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Supercoach Ruck Structure Poll


We only have three slots for these magnificent big blokes on the field of SuperCoach battle, but they take up more than their fair of discussion every preseason.

Sandilands stuffed his calf last week. Until then the Gawn and Sandilands combination could be found in every other team getting around the internets.

So folks – is it back to a set & forget combination for you in 2017, or are you still looking for value in R2? Are there those among us with the testicular fortifications to head into Round 1 without the Gawn Beast?

Essential Ruck insights:

There are two articles in the 2017 The 2017 Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Magazine laser focussed on ruck mastery. Both will absolutely change the way you look at rucks in 2017.

  •  SuperCoach 2013 winner John Bruyn will open your eyes to a whole new level of possibility with his brilliant piece on Ruck Strategy.
  • The impacts of the Death of the Third Man Up will shock and enlighten you.
  • They’re hitting mailboxes around the country now so snag one here while you can!
  • Click here to see what people who already have theirs are saying.

RIGHTO – onto the big blokes:

What is your current RUCK structure?

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Who is currently at R1 & R2 in your lineup?

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What are your 2017 SuperCoach RUCK structure musings?


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Set and forget Gawn and Grundy with Cameron at R3. He's in the frame for a few games early if he can show a bit in the JLT games.

Absolutely frothing for the mag. The postie around my area has been known to bugger off if it's raining a bit. The bastard better show up!


Exactly what I have. Set and forget.


That's what we all said last year with Goldy and Stefan

Matthew Crowe

Same as well , Past years have seen me waste trades on the rucks but last year the Gawn/Goldy Combo was tight . Goldy is still a maybe for me with Strnadica on the pine ( loophole ) and Paddy in my FWD line !


DEF:Adams,Laird,Carlisle,Thurlow,Schaenberg,Hibberd (Ryan,Stewart)
MID:Danger,Ablett,Kennedy,Treloar,T.Mitchell,Beams,Swallow,Freeman (Powell-Pepper,Myers,Graham)
RUCK:Gawn,Grundy (Strnadica)
FWD:Dahlhaus,Heeney,Bennell,Hrovat,Hoskin-Elliott,Pickett (Rioli,Eddy,

Thoughts on the team guys any improvements let me know


Carlisle isn't going to be any good for fantasy football never has been, and Hoskin elliot is a trap he hasn't ever proven anything Jamie Elliot or hrovat must better options

Big Boy Bob

Hrovat or roughy?


Both reasonable risks. Roughly for me. Maybe let bye structure decide for you?


hey lads, just want to know your thoughts on my squad
docherty, t adams, joanisen, michael hibberd, bob murphy, scharneberg (berry, ryan)
danger, fyfe, titchell, beams, marc murphy, swallow, galluci, myers ( powell -pepper, mitch hibberd, graham)
grundy, ryder (eagles)
dahlhaus, macrae, bennell, roughead, mcCluggage, pickett (smith, eddy)

Jock Reynolds

Very bad team don't like it mate needs some work


peanut don't even try to be the great man you couldn't even tie his shoelaces!

Jock Reynolds

shut up john no one asked for your opinion "peanut"


Yeh john you twat


8 mid pricers might be a bit too much. you will run out of trades upgrading them all.


Hey Derek I've set the Draft league up again. We hope you're still interested in coming back to defend the title. I'm still waiting on a couple more to join. The code is 432688


"defend the title"… i like the sound of that.


do you have a classic league ?


Yes the classic league code is 511665. I think you played in that last year as well


join up 524630 – my name is Swannies17 in that league


Gawn and Sandi if named rnd 1 still


With you BC. Sandi a monolith who cannot be ignored.


Gawn and Hickey (Strnadica)

Jib JIb

I expect that combo to become more popular as the magazines are delivered

Cpt Awesome

Shhh. Keep hickey quiet

Jib JIb

Anyone giving and love to Maric this year? Is he still injured? I can't find any info about him.


Double check, but i think he was re-rookied by the tigers for the idea to play some games but transition into a ruck coach.

Jib JIb

According to Wikipedia he is on the senior list. He's competing with Hampson and Nankervis for the number 1 ruck spot. Had a back injury last year that restricted him to 3 games but he's not currently on Richmond's injury list. Could be over $200k under priced so worth keeping an eye out in JLT.


he's on the Richmond senior list here that looks to be updated for 2017

Jib JIb

Yeah but I don't think he's going to get much game time. His profile has the words "transition into coaching". No for me.


This year could see a big shift in the ruck role back to the way it was before the sub vest. I'm surprised it didn't happen last year, but it was just the first season after the vests were put away.

That change is more teams could go back to having two genuine Ruck men who will share the duties. Not many teams look like starting the year that way, but it may be the year that changes.

Prior to the sub rule, most clubs had two ruckmen. When the sub rule came in it was the extra ruckman who was sacrificed and most teams used a fwd/ruck type player. The 3rd man up rule became popular, Blicavs emerged and teams adapted like they always do.

Very few clubs stuck with the two Ruck men, Hawthorn was one that stayed with it and they won 3 flags doing it, oh well.

Prior to sub vest days, supercoachers looked for the few Lone Wolf ruckmen. There was Goldy, Cox, Maric, Sandi and Sauce Jacobs and they were Supercoach gold.

The hits to advantage scoring change and the deliberate out of bounds rules significantly changed the landscape for Ruckmen last year, so we couldn't really judge the effect of the abolishing of the sub rule had.

What was interesting was the TOG for nearly all ruckmen increased last year as they have every year since the vests were put away, instead of coming off for a rest and tag-teaming with the other ruckman like pre-sub days, they would "rest" in the forward line and the second string Fwd/Ruck with have a few minutes in the guts. as a result, most ruckmens averages didn't get affected as much as we thought because they were on the field longer. Average stoppages fell by 21% last year because of the deliberate out of bounds rule, so Ruckmen should have seen their SC scores fall. maybe this year we will see the affect of the no sub rule.

I think the no 3rd man up rule will significantly change the scoring of the ruck men and I can't wait to read the magazine, and this may again mask the affect of the Sub-rule, however clubs evolve to counter these things and it might be the death of the Lone Wolf Ruckman, and the start of the return to the days of two more nimble ruckman running the lone wolf ragged.

Teams who have a second ruckman waiting in the wings i would be weary of. Jacobs/O'Brien, Kreuzer/Phillips/Gorringe, Leue/TBC, sandi/Griffin, ZSmith/Stanley, Nicholls/Currie/Witts, Goldy/Daw, Ryder/Lobbe, Tippett/Naismith, Lycett/Giles/Vardy, campbell/Roughead.

Lone Wolf Rucks – Gawn, Grundy, Hickey, Mumford.

Just my thoughts….


Derek this is superb.


I don't mind Hickey and he could be one who could have a break out year. He has slowly improved each year except for the year he was second fiddle behind Longer.


No love for Stef Martin mate? I assume you forgot to put him in. Starting with Martin this year again. Played a lot of last year injured so hoping he gets back to his lofty standards of a couple years ago.




Fantastic work mate.

The Stiv

Mate you should write an article on it. Would be brilliant.

neil demons delight

gawn said his two biggest worries this year were grundy and hickey interesting


Fear the beards that the beard fears


Mumford/lobb.. MUmmy injured and lobb to improve


What do u guys think of my team…… and possible improvements:
Def: Docherty, Shaw, Laird, Johannisen, McGrath, Scharenberg (J.Berry,L.Ryan)
Mid: Dangerfield, Sloane, Bontempelli, Fyfe, Beams, Powell-Pepper, Myers, Freeman (J.Pickett, A.Witherden, J.Graham)
Rucks: Gawn, Sandilands (L.Strnadica)
Fowards: Dahlhaus, Franklin, Heeney, Roughead, McCluggage, Bowes (M.McCarthy, B.Eddy)



Two teams:

With Sandi/Gawn but will depend if we see Sandi at all in JLT. Still plenty of value but value no good if not on the ground. does allow me to run another fwd.




Gawn/Martin for me also Trigger. Did have the Sandi/Gawn pairing but said to myself any sign of niggles with Sandi during the pre-season, he would be dropped.


Yeah Gawn Stef for me, have Ryder at F3 ATM, will wait and see what port are doing with Lobbe before I commit to him though.
Hope my magazine is waiting for me when I knock off.


Problem with Gawn and Martin is they both have round 11 bye.


Ryder to cover


Hi all. I noticed some interest in Hickey above. Why the love for Hickey? He can go big but more often than not he under performs. 20 games last year and 11 scores below 80 with 8 of those scores below 70 doesn't lie. A lot of money to spend on someone who could possibly cost you more wins then losses during the season. Am I missing something with Hickey?

Jib JIb

It's all in the magazine. Basically He's got a high hit out to advantage %, but averaged low number of HO per game when compared to the premo ruckmen. StK had the third highest number of HO via third man up in the league in 2016, so it speculates that Hickey will benefit from the changes to the third man up rule more than any other ruck. Plus his age, plus StK's emerging mid players means that he is primed for a breakout year.


I think all rucks will benefit from the changes. My interest is why StK had so many third man up hitouts. I would of thought if he was good they would not have utilised the third man up that much. IMO, the third man up was utilised by clubs to help out their weak ruckman. So i guess my worry is, will this help Hickey or will they need to bring in another ruck to help? Although ruck stocks at StK are slim.


teams will work it out, they always do.

Hawthorn (lewis as 3rd man up), Cats (Blicavs MID/RUC), Dogs (extra player around the contests) all had weaker Ruckmen and had to come up with a plan to nullify the disadvantage.

there will be alot more sharking of other teams hit outs.


Agree Derek. Teams do work it out. So what will StK do with Hickey? Will he be good enough to go as the lone wolf and will StK midfield be good enough to nullify the other ruck if he is not? I guess my point is i think too many question marks over Hickey for me to entertain the spend when for a little bit more you can get Grundy and Martin.


agree. if he was cheaper i would be looking at him


Also, another great article above. Great work

Jib Jib

Interesting question. He's got a high hit out to advantage percentage so he's not crap, maybe he's got a bad tank and they were just giving him a chop out?


Hi Jib. Never said he was cr…p mate. just curious why they utilised third man up so often. Also my advice doesnt need to be accepted considering i said the breakout player for 2016 would be Jack Steele. We all know how well my prediction went. But your reason above interests me.
If he does in fact have a bad tank and now they cant help with the 3rd man up, what will Stk do to help him? My reasoning is above. Only my advice mate. Most grab at least 1 pod every year. Hickey could be yours and prove me wrong. Either way, wish you luck for the season.


i haven't got magazine yet, but i was surprised when higgo said the saints were 3rd for using the third man up. i thought the same thing, why?

Jib JIb

Hey Holty. Sorry if I caused you any confusion or upset mate. I wasn't suggesting you were actually calling him crap, I was only pondering the reason why StK used the 3rd man up so much. For what it's worth I'm not totally sold on Hickey, I just play a little devil's advocate with players I'm considering to tease out other opinions.


All good mate. Not affended at all. This is what the community is about. Everyone has their own opinion and its good to hear different opinions. I should probably start using others opinion more considering the last 2 poor seasons ive had.


Had a read of the ruck article today and had a look at Hickey. My knock on him is that is he mobile enough? Compared to Grundy, similar TOG% (Hickey – 87.1. Grundy 84.6), but Grundy:

+5.2 for disposals
+.9 for marks
+1.2 tackles
11 v 3 goals for the year

I can see Hickey improving this year just because of how the points will be distributed. He averaged 83.7 last year, you'd want at least 105 average from your R2. A 21 point increase is not impossible, but it's a big ask.

My problem with taking risks in the ruck is that if it blows up you've not got a lot of options to patch things up


Nice bit of info there. Thanks Kev.


Could be crap at reading the ball up/throw in, but be good at knowing positions and movement of his team when he does get his hand to it.

Too many unknowns for me, not a good price point to make the gamble worth it.


I like Madagasgar when they dont show the pegnsinu!!! The show used to be funny but now ut’s a dumb show. Bring back Alex the lion and marty the zebra! My new favorite show is spongebob!

insuring cars

Outstanding stuff Gregory, Insightful and prescient. Having read many of the referenced author’s works previously, I find your interpretation and merger of ideas coherent and fluid. Thank you for your tireless efforts to bring light to the shadows.


nice jock good article

Harry Jenson



Thoughts on a Grundy/Witts combination?

Would love to set and forget with Gawn/Grundy but thinking that money is better spent on midfield premos and look to upgrade Witts to Gawn later in the season. Starting midfield is currently: Danger, Pendles, Treloar, Rockliff, Bont, Fyfe, Heppell and Beams, aka the trouser arousal midfield.

Cheers 🙂


i don't think that Witts is any good.


I'm trying to look at Witts as a high rookie. I think he'll outscore and appreciate more than top 10 rookies. Fielding him allows upgrading to a premium on another line. Liking Ryder as cover, but unlikely to work for round 9 bye.


Massive spend in the guts looks top heavy.


i would get rid of Heppell or Beams for a better Ruckman


Beams is out


even if you trade Beams to Swallow, gives you cash to get Sandi


Set and forget for me, The Killer G Men….. Gawn and Goldy
Messed around with the big guys early on with Martin and Sandi as it looked good value but as soon as Sandi went down that plan got thrown in the bin pretty damm quickly.
Still shaking my head at how many ppl are still going to roll the dice on Sandi huge risk even tho the calf is minor injury to much risk for me.


if Gawn gets injured, who is Melbourne's backup ruck?


Bernie Vince? Good question. Is this supercoach related or just out of curiousity?

Wizard of Ertz

Spencer. Will only get game if Gawn is injured. Gawn a must because his only ruck competition from guys likely to get a game is Pederson and Watts


Pederson? Train well by all reports, but more a fwd than ruck.


Set and forget rucks this year for mine, R1 should have Gawn locked in. I still reckon a fit Goldy is in the top two ruckmen in the game. You can speculate on Grundy/Martin but that's just what it is; speculation.

Any thoughts based around my team?

Shaw, Rance, Laird, Scharenberg, Berry, Ryan (Stewart, Long)

Pendlebury, JPK, Selwood, Treloar, Fyfe, Swallow, Powell-Pepper, Myers (Freeman, Pickett, Graham)

Gawn, Goldy (Strnadica)

Dahlhaus, Caddy, Heeney, Roughy, McCluggage, Bowes (Bolton, Eddy)

I've been basing it around durability and consistency as much I can which is why there is currently no Beams/Adams, Doch/Simmo/Macrae can all be R12 upgrade targets. I believe the rest can hold their weight until then.


No Danger is definitely danger


Good structures Morrow. Get Danger in at the expense of JPK or Treloar, and see if you can squeeze in McRae for Caddy?


If he did that he'd be struggling at the R11 bye


No Danger is danger, but at $725k is it actually worth it? my mids should have enough scoring potential for the first five rounds before picking up Danger as my first upgrade around $625k… $100k is $100k..

Would love Macrae SRivo but yes, R11 bye is a struggle. I can't have all of Dahl/Heeney/Macrae unfortunately… think Caddy is still a good prospect.

Cheers Neil, hours and hours spent on it so far! It's rather Caddy or who? Can't select another R11 bye player so that eliminates Macrae. Selecting FWD's based on midfield time, and I reckon Caddy gets lots of it this year! only needs to increase his output by 5 to average 95 and that's good enough for F5/6 for me this year.


Cheers for the advice lads!! I'll keep an eye out for your respective teams


What do you reckon about potentially..
Pickett (mid), Goldy, Roughy.

Pickett (forward), Giles and Danger.

Danger + Giles > Goldy + Roughy surely? Locking in a premo,.. Goldy's decrease good easily decrease and just pick the best ruckmen to upgrade with Giles?


Hey Morrow love ya structure, I reckon u might be able t squeeze @$150k outta Scharen Berry Bags/or/ Bowes, more if Goldy in rehab?
Mayb squeeze in a Danger or whatnot, just my dig.
Anyway here's my version 3, pre magazine.
(2 days unaltered)

Doch Laird Hibberd (Stewart)
Thurlow Newman Ryan (Hibbard)

Danger JPK Treloar (Graham)
Fyfe Sloane (Siers)
Scooter Swallow SPP (Bolton)

Gawn Stef (Straddlla)

JJK Dahl Ryder (Eddy)
Bennell Galluci(Crows) Rioli (Smith)

I've been pretty set on a 3 – 6 – 2 – 3 GnR set up but value is value.
As it stands Hibberd, Thurlow, Ryder, Bennell are speculative, pretty sure one or both of Scooter or Swallow will make it.
Like ya thoughts back cheers


My recent updates have just been OUT: Goldy, Pendles, IN: Grundy, Danger… Injury cloud and Daw's influence on Goldy raises great concerns for me. Reckon there's huge upside to Grundy, could easily become S.Martin though too.

Don't mind your team mat but plenty of players to ponder, I won't go over the rookie selections as much as they're obviously dependent on R1 selection.

Personally rate the Laird selection, reckon he's in for a huge year. Docherty I just can't simply put him in my team, priced at $590k is just too expensive for any defender.. think about who you can get in the mids? He's never averaged that price tag and you'll be able to pick him up R12 post-bye for $90k cheaper. He could come out with a BANG but reckon there's better value elsewhere.
What's Hibberd purpose in your team? Cash cow or top 10 defender? I say, neither. Thus, shouldn't be there hedski!
Thurlow is probably worth watching, should make some cash and be an easy upgrade in the early rounds, but you'll have a $120k rookie will make more than a $267k mid pricer any day.

Mids look solid, I'm questioning my own knowledge now,.. who's Scooter? There's good POD's and bad POD's and unfortunately in the early rounds I think Sloane is a bad POD and you'll just slip the ranking. You're buying him at his peak price and he's always shown to go through patches, often the perfect upgrade target around the byes IMO.

I'm also speculative on Ryder, the ruck cover is nice but I'd almost prefer T.Boyd as cheap cover at F7 for ruck/fwd cover than Ryder.. not sure if Lobbe plays how he'll average, Charlie Dixon injury would almost surely see him take even more forward time.. not sure he's needed now! $400k is pretty steep,.
Bennell I'd watch for the pre-season, as you say, value is VALUE!

Good luck for the season!


Finally created an account! yeww


Yeah there's plenty to go over yet, can't wait for it to get started, lots for me to work out, cheers for ur input.
(Scooter is S.Selwood)


Hey fellas, looking to build a competitive league. Feel free to join – 149246


Hey lads can I have some feedback

Def – Doch, Adams, Mills, Vlaustin, Thurlow, Keeffe (Berry Ryan)
Mid- Danger, Pendles, Rockliff, Fyfe, Heppell, McGrath, SPS, J. Galluci (SPP, Myers, Graham)
Ruck – Gawn, Grundy (Cameron)
Fwd – Dalhaus, Ryder, Hrovat, Ainsworth, Mcgluggage, Bowes (Pickett, W. Rioli)

I know I need serious improvement


Downgrade Vlastuin to a rookie, upgrade Heppell into a $600k+ mid. Hep won't be a top 10 mid and won't make enough cash, so there's no point in having him.
If you have enough cash left, upgrade Hrovat to a premium forward. Other than that, it's a pretty good team mate!




Def- Doch,Adams,Laird,Vince,Scharenburg,Ryan,(Stewart,Long)4,0,2



Not sure on the Shuey pick, but other than that it looks solid.


Why is Grundy such a popular pick?
And what's up with Goldy atm is he fit or injured?
Gawn is a lock


There is some great reading in the community series to help you with this. It shows why Grundy is on the up and why Goldy might be on the down. Of course nothing is conclusive, but it will definitely get you thinking. Oh, and Goldy is training with the rehab group away from the main squad.


Grundy had 2 90's after the bye, rest were all over the ton.

Plus no competition for the top spot.


With Sandy going down, I had to make changes. Would be grateful for feedback on this set up please.

Starting with a tighter defence and rucks, with DPP swings. Once the rookies fatten up, beefing up the mids and forwards…

Def: Docherty, Shaw, Adams, Laird, McGrath, Ryan (Stewart, Long)

Mids: Danger, Sloane, Bont, Fyfe, Beams, Swallow, SPP, Myers (Graham, Witherden, Bolton)

Rucks: Gawn, Grundy (Strnadica)

Fwds: Dahlhaus, Ryder, Bennell, Roughy, Pickett, W.Rioli (Smith, Eddy).


Spent far to much in defence.


Perhaps Derek. Any suggestions?


Maybe McGrath to a Newmanish +70k
Adams to Hibberd +100k
Upgrade a sketchy fwd/mid to a premo.


Thanks hedski. I may opt for Laird to Hibbed, McGrath to Newman (keeping Adams for DPP). Will also swap Sloane to Pendles, and take Bennell up to Riewoldt (Saint Nick). Sound ok?


Looks good mate, I'm not sold on Beams tho but that's just me.


Just started on the mag and prompted me to have this thought.
Similar to Jacobs loosing danger so his sharked hitouts went up so score went down as you loose 1 point for a sharked hit out
With boomer, NDS but particularly wells no longer with norf with such a new bunch of kids in the middle surely goldys sharked hitouts also go up and his scores suffers as a result?

Something to ponder a little food for thought.


I don't think Wells, boomer or anyone at Norf is in Dangerfield class.

Norf still have some quality in guts


Interesting point… but counterpoint, Mel's midfield are crap but Gawn is a monster. When you put it down guys throats its hard for them not to catch it. Sure they will be tackled or turnover afterwards, but the ruck gets the +5 anyway

Ah yes Jock

thoughts community
Def: Shaw, Leigh, Laird, Scharenberg, Hibberd, Ryan (Ridley, Stewart)

Mid: Danger, JPK, Priddis, Sloane, Sidebottom, Myers, SPP (Freeman, Bolton, Graham)

Ruck: Gawn, Grundy (Cameron)

Forward: Dalhaus, Macrae, Caddy, Bowes, Pickett, Smith (long, Eddt


416077 league for diehard supercoachers


What are your guys thoughts on koby Stevens as a pod?

Ah yes Jock

My first opinion was a no and after looking at some stats it remains a solid no
-Hasn't player 20 games in last two years
-Highest average 86.5
I assume your starting him in the forward line so if you're looking for a forward line POD around the same price think Gunston and lynch for a bit more or Wingard or Lycett but I would stay far away from forward line pods this year and just stick with what you know works
Dalhaus, Macrae, Caddy is my starting forward premos

Jock Reynolds

Shut the shit up you absolute nutter of a man koby stevens will lead the saints into the top 4


Until JR Mag arrives I'm currently looking like

DEF : Doch , Shaw , Laird , McGrath ,Scharenberg , Berry ( Ryan , Stewart )

MID : Danger , Pendles , Treloar , Fyfe , Swallow , Beams , SPP , Myers ( freeman , Bolton , Graham )

RUC : Gawn , Giles ( strnmember )

FWD : Dahlhaus , Macrae , Caddy , Ryder , Black , Pickett (Smith , Eddy )

55k ITB


Join my league to try get me up to 18, 987982

Cheers legends


Your league will auto fill just before season…I'll join in anyway…need some competition !!! Reckon anyone who joins via thesev pages should be better than my mates !!


What do you think that the difference in average will be between Goldstein and Stefan Martin


Tough question, Stef coming off a bad year, Goldy injury cloud?
2 years ago they ruled.
I'm backing Stef
N.B. I am not/nor should be affiliated with any form of gambling


Goldy = 110 x 21 (108 effective w cover)
Stef = 110 x 18 (102 effective w cover)


In the mag "the Chad" priced at $117,300 – LOCK!! 🙂
I think there maybe as couple of pricing blues on a couple of the players.
But a fantastic read, in depth analysis outstanding.
Seems unfair to anyone who doesn't own a copy!!


Thought on isaac heeney


There was a great write up in the community series, which prompted a lot of comments. Your best guide!


He should average better than last year. Will be top 10-15 forwards.

Can't see him getting the midfield time everyone is talking about, mcglynn gone and papley injured swans will play him forward.


Who do you see taking up the Titch slack? Was 5th in the comp last season in total disposals which is not inconsequential. JPK, Hanners and Parks were already top 7 in total disposals so not sure they can do a helluva lot more. So it will be interesting to see how Heeney, Mills and Lloyd are utilised in the JLT in the post Titch void created.

The Swans top pick Florent could get a look in if the Smear injury lingers although last I heard Horse remains hopeful that Smear will return in the first month of the season anyway, presently only ruled out from Rd1 at his time of placement on the LTI list. Reid will also need to come into that side somewhere probably in the forward line.



the swans have a pretty good midfield and i can see the three big guns all getting a bit. Hanners did spend some time on the wing second half of last year, he will be back in the guts.

Jack & McVeigh won't be in the guts much, but more just behind the centre making sure the ball stays going forward. Lloyd and Mills will be pushing up into the midfield, mainly on the wings getting a bit more. heeney will be at stoppages when in the forward half while jack and McVeigh sit back on the 50m arc.


Heat maps from JLT games will be huge.


Arguably Swans best player across the finals. Horse put his best hoof forwards when it counted.


What's the better combo?
1. Hartlett, Goldstein and Roughead/bennel
2. Laird, Ryder and heeney

Also is Deledio too risky of a pick… last year 95 average (only the 11 games) and over 105 pretty much 8 years in a row before that!!



His no more riskier than t adams whos in most teams


I think Lids really need to be assessed right at R1, if he's had a full pre-season play a couple pre-seasons games & look to have a decent role very hard to go past but has more boxes to tick than others


I think you should take 1 and 2 and get rid of whatever other picks you made ahead of those guys =p


Deledio is out for Rd1 of JLT with a calf injury


Eight people have selected Nic Nat in their teams. That should bode well!!!


Captain loophole


A $500k + loophole. I don't think so.


Big Sauce Phillips is injured and Gorringe is a spud, should see Kreuzer load up on ruck time early this year with Casboult giving him a chop out. Not in my team atm, but definitely worth keeping an eye out for in the pre season


Finally getting team together.

Def Monty Adams J Martin(dpp) Thurlow Scharenberg Newman (T Stewart Long)
Mid Danger Pendles Rocky Fyfe Heppell Murphy D Swallow Myers (Berry Pickett Graham)
R Goldy Witts (Strn…)
For Dahl Heeney Miller Ryder, Roughy Schoenmakers (Ridley Eddy)

Bench obviously depends on pre-season. Big on dpp's to avoid trades and a couple of cheapy pods who may prove gold if ok in pre-season…thurlow/scharenberg/swallow/schoe/roughy. Plan is to upgrade Witts after bye rds. Upgrade targets mainly in defence after season settles.
Comments ??


Thoughts on my team
Def: Docherty, Rance, Laird, Scharenberg, Newman, Ryan (Stewart, Long)
Mid: Dangerfield, Hannebery, Treloar, Fyfe, Mitchell, D.Swallow, Powell-Pepper, Myers (Barrett, Freeman, Graham)
R: Gawn, Hickey (Strnadica)
Fwd: N.Riewoldt, Macrae, Heeney, J.Roughead, McCluggage, W.Rioli (T.Smith, Eddy)

Thoughts much appreciated 🙂

Ah yes jock

Hickey is a risky selection and I wouldn't be starting BOTH heeny and roughies in the same team. Maybe trade out roughie for a rookie like Jack Bowes and use the cash to upgrade hickey to a set and forget ruckman

Jock Reynolds

Hickey is one of the best ruckmen in the afl you prick

Ah yes jock

thoughts community
Def: Shaw, Leigh, Laird, Scharenberg, Hibberd, Ryan (Ridley, Stewart)

Mid: Danger, JPK, Priddis, Sloane, Sidebottom, Myers, SPP (Freeman, Bolton, Graham)

Ruck: Gawn, Grundy (Cameron)

Forward: Dalhaus, Macrae, Caddy, Bowes, Pickett, Smith (long, Eddy)

Jock Reynolds

first of all wannabe jock, you need a superstar like jack viney in your team unlike someone like sidebottom the prick


Missing a midfield

Ah yes jock

The missing mid is Fyfe


good guns n rookie team. 14 guns with a couple of PODs. Will see what the gods give us for rookies


I agree with Derek. Good GNR team. Of the 14, you are missing 5 in round 11, 3 round 12 and 6 in round 13. Ideally you would want at least one less in round 11. It's potentially Montagna to Rance or JPK to Selwood. Just a small tinker with an otherwise strong side


No one has any love for Zorko ??


jack viney should be in EVERY team!


S doch T adams R Laird
M sharenberg E vickers willis L ryan T stewart B Long

Danger, kennedy, sloane fyfe t mitchel d beams d swallow d myers spp m hibberd j graham

Gawn Goldy (freo guy)

L Dahl heeney roughy mcluggage turner bowes s bolton b eddy

Please rate my team


I rate it 3 potatoes


I was initially keen on Gawn and Goldie, then Sandi but with Goldie being managed preseason and Sandi copping an injury I've gone with a Gawky (Gawn + Hickey) ruck combo, I see Hickey as offering more value than Ryder, Sauce etc

My team is starting to come together from my perspective at the moment I've got:

D Laird, Z Williams, KK, Thurlow, Keefe, Stewart (Newman, Long)

I've gone for a value back line with stacked mids – rationale is I think Laird is the only over $500K back who's not over priced. I expect Williams to improve, I feel KKs year last year was an aberration due to injury and think Thurlow is primed to explode. Keefe for early rounds then downgrade to Scharenberg and bank some cash once berg starts playing (if he's selected R1 he goes in for Keefe. All rookies place holders at this stage.

M Danger, Pendles, JPK, Treloar, Fyfe, Tich, Florent, SPP (Myers Pickett, Graham)

I've gone deliberately large in mids as I see top 6 as keepers who will deliver all year.

R Gawn, Hickey (Strnadica)

F NRoo, Dollhouse, Roughie, Hrovat, W Rioli, Eddy (Miles, D Cameron)

May consider bringing Heeney in for NRoo and keeping a bit more cash up my sleeve. Thoughts?


League open. All welcome. 136388


Can I get some thoughts on my team? cheers! Got about 100k left over. Whats our thoughts on Harley Bennell. Is he worth considering?

Def – H. Shaw, T. Adams, R. Laird, Scharenberg, Ryan, Stewart (Hibberd, Long)

Mid – Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Fyfe, Heppell, Murphy, Swallow, SPP, Myers (Berry, Pickett, Graham)

Ruc – Gawn, Hickey (Strnadica)

Fwd – Dahlhaus, Greene, Ryder, Billings, Roughead, McCluggage (Smith, Eddy)



Def: Docherty, Laird, Hibberd, Scharenberg, Hibberd, Ryan (Berry, Stewart)

Mid: Danger, Pendles, Parker, Treloar, Fyfe, D Swallow, McClugg, Myers, (Gallucci, SPP, Graham)

Ruck: Gawn, T Boyd (Strnadica)

Forward: Dalhaus, Heeney, Ryder, Bennell, Roughy, M White (Pickett, Ridley)

Relying on a few fallen premos to pick up early slack.
If the likes of Bennell, Roughy, Ryder,Swallow and Hibberd go ok in the JLT I'll look to start them.

Any thoughts?


Who are this year's lock premiums (say 600+), in the mid. Anything other than danger, Coz is he really worth it?


JPK, Pendles, Treloar, Hanners. Could take a look at Jack Steven and Bontempelli too in the 550-600K region.


What do u guys think of my team…… and possible improvements:
Def: Docherty, Shaw, Laird, Johannisen, McGrath, Scharenberg (J.Berry,L.Ryan)
Mid: Dangerfield, Sloane, Bontempelli, Fyfe, Beams, Powell-Pepper, Myers, Freeman (J.Pickett, A.Witherden, J.Graham)
Rucks: Gawn, Sandilands (L.Strnadica)
Fowards: Dahlhaus, Franklin, Heeney, Roughead, McCluggage, Bowes (M.McCarthy, B.Eddy)


R1 Giles.
R2 Witts
R3 Strnd

Will be locked if both are named main ruck in round one and have a decent NAB
No Ryder in forward line but am considering. Sandi not a consideration at 34 he'll fall apart no offense to the champion.


Not running


not as crazy as you think.

Make sure you have a DPP like Ryder and you can get two bites at the cherry.

Depending on when games are on, this might not always work, but assume you have a set up like this:

Witts, Giles, (Strnd)
Ryder, Pickett, (TSmith, Ridley)

Whoever out of Giles and Witts plays first put on bench with E. Same with whoever plays first out of Pickett, Smith & Ridley but on bench with E.

Say you start with Witts and Smith on bench because they play first.

If Witts has a better score than Smith, no problem, leave Strnd on field and you will get Witts score.

If Smith has a better score than Witts, swing Ryder into Ruck and put Strnd on field in forward line, therefore taking Smith's score.

If both have a poor score, still swing Ryder to the rucks, but put Strnd on bench and bring Ridley onto the field if you think he has a chance to outscore what Smith did.

If any of the players are DPP like Ridley & Pickett, there is also a chance to swing players from other lines off their benches if they haven't played yet.


Yep solid tactic to get the most out of them. Cheers


Like it. I also have Giles and Witt's… But Gawn R1 😉


Looks like Goldy is a bigger risk than Sandi…. wont play the first two JLTs and doubt he will be up for R1 …. He has an ankle problem and with it (still) being evident at this time of the year suggests he is in for a handicap year.
With Daw and Brown also injured – North could end up playing some newbies.


They could be dropped at anytime though that is the problem I guess.


The newbies*


Why no love for Mummy? Am I missing something?