JLT SuperCoach Rookie Spreadsheet

Published by Barron Von Crow on

2017 SuperCoach Rookie SpreadsheetWelcome to the Jock Reynolds 2017 AFL Rookie Priced Watchlist!

You can use this spreadsheet to see what each rookie priced player scored, how much time they spent on ground and how their price might rise (or fall) to if they score the same when the real stuff comes around.

The average on a full game is only an estimate, using a bit of Peter Higginbotham style footy maths.

Dual position players are only listed once in their first listed position. Eg MID/FWD will be found in MIDS.

Look outΒ for an updated sheet after each weekend of the JLT Series!Β 

Now, unless you’re just coming out of your off season SuperCoach hibernation I’m assuming you already have what most are calling the “greatest piece of SuperCoach literature every created” in the hand? If not, you’re missing out BIG time.. make sure you get your copy of the Jock Reynolds 2017 Fantasy Footy Magazine by ordering here!


Barron Von Crow

Note: You will need to have Microsoft excel on a desktop or laptop to use this spreadsheet!


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This is truly amazing. I am seriously grateful for this. I feel a little guilty getting this for free. Think you guys should consider a gold membership class whereby you subscribe and get stuff like this, the Higginator, Old Ocker's wonderful spread sheet. Even add the magazine.


Or maybe open a patreon for donations.


old ockers spreadsheet is gold!


Buy the mag?..:)


Who are you lock defenders under 300k?

Dac Zawson

A boy outta the Calder Cannons called Zac Dawson ($259,600) is apparently tearing up the track down at Fremantle so I myself have locked him in at D4


<3 this kid
heard big things


Rookies aside there aren't many options, Seth. Zak Jones is 307k, played well the other day but won't see a lot of mid time in season proper


Do you think he will increase his average from a paltry 59 odd to 85+ Kev?
From what I'm reading I reckon he'll get a crack at the mids before Mills/Heeney, has an extra preseason or two under the belt and is maturing?
I have no doubt that the other two will end up better players but he could be a quick upgrade to a fallen premo while spitting out some decent scores, $20k dearer than Swallow.
Like ya thoughts mate cheers


I have Thurlow at D4 at the minute, plan is to upgrade him to Pittard post R9 bye all going well… Could easily become Keeffe or Scharnberg if he up's it over next 2….


Throw Thurlow in their too.
Can't have them all but 1 or 2?


So what do you reckon you do then. Take risks on Vickers willis, McGrath and sharenberg or go for mid pricers.


He'd (Jones/Thurlow) be D4 Seth with 2 rooks on field, have V-W, Newman, Stewart and Ryan filling them spots.


Never midpricer mate unless you are absolutely certain they will do a job for you. The rookies will make you money. Only a very small % of midpricers ever succeed. And most of the time they are fallen premiums. Grab some rookies and use your cash elsewhere on a premium imo


You've gotta risk it some where for a biscuit Holty.
I'd rather do it in the back line and drop my D4 for a likely rook after 2 weeks and start strong in the guts/rucks.
Long way to go, fun playing around with the team.


I know it's not the place but can someone give me their opinions.

Docherty, shaw, tuohy,logue,Hampton,vickers willis
(Ryan, smith)

Dangerfield, pendles, Rocky, Kennedy, fyfe, priddis,maccluagge,Ainsworth
(Myers, pepper Powell, miles)

Gawn Ryder (strnaadica)

Lukey D, heeney, roughy, Bowes, black, Pickett
(Drew, eddy)

Obviously rookies are dependent on remaining jlt series.. 6k left.
Also warning to downgrading priddis to d swallow upgrading tuohy to rance and upgrading Ryder to goldy


Nice team.. im also looking at ryder at r2 but i dont wont the donut in round 9.. only way around it is to prioritise an upgrade for the ruck before round 9 but we all know how priorities emerge… what are your thoughts dangerwood


That's exactly my thoughts mate. Will suss who will be the second best rick and trade accordingly. I'm now thinking Would it be silly to drop heeney sub one of the mid/fwd lads down to foward and then induce Watson to the midfield?

Supercoach Spud

Good team nice section on priddis no one really has him


Yeah pod!


Does anyone have any views on whether MP will benefit from Mitchell's arrival?


I don't reckon it'll affect him either way to be honest.Priddis will still win his ball and tackle like a maniac


thoughts on my side, few roughies of players who've changed clubs in their..

DEF: vince, tuohy, mills, murphy, vickers-willis, newman, ryan, stewart
MID: danger, pendles, rocky, fyfe, t. mitchell, o'meara, swallow, myers, powell pepper, hibberd, freeman
RUCK: gawn, mumford, witts
FWD: macrae, caddy, roughy, hoskin-elliot, mcluggage, pickett, smith, eddy

early days just want an opinion or 2


Not convinced on touhy or vince, I'm all about a good POD but for your D1 and D2 might wanna consider some stronger picks, keep an eye on jlt to see what role touhy takes on! Like the mills selection could bust out this year but still not convinced… bobby Murphy getting a bit long in the tooth wouldn't consider running a rookie instead and upgrading else where!
O'meara and swallow in the guts alongside rocky and Fyfe! Got some big injury risks in there would go one or the other for swallow/JOM keep an eye on the JLT I guess, I've gone with swallow!
I dunno if mummy had a full preseason but don't mind him as a pick, might be worth flicking witts off your bench….. got plenty of areas you can reduce risks and gain cash to Sure up other areas! Dahl is a must in the forward line also IMO


Murphy is a risk, I had him in my team to start but I'm getting less and less sure.
Love the tuohy selection


Hi james. Im all for having 1 or 2 players who have had a injury past who is underpriced but you have gone overboard here imo. Murphy, Rocky, Fyfe, JOM, Swallow and Mummy are too many to start. Your season could be over in the first month if half of them go down again.

mick tymms

doc and shaw might be to much coin one of these down to laird.or pendles down to treloar and priddis to swallow/omera will give u enough to upgrade ainsworth/bowes into a gun just a thought but three dear rookies might be to much

mick tymms

not far off james backline needs a keeper or 2 other than pretty dam good dont worry about nuts


Top work Barron, a very handy tool…

Supercoach Spud

Sloane or Pendles
and doch or simpson
help with any part of team and $1,111 in bank


Looks good, I would probably keep more in the bank too for your first upgrades and possible corrections.


myers is now injured for 6-8 weeks


I posted this a few weeks ago, and after watching the weekend of footy i think it might be relevant to post it again (edited)

I think this year we will see a big change in the Ruck strategy of most clubs. Prior to the introduction of the Sub vest, most clubs ran with two genuine ruckmen who shared the duties (there might have been a slightly dominate one, but there was a clear sharing of duties, one would come off and the other would run on).

When the sub rule came in it was the extra ruckman who was sacrificed and most clubs went with only one ruckman with a pinch-hitter forward who could help out while the ruckman had a rest.

What was interesting was the TOG for the ruckman significantly increased when the sub vest came in, instead of rucking then coming off for a rest, the ruckman would "rest" in the forward line. Average TOG for ruckmen increased from about 70% to near 92%.

very few clubs stuck with the two Ruckmen post sub vest, Hawthorn were one of the few who stayed with it and they won 3 flags doing it, oh well!

The clubs who had weaker ruckmen came up with plans to counter attack, the third man up became popular, Blicavs emerged, bigger stronger midfielders to Shark the ball, teams adapted as they always do.

prior to the Sub vest, supercoachers looked for the few Lone Wolf Ruckman there were. Goldy, Cox, Maric, Sandilands, Jacobs were the main ones, and they were supercoach Gold.

2016 saw the death of the Sub vest (thank god) but not the return of the 2 ruckmen. the Lone Wolf Ruckman was still prefered by most clubs, except Bulldogs who shared the duties between Roughead and Campbell – and they won a flag, Oh Well!

why didn't clubs go back to 2 ruckmen?

The main reason is that you just can't go get one of these big gorrillas, they take time to find and then train. They are there and they are coming, they are starting to step outside their cages and have a look around, we saw some of them on the weekend. the clubs are gearing up for the return of the 2 ruckmen.

With the death of the 3rd man up, this will assist the good ruckmen, but it will make the other clubs adapt. I can see clubs going to 2 more nimble ruckman who will run the Lone Wolf ragged.

The other reason was the introduction of the deliberate out of bounds last year. the number of stoppages was down by 21% so most clubs saw there wasn't a need for a second ruck as there was less work to do. This will mean ruckmen will need run more and work alot harder for their points. The introduction of 5pts for Hit Outs to advantage meant that the premium ruckmen's scores didn't get that affected by the less amount of stoppages, with the death of the 3rd man up this may again mask the less number of stoppages and they should hold their scoring averages from last year (the good ones anyway).

I am seeing that most clubs are building their stocks of ruckmen, big blokes who can run and tackle, we saw a few on the weekend and there will be more to come. did i see another bearded giant at melbourne and who was that hulk in blue and white stripes?

The secret is to find the Lone Wolf ruckmen. Grundy, Gawn, Mummy, Sandilands?

just my thoughts…

Clock Management

Great analysis Derek, agree 100% with your thoughts,

Even Melbourne will be running 2 Ruckmen this year(Spencer a lock for Rd 1 if fit) For mine the ruckmen go solo or can impact the scoreboard will be key.


The Clock! Stunning win on the weekend son

Clock Management

Thanks mate, it was intense. Keen to hit up some pubs during the season


Mumford won't be lone wolf with Rory Lobb bursting onto the scene.


does he Ruck much, i thought he was more a fwd who did a bit of Pinch hitting?


He doesn't ruck nearly at all. Pitch hits is exactly what he does when Mummy is out.


Great piece Derek. Picking the R2 this year is a bloody nightmare. Any word on how Sandi is tracking?


Picking the R2 is hard.

It's like being asked to pick your 6 forwards at the start of the year.


Jeez Derek you know how to put out a good reasoned theory or 3.
Gawn is a must IMO, keep coming back to Stef at R2 just can't trust Sandiballs and haven't seen a high ceiling from Grundy, it could happen this year?
Goldy is the fly in the ointment ATM.


i didn't see the Lions game, how did Archie go?


Seen about 3/4s, he looks OK, they need a big boy up fwd to help their young fellas, so that could mean a bit of fwd swappage for Stef. I still think he'l still do most of the heavy lifting and is good at ground level. (I had Archie in coach kings)

Shake n bake

Grundy will do most of the ruck duties around the ground and im sure cox will also pinch hit especially fwd will have to see witch way pies go in the early rds but im sure cox will be there.


Cox looked ok on weekend


That's what she said…


Hawthorn and Western Bulldogs won flags without dominant Ruckman. I think other teams might have a look at that.


Hey Community how does everyone thik them team is looking

DEF: Shaw, Adams, Laird, Scharenberg, Newman, Vicker-willis ( Stuart & Ryan)
MIDS: Danger, Pendles, JPK, Selwood, Treloar, Fyfe, SPP, Myers, (Freeman, Graham, Hibberd)
RUCK: Gawn, Sandi (Strnadica)
FWD: Dahlhaus, Caddy, Ryder, Roughy, Pickett, Bolton (Smith & Eddy)


Almost identical to my version involving sandi (still not convinced) swap shaw for docherty and selwood for roxky and you have my team so i thinks its on point


Do you believe it?? The same club who last year drafted 2 M.Kings and made them both 117k R/F purely just to confuse us Supercoachers, have managed to do it again!!! Can someone please explain to me which Smith is a chance to play Round 1 for Melbourne? Is it the 117k DEF or the 102k FWD?????

Clock Management

I don't believe either will play rd 1 but T.Smith the fwd is the one who is a slim chance


i have T Smith sitting on my fwd bench, he is real cheap, hope he gets a game.


Tim Smith is the $102k fwd, still on rookie list.
Avid supercoacher too.

Clock Management

I have to thank the Supercoach Gods, Entering this past weekend at R2 I had Mr Witts of the Gold Coast Suns,

I thought what a bargin ruck selection, even though I have always went with set and forget i thought this was the year.

To put it short I was wrong. Watching in the 2nd quarter I saw the 209cm giant limp to the bench thats when I knew, it was out with the witts in with the manbun.

To the GODS thankyou for showing me the light, I will never fall for the temptation again.

Yours truly,

The Clock


I have been experimenting with my team and this is the result.

DEF: Adams, Laird, Mills, Vickers-willis, Newman, Stewart (Ryan, Guthrie)
MID: Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Hannebery, Treloar, Fyfe, Swallow, SPP, Myers (Miles, Pickett, Freeman)
RUC: Gawn, Grundy (Strnadica)
FWD: Dahlhaus, Macrae, Caddy, Heeney, Mccluggage, Black (Smith, Eddy)

I like my team except for a couple of things, i know my backline is a tad weak without shaw or docherty but can't afford them atm but i like the look of mills, but would touhy be a better buy?

i love my mids except for not having the bont, i love him as a player and i think he could become uber premium but i need to listen to my head not heart, sigh. i am also not that satisfied with the bench rookies, i was high on barrett but after his sub par performance i am having second thoughts but i cant take too much into consideration.

my forward line is missing roughhead i know but i just think caddy will go 100+, same with heeney and macrae, dahlhaus is a no brainer, also i think i would rather have hrovat over roughhead, is it just me?

referring back to the not having shaw or doch situation, should i downgrade macrae or caddy to maybe hrovat to then upgrade mills or is my team fine as it is. THANKS.


Side is solid. The thing I would point out is that your round 11 bye looks shaky. You have 6 keepers out, which I think is too many.
The Mills/Heeney dilemma is a big factor to work through. If the Swans are going to run both those guys through the midfield AND Zac Jones, can either of them become true premo? Yes, I think they will both improve, but will it be enough to be a top 8 defender or a top 8 forward. Probably not, in my opinion.
Do you think Roughy can be top 8? Opinion is again divided, but I lean to a no.
Hrovat might be a good cash generator , like Swallow in your mids. You would pick him for the points and cash generation, but know he will probably cost you a trade.
I would also reconsider McCluggage. I think a cheaper rookie can do the same job at a cheaper price. Frees up a bit more cash.


Prestia as a POD




I am!
Dont listen to any of these people. I am going mid price madness and I expect cash to flow my way big time. Then ill cash them in to get Premo's while the Premo's drop in value. They wont be 700k in round 6!


Perfect strategy to win all your leagues.

Kenny Lingas

And run out of trades in round 18


Righto Community, havent ever put up a team here, keen on your thoughts on my slapped together team
DEF: Simpson, Rance, Adams, scharenberg, vickers-willis, L,Ryan (T.stewart, L.smith)
MID: Pendles, J.kennedy, Fyfe, Rocky, M.crouch, J.BILLINGS, d.Swallow, D.myers (PowelPepper, J.Barret, T.Miles)
RUC: Gawn, Sandiballs (B.Longer)
FWD: L.Doghouse, J.Mcrae, P.ryder, Roughy, A.Black, B.Eddy (J.picket, T.Smith)

Had dinner with the stkilda FC on Friday and was told Billings is absolutely dominating


Just read Rance is touch and go with a hammy….


Hammy tendinitis.


yeah rance could go to shaw, or doc, or even might give touhey a sniff.

neil Demons Delight

Have 5 mid pricers and unfortunately cant delete any Mills Roughy Sandy Ryder and Kelly liked him all along.Obviously cant go all 5 but who particularly with cheaper good rooks popping up. Thinking Roughy and Kelly mainly cause there probably not in the top 6 or 8 Hard this game Cheers neil


Id keep roughy and Ryder. Sandi is a injury risk. Will Mills replace Titch in that midfield? Kelly is a gun but will need to improve a lot to be a valid selection. Roughy if he gets back to full fitness will be top 8 forward. I know some people are saying he isn't a top 8 but his worst season in his last 5 was a 95.8 average. Which equates to his worst season would of been a top 8 forward last year. Ryder selection is pending on lobbe getting a game. His last season was 85 average sharing the ruck. His 4 seasons before that were 2×100 plus seasons and 2×90 plus seasons. In the end, all valid selections but if you are trying to limit the midpricers, this is my opinion.

neil Demons Delight

Thanks Hotly I wrote after reading your earlier comments and think 5 too many taken your thoughts on board thx


Where do you get the % of players in teams from?


Can also be done on the app, Ivan. Select the players tab. Then tap that thing bottom right corner > show me stats for > coaches choice


Absolutely beaut, Barron! Thanks for putting this together, my man. I'm going to owe you a lot of brews when I hit Oz.


Def: Doch, Montagna, Laird, Lloyd, Vickers, Stewart (Ryan, J.Smith)

Mid: Pendles, Hanners, Rocky, Priddis, Fyfe,Swallow, Gallucci, SPP ( Graham,Freeman,Fisher)

Ruck: Gawn, Sandi (Cameron)

Fwd: Dahl, Caddy, Ryder, Acres, Bowes, Black (Pickett, T.Smith)

Any thoughts would be appreciated!


Hi mate, looks good but would make a few changes personally. Probably think about picking Tuohy or Johanissen instead of montagna, just because of his age. Also that should free up a bit of cash, so pick bloody DANGERFIELD. I know that you want to free up extra $ but that bloke sweats supercoach points, and you have no real POD in the team when you aren't picking him.

Another suggestion would be to pick heeney instead of Acres, the bloke looked ominous in the trial game, very clean and I reckon as a midpricied forward he is less risky. Personally not a fan of Sandi or Ryder, just because Ryder is quite inconsistent and Sandi is just too risky if you arent gonna pick the big bloke. I would be looking to Grundy at R2, set and forget. He is gonna have a break out year this year as well I reckon.

Hope that helped, if you dont reckon that that advice was useful, don't listen to it.

Good luck!

General Soreness

Work of Art BVC – bloody legend status!!!!


Very nice Barron Thank you. I usually spend hours collating this info from various sources now I'll be able to spend a bit more time with Donald working out how we're going to get back to Russia. Eddie Betts could escape from a bloodhound in a phone booth so, I might get the ambassador to send him over for a few tips

Don't Blush Baby

MMM reporting D.Myers out for 6 weeks , finger issue


6-8 on Bomber website πŸ™ A finger ffs.


yes…out for 6-8 god dammit!!


I am thinking of putting Adams in the mids and running 4 onfield rookies. I hate the look of it, but if the Defence rookies are better than the mid rookies then it makes sense, right? Just getting my head around the concept that Defence rookies are better than mid rookies


Thoughts on:

Michael Johnson DEF/ 341K / 78.5avg
Zach Tuohy DEF / 443k / 81avg
Tom Langdon DEF / 356K / 81avg
Caleb Marchbank DEF / 236K / 65avg
Fraser McInnes DEF / 155K / 28avg


Tuohy interests me a lot


everyone join league code 224915. Want to fill the league with fellow jock disciples.


Done, Finnius. Bring it.

Mike C

In Finnius, thanks for that!


371182 for anyone wanting to join

Mike c

Thanks Nick, I'm in!


Myers out for 8 weeks


Horribil anus.


Mate I have excel but when I download the rookie file and open it up there is nothing there.


It doesn't work if your name is Terry unfortunately… Hopefully a glitch that will get ironed out in the next update!


Right down the bottom you have to click on Def or Mid etc and it should come up


can someone give me an opinion on my squad
DEF – montagna, Adams, laird, migrate, vickers willis, newman, ryan, stewart
MID – danger, pendles, Bont, Fyfe, tom Mitchell, jaegar, foote, SPP, Myers, hibberd, graham
RUC – Gawn, grundy, cameron
FWD – dahla, t j Lynch, ryder, roughy, Pickett, eddy, bolton, Kirby

neil Demons Delight

After a lot of thought decided to abandon M7 theory.In GRUNDY out SANDY. I know its early days but apparent lack of good M/F rookies is the key.Also thanks to Hotly s COMMENTS ABOUT mid pricers gone are Mills Kelly Tmac though I am sure some will shine Keeping only roughy and Ryder though later may disappear. I know this sounds odd no M/f rooks and no Mid pricers but the few rooks that are there are ok but pricey one or the other really.I also spend a lot of research on byes and trading through the byes . Last year I lost a lot of points in bye rounds by ignoring research for instance Doc is better for me at present but not early byes I have opted for Boyd am I incorrect with my thinking Cheers


Sandi hasn't been seen at any training. Starting to worry me.

I'm thinking M6 plus Swallow at M7

No one has been in and out of my team as much as Swallow. Myers out I think puts him in

Shake n bake

Im thinking the same Swallow now at M7. I don't really ever go for a mid priced mid but will be watching Beams & Murphy
closely there avg last yr 78. If they are both up and running come rd1 witch looks very likely will surely avg around 95-100.

Just like l did last year with Libba last year was never really in my side as a keeper and lucky enough to sell him at his highest

price and brought in Parker at his lowest. Funny enough l made $$ Parker returned to his best Libba got inj. I know if both players play to form will only make you appox just over 100k but
sometimes you have to think of the pts they will bring your team and that is sometimes better than trying to look for a rookie that will hopefully make you 200k+ but only brings is scores of around 60. One of these two guys you never know could be my last yrs Libba.


Bloody Brilliant spreadsheet


Thoughts on my first team draft for the season. Rookies and Draftees obviously big grey area yet and anything can happen before round 1.

Doc, Shaw, Burgoyne
Z.Jones, Sharenberg, Vickers-Willes (Ryan, Stewart)

Danger, Pendles, Hanners, Fyfe, Hall
Murphy, Foote, Powell-Pepper (Picket, Miles, Jarman)

Gawn/ Sandi (Cameron)

Dahl, Heeny, Ryder,
Roughy, Black, T.Smith (Daicos, B.Eddy)


Spreadsheet is bloody awesome btw


cheers for this. nice work!


Please rate the bejesus out of this side..
DEF: Adams .Laird Hartlett Ryan Vickers-Willis Stewart
Newman O'Riordan
MIDS: Danger Treloar J Selwood Rockliff Fyfe Hannebury D Swallow Powell-Pepper
Barrett Balic Freeman
Rucks: Gawn Goldstein
D Cameron
FWDS: Dahlhaus Macrae Heeney Pickett Butler Eddy
T Smith W Drew
$21,300 left


Thoughts on the squad? Banking on a couple mid pricers

DEF: docherty, shaw, Adams, mcgrath, sharenberg, hibberd, Ryan, Stewart

MID: danger, pendles, Bont, Fyfe, murphy, swallow, berry, Powell pepper, freeman, graham, Bolton

RUC: Gawn, goldy, Cameron

FOR: Dahlhaus, macrae, heeney, hrovat, mcluggage, Pickett, strnadica, eddy

neil Demons Delight

Hi Pilchos light in the mids even if Murphy and Swallow fire .Hrovat is the other one not sure of Def is very strong.Think you will do well mate