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2017 SuperCoach FWD pollMake no mistake – this is the most challenging line in SuperCoach 2017.

We have been absolutely STRIPPED of solid MID/FWD options this season.

Do we look at this as a bad thing? Do we cry into our Weetbix about the challenges we face up FWD this year? Shit no. In this joint we look at this as an incredible OPPORTUNITY to get a strategic leg over the opposition.

I’m tipping these results will be bloody interesting!

First: some essential research for newcomers:

  • THE PODCAST. We’re going through each line with a fine tooth comb. Selection options, structure, misc arousal. Listen here.
  • THE COMMUNITY SERIES: 93 SuperCoach 2017 options analysed by the fine people of our community here

RIGHTO – what’s your forward structure looking like?

Which $500K+ FWDS are in your current lineup?

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How many $500K+ FWDS are in your lineup?

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What are your 2017 SuperCoach FWD structure thoughts?

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None at the moment for me, boys!

It's a big risk, but the way I'm playing it this year is a wait-and-see approach with the forward line. Too many question marks over the premium forwards this year. Is there enough ball for Dahl and Macrae? How will Lids fit in at GWS? Can Rooey do it again? Kennedy too up and down… etc

Right now, my F1, 2 and 3 are Heeney, Touk, and the rolls Royce himself – my 2017 breakout man, Jack Billings. Massive POD, and training the house down.


The thing with that is the amount of trades you'll need to get the best players in


Who have you got pencilled in for top 6 forwards?


That's a VERY speculative forward line there mate. Personally, I'd only be taking one of those three in your starting lineup, having all three is way too risky.


None of those 3 will be in the top 6 forwards buddy, heeney is speculative at best for top 10 forwards. Way too much risk.


Dahl and lynch I'll be starting with down there this year




Forward line….
Reiwoldt , dahlhaus , greene , macrea , heeney , maccarthy
(Hoskin elliot , gallucci )…..


Really surprised to see 50% with just two premiums and another 40% with either one or none.
Very light forward lines. That many on field rookies is mental. The only reliable forward rookies with scoring potential and job security all seem to b 170k+ up front.
Think 3 prems is probably the way too go.


Probably not 4 onfield rookies, Daizy. Greene, Caddy. Heeney, Touk, Ryder, Bennell, Roughy all popular under 500k

Jib JIb

I think people are going more mid priced than loading up 6-7 rookies for the forward line. Heeney, Miller, Bennel, Roughy will all be very popular but aren't included in that poll.

Jib JIb

Also Galluci, Rioli and Black are all rookies/rookie priced, under 150k and likely to play early. Odds on that there will be at least 5 decent, sub 150k, forward rookies come rd 1.


Dahl & JJK are the 2 over 500k im taking into the season expect both to be top 6 at seasons end…

Nick Wealands

Can happily lock in Dahlhaus but that's about it, the forward line this year resembles the back line of last year an area that should be kept for upgrading last as there is a no point going out on a limb trying to make a play on the unknown. The year is 23 rounds long and plenty of time to see who is worthy of upgrading to and who is not


Obviously I'm going with Jack Macrae. But I'll have the Dalh in my mids to swing back later in the year. other than it looks a bit like

Macrae – Heeney – Ryder
Bennel – Rough – Elliott
bench cam mac and rook ( J thomas ATM)


Lot of dollars on the pine. Don't thin Elliott is a keeper or makes enough cash, kind of a no mans lands.


Have gone as close to what I can for G&R. Three premos in the fwd line for me. Roo/JJK/Dahl.


None for me currently… Caddy, Heeney, Ryder, Roughy, Black, Smith (Eddy, Rioli)


I'm with u fat. Same top 3, will use the fwd line to upgrade as the season goes on. Too many unknowns for me.?


Macrae, Caddy, Bennell, Roughy, Bolton, Eddy (W.Rioli, Polson) Watchlist : Steele, Billings, Petracca, Brayshaw, Lovell, Smedts, Hoskin-Elliot) Definitely a breakout contender or 2 among this bunch. Will watch them all closely in JRT community cup, or whatever it's called this year)


Dahl and Buddy at the moment. F3 is Bennell. If he's fit and ready round 1 I'm prepared to take a punt on him considering his scoring history.

Problem with the poll. Could only select one of the 500k forwards

Jib JIb

Strap in for that Buddy rollercoaster!


He wasn't too bad last year, Jib. Didn't drop below 83 first 10 rounds. Struggled a bit post bye, a 60 and 34 the only real horrible scores

Jib JIb

Yeah true, and he put together his first uninterrupted season since 2008. Still has a consistency rating of almost 42 – but if you're playing for overall rank that shouldn't matter so much, if he can put together another full season his total points scored will still up around the top 6-10.


1 Dahl.
With Sandi breaking down thinking of upgrading to stiffy at R2 and taking Ryder out replacing with a hoskin/elliot, white etc.
Only line I keep changing as can't make up mind which way to go.
I do think most of the expensive fwds will not go up but hover or go down. So can pick them off later.


Ryder would be great insurance in case stuffy goes limp

General Soreness

This is warming the cockles of my heart!! Firming up in other areas too!


the one bad thing about living on a tropical island, will have to wait a few more days then everyone else :'(


Do they allow this type of magazine to be sold in NSW, or will I have to head down to Canberra like in the old days to get fireworks and porn


sounds like you should just make the trip regardless


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General Soreness

The forwards will be make or break in 2017, can see this having a huge impact on SC season. Im still clueless as to which way to go.


Agree General. Usually I take preseason games with a pinch of salt but jeez… there could be some bolters

I N Pieman

ATM I have Dahl & Macrae. Only 2 blokes I'd consider north of 500. I may ditch one of them to shore up another line. I can't see any forwards whatsoever that will punish you for not starting them, perhaps Bennell, but he doesn't have a durable history


2 JJK and Dahl.
Also have Ryder Bennell and 4 rooks ATM.

Jib JIb

Is Ryder still relevant now that Sandi has gone down? Don't get me wrong ruck cover is a good thing, but that's a big outlay for what is now a reduced risk.


I think he'll be relevant but as Keen says probably not if they include Lobbe.
Straddldic at R3 may be enough cover if he gets a gig depending on Sandiballs health.
Currently have Gawn / Stef.


Only Dahl at present for me. As i and many others have said, this year 95 average will probably give you a top 6 forward. Thats why i have Ryder and Roughie at D2 and D3. They have both averaged that before and hoping they will do it again


I mean F2 and F3*


Roo will ton up again, the Saints are going places this year.


Keep looking at the forward line, driving me nuts. Dahl or Macrae. Both should go close to ton averages for the year, making them top 8 forwards, I would have thought. Save 9k with Macrae, 9k is 9k. Done.


With PapSmear going down with an LTI will Florent/Leonardis etc from Sydney be more likely to earn an early selection?


If Florent performs well in the JLT as expected then there's definitely a spot up for grabs. Although the Swans remain hopefully that the Smear could be available for selection at some point in the first month of the season.


Hi guys what are are everyone's thoughts on lobb, with mummy having an interrupted pre season could he be a breakout contender


Good player but dont think he is relevant until Big Mummy is no longer playing. Big Mummy is to valuable to GWS in the ruck so Lobb wont spend much time there. And i dont see him being supercoach relevant spending most of his time up forward. Could prove me wrong though


Which option seems better to have as an m6 as well as f3/4?

1. Swallow and Heeney


2. Beams and Elliot


Beams and Elliot


swallow heeney for me

I N Pieman

Is any one thinking of getting Bernie Vince in the Backline


Mabey Pieman


Thinking like that is really imserspive


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Had him in early drafts but haven't liked what I heard about his run home last year Pieman, looking elsewhere.


For sure in the mix for Addicts backline. Will need to see how he goes in the JLT and if he plays predominantly in defence there I'll probably pass in favour of a Adams or Laird for just $25K more.


Have Dahl, Macrae & Buddy atm, with Roughy, White, Bowes, Gallucci & Eddy.
May look at another rookie instead of Buddy, will know more after JLT.
Might be interesting to find out how much $$ everyone is committing to FWD's as well.
Mine is $2.535M, with other lines as follows:
DEF: $2.4178M
MID: $4.0506M
RUC: $965K
$$$ LEFT: $31.6K

DEF down slightly as I have 3-0-5, MID is 5-0-6, RUC is 1-0-2 (Witts as R2), FWD is 3-1-4, so Roughy is my only genuine mid pricer.
Again, certainly will change between now & season proper I imagine!


Actually I just realised DSwallow is midpriced, so my MID structure is now 5-1-5, and I have 2 midpricers in total.


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Jib JIb

Witts as R2, wow that is a big call. We had a chat about doing that yesterday and no one was game.




Dahlhaus, McCrae, Cyril, Knight, Turner, W Rioli (Ridley, Eddy)

Cyril is my POD in the forward line. His pre season training has been a standout. He should get extra midfield time this year with his extra fitness and the hole left by Lewis and SMitchell. i also like the deliberate rushed behind rule change, Cyril will be licking his lips.

Knight should get some time in the midfield and is cheap as chips. watch preseason

I will be watching Kayne Turner (Norf) very closely in the preseason as well. heard a interview with Ziebell (new Norf Captain) who mentioned that Turner will have the role of f half back using his long kicking to get it forward. $171k

Ridley is DEF/FWD, keep a watch on him as well, Coach mentioned that he was doing everything possible and was in the mix for round 1.


Good call on Cyril.

Jib JIb

Right now I've got: Dahl, Heeney, Bennell, Gallucci, Black Pickett (Rioli, Eddy)

There's nothing out of the box in my forward line. Although these aren't necessarily the players I will take into rd 1, this is the structure I will use (1-2-5).

This is definitely the skinniest I've ever gone with a forward line (or any line TBH) but because forwards are such a big enigma this year I'm not as keen to invest big money pre-season, I'll trade in required forwards as they emerge. I'm going with a STRICT G&R setup for the rest of my team.


your other lines had better be good

Jib JIb

Ha! Yeah they're pretty good.

Jib JIb

Total structure is:

Def: 3-0-5
Mid: 6-0-5
Ruck: 2-0-1
Fwd: 1-2-5


Who are your 2 rucks

Jib JIb

Gawn Goldy/Grundy

Jib JIb

Although, I will be looking at Hickey with great interest in the JLT

Brown Cow

Think you have found the G spot already Jib Jib.

Jib JIb

You haven't got the magazine yet have you? I thought it would tell me how to deal with the G spot but it just gave me a Hickey.

Brown Cow

No sighting as yet. From some comments it is delivering even more than the community had hoped for. Hickeys and other sensations.

Jib JIb

it's a great resource. I've not had the time to go cover to cover but I've read a few articles. Depth an analysis is outstanding.


I know its only the chicks playing but Gary its good to have footy on the TV.
Give me an hour and see how I feel.


I hope Trump was watching tonight. We might only be 24 million but each of our women could take down 100 of theirs.
Womens footy will make AFL the most famous game in the world.


Dahl, Macrae, Gunston.
I'll be going with a 3-0-5 approach. F1 and F2 are locked. Gunston at F3 is subject to change.


StNick, Dahl/Macrae, Roughie. F2 fuid


At the moment Dahl, Lids, Macrae, Heeney.

Roughy and Menzel have been in and out a fair bit.


Running Rooey, Dahl, Macrae, Heen at the moment… With McCluggage there too… Haven't see. Many have him as an extra in the forward line???


Pricy! I'd be tempted to drop Heeney to free up cash.

Wait and see on McBags. A lot of coin to part with

Big fact hunt

Hi guys just wondering does it matter where you take your guns and rookies. I am looking at 13/2/15 overall. As to the structure it will depend on where the best rookies are. Will attempt to load up on midfield. If you take more forwards you may be able to get 14to 15 guns cause they are cheaper but will they be guns. That is the risk you take. If you have no forward guns you will have them elsewhere. Your thoughts

Jib JIb

Spot on about it depending where the rookies are. All structures are merely preferential at this stage without appropriate rookies to back it up.

Having said that I'm going very light up forward and it has allowed me to strengthen other lines that I hope will made up the early point difference. A 13/2/15 is probably about the best you can squeeze out of a G&R setup this year, starting with top premos that stay in your team all season is definitely a great thing, but it's how you trade that will really determine your success. Remember last years winner did it with only 7 keepers.


the first thing i do each year is to build my best team, money no object. The final team to head into the last 6 or 7 weeks, including my bench DPP players.

I then go through and look at those players in that team who seem like good value.

I plan to start with at least 12, or maybe 13 of these best team players. the plan then is to get the other ones not in the starting team when their price dips, hopefully at a significant discount to their starting price especially if it was a high % owned player.

All other players in the starting team other than the best team players are Cash Cows.

Having said that, i'll be starting with dangerfield and Gawn, even though i don't think they are great value, but because they offer good Captain choices.

By round 14 the team value will need to be around 13.2 – 13.5 mil.

i noted that last years winner started with 12 keepers, but finished the year with only 7 of them (injurys etc). as we say every year, keep your trades. However, i will be quick to trade injured premiums this year, like last years winner did, i held them too long in order to keep trades, not this year.


Last nights Collingwood side aren't any different to their other girls side !!


My forward line is always changing, but at the moment I have Dahl, Gunston, Caddy


Caddy is an interesting one – I'm looking forward to seeing how he'll be used!


I'm only going with 2 $500K premos at the moment – Dahlhaus and Macrae.

There's a lot of uncertainty with key forwards and I'm not sure anyone can be certain who the top 6 forwards will be by the end of the year. I'll wait for them to reveal themselves…

That being said – keeping my eye on Nick Riewoldt, Toby Greene, Buddy and Tom Lynch during the preseason.


Yeah I'm currently tossing up between Gunston, Lynch and Greene. Leon Cameron said that Greene would see more midfield minutes this season thanks to the recruitment of Brett Deledio


Reckon he needs an injury or two to get in there, Damien. GWS have so many options it's ridiculous!

Jib JIb

Greene was so inconsistent last year, I couldn't deal with him. I don't think I can put myself through it again.


He actually had a surprisingly good year – I had him all season. The frustration came when he'd pump out scores of 50 during close league matches. I agree with Kev – hard to say how much midfield time he might get. He might be one I leave it but could be an option later in the season.

Mallee Boy

Great thread this in what's proving to be a tough line.
I'm looking at 2 $500k promos – N. Riewoldt & Dahl, then Roughie, Elliott, then 4 rookies.
I've loaded up the mids with Danger, Kennedy, Treloar, Fyfe, T. Mitchell, Heppell, Pow-Pepp, Myers, 3 rookies.
R2 – Ryder with Strnadica as a Fwd rookie swing-man with a $102k ruck bench as loop-hole.
Any thoughts?


What's your defence structure like?

Mallee Boy

Shaw, Adams, Hurley, Murphy & 4 rookies.


FWD: L. Dahlhouse, J. Macrae, J. Roughead, J. McCluggage, A. Black, B. Eddy (B. Long, T. Smith)

Can't choose between Macrae and Caddy and had Bennell but downgraded him so I could upgrade Sandy.
Is 3 on field rookies too much?
Dahlhouse and Roughead to me seem like obvious must haves.


I read on the aFL website this morning that Goldy hurt his ankle just after Christmas and has been training away from the main group. They are hoping he will be ok for round 1….,.

Jib JIb

This plus the Daw factor concerns me.


i started the pre season with Goldy and Sandi. Now have Gawn and Grundy.

Jib JIb

I currently have Gawn and Hickey. Left field option, what do you think of Maric for R2? Is he over his injuries from last year? I'm struggling to find any info on him.


Dahl, Lynch, Roughy, Heeney, Bennell, Bowes


The Saltshakers are shaping up

DEF: Shaw, Adams, Hodge, Murphy, Berry, Vickers-Willis (Johnson, Ryan).

MID: Danger, Ablett, Hannerbry, Rockliff, Fyfe, Beams, D.Swallow, Powell-Pepper, (Wigg, Myers, Freeman)

RUCK: Martin, Sandilands (Strnadica)

FWD: McCrae, Ryder, Bennell, Roughead, McCarthy, Black (Pickett, Jarman)

Might take out Swallow and upgrade Beams to Titch?
Or take out Beams and Swallow and put in 2 rookies, upgrade McCartney to Dahl, Bennell to Riewoldt or upgrade Martin to Gawn and Bennell to Dahl


*mcarthy not mccartney


Think Sandi might have a calf injury unfortunately.


injury prone midfield i'd start again


Do I trade out Mccrae or lynch?


To bring in who?


I'll bring in heeny and the spare cash into another premo mid


I'd expect a similar output for the season in terms of total points and average. I'd go with Macrae, I think he'll be a bit more consistent. Lynch can go big, but can also throw in low scores.


I told my grmehaotdnr how you helped. She said, “bake them a cake!”


so this is a work in progress but the cash it's freed up and the way I've been telling myself how good an idea it is it almost feels like it's melting the fwd half with how hot it is… well maybe not…..perhaps a light simmer on a 40+ day… and it's way open to plenty of criticism…

fwd line. S. Lycett ruc/fwd P.Ryder ruc/fwd I Heeney J. Roughead H. Bennell?? check pre T. Boyd?? check pre
bench. T. Smith and B. Eddy

Ruc . Maxy Gawn Balls 100+ easy man A. Sandilands
bench L Strnadica will play if sandi goes down

with the inclusion of the 3rd man up rule i'm betting big and saying rucks to dominate scoreboard this year..
Lycett no.1 at eagles and at only 85 BE and with HA adding approx. 11 points per game he goes close to the magical TON for me
Ryder no.1 at Port and won't be far off that mark either, good leap alot of taps, and 1 or 2 sneaky goals a game, TON MAGIC
Roughead perennial 90 + and with Ceglar out some ruck duties.. at his price to good to refuse and trade later when he gets tired.
Heeney breakout year + more mid time equals worst case BE and best case 22 games of blissful TON MAGIC
Bennell ?? easy 100+ man if fit, watch pre season but if he plays he's a lock, it doesn't happen nothing lost here, still scores 70+ like the rookie you trade him out for
T Boyd for mine as the all important no. 6. another ruc?fwd who is ready for 22 games, has cloke to take the heat off and will do some hitout work, he's ready and at 290 again nothing to lose, . if he get's 80+ a win and better than a 60+ rookie. Has the added pressure of his price tag so can't stop trying to earn it, has to get better just for personal pride amongst teammates if nothing else.


This year I see a big shift in the ruck role back to the way it was before the sub vest. I'm surprised it didn't happen last year, but it was just the first season after the vests were put away.

That change is more teams will go back to having two genuine Rick men who will share the duties.

Prior to the sub rule, most clubs did it. When the sub rule came in it was the extra ruckman who was sacrificed and most teams used a fed/ruck type player. The 3rd man up rule became popular, Blicavs emerged and teams adapted.

Very few clubs stuck with the two Rick men, hawthorn was one and they won 3 flags doing it, oh well.

Prior to sub vest days, supercoachers looked for the few Lone Wolf ruckman. There was Goldy, Maric, Sandi and Sauce Jacobs and the Lone Wolfs.

the hits to advantage and the deliberate out of bounds changed the landscape last year as well, so we couldn't really judge the effect of the abolishing of the sub rule had.

I think the no 3rd man up rule will significantly change the scoring of the ruck men and I can't wait to read the magazine, however clubs evolve to counter these things and it might be the death of the Lone Wolf Ruckman, back to the days of two more nimble ruckman running the lone wolf ragged.

Just my thoughts….


I think this is a viable strategy for teams with weaker primary rucks. For those with strong primary rucks, they will be laughing with glee at the rule change and I would doubt them to go into R1 with such a strategy. They might adapt part way through the season though, if the Wolf Pack is able to outlast their Lone Wolf.


Is koby Stevens a good selection in my forward line given his switch to the saints?


What do u guys think of my team…… and possible improvements:
Def: Docherty, Shaw, Laird, Johannisen, Hampton, Scharenberg (M.Hibberd,L.Ryan)
Mid: Dangerfield, Sloane, Bontempelli, Fyfe, Beams, Powell-Pepper, Myers, Freeman (J.Pickett, J.Foote, J.Graham)
Rucks: Gawn, Sandilands (L.Strnadica)
Fowards: Dahlhaus, Macrae, Heeney, Roughead, McCluggage, Bowes (M.McCarthy, B.Eddy)



If there's some faith about bob i'd get him in the backs to save some cash. Flog off doch.
Beams or murphy…Murphy for mine there mate.
Got some spare cash with bob v doch spend up on mcluggage or bowes and get a decent but up to you chief…
T smith as a rookie up fwd looks good
Cunico isn't bad as a rookoe mos either..


With respect, Best Coast and Wavves are very very bad. Please no more. They are a joke. Everyone knows this. Please lets welcome progress and lose these ones. We can do better than this “lo fi blink 184#8&223; shlock.