SuperCoach Significance Report: WBD v MEL

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WBD v MEL SuperCoach JLT

It was the Dishlickers against the Red Legs in Saturday afternoon’s JLT Community Series action at Whitten Oval.

These are two of the most exciting young lists in the competition, who’d have thought we’d be saying that 24 months ago?

The Dees looked slicker and deserved the win, understandable given they had five weeks extra to train. There was SuperCoach 2017 significance right across the length, breadth and girth of the field, so let’s get stuck in.


Bob Murphy | DEF | 392,300

Bob looked rusty, but got through the game unscathed which must have been the primary objective. As much as we’d all love it to happen, it is probably asking too much for a 34 year old to return from a knee at the peak of his powers. The biggest cheer of the game came when he chased down Angus Brayshaw and muscled him off the ball in the last quarter.

Luke Dahlhaus | FWD/MID | 520,700

Lukey Dahl was his usual busy self in the middle. He was active around the ball with his pressure and quick hands and also bobbed up in front of goals. He’ll be in every serious side come Round 1.

Jack Macrae | FWD/MID | 511,700

I’m still amazed that this bloke was given DPP status this year. Maybe its the SuperCoach gods’ way of apologising for robbing us of our favourite options. He did his usual thing in the middle, bobbing up where he was needed to link up with team mates, though he didn’t get as much of it as he’d have liked. He’ll be one of the most heavily selected forwards this year and with good reason.

Tom Boyd | FWD/RUC | 290,300

He looked like home & away season Tom Boyd rather than the finals series Tom Boyd which would be needed for him to be SuperCoach relevant. He played second fiddle to Cloke up forward and that raises alarm bells.

Tom Liberatore | MID | 494,100

This time two years ago he did his ACL at the same ground. He didn’t quite return to the heights of his 2013-14 form last year but looked in reasonably good knick after enjoying one of the all time great off seasons. Not sure he showed enough to suggest he’ll return to a 110 average though.

Jason Johannisen | DEF | 513,500

There was no missing the Norm Smith medallist as the ‘Top Deck’ salad made a return for 2017. He was very lively across half back for the Dogs and looked like their first option exiting defence, but you still feel he needs to clean up his disposal to go to the next level.



Christian Salem | DEF | 379,500

It was encouraging to see Salem spend some time at centre bounces in a strong Melbourne side. But he didn’t have the impact needed. He might not have the frame to hang with the big boys inside just yet. Too awkwardly priced to consider.

Christian Petracca | FWD | 395,600

This bloke will break out one day community there’s no doubt about it. He’s an impressive specimen for his age. He looked impressive at times but also drifted out of the game, which is to be expected playing a small forward. He didn’t spend enough time in the guts to warrant consideration this season but be sure to monitor his progress in the future.

Jordan Lewis | MID | 540,600

Played out on the wing and didn’t really bother getting his hands dirty at this stage of the season. Still accumulated enough of the pill though and used it typically well. He looks destined to play as an outside mid this year, which is good news for his career longevity, but not good news for SuperCoach scoring. The best players in this role, your Lachie Hunters and Andrew Gaffs, tend to max out at about a 100 average. Tough to justify the spend here.

Jack Viney | MID | 527,500

Would have been BOG for mine. He did plenty of damage around clearances and managed to collect a bit on the outside as well. You get the feeling he’s the type of character that agrees with the captaincy. He’s a smoky to breakout into the elite, uber premium category, especually when Gawn spends more time in the ruck. Consider him very strongly.

Max Gawn | RUC | 645,000

The big prick looked imperious. Dominated the ruck when he was there. He looked as though he’s added another string to his bow by plucking marks and consuming roast beef rolls in the forward line, but I wouldn’t expect him to spend much time out of the centre when the real thing starts. The No.1 ruck curse is serious history to overcome but the stars might be aligning this year with Goldy’s poor pre season and Nic Nat’s knee. Going without him in 2017 would mean teetering on the fine line between bravery and stupidity.

Clayton Oliver | MID | 382,500

Identified in the Jock Reynolds magazine as a potential midfield beast in the future. It probably wont happen this year though. He wasn’t in Melbourne’s first choice midfield and that probably won’t change for 12 months at least.

Bernard Vince | DEF/MID | 501,100

Vince spent most of the day on the back flank, which traditionally has been a position which hurts his scoring. He looks like the main man using fhe ball out of the back half for Melbourne. He’ll have big days, but probably might not  be consistent enough to end as a keeper.

Tom McDonald | DEF | 488,200

T-Mac played an interesting role as the sweeper of Melbourne’s zonal defence. He was dominant defensively against all sorts of opponents and picked up a few easy touches. We’ll need to see a little bit more to see how this translates to SuperCoach scoring.

Joel Smith | DEF | 117,300

Didn’t stand out for better or worse, but the fact he got significant game time at his price makes him worth considering. He didn’t look out of place and wouldn’t have done his claims to a Round 1 spot any harm this afternoon.

What did you see today folks?




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The Coach

Surely even if Gawn isn't the best ruckman come season's end he'll be at least 2nd best. Complete blasphemy to start without him.

Great article, well worth the read. Beware the Nick Graham's however – there's been a lot so far.


Did Joel Smith only play the first half? Didn't record any stats after half time.


If he did with the stats he got he should be in everyone's team!_


78% TOG – 13 disposals , 3 tackles


SuperCoach scores


Love this, great stuff Billy!!


Excellent write up! Appreciate it since these games are on while I'm in the second stage of my circadian cycle. Thanks Billy.

I N Pieman

Can't disagree with a word you said Billy. Quality write up. Tom Boyd has come off a shoulder reco. Won't be anything close to 100% for a few months yet, as has Caleb Daniel. Both looked a long way from their best


Nuts, I have not heard of Boyd having a shoulder reco mate,
I have him as cheap ruck cover ATM, The head is working overtime now.

Don't Blush Baby

Thoughts on JJ, do teams have him locked as he will be a Top 8 Defender ? or are you playing a wait & see as a target for a price drop ? FYI ,I do currently have him at D4


Personally I believe having a 4th premium in defence is a waste. Due to the lack of cheap rookie midfielders I would add that premium to your midfield and only play a 3 premo defence.


Outstanding write up Billy. Nailed it.
Gawn/Viney no third man up odds on now for the best ruck/rover combo.
if u don't have dahl surely he has now moved to the front if the forward not far queue


Sandi/Fyfe might challenge them but they'll be very good no doubt



Luke Dahlhaus 143
Tom Liberatore 91
Travis Cloke 89
Toby McLean 86
Lachie Hunter 81
Jason Johannisen 77
Caleb Daniel 73
Stewart Crameri 67
Jackson Macrae 60
Brad Lynch 57
Fletcher Roberts 56
Zaine Cordy 54
Marcus Adams 54
Lukas Webb 53
Robert Murphy 52
Josh Dunkley 51
Lin Jong 51
Shane Biggs 50
Jake Stringer 45
Tom Campbell 42
Tom Boyd 41
Bailey Dale 40
Mitch Honeychurch 18
Jordan Roughead 15
Declan Hamilton 11


Nathan Jones 112
Jordan Lewis 105
Clayton Oliver 101
Bernie Vince 97
Max Gawn 94
Jesse Hogan 93
Oscar McDonald 92
Jack Viney 88
Christian Petracca 86
Angus Brayshaw 85
Billy Stretch 78
Christian Salem 74
Joel Smith 73
Jeff Garlett 70
Jake Melksham 70
Jake Spencer 70
Tom McDonald 68
Tom Bugg 67
Alex Neal-Bullen 63
Jayden Hunt 61
Sam Weideman 56
James Harmes 49
Aaron Vandenberg 48
Jay Kennedy-Harris 46
Josh Wagner -3

Bruce Stirling


Jack Viney 7 clangers. Could have been a lot higher


Siginificant TOG %

Luke Dahlhaus (143 pts, 81% TOG)
Jack Macrae (60 pts, 56% TOG)
Bob Murphy (52 pts, 87% TOG)
Tom Boyd (41 pts, 89% TOG)
Tom Liberatore (91 pts, 76% TOG)

Max Gawn (94 pts, 59% TOG)
Tom McDonald (68 pts, 90% TOG)
Joel Smith (73 pts, 78% TOG)
Jason Johannisen (77 pts, 86% TOG)
Clayton Oliver (101 pts, 68% TOG)


Call me crazy but I just had a light bulb moment where I see Dusty Martin sitting there waiting to be selected as a MID only. He could be this years Bruyn Manoeuvre and do a Dangerfield and quite possibly raise his average to 118-120. Im thinking of Selecting him over Danger and bank the cash for other upgrades. Thoughts? would love to hear what Jock has to say. He's in his Prime and could explode this season


I reckon that I read exactly the same thing in 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and possibly 2011 Luke.

neil Demons Delight

Lots of quality mids around but on the radar.Loss of dpp puts me off but the lads a champ


Hi Crazy, Dusty may well be a supercoach gun again this year but he is in no way shape or form a pick above /or over Danger. Check yourself B4 U reck URself. Please. Have a think. Best of luck


Did that exact thing last week Luke and at the moment I'm sticking with it.


im Running Danger and Martin top 2 mids. found a way to sneak him in and in this game you gotta take a risk!


You're crazy

neil Demons Delight

Is LIbba still sc relevant .Looked ok tonite and will get better I had him last year till byes and happy enough

The Stiv

So much talent running through that midfield. Not for me. Better options available IMO.


Hi community,
What are your thoughts on picking 6 premium mid to start the season?


I'm there… as long as you can lock in a min 12 across the board. 3 Def, 6 Mids, 1 Ruc with 2 or 3 FWDs.
There seems to be some reasonable mid price options emerging DEF and FWD , contrary to the wise man's commandments…
The trade options seem to be better in DEF and likely to emerge for the FWDs.
But as always, be ready to flip if the JLT reveals a few MID rookie no-brainers.
I have Swallow and Myers at M7 and M8 .. with JOM on standby to push Myers to M9.


Some are considering 7. It simply comes down to the rookies available. Slim pickings for mid rookies early on.


I currently have 6 and menegola at m7
I'm going into this season with my mids as my main scoring power and trading the in rest of the lines
And I'm still running with danger pendles and Gawn

Don't Blush Baby

Will we be hearing Mr.John Bruyn this year ?


Not a Pies supporter but is it to much to have Pendles, Treloar and Adams in the one side


I have Adams, Treloar and Grundy


Thanks John, But looking to upgrade my R2 to Grundy around round 6 or 7,,, I might be stretching it a bit too much


Not at all bud im currently running with all 3.
So long as Adams is down back or it will hurt you come bye rounds.


Jack Viney and Heath Shaw or Matt Priddis and Rory Laird
This is my projections
option 1:
total cost: 1.103 million
projected points per round: 212 points

Option 2:
total cost: 1.119 million
projected points per round: 208 points


Priddis and Laird.


Priddis and laird as both keepers. Jury still out on viney



neil Demons Delight

priddis and laird easily Priddis will be big laird ever reliable


Hi Community would love your opinion and any ideas on my team

Docherty,Rance,Laird,Marchbank,Keefe,Hibberd, (vickers-Willis) (ryan)

Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Kennedy, Fyfe, wines, swallow, mcgrath, mccluggage, (Powell-pepper) (Myers) (freeman)

Gawn, Goldstein (strnadica)

Dahlhaus, Ryder, Roughead, McCarthy, Bowes, McKay, (black) (eddy)


gawn, my call for the big let down for 2017, played against nobody all day and went alright, gonna be a top 2-4 ruck but absolute lock no.1, don't think so. pick you up later when you drop 200k

Don't Blush Babie

So who do you currently have ?


Lol…this ladies and gentlemen is what's referred to as delusion. 94pts from 59% TOG. Name one ruckman who will be able to monster Gawn as much as he will monster them? (Sandilands is cooked, so he doesn't count)

neil Demons Delight

EASILY NO ,1 RUCKMAN Respect your call but your so wrong .Gawns been absolutely burning have a look at the replay and you will see how good he was even resting IN THE FORWARD LINE.He is such a gentleman though except for opposition rucks he will make you the best coffee ever


Jock's 'Art of War' strategies in effect here..


cursethesky, how quickly you forget big gawndiballs was still below 550k by the bye last year. the mythical creature that is max gawn has a reputation this year like no other, do I want him in my team? hell yes! at 645k simply for me he ain't worth it. point taken he is a monster and he will dominate a lot of young boys this year.

\firstly billy that's it, I know what team I want and the strategy I have in place, jock's magazine is a gem.

my theory on it is all tap ruckmen who are huge will score better relatively to last year simply speaking.
I also think because of the 3rd man up gone!! coaches will, and are now playing or wanting to play their bigger bodies that are up to it this year, eg the resurrection of the big man and probably why macevoy still gets a game.

but I also think this in some ways counteracts the 4-5 big men from last year, young brutes like hickey is getting bigger, ,
and guy's like macevoy and Nankervis and witts and giles now look like getting more permanent gigs
who else do I expect to be a monster, well, mummy, grundy, goldy, sandiballs, sauceman, hickey, tippet when he's in there. not so much but macevoy and witts and even cox if he plays centre bounces, did you see the leap on that boy..

each to their own and good luck with your strategy


Myers out for 6-8 weeks with a finger injury