SuperCoach Significance Report: HAW v GEE

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SuperCoach 2017 JLT series report


The modern rivalry between Geelong and Hawthorn continued tonight in Game 2 of the <Insert Commercial Sponsor> Cup/Series/Challenge tonight and I dare say that all 7 of the fans that rocked up got their money’s worth.

More importantly though: there were 3 fine young men by the name of Zac that frolicked upon the sensual expanses of UOT Oval tonight, all three of them produced ripping games and brought nationwide trouser stiffness to a historic climax.

Zac Tuohy, Zac Guthrie and Zac Smith were superb for the Cats from the very start and I dare say all three will figure significantly come season proper.

They aren’t the only ones though, I made sure I absorbed every last drop of sweet, succulent supercoach juice out of this match-up..

..and I now intend to spray my juice all over you: the sacred community.



Simply SUPERB. Was close to BOG at half-time and played all over the bloody ground. Spent time in the Midfield, worked his way forward and back…even pinch-hit in the ruck when required. Under-priced as all hell and I can guarantee that’s exactly where your headed if you don’t pick him.

JOSH GIBSON | HAW | $490,400 | DEF

I tell you what: they must empty every bottle of bloody Crisco they have onto this bloke pre-game, he was shinier than a rare Pokemon and slipperier than the mole I gunned down during my time as a Sicario for the Juarez Cartel. Quiet SC-wise, bit too old to be considered regardless.


The Sugar Man just never stops delivering. Was absolutely sublime playing wherever required tonight. Finished with 20 disposals @85%, 4 Clearances, 6 Tackles and 1.1. Averaged 105+ over the last 10 games of 2016 and is durable…it’d take some sizeable pant-fruits to pick him though given age and price.

JAEGER O’MEARA | HAW | $318,900 | MID

Had an enormous first half with 12 touches (9 of those contested) and 5 Tackles. Clarko put the bastard on ice for the second half as he should do. Interesting to note that the Hawks clearance numbers fell away significantly after JOM went off…. He will be extremely important for Hawthorn in 2017, are his knees up to it?


Started the game like a flaming mountain goat but slowed down significantly. You know what you get with Birchall, consistent 75+ scores with the odd ton thrown in for good measure. I think there is much better value on offer though.


Plenty of hype coming in for this bloke, had a great VFL season last year and got his opportunity after half-time. Only had the 2 touches and struggled to get amongst it sadly. Will definitely play another JLT match so I’ll keep watching.

TEIA MILES | HAW | $123,900 | MID/FWD

NOW HERE’S ONE TO WATCH! I really liked what I saw from young Milo the Milkman tonight, he played the entire game as a loose man in defense and racked up enough of the seed (17d @77%) to suggest that he is relevant come Round 1. He took kick-outs at one stage which tells you the Hawks rate his kicking (as do I). The DPP is highly stimulating south of the border and this kid MUST be on everyone’s watch-list after tonight.



ZACH TUOHY | GEEL | $443,200 | DEF

Probably the Zac of the night in my view. Played an incredibly SC-friendly role running off half back and did as he pleased for the majority of the night. His kicking was exceptional and best of all: his teammates continually searched for him when exiting defensive 50. 33 disposals (20 Kicks) @86% tells the tale of his night, and if that doesn’t get your wazoo woofing: he is extremely durable (Currently on a 90 Game Consecutive Streak). Onto the watch-list he goes.

ZAC SMITH | | GEEL | $421,500 | RUC

A forgotten commodity is Zac Smith. The loping, long-limbed bastard impressed me tonight with his 14 Disposals @89%, 29 Hit-Outs and 4 Tackles. Had plenty of Hit-outs to advantage and is enjoying the death of the third-man up. Did the majority of the ruck-work as well which is good to see. Not sure if he’s anywhere approaching pick-worthy given the numerous options in the Ruck division but he’s still one to think about.

AARON BLACK | GEEL | $137,100 | FWD

If you haven’t already locked this bloke onto your forward bench, I know a very good life coach you can consult (I met him during my time as a Palaeontologist in the Sub-Saharan Tundra). Anyway, he kicked 4.0 and looked very lively in the Cat’s forward line. He will definitely play R1 (barring injury) and at $137k he is a MUST.

MITCH DUNCAN | GEEL | $502,200 | MID

Limited game-time as one would expect. Still managed 21 disposals and 6 tackles from just 55% TOG. Had an average year in 2016 and will look to fire up as Geelong’s 3rd best mid. He COULD break-out but not really worth the risk at his price.


Stay away from him. Had minimal influence and never looked threatening.


Went at a canter and still tore the damn thing apart. 27 disposals @82%, 8 Clearances and 6 Tackles. Enormous price-tag but I’d feel very nervous if you didn’t have him…especially when you consider that Geelong’s first 8 games are less laborious than outdoor urination.

TOM STEWART | GEEL | $117,300 | DEF

Did more than enough to suggest that he deserves a bench spot in your defence. Had 16 touches @56% but the poor DE can be written off as first-game jitters. Laid 6 tackles which should prove great as an alternate point source. Looking forward to seeing how he goes in the second dig.


Ticked all the boxes for a return game from an ACL. Grasped the nugget 18 times @61% and looked comfortable slotting into his defensive role. Awkward price considering the injury though so I’d think twice and have a back-up plan if you’re picking him.

ZACH GUTHRIE | GEEL | $102,400 | DEF

I’m betting last night you didn’t even know Cam Guthrie had a brother. Well he does, and he’s a nifty little footballer. Played as an extra behind the ball and loved every minute of it gathering 24 disposals @71% including a goal. Only had 68% TOG as well so you’d figure that number will increase in the remaining JLT games…could be a genuine bolter for round 1.

How did you see it tonight community?





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HAHAHAHA – Brilliant analysis! Very witty. Roughy Lock.


So there you go: it is possible to do a funny write up without referencing the Simpsons….


Super writeup, X. Equal parts informative and hilarious with just the right amount of testicle innuendo. Hopefully you've put up your hand for a few more games mate


Lovely stuff Monsieur X – Silk Burgoyne impressing me. A lot. I'm tempted, but too early to make a call on who slinks into my D2 slot. Roughie a lock, Schoenmakers a sneaky proposition at 155k in the forward line if he gets a game. Aaron Black is back from the periphery of my watchlist right front and centre. Been banking on Miles for my structures and am rapped he's done well.

Ripping stuff mate.


The Cobbler is looking like a steal Patch.

Luskin Star

Burgoyne 114 avg last third of last season. Only thing stopping me jumping in his his teeth, very long


Rough SC score? Handballs worry me.


We need more Mr.X rated sc material (jock centrefolds).
Hope the rest of the preseason is as good as tonights game.


Rough – tick
Danger – tick
Stewart – tick
Miles – tick stays on my mid bench
Selwood – tick. Oh wait didn't play. No matter still a big tick.

Watch list – black and Guthrie.

Good night to tick the boxes.
Guaranteed it was gonna be close just seems to happen when these two play.


if omearas due to play such an important role for the Hawks then surely omeara>swallow assuming his fit


IF and IF…. sounds a bit too IFFY for me mate. Not in my team…


SC scores!



Kade Stewart 112

Isaac Smith 101

Shaun Burgoyne 92

Cyril Rioli 85

Billy Hartung 82

Liam Shiels 73

Will Langford 72

Ryan Schoenmakers 72

Ben McEvoy 71

Grant Birchall 71

Ryan Burton 65

Jarryd Roughead 63

James Frawley 63

Ty Vickery 59

Teia Miles 58

Taylor Duryea 55

Kieran Lovell 49

Jaeger O’Meara 44

Ben Stratton 43

Josh Gibson 40

Paul Puopolo 40

James Sicily 35

Blake Hardwick 31

Kurt Heatherley 26

Dallas Willsmore 12

Marc Pittonet 6


Zach Tuohy 130

Patrick Dangerfield 117

Zac Smith 102

Zach Guthrie 91

Sam Menegola 90

Aaron Black 89

Tom Stewart 85

Andrew Mackie 85

Mitch Duncan 80

Tom Ruggles 76

Jackson Thurlow 74

Darcy Lang 71

Jordan Cunico 70

Mark Blicavs 68

Nakia Cockatoo 61

Rhys Stanley 59

Steven Motlop 59

Brandan Parfitt 55

Jed Bews 53

Jack Henry 51

Tom Lonergan 51

Harry Taylor 50

Tom Hawkins 47

Josh Cowan 35

Cameron Guthrie 17

Lachie Henderson 10


BVC where are you getting your SuperCoach scores from?


it's on Facebook for free, just type in Supercoach Paige on the search tab….


Issac Smith scored well? Forward line POD? Have not seen him in one team.


what was Big Boy McEvoy and Cyril's TOG?


mr menegola you are looking very likely to be my m7
I'd just like to see full strength sides


Just did exactly that! Could involve some adjustments in other areas if either one of 2 cheap ruckmen don't come to fruition! It's early days, but definitely an exciting time of the season!


Interesting summary X. How do you rate Geelong this year? I think that neither Harry nor Aaron will provide the necessary CHF dominance required to be a force this year. Only players I am considering from Geelong are Danger, Selwood and Tuohy. I think they could be drifters this year…….


Cats are gonna win the premiership this year mate…. What are you on bout?


haha appreciate the humour Dee!

The Stiv

I wasn't convinced by Harry up forward to be honest. Aaron Black had a good game but more evidence needed.

Mr. X

The Cats Premiership Window is RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! Arguably the best midfield in the competition, added Black and Tuohy in the off-season which can only help. Thurlow/Scott Selwood due back from injury vastly improves their depth as well. I expect them to finish Top 4 for sure. In terms of SC, I consider the following relevant:
– Danger (Obviously)
– Joel Selwood (Always ripe for plucking post-bye, especially given his insane history of form after mid-season).
– Zac Tuohy (Highly relevant after tonight but to be fair, he was left alone for the majority of the night. I highly doubt teams will allow him to run around with that much time and space in the season proper).
– Scott Selwood (Definitely relevant at his price considering he has averaged over 105 in the past. Has had an exceptional pre-season and he COULD finally be fit!)

Hope that answers your question mate 😉

– Mr. X


League for Jock Renolds followers only: 914967. If you're after some serious competition.


*Reynolds. Attention to detail is everything…

Meanie of Me

Cheers Corvus


Has anyone thought about Trent McKenzie for the GC at 238k, I think if he stays fit he could be a massive profit


Yeah Nah


I think we saw the absolute best case scenario out of Black. Jagged 4 goals but only 1 mark (uncontested). Scoring power was never huge at Norf. On the watchlist sure but I'd be happy to leave him out if others present


Fair call Kev, and agree about best case. However, last nights performance surely has to put him ahead of Bowes and McLuggage just on price alone…..At least until we see them play!


McBags yes. Bowes maybe. Only 30-odd k more, if the hype is real he may offer a bit more consistency as an onfield rookie. Teams out for Sunday yet?


Really liked Rough, JOM, Stewart last night
I thought JOM was out until at least round 3???


Was the initial talk. May play round 1 if fit now. Apparently come on in leaps and bounds.


Hawks play Essendon first up, they won't risk him for that game

Clock Management

Was at the match last night,
Aaron Black is enormous, he is filled out and looked as big of not bigger than Tommy H, lock.

Roughy was everywhere. Danger did his job.

Zac Touhy was already in my squad but now lot of people will jump on him.

Tom Stewart will play Rd 1 looked better than ruffles and even Thurlow,

One guy that got my attention was Issac Smith was running extremarly hard for a JLT match, and was used by his teammates a lot, nice pod.

Overall a lot more relevance than night 1. However still can't read to much into it.

P.S geez it was funny when Cyril hit the post from the goal square. I was behind the goals, cars cheersquad was tearing into him.

Anyway that's my review.

Clock Management



With you on Isaac, CM. His numbers ([email protected] 86% TOG) are about on par with what he's been doing over the past 3 years when I looked into him. Hawks have a few SC relevant players this year.

I N Pieman

My 8 year old boy Ben just finished his first SC team & wants to role into the National Schools with this line up. He'd appreciate some advice. Bit of Pies bias as a junior Pieman! Note: He picked all his premos & may have had some rookie selection advice

Adams, Burgoyne, Johanisen, Stewart, Ryan, Newman, Vickers Willis, Long
Danger, Pendles, Treloar, Rockliffe, Bontempelli, Fyfe, Swallow, Myers, SPP, M Hibbered, Graham
Gawn, Witts, Straindick
Dahlhaus, Buddy, Ryder, Elliott, Hoskin Elliott, Bowes, Smith, Eddy


Very good team young Ben! Good luck in the National Schools comp young fella.

Shake n bake

Hey Pieman, my son is 8 aswell & like myself loves the black & white. so something in common there! Wish Ben luck great team hope he goes well.


Def: Adams, Laird, Johannisen, Hurley, Keefe, Vickers-willis (ryan, long)
Mid: Danger, Jpk, Sloane, Bont, Fyfe, Swallow, Myers, Powell-pepper (Hibberd, graham, ronke)
Ruck: gawn, witts (sterndicka)
Fwd: Dahlhaus, motlop, ryder, roughead, balic, Bolton (Smith, eddy)
$282,300 left in the bank, not sure what to do with it got a coupla ideas tell us your thoughts
Witts to a 450-500k ruck
Swallow to premo mid
Ryder and roughie to 500k fwds
Or chuck in another mid pricer pod somewhere
I know forward lines a bit risky and am not impressed with motlops performance last night.
Cheers let me know what ya reckon.


Don't get fooled by Burgoyne he is guaranteed to spud it up at least twice in the first 6-weeks

2012 fist 6 ave 80 worst three 61,65,70
2013 fist 6 ave 92 worst three 56,70,89
2014 fist 6 ave 101 worst three 72,96,101
2015 fist 6 ave 88 worst three 59,67,83
2016 fist 6 ave 89 worst three 68,73,80


G'day Community,

I want a website that, throughout the JLT Community Series, I can access things such as: SC Scores, TOG% and DE%



Try FanFooty mate. They were even doing live SC scores last year until from memory the HS cracked down and put the kibosh on all that. Or at least they are not live during the JLT such as the Giants Eagles game right now.

But you will still get them at some point after the games have finished.


Cheer SCaddict, need this as it will help significantly with a couple of selections I am twoing and froing about


Roughie looking good is annoying, have to build a team that includes him as one of my options.

Just not sure about him