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Steele SidebottomSteele Sidebottom: the ‘Forgotten’ Pie

There has been plenty of chat this pre-season about various SuperCoach significant Collingwood players.

As always there is Scott Pendlebury (do you start him or bring him in – either way he’ll probably end up in your team). There is also Treloar, Taylor Adams with DPP, Scharenberg, the return of Keeffe and Josh Thomas, will Grundy do a ‘Gawn’ etc, etc.

However, one of the most consistent and valued Pie SuperCoach studs has largely flown under the radar this preseason, his name (voted the best name in the world in 2010) is: Steele Sidebottom.

I say consistent because since 2012, he’s averaged at least 103 per year. 2017 will be Steele’s ninth season and has only just turned 26 on January.

Furthermore in the same time period (since 2012), he’s had season high scores of 156, 155, 178, 148 and 166. In other words, he can go large.

He’s also has a relatively injury free career. The only blemish being a broken thumb that cost him six games early in 2015. It was a shame too as he’d come off a blistering 2014 where he came off 14 100+ games and averaged 113.2 for the year.


2017 Price:    $577,800
2017 Position:  MID
Games last season:  20
Average last season:  106.2
100+ games last season:   11 (including 4 games of 120+)
Sub 80 games last season:   1 (78 in round 6)
Price range last season:  $487,500 – $587,900
Missed games last season:
  • 2 (suspension in rds 2 & 3)
Significant history: 
  • Lowest score for 2016 was 78
  • Averaged 113.2 in 2014 with 14 x 100+ scores
  • Last year was his equal 2nd best year for season average


Since arriving at Pie Land, Treloar has stolen the spotlight somewhat from Sidebottom.

However, the arrival of Treloar hasn’t decreased Sidebottom’s impact as they play different roles. Steele is primarily an outside runner. The risk is that we can only have some many starting Premos and Treloar might push ahead of the likes of Sidebottom in terms of preference.

The true risk to Sidebottom comes from fact that he is priced similarly to many quality premium contested ball-winners who are a bit younger and potentially have the ability to go to that next level. The Bont, Cripps and Coniglio come to mind. You might pick Sidey over one of these players only to see them go on to average 110+.



At $577,800 Sidebottom is similarly priced to Fyfe, Bryce Gibbs and Coniglio. He’s cheaper than The Bont and Cripps by approximately $10k, and is slightly more expensive than both Sam and Tom Mitchell. Therefore, Sidebum is a looking to be a significant POD this year. And, if all indications are accurate, there is no reason why he can’t be pushing the 105 season average in 2017.


  • Can go big; his career is littered with many 120+ scores, 31 times since 2010.
  • Has consistently preferred to use his boots rather than handball
  • Tends to rest forward and kicks goals (17 in 2016)
  • Averaged 4.5 tackles in 2016
  • Largely injury free career


  • He has a relatively poor tribunal record. In 2014 he missed 3 games after ironing out Mav Weller and last year 2 weeks were lost for rough conduct against Dan Hannebery
  • Last year he was super consistent with a low of just 78, however in other years he has thrown up the odd dud score.
  • He’s in a price bracket as an outside-Mid, where he is competing for your starting selection with well-priced inside-Mid players



You could do worse than pick the Steele Sidebottom. He should be an ultra-consistent POD. As of writing this, Sidebum is owned by only 1% of SuperCoaches…1%! If Taylor Adams or Dane Beams, who are both currently owned by over 30% of Coaches, go belly-up (figuratively, of course) and are out for extended periods, which could very likely happen, then Sidebottom’s selection could have you well ahead or the pack.

For me in 2017…



Get around him on twitter! @seekersupacoach


Jock Reynolds Coach KingsThis article has been penned as part of the Jock Reynolds Community Series, where anyone from within our proud community can have their say in front of their peers. These men and women have displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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Jock Reynolds Son

I would rather get viney

Jock Reynolds Son

haha Jock what do you think on viney


Have him currently at about D3/4 as interesting DEF/ MID option, not a lock yet but could still make my team

Canny the Manny

Lovely write up Seeker. I'm in love with Steele Sidebottom, such a talent and great fantasy player. My issue with him is that he's surrounded by so many other mids who steal off Steele. Pendles, Treloar, Adams, Wells to name a couple, Degoey's gotta get a run through there this year as well. Like I said, I love him, but I don't think I can pick him ahead of the current premos in my side at the moment (Danger, Pendles, Rockliff, Fyfe, T. Mitchell) but if you select him, he may very well turn out to be a great POD.


Thanks Canny, Steele is yet to make my team at this stage. I think that the reason is that there is such quality in and around his price that he's been forgotten or at least overlooked by many including myself.

As to losing points to those others, there wasn't much sign of it last year. His role on the outside probably means he's competing for points against De Goey, Wells and some up and comers so I still think he'll hold his own. Wells has to stay fit, be on the park and could be the tag target rather than Pendles or Sidebum who are not affected by tags as such. And, De Goey went missing in games for whole quarters last year (I should know, I started with him last year)…


De Goey will go missing cause he's still young. I wouldn't raid him this year but in 2-3 he'll be 100+ mid.


If De Goey can lift his average significantly this year and hold DPP in 2018 he might be difficult not to pick next year


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I N Pieman

I'll never forget the day I first saw sidebum play. At the pub with a group of mates watching the TAC cup grand final in 2008. It was probably the most dominant display I'd seen from a footballer at the time. Playing from the midfield he kicked 10 goals & tore the opposition to shreds. Figured he'd be going at pick 2 after Nic Nat. Wasn't how it panned out. Overlooked to pick 11. A big mistake to the other clubs that could have got him. With pendles & treloar on the park he won't get any attention. His role is off the wing & go forward & hit the scoreboard in 2017 more often. And he's more than capable. The third little pig could be an excellent selection. I'll be giving it plenty of thought. Cracking job Seeker. Ball tearer POD


Unlikely starter but some may like him as a pod.
Sidebum has killed me the last 2 years had him as starter 2015 stuffs thumb first game and then last year i haven't got him but he irons out Hanners who i did have.
So im wondering who he will take out this year i have Bont and Dahl, they better be ready for him.

Good article Seeker.


Awesome write up, Seeker. He goes under the radar every year, mind boggling for such a good player. I've got Fyfe and Gray at a similar price ahead of him at this stage. Unlikely to change

Dont Blush Baby

Yes POD, but if you start him you must think your going to keep him , not in the best top consistent 8 mids.

IMO the players with a similar price but not in my 8 for a M4 – 5 spot are – Fyfe – locked, Shuey – strongly consider, Ward – no, S.Mitchell – no, T.Mitchell – consider, J.Steven – consider ,maybe a big break out year?,S.Coniglio – not for me , R.Gray – maybe after the bye ect- my thoughts only –
Excellent write up mate though

Dont Blush Baby

Soz, but are in contention for


Def- Doch,Adams,Laird,Vince,Scharenburg,Ryan,(Stewart,Long)4,0,2



Not really sold on Vince. Shuey typically starts the season slow, check out the write up on him. I think Jarman is still on the rookie list and Eagles will start the year in the twos while his body bulks up

I like the structure you've got though


Seriously who calls their kid Steele Sidebottom? It's not even a handle it's his actual name. Kudos parents.

I've got two locked and anywhere up to 6 pies in my team come Rd 1. So no room for sidey. Unless fyfe falls over and even then I think 50 shades would get the gig.

Nice addendum seeker.


Well I have three nephews Blake, Miles and Ayce. What's wrong wilt Brian, Patrick or Phillip? Have Fyfe and I'm more likely to Gray over Steele myself at this stage too (perhaps – that Rd 9 bye is a torment)



Did 9hr sesh on my side

DEF: Shaw, Adams, Hodge, R.Murphy, M. Hibberd (Nth), Vickers Willis (Johnson, Ryan)

MID: Dangerfield, Ablett, Rockliff, Fyfe, T.Mitchell, Watson, Beams, SPP, (Myers, Wigg, Freeman)

RUCK: Gawn, Sandi (Strndica)

FWD: McRae, Ryder, Roughy, McCarthy, Black, McKay (Pickett, Jarman)

Bloody cant get better than that, not touching till after NAB


10 Top players in that list who either haven't played or had a very injury ridden season in 2016 (3 in back line, 5 in midfield, 1 in ruck, 1 in Forward). The rookies also aren't flash. Very risky team – I'd be tipping there will be a lot of changes… Sandi for one is injured so there's one change to pencil in straight up.


Better have the ambulance on standby for that defense and midfield


Sidey's elite year was Swanny's down year. Not to be repeated, expecting a solid 105 av