Luke Hodge 75
James Sicily 68
Ryan Schoenmakers 66
Liam Shiels 64
Ben Stratton 61
Billy Hartung 57
Kade Stewart 56
Ryan Burton 55
James Frawley 49
Will Langford 46
Teia Miles 46
Taylor Duryea 45
Kieran Lovell 39
Blake Hardwick 39
Jack Fitzpatrick 32
Kurt Heatherley 8
Marc Pittonet 7
Brendan Whitecross 1

Meanie of Me

Cheers mikeg


Anyone think grundy could be a better selection than goldy?


Much better




Grundy for me




Love your work mate, in depth and arousing as ever. Omeara is starting to seem like he wont destroy my life and marriage again, and gunston getting around it has my pant leg rising. Funny when all the relevant hawks were cast into the abyss last year.

Supercoach Skullers

Keeffe vs scharanberg

or both??




Hey guys, I want a new ruck since I dumped Gawny. I've got Grundy but don't know anyone else.

Also I'm struggling with midpriced madness but want roughy. Should I can Heeney or Caddy?

Any comments will be greatly appreciated


Lock in Gawn and Goldstein and throw away the key. Starting without Gawn is madness. He will easily be top ruck again this year.

Based on the round of JLT I'd pick Roughead over both Heeny and Caddy. Rough is cheap and we know what he can do. Caddy has potential but nothing else. Pass. Heeney is a gun but do you want to take a risk hoping this is his breakout year ?




General consensus seems to be that Goldy is either past it, underdone, carrying niggles or facing a time share situation, but I'm strongly considering starting him over Gawn to save some coin, with Gawn as a (hopefully) discounted upgrade target. Goldy scored well today despite spending time off ground with injury. He's still no dinosaur at 28 years old, has only missed 2 games in 1 of the past 7 seasons and has only averaged below 106 once in the past 6 seasons. With the inexperience in North's side this year they'll surely want him around the pill as much as possible. He's also too good a player around the ground as a link up option to be rested too long up forward. Am I missing something? Why is everyone so cold on Goldy but so hot on Gawn and Grundy who haven't been to the well nearly as many times?


I was at the game today and looked long and hard at Goldie.

He was moving very well, no sign of any ankle or knee troubles and was in pretty good touch around the ground. Certainly moving much better than he was in the latter stages of last year.

As a North supporter the emergence of Preuss is very encouraging but if he ends up in the same team as Goldie it will impact Goldie's supercoach scores and I will be reticent to pick him.


I'd be banking on Preuss to fill the Petrie void up forward, only pinch hitting in ruck once the real stuff starts. Be happy with a 70-30 split.


Seems like a lot of people have jumped on the Jaeger train today, not me yet though… Titch is looking like a nice POD for me, should push Hawthorn up the board with Contested Possies (think they were in the bottom 5 last year?). Roughie is locked for me, should come back firing.

Luskin Star

Id be looking for more than 85 from roughy during the season.

Luskin Star

Lek you misunderstood me. I was suggesting that i think he would average more.

Clock Management

1) he didn't score 85 points
2) scores are lower in Pre-season because there are more players on each team. There is a limited amount of points to go around

Luskin Star

the 85 for roughy relates to the question Lek asked in his writeup. You make an intersting point about the extra players. I have always gone on the principle that scores are inflated due to tne shorter game time. Now im not sure.


Roughy has averaged 95+ for the last 5 years he played straight. I expect no less from him. If it ends up being 90 instead then I'll still be happy with him at F6.


I wonder how many people will get sucked into Vickery's 117 score.

Luskin Star

Plenty i think


Hope so


Missed a great opportunity for a "Don't mess with the Zurhaar" joke in that write-up!!

Blackie White

Interested to see what level Higgins can go to, as without Wells and Harvey in the side, Higgins will be the go to man, like never before.
Ave 95 in 2015, and barring injury, in his 3rd season at the Roos, why couldn't he go 100?


Will score very well this year as long as he can stay on the park.


He could easily Higgins is a gun.


Any possibility left of taking both JOM and D Swallow into round 1?


I've been saying no to both of them all pre-season, however, owing to the dearth of mid rookies I currently have them at M6 and M7.


Rearranging team to lock Roughie in to F4.

Forget what I said about him starting season slow.




Next you will have Ryder as well


and JOM 😉


Made some big changes to my team this week. JLT results (and lack of emerging mid rookies) have forced me abandon my "just say 'no' to mid-pricers mantra – can't ignore value when it's screaming you in the face like some of these fallen premos are. There are some selections here (cough, Nankervis, cough) that I'm not to thrilled about, but that's the payoff for choosing to start Sandi I suppose.

D: Doch, Adams, Laird, Hampton, Vickers-Willis, Newman (Stewart, Guthrie)
M: Danger, Pendles, Hanners, Jelwood, Fyfe, JOM, Swallow, SPP (Wigg, Hibberd, Fox)
R: Gawn, Sandi (Str)
F: Riewoldt, Dahl, Roughy, Nankervis, Black, Miles (Smith, Eddy)


Sorry for posting this here but I missed the team reveal thread the other day and it seems to have run dry.


Don't be ashamed of the "Nank". Perfectly viable F4 or R2 option…will easily usurp the No.1 ruck role off that spud Hampson


Take a few deep breaths, Jib. The panic sets in every preseason. Go back and read Patch's article on midpricers to remind yourself what you're getting into.

Lists still aren't finalised yet. Rookies will emerge


Thanks Kev, not panic exactly but more frustration. Normally this year I'm like a kid in a candy store with mid rookies, this year the candy store has been replaced by a green grocer – yuck!

I think I'll leave my mid pricers where they are until the end of the JLT when the full picture becomes more clear. I feel another restructure might be on the cards if Goldy puts up another good show in week 3. If so it'll have ramifications right through my side.


i'm liking the bank balance (use in case of emergency)

i think you need to pick one of JOM or Swallow.


Likely one of them will be downgraded.

Also possible Sandi gets upgraded to Goldy and then Nankervis becomes someone else, possibly a Hoskin-Elliott type.


Swallow and JOM Combined Price = approx 320+280= approx 600k therefore 2 players is better then one Uber Premium.


Yeah I put them both in my team after I removed Sloane at M5 and Myers at M8. Ended up 130k better off but point production will likely be around the same, maybe slightly lower.


UPDATE: I only have Swallow now. Mid-pricers suck.







$35,770 LEFT OVER


Hrovat has impressed me in how he's been able to impact games despite have a real iffy forward pocket role I was hopeful they'd use him a bit deeper as he has some real skill with the ball in hand, as it is I see him having a really similar season to Matt Wright from Carlton at around 85pts not enough to be a keeper but 300k too much for a stepping stone, it's a pity.