Gold Coast Suns v Brisbane – GAME ON

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..same deal every Thursday & Sunday arvo of the JLT/NAB/Fosters/Ansett Cup and/or series!

CoachKings Gold Coast v Brisbane


Gold Coast v Brisbane up today! Piss easy to play, with the contest lasting one the ONE game
Get your 9 man lineup up quick sticks. FREE to play with $500 up for grabs
$200 for 1st
$100 for 2nd
$50 for 3rd thru 6th
Thanks to Fantasy Insider for their support, they’re making it possible for us to giveaway the free CASH!

Let’s chew some gristly CoachKings fat in the comments below


hedski · 19/02/2017 at 10:48

Looking forward to another crack.
Current line up is :
Zorko the magnificent
Touk Touk

    jockreynolds · 19/02/2017 at 11:01

    Not ba Hed! The trick to this is TOG – which can be bloody hard to predict first round of the JLT. Keep an eye on Touk, Zork, Stef

      hedski · 19/02/2017 at 11:14

      Yeah I'll prob chuck a few younger fellas in, tossing between Witt's and Stef.

        jockreynolds · 19/02/2017 at 11:48

        I'm going Witts.. but bloody hell if Stef gets fair gametime I might cry into the bonox this arvo!

          hedski · 19/02/2017 at 11:50

          Don't think Archie is playing so he might

      Beezneez · 19/02/2017 at 15:14

      Looking at fanfooty website I think that the last column of the player stats for each game is for the TOG – although the description of that particular column's icon is partially blocked.

        Holty · 19/02/2017 at 19:54

        Disposal efficiency beez.

wade · 19/02/2017 at 17:39

Hi. Got a new phone but cannot locate the jock reynolds app. Can someone point me in the right direction

TRIGGER HAPPY · 19/02/2017 at 17:48

Who to sub out?

Mcbags or bowes?

    hedski · 19/02/2017 at 17:55

    I've gone Bags and Beams out.
    Skinny arms Grant and KK in.
    Revved up Hall.

      TRIGGER HAPPY · 19/02/2017 at 17:59

      Smashed it first qtr inside top 60 that was with saad
      Second i think they all were on the bench headed south big time
      Saad out thommo in
      Mcbags out touk in
      Revv the big Z

wade · 19/02/2017 at 17:53

Where can i find the app to this site

    hedski · 19/02/2017 at 17:56

    Hit the coachkings link above and it will give the option when your at site.

hedski · 19/02/2017 at 19:00

Made it from 200th at half time to 36th pretty happy with that.
Well done Clock Management, did you hold on?

    Clock Management · 19/02/2017 at 19:15

    I nearly had a heart attack with a 1 point victory, thanks mate. You had a ripper 2nd half

      hedski · 19/02/2017 at 19:22

      Cheers didn't expect to jump that high.
      Congrats on the win.

Jim · 19/02/2017 at 20:44

Another sketch at a potential starting team:

DEF: S. Docherty, T. Adams, R.Laird, Z.Tuohy, C. Hampton, L. Ryan, (N.Newman, T. Stewart)

MIDS: P. Dangerfield, JP. Kennedy, A.Treloar, M. Bontempelli, N. Fyfe, D.Swallow, J.Bowes, O.Florent, (SPP, D.Myers, T.Miles)

RUCK: M. Gawn, P.Ryder (L. Strnadica)

FWD: L.Dahlhaus, I.Smith, I.Heeney, H. McCluggage, F. McInnes, A.Black, (J.Pickett, B.Eddy)

All Criticism & Thoughts are welcome..

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