The 10 SuperCoach Commandments

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10 AFL SuperCoach Commandments

by Lekdog & Patch

Not all of us can spend weeks trawling through excel tables, listening to hours of podcasts or digging through the darker reaches of the dark web for obscure hitout to advantage statistics. If you’re fair dinkum about this game, you would, but some of us just can’t.

This is for you. These are the ten simple commandments – the tldr of the Supercoach bible (which you absolutely should order and keep on your bedside table at all times) that will help propel you towards Supercoach respect.

Moses on Mount SuperCoach Wisdom

Some of these rules are less hard and fast than others, but you won’t be lead astray by following them. But behold, the Lord has send down ten commandments, which we shall now list in no particular order.

Underdone Players

Players that don’t complete full preseasons won’t cut much chop when the season starts. If a bloke’s coming off an injury, or coming off surgery, put a line straight through them. They’re likely to be rested, have a very slow start to the year or worse, re-injure themselves.

Gary Ablett is a prime example of this – despite being the Supercoach GOAT, has come off interrupted pre-seasons the past two years, and played a total 20 games in those years. He’s also averaged 114 in those games, well below The GOAT’s loft 130+ average from previous years.

Dayne Beams, Shane Mumford and Aaron Sandilands are others to cross off your lists due to interrupted preseasons – unless they discover the Charlie Dixon fountain of youth reanimation.

Note that a full preseason is different to players like Bob Murphy, David Swallow and Nathaniel Fyfe, who suffered season ending injuries last year, but returned to full training over summer.

Midpriced Breakout Contenders

Though the temptation to select this year’s breakout contender burns deep within the soul of every coach out there, the simple fact is you won’t.

In the last three years, only 32 mid-priced players have gone on to average over 100 Supercoach points and most of those were players were premiums returning from injury. The only massive, huge breakout years since 2013 were Robbie Gray in 2015 and Patch’s man Zach Merrett last year.

Whilst many people will say something along the lines of “this is the year blokes like Mills and Heeney breakout and make us some cash or become keepers” the actual maths of the matter disagrees. Only 6% of players priced between 200k and 500k average over 100 by the end of the year.

Even selecting them as cash cows doesn’t tend to work. To actually make enough cash to justify their selections both Mills and Heeney would have to average at least 100 points and if we refer to my first point, they won’t.

Don’t break your team by selecting “breakout contenders”. Read this if you’re still not convinced.

Set and forget

With the preseason injury to Todd Goldstein and the inflated price of Max Gawn this commandment becomes a little bit more difficult to follow. I will simplify this commandment by saying that we must select premium rucks who will play at least 21 games in 2017.

Goldy and Gawn are what I would consider uber-premiums who will produce no matter what, but in my humble opinion there are other ruckmen that we can set and forget. Grundy and Martin will still provide us with premium output and probably won’t require any attention throughout the year, we would be able to set and forget those two players. To a lesser extent I think that Sam Jacobs could also be considered a set and forget R2 option but he is far more risky.

This commandment encourages young coaches to steer well and truly clear of players like Aaron Sandilands, Jonathan Giles or Matthew Kreuzer. It’s simply not worth the hassle when they go down with injury or stop producing decent scores; the trade process becomes too messy. Avoid.

As an aside if you are in fact considering Ryder, Nankervis or Boyd there is no circumstance in which they should be in your ruck line, if a ruckman is available as a forward that is where you select him.

SuperCoach Byes

Pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? Make sure that you select a decent spread of premiums with different bye rounds in your initial starting squad.

A great tool to use is the Higginator, it will basically tell you if you have enough bye coverage and will make identifying mid-season upgrades a far less stressful experience. If you have a look at your current team and all of your midfielders are sharing the same bye round hit that “clear my team” button and start again.

Whilst the byes are a long way off, we still need to be aware of them because nothing will ruin your year like scoring 600 points in round 13.


SuperCoach 2017 Bye Round Captains

This is a follow up rule to the previous commandment, a rule that I am testing out for the first time in 2017.

I believe that a major key to 2017 Supercoach success will lie in selecting three captain-worthy options in you initial starting team, all with different bye rounds.

In my case I will be selecting JPK (round 11 bye), Patrick Dangerfield (round 12 bye) and Scott Pendlebury (round 13 bye) which will ensure that unless a major injury strikes, I will have a captaincy option in each of the bye rounds without having to rely on trading anyone in.

It is also important to note that of the above three examples I have provided, all three average over 100 Supercoach points against at least one of their opponents during the bye rounds.

Spending five minutes looking at the fixture has meant that I will enter the season with three high scoring captaincy options through the bye rounds that actually enjoy playing against their opponents during that time.

Thou Must Swing DPP

A rule of thumb that has lead me to a moderately successful Supercoach career is to have duel position players in every line.

Ensuring that I can swing players into different lines has helped save me trades on countless occasions, in fact Dusty Martin spent a fair whack of time in my midfield throughout the 2016 season.

In 2017 we have some decent defensive swing options, as well as some really tempting ruck/fwd players to help cover us through injuries, byes and the inevitable Ross Lyon effect. I encourage coaches to get a few of these DPP’s into their side to avoid as much carnage as possible.

The other benefit of have multiple DPP’s in your side is that when you are looking to upgrade you can actually do it across multiple lines. For example if your fwd/def rookie has peaked at $400K you can hit the trade button, swing an existing mid/fwd you selected into the forward line and bingo bango you have the option to pick up a premium midfielder over a forward or defender.

A rule of thumb that has lead me to a moderately successful Supercoach career is to have duel position players in every line. Ensuring that I can swing players into different lines has helped save me trades on countless occasions, in fact Dusty Martin spent a fair whack of time in my midfield throughout the 2016 season. In 2017 we have some decent defensive swing options, as well as some really tempting ruck/fwd players to help cover us through injuries, byes and the inevitable Ross Lyon effect. I encourage coaches to get a few of these DPP’s into their side to avoid as much carnage as possible. The other benefit of have multiple DPP’s in your side is that when you are looking to upgrade you can actually do it across multiple lines. For example if your fwd/def rookie has peaked at $400K you can hit the trade button, swing an existing mid/fwd you selected into the forward line and bingo bango you have the option to pick up a premium midfielder over a forward or defender.

The Art Of War is one of the most significant pieces in the  2017 Jock Reynolds Magazine (must buy here), which is the Bible to these Ten Commandments. The vibe of the thing (your honour) was you need to decide if you want to go for all-out league demoralisation and rip the $10 from all the sods in the office personally, or you’re done with the small fry of your mates and want the fifty thousand big ones.  If you don’t plan, it’ll fall apart.

Plan for SuperCoach Glory or fail

If you’re going to crush your mates, you need to hit the trades hard early to get a good squad, you need to plan meticulously around the byes – a valid tactic here is deciding to stack your team chock full players who’ll miss the same week, and tanking there to take two wins either side of it.

If you’re going for overall, know the popular players, look at the pack and see what the majority of players are doing.  Plan your moves as lone wolf. Plan your PODs. Plan your upgrades. Plan everything you can physically plan, then plan some more.

The Shaun Higgins Rule

Just don’t do it. I don’t care. JR HQ is going to huge in 2017, as such Higgins will be lucky to average 30.



Do not pick key position forward rookies in Supercoach

In previous years, this commandment would not have the word “rookies” after it, but as has been discussed – the forward line is not a kind place this year, as the gents unpacked in the Forward Line Podcast.

However, not all conventions have been cast aside: we don’t select key position forward rookies, unless we are absolutely desperate. KPF rookies usually struggle to average more than 60, which is a huge dint on their ability to make cash for our sides. As a general rule, steer clear of them at all costs. Some years, such as with Jesse Hogan, there was no ignoring certain players. This year, however, no key position players stand out to be selected.

NOTE: this blanket rule doesn’t apply to key position defenders, some of whom (Marcus Adams, Sam Collins last year) scored highly while others (Michael Hartley, Mitch Brown) didn’t.


SuperCoach season 2017 presents us with a situation like which we haven’t seen in a long time – more than a dozen players, some bona fide superstars – retuning to the game after being forced to sit out for twelve months.

Dyson Heppell, Paddy Ryder, Michael Hibberd, Cale Hooker, Michael Hurley and co. are an interesting pickle to ponder for selection in 2017, as all have a 10% discount applied to their starting price due to 12 months out of the game. It’s unclear what impact their time out of the game will have on them, and as such they present an unknown risk to our sides.

But – some value here simply cannot be ignored. So, for your sanity, for your byes and for your side’s stability, start no more than one or two of these blokes across your whole team for the year – David Myers (at $133,000) is an exception to the rule due to his price as a rookie).

And that’s the ten commandments. We hope. Neither of us can count overly well, so if it’s eleven or nine or something, please don’t tell us #ignoranceisbliss

Lek and Patch





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"Thou must swing"

I told a former girlfriend that once…

Anyway… Good article, fellas! Sometimes it's good to go back and remind yourself of some of the core beliefs that will steer you right in the life of SuperCoach.


We've all been there Baz


Great stuff patch and Lek


Cheers maaaate


Great article boys, if followed this should keep many of the flock free from purgatory!


Hopefully we can all avoid the flood together


Perhaps you can have an article later in the year where everyone is encouraged to confess their sins.


I'm too scared Crouching will fly kick me in the groin


"By Lekdog and Patch"

What an absolute dream team of writers! Up there with the Danger/Selwood double act.




Probably add thou must know how to loophole. A vital part of the game.


Yes this is good, I would hope that we all know how to loophole by now


Yes also not just captain loopholing, also loopholing rookies from the bench to get the best score.



I would also add the ability to Multi trade DPP players across more than 1 line.


I don't read much footy during summer so I'd appreciate it if somebody could fill me in on the injury that interrupted M.Murphy preseason. All the news on the carlton website says he is flying and there isn't any mention of the injury that interrupted his preseason, in fact in one interview he claims that he's done everything in the preseason for the first time in 5-years


He got married so now he has a ball and chain attached to his ankle


Surely the KPF rookie rule doesn't apply to Brett Eddy or Tim Smith as they are mature agers??


Yeah mate they wil make you some good coin


I thought it should be the other way. No Key position players unless they are rookies.


Yeah we went back and forth on that rule for a bit. There are exceptions to that rule, but we decided as the Ten Commandments didn't have specific clauses, we probably shouldn't either

Can you imagine how strong Moses would have had to be to bring down 10 commandments with subclauses?
-Thou shalt not kill
subclause a) unless they've committed really bad crimes and you haven't abolished the death penalty
subclause b) unless they're an animal that needs to be put down
subclause c) unless it's a spider. please kill all the spiders
etc etc

So in conclusion, I reckon you'll be alright starting Brett Eddy. Still unsure on Smith


I'm just anti KPP


Pretty sure Marc Murphy has had a full pre season. Injury ended his season but he has recovered and not missed a session. Consider.




Thau shalt not select WIllie Rioli – hammy's gone ping, surgery next week.


Nice work boys!

I've just completed version 43328 of my team for the year and think I've stuck to the commandments pretty well.

I have included Roughie and Hrovat in my FWD line but have otherwise steered clear of the mid pricers and I've elected to put Witt in as my R2 at this stage as I'm not sold on any of the more pricey R2 options. Strategy is to trade him up to the best R2 option when the R9 bye comes along.

I've made a couple of ballsy selections in Marchbank and Hrovat but no risk no reward!

Current line up is

D Adams, Laird, T McDonald, Marchbank, Scharenberg, Stewart (Newman, Long)

M Danger, Pendles, Hannebery, JElwood, Rocky, Fyfe, Petrevski-Seaton, Florent (Galluci, Pepper-Powell, Hibberd)

R Gawn, Witt (Strnadica)

F NRoo, Dollhouse, Roughhead, Hrovat, Darcy, Bolton (Smith, Eddy)

$28K left over.

I've been tossing whether to go Rocky > TMitch and Marchbank > Thurlow too.

Any thoughts?

peter pan

Mark murphy its a no brainer he is killing it on the track same price and is in for a big year just like carlton


Gawn and martin in the ruck mate.


Hi community,
I was wondering what's the deal surrounding Darcy Cameron? Is he going to break into the swans side early on?


Smith & Eddy are both good picks still. Pickett and Bolton are other popular rookie fwds.
Upgrade Beams to an uber premo one you think will be in top midfielders by the end of the year.
Gawn is the obvious number 1 ruck with Grundy 2nd and maybe Steph Martin 3rd.


Oh No.
Sandiballs has crept back into my squad.


He's in mine.


Sandiballs is a lot like herpes … he keeps coming back even when you thought you had him under control.


I hope Pieman takes note of that comment SC on his tinder escapades!!!!


no comment hedski – no comment! 🙂


The ruck strategy article in the magazine has made me put sandi in, purely for the cash outlay and the positives if he can last 8 to 10 rounds. Until today I had him with no cover, but it felt a little risky. I also feel Ryder is going to average around the 95-100 mark, coming back from the ban with a point to prove, change of clubs(Lek wrote a beautiful article a couple of years back with the increase in point output a player has when changing clubs) etc. If he can average 95, going on last years average makes him a top 5 forward.

Maybe wishful thinking.


Got 2 leagues which ranked in top 100 last year but had a few players not able to return this year so if anyone is interested in joining a tough league codes are below. FYI we are trying to get the leagues upto top 50 so please expert players only:
737385 and 790586

Great fact hunt

No worries I will have a crack if ok by you always finish top 5000 going for league wins this year will be all about ranking for me. Cheers millsy


Hi Guys, I made a league for anyone who wants to join, I had my best year and ranked 828 overall last year, not sure if i can beat that but i will try. Anyways league code is 832422 all welcome.


3 spots left, thanks to all who joined.

Luskin Star

No what guys, been a SC Saint my whole SC career. This year i am getting into bed with the devil.


11. Thou shalt realise that there is an exception to every rule (except this one)



Hey Moustachio, if you have space for a league would love you to join a bunch of us in the Throttledome. Holler if you're interested.


Lek or another bluebagger: what's the latest on Cripps? For mine he's the next Dangerfield but if his back is dodgy that might be 2018 rather than 2017. Any insights? Cheers


Just saw latest article on SPS which said Cripps yet to commence full training and in a race to be fit for Rd 1. Bye round pick up for me.


Picking 2 set and forget rucks is a bit of a myth I think…..I recall a previous winner starting with rookie priced Blicavs. Sandi was a mid priced must have a couple of years back too


My team is picked with Gawn and Grundy. However, seriously considering going Witts (or Sandi) just prior to lockout and leaving the cash there to make the trade up to Gawn. I've had a man crush on Gawn – watched his first game back in 2015 when he tonned up and brought him in a week before the was on the bubble which was the difference in winning my important league game that week. He's not been out of my team since. So a big call for me. I just think there's net $200-250k of cash generation there by round 7 or 8 as he will come down and Witts/Sandi will make cash.

At this stage only 1 mid pricer in my team which is Nankervis fwd as ruck cover.

So much of this caper centers around the ruck strategy.

Anything I should be thinking about/overlooked? Cheers


Hi guys

Is Dahl, Roughy, Ryder (as ruck cover), then someone like McRae/Caddy plus two rookies too thin up forward.

Thanks in advance.

Dean Billman

Nah I'm going in similar.


What does everyone think of the team

BACKS : Docherty, Shaw, Laird, Scharenberg, Hibberd, Ryan (Stewart, Long)

MIDS: Danger, J.P Kennedy ,Treloar, Bontempelli, Fyfe, Heppell, Powell-Pepper, Myers (Picket, Freeman, Graham)

RUCKS: Gawn, Grundy (Strnadica)

FWDS: Dalhaus, Macrae, Roughead, McCluggage, Bowes, Bolton (Rioli, Eddy)

Got $40,400 left over


I think having both Docherty and Shaw is a lot of cash. If you downgraded one of them you would have cash to turn Heppell into a top 6


Shaw and Heppell
Adams and Sloane


Adams and slone no doubt


Competitive league Heckers United 561281 join up


Hey Derek what do you think is better

Shaw & Heppell
Adams & Sloane


I have Shaw, ADAMS and Sloane in my best 22.

I like ADAMS because he is a true midfielder with DEF status.

Shaw has a few things against him this year. 1. GWS will be a better team and the balk less in defence. 2. Emergence of Williams 3. Rush behind rule change will mean less kick to himself for easy points.


RDT – $16,700 left, projected 1759.

Def – Adams, Boyd, Simpson, Hunt, Scharenberg, Hibberd (NM)…(Ryan, Newman)
Mid – Danger, Parker, Sloane, Fyfe, Heppell, Caddy, Bowes, SPP…(Myers, Pickett, Freeman)
Ruck – Gawn, Goldy…(Strnadica)…thinking about Cameron
Fwd – Macrae, Heeney, Nankervis (ruck cover), Roughy, JKH, Gallucci…(Eddy, T.Smith)



Great article as always lads. I have a question that keeps on burning a tiny (not so much as tiny, but f*cking massive!) hole in my even tinier brain…

…What is a "par" score for a bye round??

Thoughts? Ideas? Stats?


What is the point of the ten commandments when patch and lekdog goes against it??? I've lost all respect for you patch and lek