SuperCoach Significance Report: GWS v WCE

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Kev SuperCoach ReportMr X smashed his debut out of the park last night, spraying his significant SuperCoach intel all over the community.

It’s a must read in my book. Today we’re at the Narrandera Sports Ground (?) for the next match of the JLT Community series (??), henceforth to be known as the WCC (Who Cares Cup) for the next few hours.

GWS played a bunch of rookies and blokes that I have genuinely never heard of today against the Eagles. They were missing Mumford, Ward, Coniglio, Greene, Scully, Shiel, and Griff from their first choice midfield. Smith, Stevie J and Mr Paper Calves himself, Brett Deledio, from half forward. Heater also had the afternoon off.

West Coast didn’t exactly show up either. Leaving JJK, Priddis, Shuey, Gaff, LeCras and Darling home. Along with new recruits Smitch and Petrie. Which is just about every SC-relevant player West Coast have on their list.

A few of the kids stood out, Setterfield and Taranto in particular, but will they play early and often enough to make us cash?


ZAC WILLIAMS | GWS | $480,100 | DEF

You could look at his stats and say he had a bad game, but honestly he didn’t have a whole lot to do. That said, didn’t do himself a whole lot of favours to force his way into teams. 85% TOG

JOSH KELLY | GWS | $473,800 | MID

Looked a class above out there. 13 contested disposals in his haul of 29 @76%. Throw in 9 tackles, 7 marks, and 7 clearances it was a pretty fair day at the office. Pity he doesn’t have DPP.

LOBB | GWS | $406,100 | FWD

Went virtually unsighted in the first half but was better as the match wore on. Played mostly forward while ruck duties were shared between Simpson and Downie. Avoid.

JONO PATTON | GWS | $349,000 | FWD

This man is a beast and will tear the comp a new one one day. Didn’t really get out 2nd gear but when you’ve got a rig like that why would you bother in a preseason game? 5 of his 7 marks were contested to go with 3 sausage rolls.

TENDAI M’ZUNGU | GWS | $245,800 | MID

Will have a great year in the twos


I’m reluctant to get too excited about GWS rookies today. A LOT were missing for the Giants. Nevertheless…

  • Will Setterfield ($193,800 MID) looked fantastic playing predominately on the ball, then drifted forward in the second half. 11 touches in the first half and finished with 16.
  • Tim Taranto ($207,300 MID/FWD) is a smoky for an early chance if injuries go his way, but he needs to work on his efficiency. 10 contested touches and 81% TOG were positives that he can run out games.
  • LachlanTiziani ($117,300) was BOG for 5 minutes in the opening quarter.. Kicked the first goal for the Giants but then disappeared.
  • I was told to look out for Isaac Cumming ($126,300 DEF). He didn’t really stand up today. Bit of performance anxiety maybe? Granted even the best have struggles to stand up and perform when it matters sometimes.



DOM SHEED | WCE |$267,400 | MID

Sheed continues to tease. One of those awkwardly priced midfielders that might get a look in if he had DPP. At that price though you’ll need some significant, ball-tearing form out of him and I don’t trust him to deliver week-in week-out.

ELLIOT YEO | WCE | $409,200 | MID/FWD

Sucked as all in in 2016. Made good use of the ball when he had it. Please don’t fall for him again though.

JACK REDDEN | WCE | $348,600 | MID

What the hell happened to this guy? I really rated him at the Lions. Had 9 tackles today but doesn’t get enough of the pill.


BOG for the Eagles. Was taking kick outs and played most of the game. Again, terrible price puts me off. Do you really want a guy called Sharrod in your team anyway?


You could throw a blanket over these awkwardly priced mids at West Coast. 24 touches but butchered it a bit. Won’t get much of a chance to shine when the big boys are back in the team.


I was excited to get a look at…

  • Luke Partington ($123,900 MID) today, the blokes signed a contract extension before even playing a game a footy. Didn’t really fire a shot though.
  • Son of legend Chris, Jake Waterman ($117,300 FWD) didn’t really get amongst it either. Only the 5 touches from 73% game time.
  • Francis Watson ($102,400 DEF) was probably the pick of the West Coast kids today. Alas, he is rookie listed and is probably towards the bottom of potential SuperCoach rookies even if he does get upgraded.




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Ha ha that comment about M'Zungu. Savage!


Who? Who? Who?

You could be excused for thinking you were at an owl convention! There were just that many "who's"

Did well with what u had to work with Kev.
Scary though the Kelly gang reserve side would frighten a lot of teams in the season proper.


Was shattered Ward and Devon Smith got cut from the 29, Trig! Honestly no one that played today will come close to entering my team


Didn't mind the look of Karpany? too, didn't score well but was composed, awkward price @$185k.
Great summary Kev.


I had his name jotted down before the match, hedski. Whisp of a lad, needed to put on more pressure


Spot on Kev, no fwd pressure for a small fwd? Pass.


Josh Rotham has been in round 1 conversations in the media but he panicked under pressure. No way is he playing in the big team, and if he does, he won't be in many teams.

Nick Wealands

Josh Kelly should make his way in to more teams. Forget starting your Beams or Murphy for 50k more you get an absolute stud who will play a huge role in the GWS midfield this year
Made his way in to my side


That's a good call, Nick. I'd wait for now and see how he goes with GWS' first choice midfield back. Pushed his average up by 18 last year, has he got another 15-20 left in him when you consider the guys around him?

Clock Management

As good as he was and is, not this year for me. Won't finish top 10 mid, so far Kelly and De goey will be trapping people, whos next?

neil Demons Delight

Had Kelly in an earlier team in and out but could be vies with Libba for me


Wont be touching Kelly. I had Libba in my team until I seen Watson only $453k – I have locked Watson in and thrown away the key.

I N Pieman

Taranto & Settlefield will quinella the NEAFL Brownlow equivalent. Reckon they keep one of them & sell the other to secure pick 1 again who once visited a town inside the Giants zone & that makes him eligible. Mark it down in the book the Giants will win the flag & walk away from the draft with another pick 1. Gun key forward. The mob needs to speak. It's a joke


I agree its a f^%R&*U*((*(%^&*)*)(U_+_&_*(^%^*(%^*(


Few deep breaths…………… Lets try to identify the best GWS supercoach options this year




He will be up there hedski. No doubt. Surely there will be others too?
I have been an advocate of Williams for a while but maybe Wilson is the better HB runner.
I thought Patton was better than the abominable snowman today. Massive unit. Who else?


im taking coniglio reckon hell become oober premo this yr


Ward was good, picked him up midyear.
Tempted by Williams but na.

neil Demons Delight

I have none at present but shaw will come in The mids appear to be slighly worse than some uber prems Geelong and Sydney lads for two


is anyone considering doing a bruin manouvre with petrie or think kennedy will be freed up with the peetree there ?


Cloke may be a candidate.

Clock Management

Great write up, only thing i disagree with is being a bit harsh on Tiziani.

3 disposals 1st quarter 9 after 1st
1 tackle before quarter time 5 after
only 66% game time.

He won't play rd 1 and wont get a game but felt like defending him.

Anyway not a lot out of this game really.

Watson impressed me but won't play early, Kelly and Taranto and Mzungu all impressed. None SC relevent for me. I do however beleive there is a spot for Mzungu even if everyones fit, they didn't recruit him for nothing.


Fair call, CM. He was popping up everywhere early and I was scrambling like a mad prick trying to find out who #33 was. Didn't really notice him again till end of the 3rd.


Where do I find the SuperCoach points??


SC Scores

Josh Kelly 151
Tendai Mzungu 120
Jonathon Patton 117
Daniel Lloyd 115
Dawson Simpson 96
Tim Taranto 93
Matthew Kennedy 91
Will Setterfield 80
Lachlan Tiziani* 78
Nathan Wilson 68
Sam J. Reid 68
Zac Williams 68
Rory Lobb 63
H. Himmelberg 62
Adam Tomlinson 55
Tim Mohr 55
Matthew Buntine 55
Aidan Corr 54
Jeremy Finlayson 51
Harry Perryman 49
Isaac Cumming 44
Tom Downie 36
Zach Sproule 22
Matthew Flynn 22

West Coast
Mark Hutchings 117
S. Wellingham 110
Elliot Yeo 96
Jack Redden 95
Fraser McInnes 95
Dom Sheed 91
Lewis Jetta 88
Francis Watson 86
Eric Mackenzie 81
Tom Gorter 74
Jackson Nelson 72
Chris Masten 70
Kurt Mutimer 63
Nathan Vardy 62
Tom Barrass 55
Tom Cole 51
Tom Lamb 48
Malcolm Karpany 47
Tarir Bayok 38
Luke Partington 37
Jordan Snadden 29
Jake Waterman 28
Will Schofield 27
Josh Rotham 26
Paddy Brophy -1


Oh Joshua Kelly, why couldn't you be the same price as JOM or have DPP?!?!

Killer write up, Kev. Knew the game wasn't worth staying up all night to watch. Thanks man.


No worries, TF. The score line flattered the Eagles. In a premiership game GWS would have blown them away. I'll be covering the battle of the bridge on the 3rd. Hoping GWS bring their A squad for that one


I'm sure they will. Hope that's a late game so I can watch live.


Pick him up when he's nmfc's number 1 mid….


Ha! As a GWS supporter, I hope not, Hazey. But you're probably right if GWS doesn't hit the GF or doesn't get enough of mid time.

neil Demons Delight

Thanks SC A Kelly appears to be on watch and that Taranto boy


Is Daniel Lloyd an option for us this year?


Another one that will get pushed aside, Jordan. MID only in SuperCoach


I wonder who did the fixture and thought it was a good idea to schedule West Coast play in Narrandera. They did well to even turn up.


Agree with you, Loop. Read on Twitter why bother making the 8000km trip for a kick and giggle game. No wonder they had the team they did.

They stay in W.A for their next 2 games. Should get a look at JJK etc


That's where Hopper comes from and even he didn't turn up


Will Daniel Lloyd get a run in the season proper? Pretty handy score of 115?


Are West Coast the most irrelevant SC team this year? I have JJK under consideration, and that's it. A whole bunch of speculative mid-pricers and fully-priced premiums and it's tough to picture what role they all play. No Eagles for me this year I expect.


Dom Sheed merits a look as a smoky for a breakout season
91 SC from 84% TOG JLT 1
92 SC from 62% TOG JLT 2