SuperCoach Significance Report: GCS v BRL

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Brisbane-v-Gold-CoastThe much-anticipated pre-season Q-Clash took place at Kombumerri Park this afternoon and boy was it an underwhelming match.

Gold Coast easily defeated Brisbane to

I didn’t expect much from the game but I was excited to cover footy again…partway into the game I realized who was playing. Brisbane will struggle in defence and up forward again this year whilst Gold Coast should improve upon their 2016 season.

Expectedly, we didn’t get to see midfield stars Gary Ablett or Dayne Beams, both players being rested after slowish pre-seasons. At this stage I’m finding it hard to consider these guys, hopefully we see a bit out of them prior to the season proper.

We were able to have a look at six rookie players across the two teams playing this afternoon. Brisbane gave Jacob Allison, Jake Barrett and number two draft pick Hugh McCluggage their first taste of AFL football whilst Gold Coast blooded fresh draftees Ben Ainsworth, Jack Bowes and Will Brodie.

We were lucky enough to get our eyes on Gold Coast returnee David Swallow who looked really good after almost two years out of the game. At $280K he must be on our watch list leading into the season.

Interestingly Gold Coast played Pearce Hanley in the midfield for large chunks of the game and Michael Barlow was utilized running off halfback. Aaron Hall looked amazing in the midfield and will tempt many including myself, looks set to improve upon his 2016 Supercoach average. My man Touk miller also is proving a midpriced temptation, was able to really impact the game all over the ground.

In terms of Brisbane there wasn’t too much to get excited about. Tom Rockliff still looms as a good selection and Zorko had another great game…will be a real POD selection but should provide decent scores every week. It’s going to be a long year again for Brisbane supporters.

Gold Coast Suns

Aaron Hall $519,800 (MID): was best on ground for mine. 33 touches, 9 clearances, 11 inside 50’s, 9 tackles and less than 80% time on ground. Looming as a breakout player, need to see how he goes with Ablett in the side.

Touk Miller $428,900 (MID/FWD): played really well around the ground and was able to impact at both ends of the field. Will tempt me and others as a midpriced selection, expect Ablett’s return to impact Miller’s scoring more than Hall’s.

David Swallow $280,200 (MID): made his return to AFL footy after almost two years on the sideline. Had 15 touches on a wing despite playing just 53% of game time. Looking like a very valid selection.

Will Brodie $175,800 (MID): was the standout rookie of the game. Worked his way into the game and was able to gather a lot of contested possessions. Looked good in congestion. Like all these rookies his price is a concern.

Jack Bowes $171,300 (MID/FWD): won’t be a terrible selection up forward but will struggle to make a lot of cash based on today. Did have 11 touches off minimal game time.

Ben Ainsworth $198,300 (MID/FWD): played as a crumbing forward/forward pocket player. Will be a good player for a long time but isn’t going to score for us in Supercoach.

Brisbane Lions

Tom Rockliff $603,900 (MID): barely got out of second gear but looked impressive nonetheless. 17 touches in what was effectively half a game. Nice POD at this stage.

Dayne Zorko $593,000 (MID): had 17 touches and 11 tackles. Still a clearance machine but probably can’t maintain his current price point. Reassessment required.

Stef Martin $488,000 (RUC): dominated the ruck when he was in it but annoyingly spent most of the game playing forward. I’d rather him around the ground getting 20+ touches than a few goals up forward. If Smith continues to ruck more than Martin we have a problem.

Jacob Allison $117,300 (MID/FWD): barely played throughout the match and as a result struggled to impact. I don’t think he’ll play games early.

Jake Barrett $127,900 (MID): currently on my bench. Had 10 touches as an outside midfielder. Should make some cash, decent selection if named Round 1.

Hugh McCluggage $202,800 (MID/FWD): didn’t seem out of place at AFL level. 14 disposals from 65% game time, the only issue is his price. Not sure that he can make enough cash. Need to revisit this selection after his next two games.

For a full summary of every player from the game please download this excel doco.

Love you lots,


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Thoughts on K.Hunt as a POD in 2017?


Has been flying under the radar for many. The kid has potential! If he can live up to this, he could be anything!
Good call Walshy!


Ripper Lek! Here are the key SC scores from Lek's spreadsheet folks:

Tom Rockliff92
Dayne Zorko129
Stefan Martin61
Daniel Rich60
Mitch Robinson73
Ryan Bastinac104
Archie Smith70
Michael Close77
Rhys Mathieson27
Sam Mayes48
Harris Andrews79
Rohan Bewick116
Lewis Taylor81
Jarrad Jansen25
Ryan Lester72
Jack Frost45
Nick Robertson54
Ben Keays58
Darcy Gardiner79
Josh Schache29
Josh Walker0
Claye Beams31
Jonathan Freeman35
Jacob Allison35
Jake Barrett37
Hugh McCluggage67


Rocky a lock at this stage for me. If he stays healthy he'll be a top 6 mid. Somehow a POD

Canny the Manny

Locking in Rockliff ❤❤❤


How did Witts go?


Very concerning – only JLT1 but he was extremely ordinary.


Agree with the McCluggage call Lekdog, looked ok but nothing to write home about, at that price and not a massive cash cow, he has left the NEVERGOFULLRETARD's, that helped me go back to my Ruck structure and get rid of that spud Witts, don't know why I entertained that idea,,,,


Great work lekdog.


great work lekdog


Yeah I'd also love thoughts on how Witts went he is currently my R2


Trigger (see above) mentioned split webbing but I reckon he copped a knock or blew up just before half time didn't come back after that


As above Witts was injured. If…. Witts gets the gig as GCS starting Ruck he presents a very rare opportunity to have a rookie priced Ruck who will appreciate in value and provide coverage if need be. If named he's a lock IMO (as R3)


I really like the look of Zorko regardless of today. Last year he only scored below 100 five times, and only once below 80. Scored above 108 thirteen times.. Will be interesting to see how Beams affects his role in the midfield. I like him, and may still take the punt.


I commented before I looked at his SC score. Wow. Surprised you're not sold on him Lek.


I like both to be honest. Will probably start with Rockliff, but worried about his injury history

Luskin Star

Hall and Zorko are similar to me. Guns but not top8. Miller will get more time in mids than a lot of people think. I am convi ced he will be this years Merritt. No mention of Thumper, Lek. Training track suggests he may return to 2015 form. Whats your view after today

Luskin Star

Just checked out your spreadsheet mate. Question answered.


Zorko has the X factor with massive high ceiling. If only he was around the $550k mark. Kicks goals a plus. Just need the balls to pick a player like him to begin with.


Rocky looks the goods. Has finally had a good pre season by all accounts and even more promising he is playing early jlt games so at present i dont see a reason not to start him. Witts a major disappointment from the sounds of things especially when Nicholls is chomping at the bit. Also Martin is a worry as well. Surely they wont play him forward again this year. If Smith is named round 1, you would be silly selecting Martin imo.


The Rocksta is looking leaner too so seems set for a huge season and to shut up some of his critics. Just need that injury prone bod to hold together for 20 games and IF it does would then be a fairly likely top 10 mid you'd have to say.



Gold Coast 0.11.15 81
Brisbane 1.7.6 57
Aaron Hall 147
Touk Miller 113
Pearce Hanley 113
Michael Barlow 106
Jarrad Grant 97
Daniel Currie 93
Kade Kolodjashnij 92
Brayden Fiorini 87
David Swallow 80
Adam Saad 71
Joshua Schoenfeld 64
Tom J. Lynch 62
Rory Thompson 62
Matt Rosa 59
Jesse Lonergan 56
Steven May 56
Will Brodie 53
Sean Lemmens 41
Jarrod Witts 41
Callum Ah Chee 36
Jack Bowes 35
Jesse Joyce 30
Brandon Matera 28
Ben Ainsworth 23
Jack Leslie 22
Sam Day 19
Dayne Zorko 129
Rohan Bewick 116
Ryan Bastinac 104
Tom Rockliff 92
Lewis Taylor 81
Darcy Gardiner 79
Harris Andrews 79
Michael Close 77
Mitch Robinson 73
Ryan Lester 72
Archie Smith 70
Hugh McCluggage 67
Stefan Martin 61
Daniel Rich 60
Ben Keays 58
Nick Robertson 54
Sam Mayes 48
Jack Frost 45
Jake Barrett 37
Jonathan Freeman 35
Jacob Allison 35
Claye Beams 31
Josh Schache 29
Rhys Mathieson 27
Jarrad Jansen 25
Josh Walker 0


Good review Lek.

I know it is only the first pre season game but that game just raised more questions for mine.

If Sandi doesn't get up my backup plan was stiffy Martin. Stuff me, played alot forward gotta be the prime ruckman or a no go zone. Love his start to the year but not much good if he doesn't ruck, just hoping it was Fagan just trying something different.

Bowes I had penciled in for an on field spot, didn't set the world on fire maybe just adjusting to the tempo applies to all the rooks.
Swallow will play the wing, is there enough points out there to warrant selection. Curve ball would you be better off starting fiorini? Looked good in the guts.

Lots of questions not many answers tonight.


Swallow got 80 in just over a half. Will play mid.
Lock for me.

Supercoach Skullers

Midfield at the moment is
Neale, Treloar, Priddis, Gray, Fyfe, Shiel, SPP, Myers (Miles, Hibberd, Bolton)





You have 4 premo midfielders out in round 13 you need to change it to 2 max mate otherwise forget the 50k. No danger, no chance also.



Danny Boy

Will be interesting to see if how Neale goes now that Fyfe is back in the side now.


had Neale in my team until reading he had surgeries in the off-season which has limited his pre-season .. out for me. ALSO FOR ANYONE INTERESTED (..oops) Wingard very limited pre-season last year and he played accordingly.


Swallow 80pts 53% TOG

*wipes sweat off forehead* It's not the real season, he whispers to himself as he moves his midfield around to fit him in.


Glad someone pointed this out

Russ in W.A

I'm gonna make sure I fit him in now, my midfield as it stands, has no rookies in it lol


I can't imagine how skinny the rest of your lines are.

Russ in W.A

The rest of my lines, I'm quite happy with at the moment Damien, I've thrown a few pods in here and there, and am reasonably happy with my overall structure for now.
Thanks for the concern though.


Fair enough mate


Anyone have Kolo's tog%?

Looked back to his best and in the right role.



Yes he was impressive – well as much as you can be for a meaningless early preseason game. 🙂

You'd still need to see him as a potential top 10 defender to justify the selection though, as he probably won't make enough cash to be an attractive stepping stone at $375K like say a Swallow or Sandiballs could be.

Russ in W.A

Giday Dan, 19 disposals, 9 kicks, 10 handballs, 94.7% disposal efficiency, 3 clangers, 3 tackle,s 1 goal from 78% game time.
Not bad at all for a first run.


Not a keeper, not a fallen premium, not a cash cow.


He is a potential top 10 defender. The kid is a gun and averaged nearly 90 in his second season.

Russ in W.A

I think he could possibly be a keeper, or at least average around 90, which I reckon is good enough to win some League finals, don't really care about winning the 50k, cause I don't have the time to be on here nonstop or researching AFL stats 24-7.


What was fiorinis tog or whatever his name is




So Bowes at F5/6 or look elsewhere? Perhaps Aaron Black?


Bowes watchlist, if named round 1 most likely finds a way in for mine. Black is in over bowes for mine Rivo – at this stage anyhow!
Or perhaps its a bowes out, brodie in?


I just can't have more than one starting midfield premo that has question marks over going around 22 times. Fyfe is in, Swallow is M6 so therefore Rocky is out, even if he tears everyone a new one, i'm not going there. Bloke has had too many different type of injury, problem is he plays good as a forward and the young contested type of mids at brissie don't. Nope, too many injuries lately and burned me 2 years running


good call chief, he;s a gun and if traded this year to someone with half a chance of wining a few games maybe.
team is poor, moral will be poor, scores will be poor in comparison to other 600k options


i'm feeling a little more relaxed about the Rookie situation, especially in defense.

Vickers-Wills, Newman, Scharenberg, McGrath and JStewart all did good things on the weekend and have become likely starters. Even big Tim Mohr looked back to his slow best and should get a game round 1.

Hibberd (norf) looked off the pace, but Norf really like him so still hopeful.

the forward line is another story, anyone spot any rookie forwards to keep an eye on?


Teia Miles is FWD/MID. He looks promising, the only question is does he play round 1, and does he keep his spot long enough.


Yeah that 5 rookie forward line that some coaches were spruiking a few weeks ago is looking unlikelier by the day.

Unless you want to start investing in some of the more expensive rookies who are unlikely to prove lucrative cash cows imo.

The 5 rookie defence seems more appealing right now but it is still very early days of course.


Amen brother! Lot of folks sprinkling absolute fantasy when it comes to rookie structure


Teia Miles.


Aaron Black


Only Aaron Black $137,100 and Tim Taranto (expensive at $207.3) atm.


Anyone know game time of lynch?


72% for Tom. all of it while held in a headlock by Andrews and Co.


Cheers chops

Steven Jurica

I can't believe no one has talked about having Paddy Ryder as R2!!


i don't mind the idea to have Ryder at R2 if you are undecided about who will be the R2 (need a few weeks to decide if Goldy is running ok)

Start with Ryder at R2, then swing him forward when you bring the R2 in


Shhhhhh. He's my R2. I'm waiting for Goldmember to drop a bit after a interrupted pre season. Swing Ryder in the forward line and away I go. If Goldy doesn't hit his own high standards I have had enough time to work out who's the best for R2 for the remainder of the season.

Rick Grimes

Thanks for all of these reports lads, brilliant stuff. Miller or Heeney or neither?

Steven Jurica

Heeney is a superstar waiting to happen. There is a reason why everyone is getting so upset about Sydneys academy players, MIlls and Heeney. With T.Mitchell no longer waiting for scraps from JPK, Hanners and Parker, Mills and Heeney will dominate. Enough said. Miller is going to be a solid player, thats it.


Great write up lek. Swallow a lock for mine. Martin a worry. Will probably pass on him. Rockliff looks good but there's still that injury concerns that worry me.


Rocky is almost too tempting. My view is that playing for Brisbane he is bound to have a stinker here and there, making him a potential upgrade option


On the otherhand, if he averages 125 like he did from rd11 last year, you will never get him in. The thing about Rocky is that he will go huge so even if he stinks up a 70, there is a good chance he will have a 140 in his 3 round calculations so it doesnt hurt him. Missing games is his problem.


Missing games is his problem…. you said it!


no-one has been more in and out of my team as Swallow this pre-season.

I put him at M6 and midfield looks light.

Put him at M7 and Myers goes onto the bench and 3 rookies onfield in forward line… will not happen.

I really like having 6 gun midfield, so i don't think Swallow will make my team

Shake n bake

Will love to use that 280k to upgrade maybe somewhere else but think hell play that lose role say like sidebottom. had an excellent season the yr b4 in def other than inj dont think hell let you down Derek.

Steven Jurica

So he goes for who? a rookie who will make you 200k anyway and produce lower scores than Swallow. Puh-lease, if fit he's in more than Warwick Capper in his video highlights and thats not his footballing ones


Agree Swallow is awkardly priced, but there is to much upside to pass on him. Will average 95+

Steven Jurica

Having a bloke getting injured is almost worse than having a bloke out of form. Being able to loophole you can loophole the out of form player. You need players on the park lads.


Up to my 50th incarnation of my team:


DEF: Shaw, Adams, Mills, Scharenberg, Vickers-Willis, Newman (Ryan, Stewart)
MID: Danger, Treloar, Hanners, Selwood, Coniglio, Fyfe, Powell-Pepper (Miles, Bolton, Graham)
R: Gawn, Sandi (Strnadica)
FWD: Dahl, Macrae, Heeney, Roughy, Black, Pickett (Smith, Eddy)
$152,400 bank (or the replace Sandi if he gets injured fund)

Some of my thoughts to the community:

I'm considering Swallow but I'm a big fan of my 6 premo mid. My mind could be swayed with the rise of some mid-field rookies.
Heeney I'm not 100% sold on but there aren't too many premo FWDs that jump out at me. I like the look of Mills at his price point, but I also like Simpson, Doch and Laird, however I can't justify batting too deep in defense, particular with some half decent rookie options. The other play I am watching is Josh Smith from Collingwood, as I seem him with a rebounding role for the Pies but I'm not 100% on him becoming a top 6 defender.

Steven Jurica

Defence: Schara goes, too expensive and build like David Bourkes shoulders.
MIdfield: Why would you possibly goes Treloar over Pendles, Treloar can't play any better than last year.
Ruck: For the love of Jock, please get rid of Sandi.
Forwards: Tick, tick, tick… Boom. Nailed it.


Pretty good team.
I like Mills, good value and will probably be top 8 defenders by the end of the season. I have a slight problem picking him, that is i have very very little success picking a breakout mid-pricer. I was going to only stick to fallen premium mid-pricers this year, so he is not locked in yet. I'f i have the cash i would have Simpson ahead of Mills, might be a cash thing in the end.
I like the Treloar pick ahead of pendles. i don't think you can have both. treloar's role is locked, he will be in the guts no matter what. however i'm not 100% certain about Pendles, so i'm willing to wait on him as an upgrade.
Heeney is in the same boat as Mills. Difficult to pick a break-out player.
Roughie is great value, but i don't see him scoring that well early. he will take a while to hit top gear and i'm thinking after the byes we will see the best of him


Loving the analysis so far boys, just makes Round 1 that much more tantalizing!

Would be great if anyone had some thoughts on my team so far.

B: Adams, Laird, Tuohy, Mills, Newman, Vickers-W (Ryan, Guthrie)
M: Danger, Pendles, JPK, Treloar, Sloane, Fyfe, Swallow, Myers (Barrett, Pickett, Graham)
R: Gawn, Sandi (Strndica)
F: Dahl, Caddy, Roughy, Bowes, Black, Miles (Eddy, Smith)

Forward line is pretty thin but Im preferring a stacked midfield with not an abundance of good cheap mids on offer.

Thanks boys!

Steven Jurica

Tuohy is a red herring. His kicking eff is poor and he's at that awkward price. There is no way he'll be a top6 def at the end of the year with Adams, Laird, Shaw, Doc, Rance, Simpson.

Get rid of Sandi, why would people even consider having him when they are going to get rid of him after 5 rounds anyone, plus i'm sure he'll find way to injure himself in those 5 rounds.

Bowes, too expensive and Caddy is a spud, possibly even a chick pea.


the reasons to start with Sandi are:

Proven GUN! has Fyfe and Neale at his feet = Points.

Save $250k without much loss in point scoring potential. use the cash to upgrade a midpricer to keeper on another line therefore saving a trade.

Sandi will make cash.

R2 is still unclear. there are a number of candidates. Starting with sandi will give us time to look at the big guys and see who has the goods to become the R2 for the season. Rushing the selection now could go all wrong. Its different with the Rucks than on other lines, not asked to pick 8 midfield keepers at the start are we, therefore just as hard to pick all our Ruck keepers.

Can buy Grundy/Goldy/Martin etc at a cheaper price, they will drop in price.


Looks pretty good Steve. A few mid pricers and a couple of rookies that may get a gig! Solid mid field. I like it! I am liking the look of Tuohy. Think he will be solid in defence. Sandi will be a good cash cow, and really who knows where he may end up!


Bit light up forward but can see why personally I'd only go with one for Mills or Tuohy very unlikely you'll manage to pick 2 breakouts.


I'd be inclined to keep an eye as to whether or not Sloane gets up with his fractured eye socket.


I'm having trouble deciding which players should Be my F2, F3 and F4, right now I have caddy, Heeney and Ryder.
But I'm thinking maybe took miller could be a better selection than one of these. Do you think I should keep it how it is or put touk miller in? Dahlhaus and roughy are my F1 and F5.

Or should I turn one of these mid pricers into a rookie and then turn another into a premo for mid? And make Miles my F6

Steven Jurica

Heeney and Ryder yes but there is a reason the Cats let Caddy walk… and GC before that. Looks like Tarzan and plays like Jane.


Fair enough if you're worried about Caddy's injury history but the rest of the stuff you are spouting about him is pure rubbish.

Steven Jurica

A Richmond supporter no doubt? Caddy is a beast but his contested possesion numbers are poor. In fact, to be averging 13, 15, 14, 16, 20, 20 possesions in 6 seasons is a disgrace. Happy for you to argue the case for it not to be "pure rubbish"


Nah champ i'm a Geelong supporter, how has Caddy gone from "looking like Tarzan playing like Jane" to "a Beast" in the space of 12 hours for you?

Anyway, Contested numbers aren't amazing but Geelong's weren't in general and he was our 2nd or 3rd best contested player in the last couple seasons despite playing at best a 60/40 mid/forward role, Geelong shopped him around to try and get Deledio when that didn't happen they wanted to keep him but in shopping him around he learn't that he could get a significant paysize and more midtime elsewhere and he left GC as part of the Ablett deal he wasn't dumped.

I take no issue in you thinking him a bad pick just the other stuff wasn't really based in reality.


So you think miller instead of caddy?

Steven Jurica

I didn't say that either haha. I would have to see a bit more from Miller. I hear alot of people talking him up but for what reason? his kicking efficiency is not great, he has alot more short kicks than long kicks and his handball to kick ratio is terrible, which translates to compromised scores for SC. His kick to handball ratio is below 50%. Heath Shaws for instance is around 12%.


or should I make caddy into a premo defender under 520k?


oh okay aha cheers Steven

Steven Jurica

I feel like i need to be sending you an invoice if I provide any further advice.

However, I do provide a bulk billing service, so in that case if you only have 2 premo defenders then yes but anymore than 3 and it can be used elsewhere.


my def is currently Shaw, Addams and mills, I was thinking maybe I could put laird or maybe Zac Williams in as a D3 instead of caddy?

Steven Jurica

Laird is a perfect SC defender to have. He is consistent, roams into the midfield, doesnt give away too many free kicks for a defender and is durable.

I question Adams, once again, you need players on the park and the most games he has put together in a year is 18!


Had Laird last season, scored well enough but "durable" he was not.


Agree leeds. 4 seasons and only once played more then 18 games. Although first year he missed first couple of rounds due to not being selected.

Steven Jurica

Played every game in 2015 and only missed 3 games last year… that's pretty durable to me.


Very true but at Adams price and the fact he can go into the middle he's hard to say no.

Also if I get wIlliams I think he has potential to have a breakout year, and if I get himstead of laird I have 70k in a the bank and only 25k if I get laird. But laird is a much safer option.


having trouble finding were to log out of SC on my computer. were l used to log out its got login under that it says subscribe???


had the same issue Dave .. make sure to uncheck the "Stay Logged In" square when you log in. But to log out I went to the Herald Sun login page (I'm with the Adelaidenow version), logged in, logged out and then the normal log in page came up. Hope you can understand that.


by "the normal login page" I mean I could log in – and more importantly out again – from the Advertiser login. If you are in Melbourne then try logging into the Adelaidenow supercoach


Forget that, computer shut off by itself and now I am stuck logged in again, previous trick not working this time.


just found another way .. trade a player and don't replace. Then click on the "CLASSIC" tab at the top, it will ask you to leave the page .. click leave page and hopefully that takes you out to the login page.

Shake n bake

Hey Pieman might have to get your little man to trade hes favourite player Elliott out!! Hope hes ok!!


Word is Rance has a hammy twinge and will miss the first pre season game. There's a few starting to drop now


Hey Community how does everyone thik them team is looking

DEF: Shaw, Adams, Laird, Scharenberg, Newman, Vicker-willis ( Stuart & Ryan)
MIDS: Danger, Pendles, JPK, Selwood, Treloar, Fyfe, SPP, Myers, (Freeman, Graham, Hibberd)
RUCK: Gawn, Sandi (Strnadica)
FWD: Dahlhaus, Caddy, Ryder, Roughy, Pickett, Bolton (Smith & Eddy)


There are plenty of cheap backline rookies. I'd look to find a cheaper option for Scharenberg. Then you can use the extra $40k elsewhere if needed?

It's a strong midfield and I like the forward set up. Isn't Pickett injured? If so maybe swap him for T. Miles at Hawthorn if he starts round 1


You're not even picking yourself? That's it, you're out of my side too then.

Russ in W.A

This must be about the 48th incarnation of your starting team, why don't you actually finalize it and then post it, when you're sure of what you want to do, rather than post your new team every day.
Do the research, set your team, and post it with a few days to go and then see what everyone thinks, if their approval is that important to you.

neil Demons Delight

Great report as usual Lek .My favourite comments man last year. Hall could be a dangerous pick or a gem jury out but not so Zorko a supercoach pod and wont fail unlike Hall who does spud up.Too early to read the rookies but Bowes now on watch list bit too dear


Jacob Allison 35 pts from only 30 odd % game time…worth considering?

Russ in W.A

If you're a gambler, yes, if you'd rather research who is reliable or not…no.