Top 12 SuperCoach 2017 Selections

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Top 12 SuperCoach 2017 SelectionsThis will be incredible interesting

I thought it’d be a good idea to sit back and have a look at the 12 most selected SuperCoach 2017 options as it stands today, as revealed within the game itself.

I got to thinking.. how closely might our proud community match the general SuperCoach populace when it comes to our selection preferences? As the most advanced community in the nation, are selection trends emerging within the gleaming electronic walls of this joint that haven’t extended to the non enlightened ones out there?

Let’s chuck it in the test tube and see if she fizzes eh?

Here are the 12 most selected SuperCoach options right now:

12 most selected SuperCoach Options

Now, unless you’ve been under a reasonably sizeable rock – you’ll know that the Jock Reynolds 2017 SuperCoach Magazine is an ABSOLUTE must this year. If you’re ready to put a rocket up the pip of your SuperCoach career.. grab one right now here!

Now.. which of these blokes are in your current squad?

Which of these blokes are in your current SuperCoach team?

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Look forward to your reasonings in the comments below!






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Damn I have 10 of the 12 might be time to rethink


I wouldn't mate, these are genuine pick top 10 players across each line and cash cows. The only i woukd advise against is MCclugage and McGrath. No money in em.


Its about how you differ with the rest of your picks.


I have all bar McGrath & McLuggage. Luke Ryan not getting a game this week is a concern. But really it's your players 21-30 in your team that define your season


Suprised pendles is not on that list. One of the most consistent performers for several years and top five at that.


agree but maybe price

Pat L

Fyfe- start without him and you fall behind, if he gets injured then everyone will have to trade him anyway
Gawn- too good to pass up on, the only lock in the rucks
Dahl- locked in for 105+ average, will be top forward and is even underpriced due to injury.
Danger- no justification needed
SPP- only MID rookie who is basically locked into my team due to his ready made body and assured position in the 22.
Swallow- only priced 80k higher than the likes of Mcclug and McGrath and at worst will average 80- worth the risk.
Ryan- should slot straight in to the 22, KPP defenders for Freo usually score reasonably (think S Collins last year)
McCluggage- only premium rookie I'm considering due to his JS and role, should hold up an F5/6 for half of the year

Rough- declining average and had a year off, nup.
Adams- High unlikely to play 22 games, enough for me to pass
Shaw- Wary of him getting tagged, will watch and hope for drop in price. Will definitely be in my final team
McGrath- Gun but won't be a huge SC scorer.

Tim Smith

I reckon Roughy will be a nice option this year at 367k i reckon he could easily average 90 especially with the role he plays at the hawks

Adams can easily play 22 games this year he's just had some bad luck, he's had one of the best pre seasons out of all the collingwood players (coming from a pies supporter) and i think he could up his average to at least 102-103.

Shaw you're gunna have him in your final team so dont see why he's a no? he might dip in price a little but won't much and if you wait for him to dip in price i could only see this half way through the season, he's most likely already scored very well and could even of hurt you in games with opposing teams having him.

Pat L

Rough could easily be a viable option but would rather spend that money elsewhere. Could still end up in my team but not sure.

And same with Adams, just not sure about his durability and am leaning towards Laird.

I'd rather Doch over Shaw because I'm not sure if Shaw will get tagged and I'm happy to wait and see.

Tim Smith

I've got both adams and Laird and Doch and shaw so i can see your reasoning to only go with one of each!


all round 13 byes
might want to rethink that

Tim Smith

Doch ain't but majority of my team ain't bye 13 I've got the least for round 11


Do you play for Melbourne?

Tim Smith

yeah hoping to get a game this seasons hopefully round 1!

Hi ddjhih



McGrath and McCluggage are suss picks man. Hasnt Jock taught you anything about taking these 18yo mid pricers.

Roughy a far more viable option with an excellent rd1 JLT and a new invigoration as captain.


Then Who would ya go for then


I have 7 of that 12.

No Adams – Can't trust him to play 22 games.
No McCluggage or McGrath – can't trust them to score enough week in/week out to earn enough money as a rookie.
No Roughead – Key position players up forward burn me too often, I usually try to avoid them to start with.
No Swallow – He could make it in still, but not in my teams current variant.


Roughy actually averaged 96 in 2015, Pat. Fanfooty have his 28 possession, 7 goals game against the Dogs in round 3 as 63sc (which is wrong, obvs). Puts his yearly average at 96.8 over the past 3 seasons.


i think if your planning on getting shaw just save the trade and bring him in now.
wont matter if he drops in price if you already had him as a lock.
this will allow you to get another player instead


Out of the top defender being Doc, simmo , shaw, adams and laird. Shaw is the most likely to throw in a shit game and get a big price drop, all the others are constant defenders so the price drop will be less. Cant take them all in ya starting team so have to pick the ones that you believe will drop the least or at all.


Have all but Adams, don't think he'll be top 6 defender for year.


You're nuts


Surprised on the ownership of McGrath and McBags. McGrath more so because there are some awesome defensive rookies popping their hand up that are much cheaper.


Probably due to his DPP so we can have a playing premium rookie in the mids. Will he be playing though?


Most are probably the inexperienced Supercoachers who believe they will do well


who are these awesome def rooks?



McGrath that is.


I've cooled my interest in the Rough, reckon you can get away with not having him early and corrective later if you must.


yep. said that before. he will start slow, and build up his TOG. If he scores 80's for the first 13 weeks i think he will say that was pretty ok (i know he is a big Supercoach fan). If he averages 80 he will still be priced at around $410k. I think if he gets to the byes feeling fit, look for a big second half from him.




85% TOG for 95 supercoach points, against a basically best 22 North side.

No goals scored by Roughy to add to his score. Attended stoppages and got clearances. 16 of 23 disposals kicks.

I'm obviously missing something. Ironically he has scored 95+ for five years in a row and now scores that in a JLT game after a year off……………He is my only mid price player I am 100% on.


Oops was looking at wrong scores, Roughy's 63 points in game one wasn't very good. He's confirmed a place for me after the game against North 🙂


The most surprising omissions for me are Stnadica at R3 and Eddy at F8. Thought they would be in everyone's team.


the big hard stern dicka should be a lock

the big firm loves looking for that floating donut hole


Have all bar Heater


MGrath, McLuggage – to expensive for what they are
Adams – went Burgoyne as he's Mr Reliable


First year playing SC and am interested in why there is such scorn for the higher priced rookies. Yes they won't generate as much cash but surely the better scoring and job security is worth the extra cost if we are lacking other options in a particular line?

I currently have mccluggage in the mids expecting him to play first ten games and score 70~. Surely this is better than a Barrett, Graham, Florent etc who may play a handful of games, ave 55-60 and then get dropped?


If your a first year player you should be getting Jock's magazine. It explains why the expensive rookies should be a last resort. And it will fast forward your progress no end


I did get the magazine and it did explain why they don't make as much money as a cheaper rookie. But it didn't really account for the cheaper players being much more likely to be dropped which instantly kills cash generation and makes you use up trades. I've been playing RDT and AF so know all too well how painful it is to see a couple of your rookies axed on a Thursday evening…


You make some fair points Matthew, and going off your numbers, I'd definitely take a 70 averaging McCluggage over a 55-60 (and then dropped) Barrett/Graham…..however there are a few things to consider;
1.Will McCluggage average 70?
2.Will McCluggage get dropped also?


Ideally what you want from a cheap rookie is one big game. One will do.

The score stays in his average for 3 weeks and can really increase price.


In answer to those questions, I would only pay the ~$200 for these rookies if I was very confident they would score 70+ and not be dropped in the first ten weeks.

So McGrath, bowes, ainsworth, taranto and thurlow don't cut it for me but I do think mccluggage, knight, Hampton, Witts and maybe McCarthy and Turner have the ability to justify their price.


do what you want, but when a majority of the community is advising you to do one thing, and your the only one arguing against, maybe you should sit back, thank the SC gods for this great community and put our combined wisdom to much use.

i refer to this famous quote

"The good thing about being young is that you are not experienced enough to know you cannot possibly do the things you are doing"


Sounds like the world outside of planet groupthink is a scary place for you sir.


in Supercoach there are two types of players, the Keepers and the Cash Cows.

The keepers are in your best (and final) 22. All other players are only Cash Cows and their job is to get your team to approx $14mil value ASAP so you can get your best 22.

If you have a choice of a rookie for $117k or a Rookie for $210k there are a few things to consider.

If they are bench only or will they be required to be onfield and score points.
What is their job security?

If the $117k Rookie scores say 65's and the expensive rookie scores 80's, who do you choose?…the cash gained over 13 weeks would be the same, the points scored would be significantly more for the expensive Rookie, but that did you do with the extra $93K?? if that was invested wisely and got you a Shaw instead of a Williams maybe the points (and the trade saved) puts you ahead.

the reality is that rookies won't be in your team for 13 weeks, the cheapies will gain quicker earlier and you can trade them out sooner than the expensive ones and get onto the next bubble boy.

the argument the other way is Menapoo. I had to use him onfield last year when Rocky and BCrouch were out…. a cheapie can really stink, where a Mills, kennedy, Keridge last year would have done ok. plus there is the added worry or a rookie getting axed and not playing.

2017 seems there are alot of players who are making a "come back" from injury and shutting the cheap rookies out. I can count 5 cheap rookies who i would be confident of getting a game round 1. Eddy, SPP, Vickers, ryan, Stewart (3 are defenders)


Ah. Menapoo. What a spud.
On ya Derek.


Cheers Derek.

From what I have gathered, a decent SC starting team would have maybe 13 premo keepers, one or two mid pricers and 7 or 8 on field rookies.

In my experience, there are rarely more than 5 starting rookies who are basement price with decent js and scoring potential. So we usually have 3 or 4 potatoes like menadue on field. By culling one premo to a decent midpricer I can shed all of these high risk rookies to guys with superior potential and security which reduces a lot of misery and puts better scores on field.

Maybe we make a shade less profit doing this but if our luxury rookies and midpricers are succesful then we get more points in the early weeks and can easily stay in touch in terms of team value later in the year?


I am taking 11 keepers plus 2-3 speculatives. If I get 12, I need 10 more which equates to 20 trades plus 2 correctives in round 3 before price rise. That leaves 8 trades for injuries and maybe some final round touch ups if all goes well. For this reason, I tend to favour durable keepers with a bit of flair in the mix


My latest team has been trimmed to 12 keepers, plus thinking of putting ztMitch instead of Priddis.

Frees up cash for HoskinE, Knight, McCluggage at F4, F5 & F6.

I'm still confident a few more cheap rookies will turn up, but bench only, although might start with a couple of the cheap defenders on field and loop them with a Long or Ridley to max their score

Russ in W.A

Why are you so keen on Knight Derek?…he didn't even get a game today.


good write up
i just got rid of Mccluggage and brought in a cheaper option.
high draft picks are black holes for SC score output


what do you boys think of ryder this year? 411,000


Shared the Ruck with Lobbe & Trengrove last night & played 70% game time for 31 points. So I went to the shops this morning & bought the biggest red pen I could find & put it straight through Paddy Ryders name mercilessly


im not going anywhere near this burn man
ryder is a black hole waiting to suck up your SC scoring output

Jib Jib

A necessary evil


Wont be touching him with a 100 meter barge pole. I'm going R1 – Gawn like everyone & R2 either Grundy or Goldy if I can find the coin to fit him.

One Ruck I am terrified about this season is Jacobs and it wouldn't surprise me if he ends up scoring like he did in 2014 & 2015


I'm with Pieman on this. I think Ryder will eventually work up to full fitness during the year and smash out a few good scores, but unless he goes nuts in the next two JLTs I think he'll burn plenty. Have decided on Gawn/Goldie and hopefully won't have to think about rucks.


Too awkwardly priced, can't see him making enough or averaging around 90


im not going within a bees nut of this prick


I think of Ryder being in every cookie cut team and it's going to help me break away from the pack.


where do you get the % ownership from. I want to see how many people have Zac Dawson this year.


0.6% ownership. Go players on the left hand side -> Coaches Choice -> then I turned filters on and searched him.


If their are any leagues out their that are super strong that usually finish in the top 1% and are committed week in and week out please let me know.

Jock do you have any vacant spots in any of your leagues mate?


Roughy under performed and did not impress in r1, swallow may not get a start due to missing 38 out of 40 last games, coming out of injury and McGrath has not impressed me at all


im considering dropping roughy.


I have 9 out of 12. McGrath and McCluggage are tempting but it is better to have a JPK over a Heppell. Adams is on the verge of my team, just waiting to see if he can get through the preseason first


i just got rid of McCluggage. come rd1 he is too expensive and unproven. wont generate much cash. there will be other players gthat pop up betwenn now and rd1. every $ counts going into rd 1`


New to this site but love it, full of SC priceless info, so thanks to all involved – you guys/girls are remarkable.

Thoughts on my current team please.

DEFENCE: Shaw, Adams OR Laird, Hurley, Hibberd, Veckers-Willis, Newman (Ryan, Stewart)
MIDFIELD: Danger, Pendles, Hannebery, Sloane OR Bont, Fyfe, Watson, Powel-Pepper, Pickett (Freeman, Drew, Graham)
RUCK: Gawn, Grundy (Strnadica)
FORWARD: Dahlhaus, Gunston, Roughead, Hoskin-Elliott, Black, Bolton (Smith, Eddy)

My query is should I go a little less heavy in defence, for example get rid of Hurley and put in someone like Keeffe, then add a extra premium in the forward line such as Macrae, what are your thoughts?


Which Hibberd? If Melb version he has little upside and won't be in top 10 Defenders
Ryan won't play early rounds.
Hurley ??. Why? when you can have Tuohy or Mills.
Graham won't play R1.
Hoskin-Elliot one of the worst performed SC FWDs last year, too expensive … can't see why you'd have him ahead of Taranto or Bowes or pay a few extra $ for Elliott.


I think Hibberd will do well for Melbourne considering his $400k price tag, he was one of the first players I locked in, granted he may not finish in the top 10 but I believe he will make cash and could be upgraded to a top 10 defender.
Apart from Shaw all other defenders including Docherty & Simpson it's possible they don't finish in the top 10 defenders, this happens every year when the most expensive defenders fail to live up to expectation, even though I think Simpson will but Docherty and his price is absurd.

Hurley I can understand your concern, but that was my query regarding my team looks to heavy in defence, so I will swap Hurley to Keefee and then swap Hoskin-Elliott to Macrae in my forward line.

Totally disregard the rookies as everyone's rookies will change continuously until the names for round 1 are out..


Hurley vs McCrea is a no brainer.


Had 9 but I've dropped Bags and Adams, top 7 now


Love the fact Shaw is near the bottom. Don't pick him at your own peril. Only 2 I don't have is the 2 expensive rookies.


Settle all !!!! One JLT round. WE all know all will be thrown out the window come 6.30 Thursday in a few weeks !!


I have been looking at the second lot of Rucks other then Gawn, Goldy & Grundy and I keep getting drawn to Lycett – especially so when their #1 Ruckman in Nic Nat is out for the season.

Here are some stats from 2016

MARTIN $488,000 Avg/90
TIPPETT $479,200 Avg/88
JACOBS $472,000 Avg/87
HICKEY $458,100 Avg/84
LYCETT $452,700 Avg/83

I believe Lycett should average 90+ with no Nic Nat. Also if you took Lycett's score in round 21 out which was (2) – his average jumps to 90 – I think those who are going with Ryder in the Ruck or Forward line should strongly consider Lycett over Ryder.

I am strongly considering going Gawn & Lycett as my Ruck duo because I think he will be as good as, if not better then Martin, Tippett, Jacobs & Hickey.

What do the rest of you think?


Worth noting in rounds 15,16,17,18 & 19 last season when Nic Nat was absent Lycett scored 100,90,93,118 & 76


Any word on how Lycett is recovering from the surgery he had off season, not named in the upcoming derby


Buttonsticher yeah the latest news which just came out a few hours ago and Simpson reported that Lyctt's recovery over the last 2 months has been quicker then expected and should play in round 1 – If that's the case he will start in my side.

Here is the link to the article:

The Buttonsticher

Ta muchly


Why take out the 2?? He spudded hard, because he is a spud.


I have 9 of the 12, but with JOM now looking likely to start RI think the top 12 will change. And he will be in my team.


i have 7 of those. Cookie Cutter teams are OK though because we still have heaps of games between now and rd 1
Nat Fyfe
David Swallow
Luke Dahlhaus
Sam Powell-Pepper
Luke Ryan
Heath Shaw


guys, i need a reality check…

i have GAJ in my starting team
heres my MID lineup

please advise me great community



lol good luck mate, the vast majority of your midfield have had serious injury issues GAJ, Fyfe, Beams, O'Meara & Swallow.

Personally I think your crazy, however if they don't have any injury problems throughout the season you'll then look like a genius.

My plums aren't that huge however. From your midfield selections I have Danger, Pendles & Fyfe Good Luck though anything can happen.


Hannebury to Rocky. Commit to your superinjured midfield strategy =p

Big Daz

Expensive midfield. How's the rest of your team travelling ?


Agree with Dean mate – 3 from 8 are solid the others are injury prone at least. You WILL be making many trades as a result


Beams not even playing JLT 1 doesn't worry you?


Nothing inherently wrong with GAJ. Most of experience SC guys are avoiding due to risk of missing games and more time forward.
GAJ more than capable of knocking out 120 plus average with an odd 150+ score playing mid/fwd.
If he stays on the park you will be fine and could even be ahead of the rest of the pack.


I have 11


Hi community,
If u had a choice between JOM and Saint Nick or Jobe and Wingard. Who would u pick?


JOM and Saint Nick by a thousand miles.


Hi community

Who would you get in the forward i already have Dalhouse, Ryder, roughy, Black, Gallucci ( Smith, Eddy)

I need one more with $570,000

I am also doing the Sandi trick with ryder so I need some cash leftover


So you do have 570K for one or you want cash left over?

If you buy another mid price forward then you'll have Ryder/Roughy and another…………. 3 mid pricers in forward alone is a recipe for disaster.


Amazed that Taylor Adams is so popular, has never played 22 games in a season – remains an underestimated consideration


You don't miss out on anything by not selecting him, if he has a really good season can lock him in at anytime, I don't see him increasing in price. I'm starting Vince and Laird over Adams.