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What is the point of posting a review on a player unless you are willing to follow through, show some mettle, man up and put them in your team?

So community this is what formed the basis of my team. Mind you there have been a number of drafts churning through The Higginator (use it here) over the last couple of months. As it has been a proven winner in the past I have chosen to form a team based on the Guns & Rookies (GnR) strategy with the exception of a couple of value picks.

For those with the magazine you know what I am talking about, for those without what the bloody hell are you waiting for get one quick sticks! You are missing out and are behind the eight ball off the bat.  A GnR strategy is basically pick the best player in each position and fill the other spots with rookies.

I have also focused on durable premiums especially in the midfield as time and time again I have started a player who was underdone at the start of the season. Fyfe and Brad Crouch and god himself immediately spring to mind.  Injuries have derailed my season on more than one occasion. Lesson learnt. I have also avoided the pre-season flyer as there is a first and last time to pick a Jesse Longeran.

If I can just leave you with one bit of advice? Don’t get sucked in by preseason form. Most coaches experiment in the preseason and the chances are that a player who is dominating in the midfield won’t be granted the same freedom or role when the season proper rolls around. Also it’s just as important to look at who is not playing and what positon they normally play.  Use the preseason to look at the rookies and players coming back from injury. Don’t let the rose colored glasses cloud your judgement and spoil all the research you have done.

So without further ado this is what I have put together as we head into the preseason games.


Trigger SuperCoach 2017 Defenders

Sam Docherty AFL SuperCoach

Sam Docherty – Mark my words. Will go back to back as the best defender in SuperCoach 2017. We have a new king. In his prime. This is the one fact I can’t get over and should make you hit the + button. Doc was the 10th highest point scorer in 2016!! That is higher than JPK, the Bont, Priddus, Goldy the list goes on. Lock.

Taylor Adams – A gift from the gods. Will not see him in defence will play through the midfield. A bit worried about his durability but most around this price has some issue with durability and by all reports in the preseason is travelling beautifully and raring to go.

Rory Laird – Consistent, will probably push into the midfield but if not made the back half his own in 2016 and will continue to do so in 2017.

Rookies – Berry has a ready-made body for AFL should get early games for the lions, Willis and Newman should get greater opportunities and Ryan and Stewart everyone’s favorite mature ages.


SuperCoach MIDS 2017

Not stuffing around here – pure GnR.

I have spent big $$ in the midfield but I am willing to pay the price for quality. Don’t have to try and upgrade them later. Start them, lock them and throw away the key.


Patrick DangerfieldTopgun – why would you not have him in your team? Rd 12 bye.

JPK – could be any one of the Sydney mids. So durable, always finishes in top mids, now has captaincy, clearance machine and should pick up a few more points with Titch leaving.

Joel Selwood – why have the topgun without his wingman? Dangers arrival simply helped Selwood. Rd 12 bye.

Adam Treloar – The next big thing.  Absolute young gun on the way up. Big ceiling only gonna get better. 6 120 + games, 16 over 100.

Robbie Gray (50 Shades) – Last year averaged 108 points. If remove the low scores when he was injured average jumps to 115. After the bye averaged 115.  And this was with Lobbe tapping it down to him (or trying to). With Ryder as the new ruck should get more tap outs to advantage and could easily add 6-8 points per game to his average of 108 pushing him into the very top echelon of midfielders.

Nathan Fyfe – He is at unders for what he can deliver. By all reports he is super fit and raring to go. If  looks back to his old self during the preseason lock him in.

Rookies – SPP would tackle his own mother. Boys in teal are excited about SPP who should play early.  Will give port more grunt in the middle. Myers if fit is best 22 – another gift. Miles creates DPP with Fwd line. Likely to force his way into the team (could just as easily be Balic/pickett/brown). Hibberd creates DPP with Defence and will start Rd 1 in Roos side looking to give the youngsters a go. Graham has been very impressive at the Tiges turning heads with his attack on the ball.





Max Gawn – Monstered the competition last year and with the death of the 3rd man up there is no reason why Big Maxy can’t produce much of the same or even better in 2017.


Aaron Sandilands – deviation from the GnR strategy but just too much value to ignore. This is the one that has been in and out my team every second day. Do I or don’t I or do I? May get to Rd 1 and could be don’t I. But you need to take a risk. Plus JB’s article in the magazine made me sit up and take notice about starting the human lamp post and the opportunity this creates. If unsure going into Rd 1 I have a backup plan to bring in Martin and dropping a forward.

Luke Strnadica – Captains loophole as Freo play a lot of late games. Having Sandi in the team from this point of view also helps as you can simply do the old switcheroo. DPP is also handy with Fwd line and can sub in Ryder if all goes pear shaped.

Similar to Kev’s risk meter my risk analysis can be found below:

AFL SuperCoach Risk Analysis


FWDLuke Dahlhaus- One of the few DPP’s that was left in the forward line. Will be a top 1-2 forward.

Josh Caddy – Caddy left Geelong looking for greater midfield time which he should find at Tigerland. Priced at 90 despite spending chunks of time in the Geelong forward line.  Should easily lift that average towards 3 figures. Rd 12 bye.

Paddy Ryder – Bit unsure on this one but need some insurance as I am starting Sandi. Got a discount priced at 77. Should easily score this on a weekly basis especially if given number one ruck duties. With Gray, Boak and fine wines at his feet should be a number of hitouts to advantage. Got a great leap so should also benefit from the no third man up rule. Will watch him in the preseason and see how he performs after 12 months out of the game.

Jarryd Roughead – Second deviation from the GnR. If he is up and going in the preseason and named Rd 1 with the captaincy and priced to average 67 he is in. Should average 67 in a canter. Too much value to ignore.

Rookies – Bowes has been impressive so far and the coach has named him as one likely to get his shot Rd 1. Gallucci Adelaide needs speed and a bit of X factor and Gallucci has that in spades. Anyone who can score 226 (no that is not a typo) in one game must forever be on your radar. But really could be any number of rookies as early days. Smith and Eddy – mature age same as defence – should get games early. Jock is big on Smith so that is good enough for me. He was big on a young ruck called Max Gawn last year and look how that turned out. When he is up and about on a player, sit up, take notice and get on.


  • Tried to even out a byes rounds a bit with an even spread across most bye weeks.
  • I think there are enough rooks in defence whether that is in form of rookies or those waiting for an opportunity to start 3 on field rookies.
  • Team may change due to a variety of reasons.
  • Disclaimer: All rookies may change based on pre-season form and if they are picked round 1!
  • Sandi is the biggest risk. I have two thoughts on this:
    1. Is the biggest risk not taking a risk at all? Or
    2. Maybe it is Sylvester’s take on Risk that sums it up best?

Taking Risk is essential




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Decent team mate. I don't mind it. For me it's Shaw vs Adams, and Caddy vs Greene. Choices.


I'm with you Eric, I've gone caddy and Adams as well. However it could go either way!


I'm like you in the caddy and Greene choice
I'm thinking caddy as I feel Greene will be more fwd pocket role when kids makes a return


Spot on, caddy has a far higher ceiling for mine with the amount of guns gws have.


Hey there Nathan
Greene just accumulates the ball mo matter where he plays. Kicks goals and will average 22-27 touches a game.


Yeah I'm a massive fan of him
But I can't see him surpassing his 90 point ave
I feel there's more upside to caddy
And early days I wasn't convinced on caddy it's only been the last week or so
Also has dpp


Now this is a fine looking team. Well done Trigger, very similar to my own.


I am in a dillema and can't decide which combination I want community, please comment and justify your answer. Goldstein and a forward rookie OR Sandilands and Ryder. Who do I start with. Thanks in advsnce


I'd go option B simply because Goldy has had an interrupted preseason and is battling with an ankle right now. He's expected to miss at least the first 2 JLT games.

Going with Sandi (who btw has his own injury issues right now but hopefully should play Rd1) will allow you to go into a holding pattern at R2. Then midseason you could upgrade him to Goldy, Grundy or maybe even some other bolter we weren't expecting.


Agree, addict. Sandi also a chance to pump out a 105 average IF he gets his body right. That's a big if, but…


Is Sandilands going to get any game time in the JLT series or is his calf niggle going to keep him out?


Definitely out for Freo's first game (which is round 2) on the 25th Feb. Unsure for the others (4th, 10th). Though I can see him lining up on the 10th as that's usually when coaches want their best team on the park


Nice looking team trigger. Similar structure to mine and I am guessing a lot of peoples. Love the pods in Selwood and Gray. Finding it hard to fit either in my team but both are great picks. Sandilands to big a risk for me to ho in eith but at least you have cover.


Love it.


Like it Trigger! Nice bunch of PODs in the midfield!


Loving that team Trig, I have a very similar structure. You certainly provided some insight about how to manage risk going into the byes with that setup. Nice work!


Thanks mate.

Its good to plan but you are only 1-2 injuries away from falling into the chasm


Bloody hell, Trig! When you've got a bloke that can push out 140's at M6 you know it's a strong line! You'll blow away opponents in league games early.

I just can't get around Adams. His durability is such a concern. If he was missing large chunks of weeks I might think a little differently, but he usually misses 2-3

2014 – Missed rounds 4-6, 8-10, 20-23
2015 – 3, 10, 16-17
2016 – 6-7, 11-15, 22-23

Watch Berry. Knee surgery as I'm sure you know. Will be right for round one but missing 6 weeks of your first preseason is not ideal

Going to bust out the crystal ball for a minute. Toby Nankervis and Ryder are running out round 1 as lone wolf ruckman. Who would you take?


Nankervis for mine Kev, is an absolute bull and might be the aggressor that Richmond needs in there. And has been in a winning and disciplined culture at the swans so will add a lot to the tiges. Plus never really been the solo ruckman with Naismith and tippet helping him out.


Ryder for me right now because he already has the runs on the board, but I'm watching both in the JLT. That extra $50k would be very handy.

I N Pieman

Nice team Trig. Similar structure to me. Unfortunately Jarrod Berry had recent knee surgery & im not expecting to see him early. It was troubling him all preseason so they put him under the knife


Team looks good Trigger, like the look of Jselwood,
Thoughts on Riley knight and Turner, instead of someone like bowes and Galluci? Is Riley knight and turner going to pump out better scores than a cheaper rookie or is it a waste of money?

The Coach

Robbie Gray is a ballsy move, known to through in some stinkers. Jelwood great pick, not many have him.

I think the move that will define seasons is whether or not you start Sandilands. Getting the R2, F3 and F4 spots right this year will be crucial.

Great team overall, and great article.


One of the better teams i've seen presented Trigger.
Like your thoughts around one of my all time favs in Robbie Gray.
That summation makes him now more of a probability than a possibility.

The midfield approach re premiums has real merit…but gee this year there are some tantalising mid pricers.

The risk with Sandilands is.. not picking him.
The trade psychology is similar to Dangerfield; like Gazza a couple of years back, you cannot afford to leave him out.
Danger will hurt you if not picked, Sandi can get you both ways.
Any player, guaranteed top 22 in his team, if fit, who can give a return of >$200,000 is worth the risk in the land of #.
Sandis price is too good, particularly if a Cameron or Witts starts the season as back ups or sideways trades.
If ever there was a year to risk middle tier/cheaper premium rucks its this year…if the above comes to pass.
Ryder straight into the FWD line, and obviously a back up.
Not starting with Gawn/Grundy inparticular is a big risk initially…for some probably too much.
Martin/Sandi starters for me.

For me it was one of either Gawn or Danger…and Danger gets the guernsey.

Super coach is a long slow walk to the start line, a sprint just prior to the gun, then its one hell of a marathon.

Bring it on!

Brown Cow

Hi Brett – Caddy was at GCS before Robbo got to Brisbane. Like you Caddy wasn't on my radar but I found Triggers comments pretty persuasive. Could get near 100 but I still tempted by Heeney at F3.


Def – Adams, Simpson, Boyd, Andrews, Scharenberg, Hibberd (NM)…(Newman, Ryan)
Mid – Danger, Parker, Sloane, Fyfe, Heppell, D.Swallow, Bowes, SPP (Myers, Pickett, Freeman)
Ruck – Gawn, Martin (Strnadica)
Fwd – Macrae, Caddy, Heeney, Nankervis, Schache, JKH (Smith, Eddy)

$57k remaining. Thoughts and critisms welcome 🙂


What does everyone think of the team

BACKS : Docherty, Shaw, Laird, Scharenberg, Hibberd, Ryan (Stewart, Long)

MIDS: Danger, J.P Kennedy ,Treloar, Bontempelli, Fyfe, Heppell, Powell-Pepper, Myers (Picket, Freeman, Graham)

RUCKS: Gawn, Grundy (Strnadica)

FWDS: Dalhaus, Macrae, Roughead, McCluggage, Bowes, Bolton (Rioli, Eddy)

Got $40,400 left over

Gillon M.

Appreciate any feedback on team draft 1.
B: Shaw, Howe, TMac, Hurley, Hibberd(NM), EVW, Ryan, Stewart
M: GAJ, Parker, Rocky, Gray, Fyfe, S. Selwood, SPP, Myers, Rooks on bench
R: Stef, Sandi, Strndica
F: Dahl, Caddy, Touk, Ryder, Galluci, JPickett, Smith, Eddy

Like the feel of 4 potential keepers in fwd and def. Taking a punt on potential injury risk mids but if they stay fit, huge ceilings and proven SC must have beasts. SSelwood is my low range mid pricer stepping stone to fallen premo (ideally Cripps when fit)

I've 350K to play with, not looking at Danger as didn't have last season and still won my leagues. So aside from him would love some constructive criticism. High level praise also welcome.


GAJ (shoulder), Hurley (hammy), Parker (knee), Sandi (hammy) all injured/ interrupted pre-seasons. Too much risk starting with so many underdone players, especially the premiums you need to stay on the park all year.


Agree with, RobDog, Gillon M. While you're right that your M1-3 have huge ceilings when fit, blokes like Pendles, JPK, Danger, Hanners have proven they can stay fit and produce big numbers at the same time.


Finally have my JR mag, wondering if everyone has received their AFL Prospectus yet. I pre-ordered and still has not arrived???


Seen a few of them have arrived on Twitter. Maybe Monday Rob


Mine reached me in the West on Thursday, so much mid-January for pre-orders.


Got mine almost 2 weeks ago. Found it a bit meh tbh so don't hold your breath for it =p


Agree Moustachio. By the time it arrived, had already done all the research and the Prospectus didn't really help me at all. Will give it a miss net year.


I like 6 deep in the mids Trigger.
For me the big question (after Sandiballs) is to go to D4 or F4?
Currently at F4 with Roughy also, but a lot will depend on available def/fwd rooks.
Sweet team.


My final team heading into the JLT?

DEF: Shaw, Montagna, Laird, Hartlett, Hibberd (Nth), Ryan, (Newman, Stewart)
MIDS: Danger, Pendles, Kennedy, Hannebery, Fyfe, Swallow, Powell-Pepper, Myers, (Barret, Freeman, Graham)
RUCKS: Gawn, Sandi, (Strnadica)
FWDS: Dahlhaus, Motlop, Wingard, Roughie, Bowes, Eddy, (Pickett, Bolton)

$2400 left

Bye structure is 6/9/6/9 so really like how that has panned out.

Would appreciate thoughts and some particular players too look out for in the JLT!


Round 9 is still best 22, CD. You'll have 7 out (6 players + Str). You'd wanna hope you have no injuries/rookie donuts that round!

Motlop and Wingard on the same line make me nervous!


Motlop will get more midfield time this year and has had a much better pre season than previous years. For me he is the only Fwd other than Dahlhaus and Macrae that I can safely call a lock before any footy has been played.

Wingard is a risk I know but every second year he kills it and so for that reason alone I've got him. Too many underwhelming picks in the Fwd line this year.

Didn't realise round 9 was best 22 haha thanks for letting me know. most of the Port and Gold Coast rookies i have will probs be upgraded by then. I will admit though that does cause a little concern

Thanks for your feedback Kev


He's a tricky one Motlop, had plenty of mid time in 2015 and couldn't crack a 90ave & a 49 on SC GF round hasn't left the best memories for me, he is under priced on what I think he'll do this season though.


With Caddy gone he may just solidify himself as a full time midfielder this year. Just got to wait and see.


would downgrade hartlett to scharenberg for the $$$ then upgrade mots and wingard


Beware. Scharenberg likely to start via the VFL


I had Scharenberg but upgraded him to Hartlett because it sounds like he will be eased in through VFL.

I will most likely keep Motlop and Wingard because there isn't anyone else up FWD who I can categorically say they are locks.

Out of curiosity who would you upgrade Motlop and Wingard to?


Thoughts and feedback please
B Doc, Adams, Hibberd, Mcgrath, Keefe, Hibberd, Scharenberg, Ryan
M Danger, Pendel, Hanneberry, Rocky, Fyfe, Murphy, J Thomas, Bowes, Powell-Pepper, Myers, Graham
R Gawn, Martin, Strnadica
F Macrae, Heeny, Roughy, McCarthy, McCluggage, Black, Pickett, Eddy


Thomas is rookie listed, Alex. If you want to hang onto him switch him with McCarthy and find yourself a 117k mid rook. Not a fan of high priced rooks McGrath and McCluggage


Thanks Kev.


Who would you pick over the high priced rooks?


I love your midfield, Alex!! Full of dáre and bravado. Love the selection of Stef Martin too. I think he's still capable of scoring huge!

I think your forward line looks weak for mine. I'm not sold on Roughie. The man hasn't played football for over a year. It's so good that he's back but I reckon take a look at Nathan Hrovat or another mid-pricer. I'm not sold on Heeney either. Take a look at Angus Brayshaw or Petracca.


There is a couple of issues I want to point out on your Team TRIGGER HAPPY…Berry just had a sneaky operation on his knee and although he should get a lot of games early, he may not be selected round 1. Also Newman and Myers are no Guarantees of being selected in the best 22. I think Parish and Mcgrath and even Langford get the nod first over Myers for selection in Essendons best 22


Myers is best 22 for sure


I'll admit that the tigers are terrible if Myers gets the nod for round 1 haha


Only Parish might be ahead of Myers for a mid spot out of those three IMO. Barring injury Myers should play rd 1.


My team with intense amounts of risk reads:

Def: Doch, Shaw, Laird, McGrath, Scharenberg, Berry (Ryan, Stewart)
Mid: Danger, Pendles, Gaz, Bont, Fyfe, Swallow, SPP, Myers (Graham, Freeman, Hibberd)
Ruc: Gawn, Sandi (Strndica)
Fwd: Dahl, Lynch, Heeney, Roughy, McCluggage, Bowes (Pickett, Eddy)

Risk meter was 10/10 got Beams and Bennell out for McCluggage and Pendles

Thoughts community?


Not too bad, Tommo. McGrath isn't worth it, Shaz and Berry may not be there round 1. Bowes at F6 looks a bit deep imo. McBags didn't get a lot of it but watch him.


Kev has no idea? Seriously? Have you even read his compelling contributions this pre season? Tommo, I seriously suggest you go back through the pre season discussions and come to your own conclusion as to who has no idea. From someone who has been reading everything on this site across the pre season that is an easy question for me to answer


Hello community,
This may seem like a dumb question but how do i change my supercoach logo in supercoach the One next to my name when i go into a league Thank You


Do you mean your team colours?

If so go to the Home tab and then click the circle on the left side of your team name and it will take you into the shield designer.


Thank You

Shake n bake

Ive gone GnR aswell just some different faces l have Shaw no Laird Bont Hanners & Murphy no Gray Kennedy or Selwood & Fwd l have Kennedy no Caddy. Great team thou Trigger! Good luck.


Hey Regulars.

I would love to create a league to play against the regulars of this community.
I have created a league for the superstars of this community.

I like to invite patch, lek, jock, higgo, old ocker to join.

I would also like to invite my fellow pre season scribes.
Kev , INP, Gaveday, danners, Liam, boltons blues

And last but definitely not least the regulars who offer great advice and wisdom on this great site
SC Addict, neals demon delight, hedski, derek, shake n bake, dont blush baby

League code: 394942

I am sure i have missed someone but will see how we go with the lads above

Best of luck to all in 2017.


I'm in like Flynn Trigg!! Can't wait.


Me too Trig. Like your league name btw.


Cheers for the invite Trigger I'm in, "Happy Happy Joy Joy"


Would love to take part if one of your older time posters can't make it


Just joined in, Trig! Cheers mate. One spot left

Shake n bake

Morning Trigger would love a spot in this awesome league and play against the guys ive come up against before. I dont think im in a league with yourself so if you can create a spot for the shaker that would be great!


Would love to be a part of your league Trigg and test my self with the Supercoach Beasts


I'm not saying that I am going to pick him, but i think that Trent Cotchin is a strong chance to get back to his best this year. Think back to when he had his best year in 2012:
– he kicked 21 goals (most in a season)
– had blokes like deledio (116.4) , tuck (112.2) and Foley (103) playing career best footy through the middle

He's gonna be spending more time forward this year and have more quality mids around him who should be approaching or at career best footy (martin, caddy, prestia even miles). He is a very good one-on-one player when in the 50 which should help him.

Just food for thought


Thought about him too, but too expensive for the risk for me. Would rather punt on someone around 500k to take the leap to ~110 eg Heppell Prestia Libba


Reckon 4 seasons of barely scraping 100 average is a long time between drinks, MOC. Durable and important for the tiges, not for Supercoach though


Don't put these ideas in my head MOC, as a tigers supporter been trying to justify bringing in more of them as i am stupidly optimistic about this year.


Great team Trigger.

For me right now it's

Selwood vs Treloar
Gray vs Bontempelli


What does everyone think of McCluggage


Great place to hold your happy meals while you travel


TRIGGER HAPPY you have one of the best teams I have seen yet and I like the selection of Gray don't see too many people running with him UNIQUE


Great side Trigger.
It's very similar to mine.

I'm still trying to work out if Ryder is going to be a top 10 forward and whether I need him considering i'm running Sandi.
Do you think Ryder comes along with Sandi ? – would love to hear.

Cheers Liam.


I'm not overly excited by Ryder also Liam, JLT should tell us more. An alternative could be to downgrade Sandi to Giles at WC or Witts if he gets up at GC if it all goes wrong but you'd be running 2 trades for R2 to get to full premium so risk v reward. If you've got the plums you could start either of them in place of Sandi!


Like the look of your team Trigger and have adapted some parts to my own. Only thing i dont like is sandi and ryder. To me that is risk and risk, one is a potential forced trade and the other is not going to be a top ten forward or top three ruck. I'd dump ryder for a money maker and upgrade sandi to a set and forget ruck with much less risk. Of course now I've put that to figurative paper I'll be likely proven wrong!

My fourth iteration at this point is as follows

K simpson T adams R laird
M scharenberg J berry M hibberd
(B long L ryan)

Danger Pendles Sloane Fyfe
Heppell D beams J thomas D myers
(SPP N freeman J pickett)

Gawn Grundy (Strndica)

Dahlhous Macrae Roughie
J bowes J gallucci T smith
(W rioli B eddy)

Would appreciate any thoughts as to improvements or glaring omissions;)


Team looks great Trig!

My Team for SC 2017

DEF: K. Simpson, R Laird, M. Hurley, J Berry, K Collins, L. Ryan (T. Steward, B Long)
MID: P. Dangerfleld, M. Priddis, R. Sloane, M. Bontempelli, C. Ward, N, Fyfe, S. Powell-Pepper, D. Myers (J. Bowes, J Atley, S Bolton)
RUC: T. Goldstein, A. Sandilands (L.Strnadica)
FWD: J. Kennedy, T.J. Lynch, J. Gunston, P. Ryder, R. Knight, J. Pickett (W. Rioli, B Eddy)

Would love some feedback thanks community?


What do u guys think of my team…… and possible improvements:
Def: Docherty, Shaw, Laird, Johannisen, Hampton, Scharenberg (M.Hibberd,L.Ryan)
Mid: Dangerfield, Sloane, Bontempelli, Fyfe, Beams, Powell-Pepper, Myers, Freeman (J.Pickett, J.Foote, J.Graham)
Rucks: Gawn, Sandilands (L.Strnadica)
Fowards: Dahlhaus, Macrae, Heeney, Roughead, McCluggage, Bowes (M.McCarthy, B.Eddy)



TRIGGER also about your team whats the go with Selwood or is that just not wanting to be plain vanilla
Can you have a look at my team and what are your thoughts

BACKS : Docherty, Adams , Laird, Scharenberg, Hibberd, Ryan (Stewart, Long)

MIDS: Danger, J.P Kennedy ,Treloar,Sloane, Bontempelli, Fyfe, Powell-Pepper, Myers (Picket, Freeman, Graham)

RUCKS: Gawn, Grundy (Strnadica)

FWDS: Dalhaus, Macrae, Roughead, McCluggage, Bowes, Bolton (Rioli, Eddy)


of your 14 keepers, 6 have round 11 bye. Reckon that might be too many. One of the key things about Selwood is round 12 bye. So maybe a Bont or JPK to Selwood, and Caddy for Macrae evens that up a bit.
I know it can't all be about the byes. Is Selwood top 20 this year? For me the abolition of the third man up rule will assist clearance kings and tacklers. Brings Selwood right into it IMO. I looked at Priddis as well (round 12 bye) but his scores without NicNat were down, and he's getting Long in the Tooth. JPK will benefit too, so I would think about Bont. Get him in after his bye. I also think it will assist Sloane for what it's worth.


Interesting thoughts about the impact of third man on midfielders. I will ponder this. Sloane definitely a tackle machine, Pridda too.


Like your team. Also, why not Selwood? He has been a top 8 midfielder since i can remember. Never gets injured and proved last year can still pump out huge scores alongside Danger. Im starting him like most other years. He has never let me down


ive got a cracking decision to make community…. Rance and Caddy or T Adams and Macrae? interesting one. Instead of Macrae you could throw Franklin into the equation


Depends what you are after. Adams and macraes output will be better but massive risks in both with injury concerns. Macrae less so but still has never played 22 games in a season. I think less output will come from rance and caddy but rance is extremely durable. Btw, caddy has not played 20 games in a season for 4 years so risk with him as well.


I'm leaning towards premiums that are going to stay on the park for 22 rounds. Rance got suspended last year and is out to prove a point this year I think


Easy ADAMS and McCrea


Lot of people starting with JPK and I can't blame em. Personally, I'd rather Hanners. He usually gets off to the better start of the two.


What might be putting people off Hanners is his interrupted pre-season after doing his knee in the grand final. If 100% fit during JLT, I probably go hanners over JPK


Hanners fine in the intra club and my starting pick over JPK as like you say he normally gets off quicker plus has age on his side.


if you remember I'm a massive JPK fan. Was one of the 3.8% who started him last year.

This year I have Hanners instead


You could probably flip a coin on these two. Personally I've gone with Hanners as he had lower ownership (at the time). All accounts I've read indicate that he's is in ripping shape and apparently hasn't touched a drop all preseason. I like that sort of crazy dedication.


Getting close to starting team guys,, Thoughts please

Backs Doch Rance Laird Hibberd (nth) Newman Ryan (Stewart Ridley )

Mids Danger Pendles JPK Trealor Gray Fyfe SPP Myers ( Miles Witherden Bolton )

Rucks Gawn Sandi ( Strdick )

Fwds JJK Dahl Ryder Roughie Gallucci Eddy (Smith Cox )

Comments welcome guys,, Cheers


Question marks over Ryan and Newman as starters for round 1. Risky down back


Have been pondering JJK this morning. Doesn't seem to be in many teams. Do you expect similar average to 2016 or improved? Does anyone know how he performs with NicNat out?

What I don't like about him is that when he scores low, it's pretty bloody low. Last year he had scores of 39, 49, 60, 62, 63. But boy can he go big as well.. 180, 146, 141, 140, 137…


hey Jock the Great Man is there a league I could join with you, Higgo and Crouching one? I think I could bring plenty of length breadth and width of the girth of the league


Playing around at this stage.

Doch, Laird, Adams, Vince, Pittard, Hampton – Hibberd/Ryan

Danger, Pendle, JPK, Treloar, Gray, Steven, Swallow – Myers/Freeman/Graham

Giles/Witts – Strnd

Caddy, Rough, Lovell, T.Menzel, Turner, Pickett – Rioli/Eddy


Gray would be in my team if it wasn't for his pesky round 9 bye. Nice player though

Lovell isn't in Hawks best 22 yet, especially with JOM getting close


Probably final product won't be as extreme as this version. JOM might take Pendles spot freeing up cash.


Different looking structure. Burnman. Props for that.

Lycett is looking like he'll be back either round 1 or close to it. Leave Giles as a risk if he makes way and you won't have a lot of coin in the bank to make a move. Keep playing around mate


I will end up with something like Gawn and Witts/Sandi as R1 and R2 if Lycett is that close.


Oops forgot add Powell-Pepper to the midfield in my team above.


"Don’t get sucked in by preseason form… by all reports in the preseason is travelling beautifully and raring to go."

Well that didn't last long!


Like it Trigger. I am now back to the Sandi R2 approach. I can take Beams up to JPK & tighten the forward structure. If Sandi goes down, back to Grundy R2.
Question re Fwds – Caddy & Bowes or Lynch & Galluci?


Depends if you have another R9 bye premo e Ryder. Would not start with 2 R9 premos, one unexpected out and you're eating a donut.


Thanks Mo, will need to check that bye situation on the Higgonator. Have Ryder in at F3, team for now..

D: Doc, Shaw, Adams, Hibberd (Melb) Newman, Stewart (Ryan, Long)
M: Danger, Pendles, JPK, Sloane, Fyfe, Swallow, PP, Myers (Hibberd -NM, Graham, Bolton)
R: Gawn, Sandi (Strnadica)
F: Dahl, Caddy, Ryder, Rough, Bowes, Pickett (Smith, Eddy).


Caddy and Bowes until we get more intel on Gallucci


Gallucci looks the goods but not sure if he'll fit into the Crows best 22 at this stage – although I'd like to see him there. Think Milera, Riley Knight and Harrison Wigg may be in front at this stage although preseason form may prove otherwise.

Rick Grimes

Other than Sandiballs, are there any budget R2s who could do the business? Who will get the job at WC?


Big Boy McEvoy at the Hawks is only $362k.

Last year the Hawks won the 4th most hit outs and 5th most to advantage. However they were a team that ran with two pure ruckman.

Ceglar has gone down with a knee for the whole year, they have brought in Tyrone as the fwd/ruck type. Leaving McEvoy as clear #1 ruck.


Lycett (452k) is a chance to play the final JLT game according to the injury report released a few days ago. Other than that there's Giles (280k)

Witts (217k) and Nankervis (366k) are other options that have been talked up


Also Kruze is 398k if you're feeling lucky…


Kruzer has NEVER NOT let me down. The pain goes back years. I recall using my last trade to bring him in for finals and ….Late out, no more chances for me. In fact, I avoid carlton players with the sole exception of Simpson who is always reliable.

Rick Grimes

Thanks gents. I've changed my rucks for the 200th time back to the Grundy/Martin combo I started out with. But Sandi sure is tempting…


Witts is the main one i see people talking about, looking like sole ruck at GC. Luckily I am a pies man so I know what a spud he is, will be staying well clear =p

Rick Grimes

Any love for Thumper this year? I know he burnt a heck of a lot of people, but by all accounts he had a very dodgy tummy that must have hampered him. If he's fit and firing he could be very good value. I didn't have him so don't share the cognitive bias from his 2016 undie staining performances.


Would need to see some big flair in the JLT, but on the radar.


Hi Jock,

I pre-ordered my Mag back in January, any way I can check if it has been sent?


I am considering a big bunch of mid-priced players for the first time ever. What are peoples thoughts on J. Elliott, J. Thomas, D.Swallow, R.Murphy, L. Keefe and C. Hampton all being in the one team on field?

Rick Grimes

I guess you need to ask how many of those you intend to be keepers. The holy grail is getting the midpricer who will be top 8 in their position. Wells was the great example last year. There's always something going wrong in your team that needs more attention. So guys you had picked as stepping stones end up staying there until the end. Swallow is the best bet of those I think. Could easily knock out a 100+ average if he stays fit.


Thanks Rick, I guess when the rookies emerge round 1 i can reduce the mid-price risk more confidently. I am now however, also considering Nankervis after impressive reports coming from Tigerland. With Prestia and caddy in the midfield to help Cotchin and Ellis, he may shine early and has DPP. A couple of years ago, Stephan Martin came through as my DPP R2 and I was able to move him into my forward line and replace with another Premo ruck. I wonder if the same could happen with Nankervis.

Rick Grimes

I've got him on my radar also. By all accounts he's impressing.


Big Wittsy by all reports is leading in the top for GC in running drills. For a bloke 206cm with good running and GC having a smaller ground for their home ground, he will be much better than Sandi. Call me crazy but that's my opinion. Nicholls has been injured and Witts has been waiting for a chance at R1 always behind Grundy. Witts will be in every team after the JLT you watch


Didn't Witts get picked ahead of Grundy round 1 last year.

neil Demons delight

yes he certainly did Derek then not much that's why they dumped him


No, no, yes, maybe, maybe, yes
(assuming all look good for JS/inj after JLT)


Rough sketch at a potential starting team:

DEF: S.Docherty, T.Adams, R.Laird, M.Hibberd, A.McGrath, J.Berry (M.Hibberd, L.Ryan)

MIDS: P.Dangerfield, A.Treloar, M.Bontempelli, N.Fyfe, D.Beams, D.Swallow, J.Gallucci, S.Powell-Pepper (D.Myers, T.Miles, J.Graham)

RUCK: M.Gawn, P.Ryder (L.Strnadica)

FWD: L.Dahlhaus, J.Caddy, I.Smith, N.Hrovat, H.McCluggage, J.Bowes (T.Smith, B.Eddy)

Watchlist: Roughy, O'Meara, Bennell.

neil demonsdelight

6 mid pricers imo is too many I would upgrade swallow or caddy to a keeper if not more cheersJim

Shake n bake

Ive had a few jump in my league aswell. Just culled a few so the guys l mostly played with last year if your not in there join in. 770101.


Great team mate.

Would love some input from the community on my current set up :

Docherty, Adams, Laird, McGrath, Scharenberg, Berry, Ryan, Stewart

Danger, Pendles, Treloar, Bont, Fyfe, Beams, Swallow, Powell-Pepper, Myers, Hibberd, Graham

Gawn, Sandi, Strna

Dalhaus, Franklin, Roughhead, Elliott, Bowes, Pickett, Smith, Eddy


I've been thinking about Buddy as well, just quietly

The Ranger

Nice team Trigger! Lovin' that midfield.


How does everyone think The BONT will go after the third man rule has changed


David Myers 2 games in 2 years big come back for him

neil Demons delight

I think the max number of real premiums will be lower this year.11 OR LESS. There are a number of good mid pricers sandy heeney tmac caddy roughy to name a few.Also to reach full premium any more than 11 would be tough. I have 11 and my mid pricers and rooks need to get to 340 each plus their current value.. It increases as 11 becomes 12 etc.I ran out of trades and money just after the byes and got stuck with menapoo Hewitt papley on field Not gonna happen this year.I could upgrade roughy for Treloar or Sloan with my kitty but will wait and pounce when they decrease.Remember.they need to get to 14 million to attain full premium.My thoughts anyway…..Cheers and goodnite.Neil


Hey Trigger, I think you are running an extreme risk of eating defence donuts on a regular basis with having to rely on 3 x on field rookies. Its one too many IMO.

Rick Grimes

Reckon I'm getting closer. Note, rookies are not settled:

Rance, Adams, Laird, KK, Hibberd, Vickers-Willis, Ryan, Stewart
Danger, Hanners, Treloar, Rocky, Fyfe, Swallow, Powell-Pepper, Myers, Graham, Pickett, Ahern
Grundy, Sandi, Witts
Dahl, Lynch, Green, Caddy, Black, Rioli, Eddy, Smith

neil Demons delight

Like the looks of it Rick .k.k.and Witts big problems but probably a typo.Swallow and Green been toying with but particularly green burnt me and elephants memory prefer McCrae.Smith is interesting as a dee fan I watch him a lot from Cranbourne.Theres a spot there and he could well do it goo d luck except when you play the DemonsDELIGHTS Cheers neil


If I order magazine now how long until it arrives in Melbourne


My Current team
DEFENDERS: Docherty, Shaw, Laird, Scharenberg, Ryan, Stewart (Hibberd, Newman)
MIDFIELD: Danger, Pendle, Selwood, Bont's, Fyfe, Swallow, Pepper, Myers (Pickett, Bolton, Graham)
RUCK: Gawn, Martin (Strnadica)
FORWARDS: Dahl, Macrae, Ryder, Roughy, Bowes, Lyons (Smith, Eddy)

What are peoples thoughts/opinions?