NRL Supercoach 2017: Warriors, Cowboys & Eels

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NRL Supercoach Fantasy CowboyOK. Team List Tuesday is creeping up on us so let’s cut to the chase.

Let’s pick apart some of the relevant NRL SuperCoach 2017 options from the Warriors, Cowboys and Eels.

All three teams boast strong options for your SuperCoach starting side while the Cowboys and Warriors have a very favourable draw through the opening six rounds. The Eels themselves will play three bottom eight favourites but will also face the Sharks, Raiders and Warriors (in NZ) in the opening weeks.

New Zealand Warriors

NRL Warriors 2017

The Warriors will play five of the bottom eight favourites in the opening six weeks so it could be worth taking a risk on one of their CTWs if you’re looking for a POD. Solomone Kata and Tuimoala Lolohea have both scored well at some point but you’ll need to keep a close eye on their break evens in the event they start to leak cash.

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck will be one of the more popular choices this season and for very good reason. We’re talking about an absolute freak of a player that averaged 77 PPG in 2015 who can be picked up for a mid-range price of $324k. Some of us might be tempted to ‘wait and see’ if he’s fit and firing but we’ll risk missing out on a potentially huge score when the Warriors play at home to Newcastle in round one. He played well in the Warriors’ first trial match so he’ll be very hard to ignore.

Ma’afoaeata Hingano should partner Shaun Johnson in the halves during the absence of Kieran Foran. Hingano is currently owned by 17% of coaches and will be one of the more popular cheapies to occupy the bench in the halves. Johnson was my first picked player this year and I had already decided to run him as captain against the Knights in round one. He has since suffered a groin strain which saw him side-lined throughout the Auckland Nines. The injury may not be serious but I have to admit it could influence me to look elsewhere as a precaution when deciding who to captain.

The Warriors forward pack will look similar to last season besides the absence of Ben Matulino who is out recovering from knee surgery. Albert Vete, Charlie Gubb and Sam Lisone are the three front runners competing for a starting role and should be taken note of when we know more about their minutes and output. Bodene Thompson and Simon Mannering were both solid SuperCoach selections last season and wouldn’t look out of place in your starting team. In 2016 they scored a 66 and 67 PPG average respectively with plenty of base stats to keep those points ticking over.

Issac Luke will play at hooker and could even start the season with the kicking duties. He should be in the top three most selected hookers this year and could potentially score a better PPD (Points per Dollar) figure than Cameron Smith in the opening rounds with his price tag being $100k cheaper.

Likely Seventeen:
  1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck ($324k)
  2. Tuimoala Lolohea ($295.3k)
  3. Solomone Kata ($348.9k)
  4. David Fusitua ($338.7k)
  5. Manu Vatuvei ($272.3k)
  6. Ma’afoaeata Hingano ($165.4k)
  7. Shaun Johnson ($464.3k)
  8. Albert Vete ($274.5k)
  9. Issac Luke ($424.1k)
  10. Jacob Lillyman ($312k)
  11. Ryan Hoffman ($339.5k)
  12. Bodene Thompson ($442.7k)
  13. Simon Mannering ($450.6k)
  14. Jazz Tevega ($227.3k)
  15. Sam Lisone ($211k)
  16. Charlie Gubb ($172.8k)
  17. Bunty Afoa ($276.7k) / James Gavet ($184.5k)


North Queensland Cowboys

NRL SuperCoach Cowboys

The North Queensland Cowboys have the luxury of not having to leave Queensland for the opening six rounds. They also play just two games against top eight favourites in the opening ten weeks. The issue here is that most of the Cowboys’ outside backs start around $300k and aren’t known for their large base stats or monster scores. It’s very tempting to use one of them as a POD but you’ll be hoping they can keep a steady run of attacking stats while playing the weaker opponents.

Lachlan Coote will be a POD you could potentially sell for a profit prior to the bye period commencing. Now don’t get me wrong; he isn’t a proven SuperCoach weapon and is more than capable of being a burden to your side. It’s a risk/reward scenario where you’ll want him to hit at least $350k which he has proven he can do. Jake Granville is the other mid-priced option that fits this mould but keep in mind he isn’t an 80 minute hooker.

Johnathan Thurston is SuperCoach royalty and is always difficult to overlook for your starting side. The one big thing that discourages most coaches is his starting price which makes us look at cheaper alternatives. Keep in mind that he hasn’t fallen below a 70 point season average is recent years and he should score a heap of goal kicking points with the Cowboys’ favourable draw. He’ll be a solid captain choice through the opening ten rounds too. Michael Morgan will be his partner in the halves but comes with a lot more risk. He averaged 59 points from 19 games last season and is priced at almost $400k. I’d prefer to fork out the extra $70k on JT.

The big question marks over the Cowboys’ forward pack are who will replace James Tamou at prop and what role will Coen Hess play? The make-up is still a little uncertain but Scott Bolton is believed to be the front runner as Tamou’s replacement. It’s hard to say whether he’ll make enough coin to be beneficial but he won’t be on my radar for now. A number of coaches seem to be starting with Coen Hess due to his price, potential, and impressive form last season. Who can blame them? He should be a nice addition to your reserves with the possibility of jagging plenty of attacking stats in the opening ten rounds.

Jason Taumalolo and Ethan Lowe are also ones to consider for your forwards but could easily drop in price after the opening rounds. Respectively scoring a season average of 65 and 64, they should keep the points ticking over. I think there are better options in the 2RF position to spend that kind of money on though. Keep an eye on Patrick Kaufusi and how he fits into the rotation. He could make us some coin if he increases his minutes/output.

 Likely Seventeen:
  1. Lachlan Coote ($273.8k)
  2. Kyle Feldt ($260.1k)
  3. Justin O’Neill ($298.1k)
  4. Kane Linnett ($299.8k)
  5. Antonio Winterstein ($307.5k)
  6. Michael Morgan ($391.6k)
  7. Johnathan Thurston ($467k)
  8. Matt Scott ($312.2k)
  9. Jake Granville ($298.7k)
  10. Scott Bolton ($273.2k)
  11. Gavin Cooper ($392.6k)
  12. Ethan Lowe ($429.8k)
  13. Jason Taumalolo ($433.1k)
  14. Ben Hampton ($151.8k)
  15. Coen Hess ($243.9k)
  16. John Asiata ($173k)
  17. Patrick Kaufusi ($152.1k)

Parramatta Eels

The Eels SuperCoach 2017

The Eels will play every big bye round this year so we should be monitoring their players throughout the opening eleven rounds. I’ll be holding off on their backs for as long as possible due to their tough run prior to round 12.The draw shouldn’t affect the forwards’ SC output significantly so I’d recommend picking those you’re keen on when you think they’ve hit their cheapest price.

Bevan French and Semi Radradra are the only two Eels’ backs I’d be willing to consider prior to round eleven. Both these players have a very high scoring potential and could produce some huge scores in the opening three rounds. My only issue is how they’ll perform throughout their tough run that starts in round four. They should score some respectable base stats but they’ll need some attacking points to justify their price tag.

Clint Gutherson may or may not be a POD come round 1 after seemingly being given the kicking duties. He’s one of the more attractive middies available in the CTW position but he’s up against some tough competition in Dylan Walker, Will Chambers and Sione Mata’utia to name a few. Gutherson averaged 50 PPG in 2016 when he didn’t have the kicking duties and also spent some time on the wing. He averaged close to 64 PPG in the final nine rounds of the season when he stayed in the halves. Corey Norman will partner Gutherson in the halves but he doesn’t appeal to me as much. He’s capable of scoring well but I just think there are better options in the halves for your SC team.

The Cameron King scenario seems pretty simple. It’s looking likely that he’ll be the starting hooker at the Eels and he should play the full 80 minutes. If this is the case then I think he’ll be one of the top five most selected players in round 1. Most of us will have him as our reserve hooker but there’ll be a number of coaches that’ll use him as their main choice. Why not? He won’t need to score much to produce a high PPD figure and you’ll have plenty more cash to spend in other positions.

The make-up of the Eels’ forward pack is still a little uncertain but it disappoints me not seeing many SC options for bye coverage. Manu Ma’u is the only attractive buy due to his consistency and DDP 2RF/CTW status but other players could emerge as viable options depending on where they’re named. Keep in mind that there’s no rush getting bye coverage players into your side. We have the luxury of sitting back and seeing how they’ll be used before making a decision. It’s almost certain that we’ll need to alter our side after the first three weeks so you could make a shortlist of bye friendly players and take a look at how they’re travelling prior to round four. For now, I’d be waiting on TLT before trying to analyse the Eels’ forward pack.

 Likely Seventeen:
  1. Bevan French ($336.8k)
  2. Semi Radradra ($409.9k)
  3. Michael Jennings ($289.9k)
  4. Brad Takairangi ($280.4k)
  5. Josh Hoffman ($249.3k)
  6. Clint Gutherson ($336.2k)
  7. Corey Norman ($367.6k)
  8. Suaia Matagi ($192.6k)
  9. Cameron King ($132k)
  10. Tim Mannah ($284.1k)
  11. Manu Ma’u ($386.8k)
  12. Tepai Moeroa ($285.3k)
  13. Beau Scott ($287.8k)
  14. Siosala Vave ($249.9k)
  15. Frank Pritchard ($322k)
  16. Nathan Brown ($319.6k)
  17. Kenny Edwards ($317.5k)

What Point of Differences are you looking at in you NRL SuperCoach 2017 starting side?




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Warriors – RTS a lock at that price, will be in the top 5 fullbacks by end of year. SJ kicking goals and is a set and forget but be prepared to cop some shockers along the way. Im going again this year with Thompson. A lot of people hesitant thinking he is only an edge forward relying on attacking stats. Look closer he averaged just under 39 tackles per game last year which is keeper status in my book.
Cowboys – Cant justify bring in hess unless he is guaranteed a starting spot and 65 minutes average. Bit of a log jam for backrow minutes at the cowboys and he is a risky price. Like last year I will look to pick up JT when he drops in price. TOo much value in the halves this year with Elgey and Hayne to start JT.
Eels – nothing to get excited about there as per usual with the NRL's laughing stock. French is a burn man waiting to happen. He is too small for an NRL fullback and the touch footy style he plays wont cut it. Picking King for a money maker only but have been burnt by useless hookers before (nothing more frustrating supercoach than a $150-$200k hooker who remains at that price). Not interested in Radrada on the end of that backline.


Some good talking points there mate:
-SJ probably won't start the season kicking goals but will be a set and forget anyway in my eyes (some think his points without goals won't cut it)
-I don't mind Hess playing 50+ minutes from the bench. I think he'll be involved in a few of the Cowboys' many scoring plays in the opening ten rounds and he's a low risk option at his price
– JT is close to a must for me but the opening draw in the main factor that's influencing my decision. Luckily JT is a HB whereas Hayne is dual FB/FE. I reckon a few coaches will go JT and Elgey/cheapie at HB with SJ and Hayne/cheapie at FE.
-Hoping King doesn't replicate De Gois' SC performance but I'm willing to take the risk

Nice run down Casper


– Re Hess. Fingers crossed they [email protected] cooper off and pass the torch to the new dog and he gets some solid minutes as the guy is a beast. Like Klemmer he was the Under 20's player of the year and those players always turn out to be top notch.
– Interesting stat re JT is his average since Morgan has come into the team has gradually declined as Morgans has increased. JT over last 4 years 76>82>77>70 Morgan over last 4 years 41>54>59>59. I don't know how much we can read into that however supercoach scoring changed a few years ago awarding an increase in attacking stats such as tries, try assists, linebreaks, linebreak assists and the addition of 6 points for forced dropouts. In theory JT's average should've increased. Either way he is a gun but I have to opt for SJ over him initially as warriors rely completely on SJ whereas cowboys now have Morgan and Coote to shoulder some of the attacking load! Just my opinion and great right up as always cowboy!!


Bloody oath mate. I want to see Hess on the field for the full 80. Good call on the JT v Morgan tracking too!

ALWAYS like seeing your comments each week Casper. You're always bringing quality points to the table.


Foran named for Round 3. Hingano now SC irrelevant

Don't Blush Baby

S.Radradra is now a lock now that the court dramas have been put on hold, he scores tries for fun ?


I like his base stats and scoring sprees for sure. He's a rare CTW that'll keep the points ticking over. Surprisingly he'll be a POD come round 1 but only because a lot of coaches are looking more at those middies like Walker, Sione, Gutho and Chambers etc.


How's your CTW structure looking this year DBB?? How many players above 400k you starting with?


Cheapie alert: plythian named to start at fullback for the knights in their trial. Could make some $$ or could be another Feeney!?