SuperCoach Significance Report: PIES v DONS

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Collingwood-v-EssendonWill these returning Bombers be much SuperCoach chop in 2017?

We were kidding ourselves if we thought we might have been able to slap an answer to that question down on the table of SuperCoach decisiveness tonight.

Watson and Heppell waltzed straight into the guts early, only to come up against a Pie midfield missing Treloar, Pendlebury, Adams, Wells and Grundy. An insulting Nathan “Bloody” Buckley imposed shadow of the real deal rocked up for the Pies this night community.

The SuperCoach significant Bombers all got through the thing which was important. They all looked just OK. But you’d struggle to hang your SuperCoach selection hat on anything that happened out there tonight given the dribble that hit the park for the Black & White.

However, there was significance to be sucked from the marrow of this thing..

DAVID MYERS | ESS | $133,700 | MID

8 disposals @ 75%DE, 4 kicks, 4 handballs, 50%TOG

We need this bloke. One of the few standout SuperCoach MID only rookie options to look the part so far this preseason. Came on at quarter time and rolled through the midfield. Tentative at times, didn’t appear to pick up the pace of the game which is understandable given how long the kid’s been out of the game. Will need to do more before Round 1.

LACHIE KEEFE | COL | $165,900 | DEF

11 disposals @ 82%DE, 5 kicks, 6 handballs, 61%TOG

Patch nailed it on Twitter tonight.. “Lachie Keefe rucking a good sign, but running around like a headless chook when he gets the ball.

The kid isn’t a forward’s pip hole and the poor bloke looked lost. Buckley played him mostly forward, giving Cox a chop out in the ruck from time to time. Hard to get a handle on him tonight. The SuperCoach community need to see him play back, Collingwood need him to play back, let’s hope this was just one of Nathan’s short-lived experiments of genius.

ANDY McGRATH | ESS | $211,800 | MID

9 disposals @ 100%DE, 2 kicks, 7 handballs, 63%TOG

He can play this kid, no doubts there. Had it 7 times at 100% efficiency to half time. However, in my mind he remains no Round 1 certainty and while he’ll be a player, I didn’t see enough to arouse me at this elevated rookie price tag.


5 disposals @60%DE, all handballs, 46%TOG

Didn’t break any essential body parts which is incredible. Sat on the pine for the first half before slotting into a running half back role. Didn’t set the world on fire by any stretch, but a half of footy with his body intact is all we need to see from him at this stage.

JOSH DAICOS | COLL | $117,300 | FWD

7 disposals @86%DE, 1 kick, 6 handballs, 41%TOG

Looks bloody good in tight. Sharp, elusive and makes shit happen. Plenty of his old man’s blood pumping through the veins. Only played the second half, didn’t rack up a stack of the pill.. but there’s undeniably something to this kid. Looks more a high half forward than a goal sneak. Watch closely for the rest of the preseason.

DYSON HEPPELL | ESS | $513,300 | MID

17 disposals @70%DE 9 of them contested,  6 kicks, 11 handballs, 55%TOG

A good hitout. Very hard to gather much from this one given the opposition. Got through the game, good in patches but not at full rat power. Can still play.. but we can’t take much out of tonight.

JOBE WATSON | ESS | $453,300 | MID

19 disposals 9 of them contested @79%DE, 5 kicks, 14 handballs, 66%TOG

How good was it to hear the crowd cheer as he lined up for goal in that second  quarter. Beautiful. Similar to Heppell. Got through the game solidly. Still knows how to get into the right places but the heat was well and truly off. As expected, started in the guts and drifted forward. Rested for the last quarter.


8 disposals, 5 of them contested @88%DE, 4 kicks, 4 handballs, 33%TOG

Did enough, looked fit enough and most importantly got through the limited gametime Bucks gave him. Had racked up 3 hardball gets, a contested mark from the opposition, 2 uncontested marks from the opposition and a sausage to half time. Not sighted in the back half but drifts up the watch list based off this. Promising signs.


24 disposals, 8 of them contested @63%DE, 14 kicks, 10 handballs, 74%TOG

Couldn’t give this kid a more awkward price if you tried. Will suck in more than a few based on tonight. Don’t get me wrong he was bloody great tonight and his parents should be proud. But this, community is a prime ribbed example of the type of bloke the inexperienced will stiff up about at this time of year. Had mid time. Will not get midtime in the real thing.

Ozario The Also Magnificent was brilliant with 4 goals from his 12 touches, even if he was playing Buck’s kids. Jeremy Howe played back as expected but didn’t rack up nearly enough of the SC important intercept action tonight. Hoskin-Elliott was good early but you can’t get a read on him with all the silk missing. Zach Merrett continues to stretch the trouser.

DeGoey was probably best on, but he’s a massive TRAP!

What significance did you suck out of tonight folks?

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Got SFA out of the game …. no SC decisions tonight.

Ah yes Jock



You're easily aroused lollipop


I have Howe at the moment do I hold for now and wait for a possible swap to Tom McDonald/Williams/Hartlett??


Trade him out immediately. This was a very serious game and if you hold him in your side too log and the wind changes, he will get stuck there.


Thanks Jock.
Agree cant really glean anything from that game.
Those that were given the opportunity took it, but won't be given the same opportunity in the season proper
how did your boy hurley go? Just happy to get through unscathed like the other returning bombers?


Hoskin-Elliot didn't do anything to remove himself from my team. Will want to see if those midfield minutes come when Pendles, Treloar, Wells and Adams are back in the side however.

It was a hitout that seemed to raise more questions than answer, but that's probably to be expected for the first week.


Well i didn't win Coach Kings…. and Essendon lost too. Not a lot to take out of this game really… Except DeGoey! Kid is a star on the rise. A forward line featuring all 3 of Heeney, Acres and DeGoey is a view of the future SC All stars! I wonder if anyone will have the testicular strength to run with it this year….


Kicked a few late goals in a tight game, AMAC. Might have boosted things a little bit.

The Bont

No real interest other than Myers tonight . Truth is you can't take a lot from these games we all know that . Look at de goey last year , the pre season is just something that sets traps .
Waiting for the real thing , mind you great to get on and have a look tonight . Bring on the footy


Agree Jock, equally valid for your comment about Phillips. DeGoey however is very good. Not quite, but nearly a gun. Imo a good side needs at least 11 good midfielders. 2 running HB, 2 running HF, 2 wings, 3 mids, 2 bench mids. All rotating. I think De Goey gets a lot of midfield time this year because he is DEMANDING it! He now fits the profile of a breakout contender.


What I took out of tonight's game were:
Zach Merrett could remain the Bombers best mid this year
Myers and Scharenberg have dropped on my watch list ( until next game)
Daicos looked very promising
Keefe is off my list
WHE, McGrath and Elliot were good but $$$ only WHE potential selection for me at this stage
De Goey will suck plenty in he is a BURN MAN


Agree Seeker about Zach Merrett, yes also that Daicos looked good.
I cannot however agree with DeGoey = Burn Man.
Seriously last year was only his second season! He has still only played 36 games! Give him a Break! Only one freak per decade can average the type of scores Marcus Bontempelli did. Go back and have a look. Gary Ablett, Chris Judd, Patrick Dangerfield and Scott Pendlebury did not dominate in their 1st or 2nd seasons. Natural progression is key. Games and age are significant factors.


As I said below, Merrett wasn't paid a scant bit of attention and had 10 metres of space at every clearance tonight – that will change. But the ideal centre bounce setup looks to be Luey, Jobe, Heppell and Zerrett so there's every chance he retains his 111 average.

Myers playing his first game in nearly 2 years was always going to be rusty, but it's concerning nontheless.


His contested possession were down on last years average (granted on one game). With Watson, Heppell, Myers etc all back I think he'll play a lot more as an outside mid this year. Scores will suffer.


He only played 55% game time.


66 oops good enough for mine


77% according to AFL site


Yep 77% game time. 20% of his disposals were contested, compare that to Watson and Heppell (both 47%). Bluey also said a few weeks ago the Zerrett and Parish would play more as more outside mids role in 2017 because of the returning players. I love Zerrett, had him in my team almost all preseason, but if this is his new role then I won't be dropping 600k on him


Think Watson is a great POD for his $453k price tag, I got a feeling he will have something to prove and with less pressure on him now that he isn't the Captain is a great thing. I'm sure he will score as good as Libba and is $40k cheaper.

He is locked in as M6 in my side regardless,


He's good value but he won't be top 8. Same opinion I've got about almost all the fallen premos this year. Only Fyfe for me.


Anyone who got burnt by JDG in the past deserved it imo, he was 19 to start last year. Not in breakout stage. This year less unlikely (turns 21), next year better.

Calling him a burn man is silly, he is a burn boy =p


I put on the Richmond SC Forum Pre-Game. Keefe doing centre bounce practice. Im on.
At HT updated this comment to say, his 10 minutes in thr ruck would make him a lock, but dont know what he was doing for the other 40 minues.
Also have had Elliott, Hoskin-Elliott & Phillips in & out of my side so far this season. Will continue to watch in the next couple of weeks when Pendles, Treloar & co come back in


Not a stand out rookie tonight. You can see from the tog% both teams heavily chopped and changed things (I believe it's unlimited rotations first few weeks)

Too many missing from Pies in the guts to draw out anything of significance. Fitting Zerrett in is gonna be a headache if he continues racking them up


A lot of guys and gals on Twitter raving over Zerrett tonight – wasn't paid a scant bit of attention and had 10 metres of space at every clearance. That'll change. Joshy Daicos a silkly player but will struggle to score, even if given a shot in round 1. Watson has intrigued me – will play pure guts resting forward and hasn't lost a bit of it. However, I can see him being rested on interstate trips, or worse, injured. Too much risk for mine. Heppell needs to clean more rust off, as does Hurley.

From a pure footy perspective, Stewart looked very good once he worked his way into the game, and Essondon's mosquito fleet were top notch. I'm genuinely excited by our forward line for the first time since Lloyd was playing. McGrath looks very good, but not for SC. Collingwood were impossible to judge, but Jordan De Goey will be a very good player, and seeing Jamie Elliot back out there was special.

9 pointers have got to go. So do obnoxious Collingwood supporters. It's a preseason game, don't scream for 3 minutes straight about a holding the ball call. Don't tell the ump he got a boundary line call wrong when you're 130 metres away. Duct tape ya shnozz and watch the kids play. YOU'RE ALL POTATOES WITH EYEBALLS. Phew. Okay, I'm done.


Patch, I cannot understand why they persist with this 9 pointer when it was a trial thing that will never be introduced to the REAL GAME. They have had years of trial and it has never gone any further.
Thank You for such an honest opinion of the game because I have no means to watch this JLT Series and always appreciate your opinion and depend on the community at large to give me some insight.


I like it because the preseason competition is a bit more relaxed and a bit more fun than the regular competition. There are a couple of other rules too that will never be in the "real game" like last touch over the line.


I'm with you Ocker – it just seems so out of place. I'm happy with them trialling new rules during the preseason, but the nine pointer isn't going to lead to anything, there just doesn't seem to be a point.

Scrappy footy regardless, and there wasn't much to be gleamed from the game but we'll be covering every game, so any supercoach relevance will find its way here!


Bit salty Patch?


a bit? patch has emptied the shaker!

Ian Balfour

Surprised you can find enthusiasm in the Essendon team Patch? Forgetting last year, they have only ever had one premium player in Jobe (two if you count Heppel). Last year showed that Zaharakis and Merrit can score but neither received any attention as the team was not competitive. Personally i think they have a very poor list and very few if any SC contenders?


Smith moved up on the list McGrath and Heppell moved down, waiting to see what Zac Fisher does before I consider myers


Unfortunately I do not have means to watch these games.
I have something better, this community filling me with wisdom.
Hoskin Elliot seemed to get a lot of mentions but I really can't think of anyone from a rookie point of view that could possibly make my team.
Sticking to Guns & Rookies as much as possible.

Keep the comments coming so that I can learn from the wisdom's of all.
Thank You.


ditto, and how's that masterful piece of spreadsheet wizardry spreadsheet looking this year OldOcker?

That is gold every year.


scott, It was released nearly a month ago mate, Here is the link.

Flaccid Jaff

A few players were wiped off my list tonight, but just 1 bloke jumped onto it. Darcy Parish looked calm and skillful, he's put on size, roamed the ground and looks to have secured midfield time. Will he step up further in 2017? I will watch him closely.

Heppell will cop attention this year and he doesn't like it, was on my watchlist but he's dropped off it after that game. I know it's his 1st game back and he needs to ease into it, but no. Same goes for hurley, I liked that he's taking kickouts, but didn't show enough.

It's not the stats to look at, it's the roles, and the way they go about it. If keefe is named rd 1 he's in my team, but Sharenberg I'll need to see improve. Jobe looked good, but rested forward which I think will happen a lot and he'll stay at that 500k-odd mark so it's a no for me.

DO NOT get zerret, de goey or phillips!

Hoskin-elliot hung around too much but when he went at it he looked good, strongly consider at thag price!


Like it, Jaff. I'd say a firm no on Parish, coughed it up a lot. Had his moments, but feel he'll be struck with the second year blues. Will have midfield time, but unless he unleashes himself in the next few games I'd be inclined to take a dip with Jobe or Zerrett if I was touching the Essendon midfield.

Meanie of Me

Not sold on any of the rookie spots as yet, so they’re still interchangeable. Taking a risk with the rucks and with taking both O’Meara and Swallow, but if they don’t impress during the JLT I can always downgrade one and upgrade the other.


H. Shaw E. Vickers-Willis

T. Adams T. Stewart

J. Johannisen

Z. Jones

M. Scharenberg

L. Ryan


P. Dangerfield S. Powell-Pepper

D. Hannebery M. Hibberd

A. Treloar

M. Bontempelli

N. Fyfe

J. O’Meara

D. Swallow

D. Myers


T. Nankervis L. Strnadica

J. Witts


L. Dahlhaus J. Bowes

C. Wingard J. Pickett

I. Heeney

P. Ryder

J. Roughead

B. Eddy


JOM probably isn't going to play round one so if/when he plays you will have that 300k on your bench until then.
Really strong forward line! Good job.
I have never seen nankervis in a team so hopefully you get lucky

Good luck!


Agree on Jaeger – he'll probably be rested here and there this year, and will work into it. Aside from that, nice side Meanie!


Zak Jones! excellent spot at $300k and will be off half back and the odd centre bounce. Came of age in the finals. WATCH!


Far to many mid priced players including some at high end prices. Not a fan of J. Johannisen at $513k I think there are much better options for allot less.

O'Meara will be looked after and can see him being rested.

Last year Wingard scores were: 125,54,61,36,76,63,107,136,110,83,78,83,77,106,61,100,64,32
Heeney's scores were: 95,59,62,123,52,62,134,96,76,50,80,48,61,33,77,89,145,77,63,107,55,118,84
As you can see Wingard & Heeney are far too inconsistent for a $440k player and a $430k player they will give you the occasional 90+ but be prepared for more 60's & 70 scores then 90+ in my opinion.

However I wish you the best of luck mate, its only my opinion and I have been wrong many times before. lol

Ian balfour

Gutsy Ruck picks but i too like Nankervis

Meanie of Me

Thanks for the advice guys, I'm going to make some changes based on some of the points you've raised.


I'm really keen to have one of Elliott or Hoskin Elliot in my team. And after Wayne Carey's comments about returning players finding it hard after a year out, I'm purging Heppell and Hurley. The king has spoken and I will listen.


So no Fyfe, Murphy, Swallow, Beams, Roughy etc by that logic?

Shake n bake

Loved having a look at your team the other day. As in my comments to you its a risk on those players returning. would be nice to take a risk but to many questions marks there.


The King of fools. He doesn't often get it right thats for sure. Look what Libba done last year.

Also as Dave said by that logic no Fyfe, Murphy, Swallow, Beams, Roughy, Watson etc etc.

I'm locking in Watson as my M6 for $440k its a bargain as far as im concerned, far to many people pay to much attention to these B/S preseason games which I find hilarious. I also have Hibbered he scored sub 70 on 3 occasions in 2015 and missed last season and is now with Melbourne most players that have showed potential and then switch sides do a lot better statistically speaking. If I could swap Hibbered to Hurley id do it in a heart beat, I think the Essendon players will go out fighting big time especially those like Watson & Hurley who was seriously effected by the B/S that went on at Essendon.

Good luck all the same.


Waste of a game
Didn't seem to be any defensive motive by either team
I'm currently running a deep midfield
Fyfe at m7


Nothing inspiring last night re SC. A couple of mid price risks that I will not take (De-Goey & Phillips). Myers looked underdone & McGrath needs more game time. Great to have footy back though!


Great wright up Jock. Watson seemed to play a good game. Could make my team if Beams doesn't get up for round 1.


Isn't it just fantastic to have the footy back lads, I'm bloody excited and aroused in my trousers….. WEKUMM!




J.De Goey 129

J.Crisp 111

T.Phillips 106

J.Smith 90

S.Sidebottom 88

T.Varcoe 83

W.Hoskin-Elliott 83

J.White 80

B.Maynard 74

M.Cox 72

J.Blair 72

L.Greenwood 70

J.Elliott 65

D.Moore 62

J.Ramsay 62

J.Aish 60

T.Goldsack 53

H.Schade 51

L.Dunn 50

L.Keeffe 44

C.Mayne 38

B.Sinclair 34

J.Daicos 30

J.Howe 24

A.Fasolo 21

M.Scharenberg 16


O.Fantasia 118

D.Parish 100

J.Green 95

S.McKernan 94

J.Watson 92

Z.Merrett 82

D.Heppell 82

D.Zaharakis 80

M.Dea 74

A.McDonald 73

M.Baguley 69

T.Colyer 63

B.Goddard 62

M.Gleeson 62

J.Kelly 60

C.Bird 55

J.Stewart 52

M.Leuenberger 41

M.Brown 40

J.Merrett 38

D.Myers 38

B.Howlett 37

K.Langford 36

A.McGrath 35

M.Hurley 30

P.Ambrose 24


You know what Hurley's TOG % was?



Just to go the Match Centre on the AFL website and look under advanced stats for TG%.


Best thing for mine out of last night was jobe. I'm locking him in. He is a gun and at 55% game time when he wanted to get his hands on it he did.
Jamie elliot for mine has f5 to lose. 30 something %game time and was hard to stop. Showed enough and got rested. Buckley locked him in his side early so am i.

Myers and keefe both looked lost but their price tags and who's going to take their spots means they play.

Heppel for mine is watch this space again less than 60% game time and while he looked rusty still had 17. Maybe

Had taylor adams as a back but the pies backline is so weak he gets the flick. Everyone's trying to play the jack. No one runner half back so bye bye adams.

Andy Mcgrath.. looks like a player and am surprised he's been written off by so many. He showed coach he's a player and that's the kind of kid that gets a few extra games. You're tentatively in for mine atm. Just.

Looking at a few extras but that's the main group i saw as earning a spot.. and no de goey.. good try but nah


Oops jobe at 66% but still good. Change from lock to lock with key still in it..

Clock Management

It was actually 62% but point taken


Treloar, Ablett or Pendles? Pick one….




Pendles. 7 years of monster averages, can't go wrong with him this year, unless Buckley goofs hideously.


none of the above


Just reading the advertiser here in Adelaide and apparently Curtly Hampton has improved immensely over the pre season and the guys at the club are excited and expect him to step up and possibly take that mid field role on. Hopefully that's the case because o'keefe and Sharenberg didn't look that great last night. In saying this they also said yesterday that Charlie Cameron will also get more mid field time this year.


He has been in my side from the start. Hampton brings pace and thats what adelaides midfield is lacking. Not expecting massive scores from him but still a lock in my back line.

Clock Management

Can confirm is in contention for replacing Mackay in Midfield, won't average enormous points but will be better than Keefe and ShitBerg from Pies


Keefe sorry


It's okay mate I always suspected I was a mediocre footballer.

Rick Grimes

Can't take much out of this other than guys unsighted for a while got through unscathed, and Buckley is still a spoon. W.Hoskin-Elliott was and still is high on my radar. That's about all.


Jobe might start a little bit slower this season but he is the stuff of a stiff trouser leg. His BE is mid-80's. Can someone start a rumour that he is dodgy with a secret serious injury or something so the whole community doesn't jump on his back and weigh him down.

Clock Management

Not much can be taken from last night. Myers looked tentative but will be ok.

Elliot and Keefe just prove why they are no gos

Everyone will be jumping on degoey and phillips and will be ruining their structures but I dont mind.

Remeber for those considering De Goey. No pendles No Wells No Treloar No Adams.

He will have very little mid time cone proper season, will play floating half forward and will average approx 75.

Hoskin-Elliot remains on Watch List, so does Watson.


Elliott 65sc played 1/3rd of the game


Is nobody worried about Elliott's injury recurring? The interview in The Herald Sun recently didn't fill me with confidence.


Should be good for a 195 av then


I don't think Myers is best 22.

Clock Management

Myers if he stays fit is best 22. Elliot will fool a lot of people

I N Pieman

The Pies are paying 1mil a season for Wells & Mayne. Wells has done another calf & Mayne is a complete spud. Mayne is an outside chance for best 22 in the VFL side


Shaw – Stewart
Laird – Ryan

Danger – Jarman
Hanners – Graham
Conig – Pepper Pig

Gawn – Cameron (FWD)

Dahl – Eddy
Heeney – Pickett

Love the community thoughts!


Absolute stinker of a side, start again…. J/K mate.


Super feedback, Dean. Well done mate.

McGrath will need to be balls to the wall amazing to justify his price tag. Watch the rest of his preseason but will be a 70 average at best.

Swallow, Jaegar, Murphy looks like a hospital ward. I'd have another look at that.

Ainsworth and McBags is a big spend up front. Keep one/send the other down to a cheaper rook


An interesting game last night not a lot you could take away. Can't really get sucked in to the Hoskin-Elliot, De Goey hype probably just showing off while Pendles, Adams, Wells, Treloar were having a break. Will have a close eye on Keefe, Elliott, Daicos, Myers look like nice rookies early on.

neil Demons Delight

Hi Anthony like the def and forward set ups Danger and Hanna good as is Fyfe is Conig the gws lad if so him Murph and Swallow are shallow but with your great Ruck set up coin may be a problem can see you doing well with this team. Cheers Neil


3 people of interest for me for game tonight. Roughie Stewert and Black. Hopefully they all play.


I think they're all playing Holty…. still waiting for a site to announce the bloody teams!


Thanks dee. Looking forward for this game


So JOM is of no interest to you Holty assuming he plays tonight?

If he has a strong showing and is moving freely it could be Jaegermania around here with more than a few coaches doing team restructures and other reshuffles. 🙂


Hi mate.
JOM has no interest from me what so ever. Knees are stuffed and wont do much. Dont get me wrong, he is a absolute gun but for someone who has missed as much football as he has, cant see him being sc relevant. If he can get through this season however, next season will be different.

neil Demons Delight

Waiting for Jocks mag for some insight into structures .Very tempted with Dereks M7 structure.One good point in it is your mids and Rucks are set for pre bye rounds until culling a richer Sandy.Now I can concentrate on the bookends.Like Derek I have def 2 prems and a mid pricer and forwards Dahl and a combo of m/p and rooks.The defensive premiums are cut and dried the forwards not so and wont be for a while till they sort themselves out. This means I CAN GET MY docs SIMMOS AND Boyds in then concentrate on the emerging forwards .Sounds too good but an M7 structure gives you weaker rooks and none or little bank lots to think about Cheers Neil


Hi neil.
Depends who you take in with your rucks? I have titch at m7 with 3 premium defenders and dahl with 2 fallen premiums (fallen premiums subject to who you ask) in the forward line. I will only go this deep in the mids however if no other rookies emerge.
Grundy or Martin will be R1. If Martin is the lone ruck in round 1, he will start. Still have 130k in bank if more expensive rookies need to be considered.

Shake n bake

Just beware with Grundy. As a pie supporter im sure Cox will be there early in the home & away season. Will mainly play fwd but will pinch hit in the ruck. Same with Daw at norf he'll get more opportunity this yr to.

neil Demons Delight

No Maxy big call ..My set up is the same except I have tmac who could end up a D6 .Not prepared to go in without the beard or Danger therefore small bank and that's a worry.Agree about JOM injury a concern with me Cheers Neil


Yeah agree its a big call not going gawn but someone said last year no ruck has ever backed up to be best ruck 2 tears running. Hoping its the same this year. So ive gone rocky instead

neil Demons Delight

seen him at Loch few weeks back burning maked good coffee too. Says his biggest oponents Hickey and GRUNDY


I still may go in with him. Just swap him for grundy. Just wont have the money to be picky woth the rookies


I've been trying to tweak my M7 structure and with the 7 premiums I want in the guts, leaves only enough cash for the 123k type rookies, needing 3 in forward line And 3 in backline who will be onfield. Shudder.

I'm hoping for for rookies to start appearing.

neil Demons Delight

Really need your Turners and Knights on forwards but def 123 should be o.k.alternately take your lowest priced players but hey its difficult ,Now Sloans down look at tich then sidewoods trade later Cheers Neil


I think up to a M6 is more then enough, if your going heavy in the guts up to M7 your Defence, Ruck or Forward will be far to week IMO.

However if your one thats going with Sandiballs in the Ruck then it can be done however I wouldn't touch sandybally with a 20 foot barge pole.

Good luck mate.

neil Demons Delight

tried tweaking my team with M6 .The extra keeper will either be rucks or forwards DEF has the better rooks at this early stage In my case GRUDY OR McCRAE…and it would be Grundy. Swallow/ rooky and grundy or Tich and Sandy . Delema


Sloane out for up to 6 weeks.

neil Demons Delight

welcome tich where from Hotly hope its a taxi driver



Matt Crouch though! No Brad, no Sloane


He will make it for round 1 with just a broken eye socket.


what happened?


Training mishap. Max 6 weeks. Should be ok for rd1 but will be underdone coming into rd1 though.


Not the first time he's had facial fractures either. Those who had him in 2015 like myself would remember the disaster when he came back too early after fracturing a cheek bone (I think it was) only to fracture it again a few games after he returned.

Becoming bit of a trend now. Must have porous facial bones! Hopefully they don't rush him back again just to make that magical Rd1 or it could be 2015 all over again.


will be even bigger POD


That's why I don't bother naming premos right now because sh1t like this happens.

So my side is just comprised of X keepers, Y stepping stones and Z rookies and will remain so until after JLT3. Getting too attached to particular players in February will only lead to painful breakups in March ha ha.


The main thing I took away from the game was that Cox looked ok in the ruck, even better than ok. Very interested to see Grundy and Cox on park together


I reckon McKernan out bodied him way to easy at the stoppages Derek, OK for centre bounces not so much body on body (throw ins)


Frothing for the Cats Hawks game, heaps of relevance tonight, Roughy Stewart Black Willsmore Thurlow Miles Motlop?? I'm pretty keen on Tuohy, he's very much on my radar for D3-4 .


and Tuohy didn't disappoint….;)


I know its only jlt cup but danger is locked in.


Is rioli playing in the middle?




Lol. I know you have been big on him derek.

Top Hawk

YEP. If he plays in the guts it will only be a matter of time before he tweaks his hammy again. Aint going there………


Early call but I'm adding Cocky to my watchlist.
Man is a beast.


Hawks looking very sharp


Squirrel Rioli is turning it on


Hey everyone I have a bit of a dilemma here I have out a mil to spend on one defender and one midfielder originally I had Howe and Prestia but after Howes performance last night I am tempted to trade him thoughts?


Wouldn't make snap decisions on established premos after JLT1 which really is just mickey mouse blow out the cobwebs stuff. Wait to JLT3 when teams are near full strength before making such judgements.

Having said that Howe doesn't really appeal to me (nor does Prestia for that matter) but Higgo was talking him up as a potential selection in Mathemagic FC a few podcasts ago.


Currently have McRae Dalhousie (in the fwd) and am trying to fit in libber but I don't want 3 doggies midfielders therefor who do I trade out of Dahl and Maccas


Bit better than last nights game.


let the Tuohy bandwagon begin!


Did he play in the mids or off half back. If he played in the backline he might be worth a look.


" begurrah, I'll steal Boris' points".
Said the Leprechaun.


Lol. Yeah he is only of interest if he scores that well in the backline. When both selwoods are back wont be any time for him in the middle


I think he'll be that rebounding def/winger


Thanks hedski. Tuohy always interested me as a carlton supporter coming off half back but no place left there with doc and simmo. Im just happy if he is given the chance at geelong to play that role. Could be very sc relevant also


We'll keep an eye on him for the remainder of the JLT

He did look good though and certainly worth considering

I think Harry Taylor will slot back in the backline and may have an effect on his output


And the Cyril bandwagon too. I'm still cautious of his twangy strings tho, Zach is durable.


so confirmed was playing mids or actually running off half back?


Can't see Zach in the mids Morrow maybe wing, half back rebounder.

Top Hawk

Tom Stewart. My first backline rookie "LOCK"


At that price, agreed


Got overwhelmed a few times but will go good


Anyone looking at locking in Aaron black


Yep. (Not locked)


If he could snag a couple of goals each week he would be more than handy


Would u consider a 480000/490000 player a premium if they have averaged over a hundred before


In all likelihood but really premium is just a vague label that can mean slightly different things to different coaches.

All that matters is whether you believe that player is a good option for the money in 2017. What does it matter if some other coach considers him a premium, fallen premium, midpricer, stepping stone or some other arbitrary label?

Which player are you referring to out of curiosity?


i start the year with my Best 22, with a few reserve players if there are injuries.

Then all players are either a best 22 (keeper) or not.

All Not's are cash cows.

don't get sucked into picking a player because he is almost in your best 22 because that is all the cash you have left (seeing that with heppell and TMitch)


Libber and tom McDonald

neil Demons Delight

Hello Jordan I haveTmac and highly looking at Libba. Only my opinion neither are. and once again my view 580 + uber premium almost your R23 team comes from here 500 – 580 premiums ..but really does it matter If you like Libba or Mills or Tmac then by all means take them one comes thru every year to prove us all wrong


"Prime ribbed"

Remind me not to have a BBQ with you.