SuperCoach Significance Report: SYD v NTH

Published by Barron Von Crow on

Sydney-v-North-Melbourne-SC-ReportMany are predicting the Shinboner spirit to be absolutely rooted this year after losing 1,797 games worth of experience in the off-season.

That may provide some good results for us in SuperCoach 2017 with a few youngsters potentially coming into the side.

However it’s certainly not guaranteed by any stretch of the imagination.. with the likes of Gibson, Ziebell, Higgins, McMillon, Atley and Cunnington still doing the heavy lifting in today’s game, with new players such as Vickers-Willis, Durdin and Preuss playing their roles in support.

It certainly isn’t a Carlton style youth rebuild in place by any stretch of the imagination.

As for the Swans? We’ll, they’re their usual selves, they’re a side that is fairly settled (and successful), but there is a few opportunities up for grabs with the likes of Tom Papley, Gary Rohan and Alex Johnson sitting on the LTI list and several talented youngsters like Nic Newman and Jordan Foote looking to make their way into the 22 on a full-time basis. The Swans also have maybe one of the bigger SuperCoach questions of the season, which is will Isaac Heeney become a full time midfielder in 2017?

So let’s go take a gander at how the Swans and Roo’s looked in the first pre-season game.

Jamie Macmillan | NTH | DEF | $438,500

Led the Roos with 26 touches and had 4 rebound 50’s, though he had 6 clangers to his name. He’s been an OK pick in the past, but with someone like Callum Mills sitting there at around the same price with more upside, you’d probably see more people leading in his direction rather than in Macmillian’s.

Shaun Higgins | NTH | FWD | $426,400

Classy as always and had 24 disposals, 2 clearances and 2 inside 50’s. Super awkward price for sure and like Macmillan, more people will probably look at the player with more upside at around the same price in Heeney, rather than picking Higgins.

Sam Gibson | NTH | MID | $468,600

Very busy in the first half, with a game high 17 disposals in the first half. Looked like he spent the 2nd half of the game on the pine, finishing with just 42% ToG.

Jack Ziebell | NTH | MID | $514,200

Doing a lot of work in the engine room and had 14 first half touches, though his disposal efficiency of 46.2%. Had 5 clearances and 19 disposals for the game, but his DE finished at 42.1%. Another one like Gibson who sat out most of the 2nd half, finishing with 58% ToG. Ball use would be my major concern on picking him this year.

Braydon Preuss | NTH | RUC | $123,900

Led the ruck with Todd Goldstein on the sidelines and looked to hold his own against Cameron and Tippett, finishing with 29 hitouts and 8 disposals. The problem will be is there a spot available for him when Goldstein returns? It’s hard to envision the Roos going that tall with Brown, Waite and Preuss/Goldstein sitting up forward.

Shaun Atley | NTH | DEF | $353,400

Pre-season talk was of a midfield move, and he was busy early in the game and had 14 touches in the first half from just 68% ToG in the first half, though his disposal efficiency was just 57.1%. Finished with 23 disposals, 2 clearances and 2 inside 50’s from 76% ToG. The minutes in the midfield looked good, but still a decent mid-priced risk in defence.

Nathan Hrovat | NTH | MID/FWD | $301,400

Was a bit quiet in the first half, but had some nice inside 50 entries, leading the Roos in the first half in that category with 3 from 7 disposals. Picked up some steam as the game went on, finishing with 17 disposals, 4 inside 50’s and kicked a pair of goals in the 4th quarter and cracked the Supercoach ton late in the game.

Mitchell Hibberd | NTH | DEF/MID | $123,900

Had 6 disposals in the first half, but only 50% ToG in that period. Duplicated his efforts in the 2nd half, ending the game with 12 disposals and 54% ToG. Still time to go in the pre-season for him to really stake a claim, but probably didn’t do enough to really gain our attention.

Sam Durdin | NTH | FWD | $123,900

Has been swapped forward and back a lot in the VFL, but was moved back to defence today. 5 touches in the first half, but 7 1%ers, which might make him more of a CoachKings option rather than Supercoach. Showed a bit more of an attacking side to his game in the 3rd quarter. Ended with 10 disposals and 9 1%ers.

Ben McKay | NTH | FWD | $123,900

Wasn’t much happening for the North talls in the first half, with McKay getting just the 2 touches and ended the game with 8 touches and 0.1 to his name.

Ed Vickers-Willis | NTH | DEF | $123,900

Busy down back to start the first quarter and definitely looks like a quality DEF option if he can continue this form through the pre-season games. He had 19 disposals and 4 rebound 50’s. If that sort of form can continue in the rest of the JLT series then lock him in down back.

Isaac Heeney | SYD | FWD | $433,400

Led the way for the Swans early, but spent his time rotating between midfield and forward.  Had a bit of work in the engine room which was good to see

He finished with 23 disposals, 4 clearances and 9 tackles from 81% ToG. I’m becoming more sold on him as an option, but I won’t lock him in just yet.

Callum Mills | SYD | DEF | $420,000

Very good game, playing a bit of half back and into the midfield. Kicked 0.2 and led the game with 16 touches, including 8 intercept possessions and a game high 79 SCPoints in the first half. Currently owned by just 4.1% of Supercoachers, I’d say that’s going to skyrocket after today’s game.

Nic Newman | SYD | DEF | $123,900

Started off across half-back and was taking kick-in duties for the Swans. Generally looked to go long from the back half, but didn’t pick the greatest options at times, leading to a DE of just 54.5% from 11 disposals in the first half. Had 19 disposals and 4 rebound 50’s and we may see the season start with Newman and Vickers-Willis sitting at D7 and D8 for a lot of teams.

Shaun Edwards | SYD | MID/FWD | $251,400

Looked to be starting at half-forward and pushing into the midfield. Led the Swans with 4 inside 50’s in the first half. Had a few nice passages of play and certainly didn’t do any harm in his chances of grabbing a Round 1 spot. He had 16 disposals, 3 clearances and 4 inside 50’s. He’s on the rookie list, but the Swans can bring him up with a few guys on the LTI, though there may be a few options that are slightly cheaper available.

Zak Jones | SYD | DEF | $307,000

Provided some quality link up play and was a part of the midfield rotation along with Mills and Heeney and had 21 disposals and 11 tackles.

Add another mid-priced defender to add more difficulties to your selection choices.

Jordan Foote | SYD | MID | $182,800

Had some time early in the midfield, but only managed 5 disposals in the first half at 40% disposal efficiency. He finished with 11 disposals, 3 clearances and 4 tackles from 81% ToG. Improved his DE to 72.7% for the game, but there will probably be better options available.

Oliver Florent | SYD | MID/FWD | $166,800

Named on the wing to start and kicked the first goal of the game. Snuck forward early and had 6 disposals and kicked 2 goals in the first quarter. Wasn’t sighted as much in the next 3 quarters, adding just another 6 disposals for the game. Still on the watch list though.

Darcy Cameron | SYD | RUC/FWD | $117,300

Started in the ruck and with Naismith and Sinclair just coming back from injury he might get some time early. Rotated in the ruck with Tippett and kicked a goal in the 2nd quarter. He had 16 disposals, 12 hitouts and 1.1. Will be a popular bench choice and does make an interesting swing player if you pick Ryder in the forward line.

Josh P. Kennedy | SYD | MID | $617,100
Dan Hannebery | SYD | MID | $616,800
Luke Parker | SYD | MID | $608,900

The Swans big guns, they just went about their business, with JPK starting forward early, Parker not really sighted much in the first quarter and Hannebery doing his normal thing in the middle. There was an obvious decision to give more midfield time to the likes of Heeney, Mills, Robinson, Cunningham etc., so it’ll be interesting to see how that continues through the rest of the JLT series. Either way, they’re great players, so I wouldn’t be at all worried about selecting them.

And that’s it for my review of today’s game. What did you guys think? And did anyone really catch your SuperCoach 2017 eye today?

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Great write up Barron. I totally agree about Hibberd. Was on everyone's radar, but didn't really set the world on fire like we thought he would (in rookie terms) this afternoon.


Liked the look of Cameron today. Got around the ground beautifully for the big man. Is there room for Tippett, Cameron, and one of Naismith/Sinclair in the same team?


They had room for 4 talls when Goodes was in the team. Goodes was a slightly different player but it opens the door for Sinclair to play alongside Tippett, Cameron and Franklin.


I know it's only early but is it worth considering Hrovat over Roughy and banking the $60k


thats interesting boydo i havnt got any north player in my side but surely they have to have a couple of super coach relevent players ? im finding it hard to see em tho


Vickers-Willis as a def rookie at the moment but like hrovat for an 80+ which I think is a bought Roughead standard


I'm thinking Hrovat over Roughy too.. Hrovat's supercoach averages from past seasons (especially 2015) don't do him justice as he played as the sub quite a lot. Should average 80+


Those of you who believe Hrovat will average 80+ are DREAMING!!!


Will be in SC dreamland you mean. Hrovat 90av by seasons end. Believe it!

Jimmy L

Missed the game but as always the BVC delivers a thorough-going-over of all the important bits. Couple of guys that weren't on my radar there. Nice work Barron!


Hi Community would love your opinion and any ideas on my team

Docherty,Rance,Laird,Marchbank,Keefe,Hibberd, (vickers-Willis) (ryan)

Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Kennedy, Fyfe, wines, swallow, mcgrath, mccluggage, (Powell-pepper) (Myers) (freeman)

Gawn, Goldstein (strnadica)

Dahlhaus, Ryder, Roughead, McCarthy, Bowes, McKay, (black) (eddy)


Jason not a bad side although I believer Wines isn't worth the time of day he screwed me big time last year, Watson will score as good if not better for almost $100k cheaper or at least Libba for $40k cheaper. Lastly not sure why your choosing McCarthy mate but apart from that its not a bad side.


DEF – Adams, Laird, Tuohy, Vicker-Willis, Ryan, T. Stewart (J. Smith, Z. Guthrie)

MID – Danger, Pendles, Rocky, Fyfe, Watson, O'meara, D. Swallow, Myers (Berry, SPP, Pickett)

RUC – Gawn, Martin (Strnadica)

FWD – Dahlhaus, Wingard, Heeney, Roughy, Hrovat, Black (Bowes, Eddy)

Any thoughts?

DEF – I know I have gone pretty thin down back, but I believe that both Vicker-Willis and Stewart will get plenty of game time and hopefully average around the 70+ mark to gain some decent coin. The thing I am most wary of with Ryan is the Ross Lyon factor creeping in, as has happened with many a Freo hopeful in the past. Smith and Guthrie are in based on their first pre-season game, whether they stay in will depend on how the rest of their pre-season shapes up and whether they look like playing round 1.

MID – The only gamble I see here really is having both O'Meara and Swallow in. If both stay healthy the all is good….a gamble I am willing to take.

RUC – Gawn is the only absolute must lock other than Danger this year imo…simply can't start without the bearded beast! Stef Martin is in at the moment, but I haven't completely decided on R2 yet.

FWD – Currently have a pretty stacked forward line, which may or may not stay this way by start of season. May cull here to improve defence a bit. The rumour of more midfield time for Wingard possibly has me trapped, time will tell. One thing I will not be changing is Hrovat. Last year I was bullish on Hunter and he turned out okay, this season it is Hrovat. Locked and will not be removed unless he totally stinks it up for the first couple of rounds.


im thinking the best midpricers are Fallen premiums.

Roughie, Wingard (maybe), Martin, WATSON all fit the profile. The breakout players are to hard to pick, so many to choose from.

I started 5 midpricers last year, Wells was only success.


I like your side, I see where your going. I also think your defence is fine, I'm one that always believes its always best to go lighter in defence because stats show us very few defenders score consistently apart from Shaw, if you can find a way to slot him in I would mate.

My only concern is Wingard as he has been very inconsistent in the past and cannot see that changing anytime soon.

I'm actually strongly considering Lycett this season.

Here is a comparison on Lycett vs. Wingard in 2016 statistics

Lycett Av/83
2016 scores: 79,64,107,104,115,88,74,109,113,69,38,100,90,93,118,76,57,2,118,49,81
If you remove his score of (2) his average goes up to 90
He has scored 100+ on 8 occasions
He has scored 70+ on 7 occasions

Wingard Ave/81
2016 Scores: 125,54,61,36,76,63,107,136,110,83,78,83,77,106,61,100,64,32
He has scored 100+ on 6 occasions
He has scored 70+ on 5 occasions


Sweet write up as always BVC.
I stuck Jones in my back line to muck around wit some structures yesterday after i read Hanna's talking him up for some mid time/"tearing up the track". Looks OK there to free up some cash.
Derek's right about Mills, looks a ripper, Heeney as well.


No mention of Declan Mountford?
What are your thoughts on him? only 8 posessions, but more kicks than handballs and 7 bloody tackles! throw a goal and a behind in there and we have a respectable 76 SC points for 33% bloody game time!!!!!!
the question is will he get his chance in this falling north side?


Yeah, this blokes stats look beastly!


Thank You!

Been thinking the same thing and no one has even mentioned him.

neil Demons Delight

Hrovat looks the goods good pair of hands as does Vickers-willis both on the watch list.Mid pricers appear to be popping up a lot but different to last year no Richs or smiths. Roughy Sandy and Mills are all good