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Jock Reynolds SuperCoach Magazine 2017

We are absolutely GAGGING to hear your feedback.

Once you’ve digested things we’d love it if you could let us know your favourite article, and what your thoughts are in the comments below.

Which article challenged the structural integrity of your trouser front the most?

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* NOTE:  I haven’t included my centrefold in the options above so as not to hog votes

Make sure you tweet or facebook us with a photo once you and your magazine are united in SuperCoach arousal!


Look forward to your feedback!

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Might have to order a 2nd magazine, didn't adequately reinforce my trousers and got all the pages stuck together. Next batch need a warning label I say


Might be safer to go with the sheep skin Jock, don't want to put people with latex allergies at a disadvantage

Jib JIb

Quite possibly the most significant document since the drafting of the SuperCoach Rules themselves, and THAT centrefold!


Is there any payment option outside PayPal?


Thanks Jock,
You are a true gentleman!


Hey Jock just wondering if I can purchase a PDF version? Would personally prefer to read it on my iPad. Thanks mate,


Ok thanks Jock.


I love the fact that you have taken the centerfold out of the equation to avoid hogging votes.
You do have some lovely ladies on this site but I doubt very much that there would be too much hogging going on.


The workforce better hope that Aust Post don't do an early Monday morning delivery else the good old sickle may just set a new record.
New guineas book.of records:
Sick days taken on one day
Reason: Jock Reynolds fantasy football magazine!


Was patiently waiting for PDF version, could not wait any longer. The hype, the excitement all got too much. Purchased. Thanks Jock!!


Glad it's being enjoyed people! RUCKS ARE GONNA BE CRUCIAL THIS YEAR! Trade hard or go home.



Gawn/Sandi/Witts – thoughts from the Man behind the Manoeuvre of Bruyn??


Monitor Sandi but if he plays a JLT he's a lock. Named Rd 1 strong consider. Witts at R3 definately worth considering, not yet convinced on that one tho


It's here!!! Like a little boy on Xmas morning again!!


YES, She has just arrived and I can't wait to get into her, The Rucking article first.
I will refrain from looking at the centerfold until I have at least read one article.

My Postie is a top bloke and he put her on the porch for me. (He realized the importance of this magazine)


Woo hoo, must apolagise to AusPost for dissing them in another thread (predicted I wouldn't see my bible til round 4).
Can cracked and about to get into it can't wait.


Awesome just bloody awesome mag blokes. Should all be very proud of yourselves with this effort. Can't wait to take this to work and slack of all day reading it.


That centrefold is a dead set screamer!. Has anybody read Jock's article: Supercoach League WAR? I'll be using The Retirement Strategy and A Timely Death for sure!! Too funny and brilliant.

Superb stuff.


Made it to page 13 before I cracked and checked out the foxy cf.


Mines arrived 🙂

Now for the wife to post to me herein the UK 🙁

Andrew G

Big Effort for this new majestic SC Bible fellas. Got mine yesterday and can't put it down. A must read for every serious supercoacher!! Many thanks to everyone who contributed!

Johnny Bee

Got mine yesterday on a day off from work and read and re-read every article it is simply brilliant. The cognitive bias section was a major wake up call for me. In fact me and the missus enjoyed it on an equal measure. The centrefold spread got her in the mood! Thanks Jock.


Got mine last night – Bang, bang, chop, chop – simply sensational.
Huge effort by all – no stone left unturned.
Nice scarf jock.
However In the mag "the Chad" priced at $117,300 – LOCK!! 🙂
I think there maybe as couple of pricing blues on a couple of the players.
But a fantastic read, in depth analysis outstanding.
Seems unfair to anyone who doesn't own a copy!!


Hi Jock, I live in an outer suburb of Perth, just got the mag. BLOODY FANTASTIC. The wife is not happy, there goes a day of gardening. It looks great. Looking forward to analysing everything.


Can't talk, busy reading.


WORTH THE WAIT . Arrived this afternoon a little wet around the edges but thats because the bloody postie has ripped the packaging to take a look himself. So naturally I used the very $$$$$$ hair dryer left out by the cheese n kisses to dry off the mag…. apparently not what its meant for. It looks fantastic and massive thanks to all that put their blood sweat and beers into this masterpiece.


Mine arrived yesterday. Wow. The SuperCoach knowledge contained within is, well, simply put highly enlightening. Truth be told, in previous SuperCoach seasons I've started well and traded badly. And then I read Trading your way to success. Tears streamed from my eyes as my mistakes were laid bare (a bit like the arosing centrefold) and golden trading nuggets provided. Thanks for the art of work that is your magazine. Love your podcast and in the community I feel amongst friends. Will be taking my SuperCoach team to the next level!


Englishman, There are certainly a lot of golden nuggets in the magazine,
The Community is always friendly and there are so many people that are willing to give options and assistance to all, Yes even though we do not know each other personally we do have one Love in SuperCoach. Every one of us become friends.
I hope you also got my "Ultimate Spreadsheet Workbook" Absolutely FREE to compliment the Magazine.


Couldn't put it down read it cover to cover very arousing stuff. Bring on the JLT.

Gold Rush

Just ordered my mag lads, busy bloody moving house, what a pain in the arse that is – at least things are now getting back to normal.


Slipped my mind to leave some feedback, Jock. A bloody awesome read, found it hard to just vote for only the one article I liked best. It will stay safely next to the computer all year.

As for iconic centrefold ideas for 2018. Early nomination for Higgo and his jacket, or a recreatation of Nirvana's album cover art from 1991


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