SuperCoach Significance Report: MEL V CAR

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SuperCoach 2017 Melbourne Carlton JLTIt was an ordinary day to be a Carlton supporter at Casey Fields today..

..but this match was jam-packed with Supercoach 2017 relevance.

Melbourne absolutely dominated Carlton defeating the Blues 17.14.116 to 9.8.62.

We saw a truckload of premium selections running around as well as six rookie priced players. It’s hard to judge players like Hibberd, Murphy and the Carlton rookies, as today was their first game in quite sometime. We can however judge the fact that Carlton has a lot of work to do and Melbourne are going to be pushing for finals with a squad that finally has some depth.

In terms of Supercoach we have a lot to be excited about so let’s get into it and review some key player performances below.

I’ve had a look at some of the more relevant players in this write out but you can check out the Excel sheet reviewing EVERY PLAYER from the game here. (SC Scores to come soon).

*Shoutout to Goal Umpire David “D-Rod” Rodan for a great performance today


Notable absentees: Neville Jetta, Jeff Garlett, Dom Tyson, Jack Watts

Max Gawn $645,000 (RUC)

Had a pretty quiet first half in the ruck. Pushed forward in the second and third quarter where he was able to take some contested marks and kicked 2 goals. By no means played badly and will almost certainly be a top 3 ruckman but I need to see a little more in JLT 3 at that price.

Jordan Lewis $540,600 (MID)

Had a really strong first half but dropped off after that. Still has influence on the game and provides an interesting POD selection. I don’t imagine he’ll make a lot of teams. Prefer his teammate Jack Viney.

Jack Viney $527,200 (MID)

Didn’t have a whole lot of the ball (18 touches) but was able to influence the game at stoppages as well as push forward and hit the scoreboard. I expect him to improve on last years average and he’s probably underpriced. Based on today’s game he’d be a good pick for the risk lovers out there.

Bernie Vince $501,100 (DEF/MID)

Has just gone BANG! If you wanted a defensive lock then I think we’ve found one. Vince played a sweeping defensive role and was able to push into the midfield where he found 22 possessions at 81.8 DE%. He had 4 rebound 50’s as well as 4 inside 50’s. At his price and with the added bonus of being a DPP I’m very aroused.

Michael Hibberd $402,200 (DEF)

Didn’t really have an impact today. Was just easing back into AFL football but I suspect he won’t be worth selecting. He could be a trap for owners this year so we’ll need to watch him in JLT 3.

Clayton Oliver $382,500 (MID)

A breakout contender through and through. Reminded me off Chris Judd or Patrick Cripps the way he stands up in tackles. He’s a big-bodied player who was able to impact the game throughout the day. He had 20 possessions and 6 clearances from stoppages, the Jock Reynolds Magazine has him touted as the next midfield beast and after today I can see it.

Dion Johnstone $117,300 (FWD)

Played less than a half of football and didn’t make the most of his time on the ground. Only had 3 touches and I highly doubt he’ll be getting any games in 2017.

Joel Smith $117,300 (DEF)

A rookie we’ve been keeping an eye on over the preseason. He struggled to find a lot of the ball (mostly due to a lack of forward half possessions from Carlton) but he was very efficient with his 11 disposals. Smith is currently in my defensive structure.


Notable absentees: Sam Petrevski-Seton, Patrick Cripps, Nick Graham, Andrew Phillips

Sam Docherty $591,600 (DEF)

One of Carlton’s best players today. He had 23 possessions at 95.7 DE% and was able to push out of defence and play on a wing. Seemed to push up the ground in tandem with Kade Simpson. Won’t let his owners down but it is worth noting that Melbourne were attacking him at stages throughout the game.

Kade Simpson $578,700 (DEF)

Carlton’s best in the first half but dropped off after that (like most of the Blues). I love this man and he’s in my side as we speak, played in defense but like Docherty pushed up to some centre bounces. Simpson is a valid selection that should play 22 games in 2017. Had 22 touches.

Bryce Gibbs $577,200 (MID)

Leading disposal getter on the field. Always seems to play better with Marc Murphy in the team. He had 20 uncontested possessions of his 28 so the return of Cripps should only help him. Will be a nice POD selection for those who go with him.

Marc Murphy $432,500 (MID)

Had a really nice first half and was quiet after that, played in defence for the final term. Still had the 20 possessions and played well at centre clearances, hard to say whether he’s a good selection based off of today’s performance. Still need to watch him in JLT 3 (might get suspended for a love tap on Viney for JLT 2).

Zac Fisher $117,300 (MID)

Had 10 touches in his first game for the Blues. Has a fair bit of work to do to play round 1 but I’ll be keeping an eye on him. Positive signs out of today…watchlist.

Kym Lebois $123,400 (FWD)

Started off with an amazing goal but only had four touches for the day. Will struggle to make the list but if he’s upgraded during the season he might be a cheap downgrade option.

Harry McKay $123,900 (FWD)

Only had 3 touches for the Blues but looks to cover the ground well and applies pressure nicely (got robbed of two great tackles called for in the back). KPP so no relevance in Supercoach but he might be a bubble option later in the year.

Jarrod pickett $123,900 (MID/FWD)

Another Carlton rookie player who didn’t really trouble the stats keepers. Only 5 touches but kicked two nice goals in a row for the Blues. Potential to play some early games in the season although I’m not sure he can score enough. Watchlist.

How did you see it community?


(PS.. assuming you’re all onboard CoachKings Sunday arvo sessions by now yeah? See below)


CoachKings Sunday Session


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Petracca looked like Danger, an absolute weapon all day


Still no rookie to put his hand up


Totally agree with Bernie on the backline!!
He's pushed in front of Taylor Adams…… I still may run with both if TA can prove himself in his last 2 JLTs.


Marchbank lek?

Think he deserves a mentioned looked pretty darn good from what I saw.


Please tell us what you thought of Marchbank lek?

Clock Management

Not a lot out of the game. Also nice spreadsheet Lek.

Vince I just feel like he is a trap could be wrong though, Viney is an animal nice pod, murphy will be better for the run.

There is no doubt Spencer is playing rd 1. Goodwin wants 2 ruckmen, so Gawn can spend more time forward. I still thing Gawn will be a top 3 ruck choice and therefore will likely be in my team.


Didn't Goodwin say that in a Interview few weeks back?


Yeah he did, I can't decide how this effects gawns output, It has to have a negative impact doesn't it?


I'll be surprised if Spencer plays. Most teams play 2 rucks in pre season with extra 2 spots. He would be a liability playing forward whilst Gawn is rucking

Clock Management

Agree, too pricey, Prefer him to someone like Andrew Mcgrath however.


Nemo sat out the first half and a bit of the 4th qrtr as well. 10 Touches from his tog is good, excellent distributor in traffic and a long accurate left foot kick and knows how to get the hard ball despite only being 175cm. Shame that he's mid only he could easily make as much $ as Bowes/luggage/Mcgrath before byes. If he gets more time and more disposals in 2 and 3 he's a nice POD bench warmer


No scores from game yet?


Think Gawns output was negatively affected by strong wind blowing across the ground – very difficult for a very tall guy.

Will be different at Etihad/MCG!

Gawn was on fire second half of last year- very worried by Goodwin's 2 x ruck strategy.


Christian Petracca 136
Jesse Hogan 127
Clayton Oliver 103
Jack Viney 102
Jordan Lewis 99
Christian Salem 98
Jake Melksham 98
Bernie Vince 95
Billy Stretch 93
Aaron Vandenberg 84
Angus Brayshaw 79
Nathan Jones 78
Max Gawn 78
Jayden Hunt 67
Oscar McDonald 65
Tom McDonald 61
Michael Hibberd 58
Jay Kennedy-Harris 56
Joel Smith 55
Alex Neal-Bullen 54
Tomas Bugg 49
James Harmes 47
Sam Weideman 40
Jake Spencer 34
Dion Johnstone 13
Matthew Wright 105
Bryce Gibbs 99
Sam Docherty 95
Kade Simpson 90
Dale Thomas 82
Matthew Kreuzer 79
Caleb Marchbank 76
Sam Kerridge 75
Marc Murphy 74
Levi Casboult 72
Charlie Curnow 67
Lachie Plowman 55
Ed Curnow 52
Sam Rowe 51
Jacob Weitering 48
Billie Smedts 45
Rhys Palmer 45
David Cuningham 36
Kym Lebois 32
Jack Silvagni 31
Simon White 28
Zac Fisher 27
Jarrod Pickett 26
Dylan Buckley 23
Harry McKay 15
Daniel Gorringe 3

Meanie of Me

Cheers mikeg


I want to swap out max gawn but who should I get?


For now…
R.Laird B.Vince C.Mills E.Vicker-Willis T.Stewert L.Ryan
EMG F.Watson Z.Guthrie

P.Dangerfield S.Pendlebury J.Kennedy T.Rockliff
T.Mitchell J.Kelly S.Powell-Pepper H.Wigg
EMG J.Pickett D.Lloyed B.Jarman

T.Goldstein B.Grundy
EMG L.Strnadica

J.Macrae C.Wingard T.Miller J.Billings C.Petracca A.Black
EMG B.Eddy D.Houston


I'm sorry ben but that to me isn't a good team. A lot of choices I dont agree with


Lots of traps. Mills, Kelly, Billings, MIller (I ran Billings last year), try for a more guns n rookies approach or a least some fallen premos, over trying to pick that many breakouts…


How does Murphy play jlt3 if he gets suspended?

Jager Bombs

I think he plays and gets suspended in the regular season.


Hi community

Who would you get in the forward i already have Dalhouse, Ryder, roughy, Black, Gallucci ( Smith, Eddy)

I need one more with $570,000

I am also doing the Sandi trick with ryder so I need some cash leftover


St Nick's been looking pretty good so far, also if you don't mind having 2 doggies players in the forward line Macrae is always an option


Trade out rance and but Bernie straight in?


Hibberd doesnt play JLT3


Doch or Simpson better to invest in for the year?