Sam Docherty Supercoach 2017

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Sam Docherty SuperCoach 2017



What is up Doc? What happened in 2016 to go from an average of 88 (which is pretty good for a defender) to increase that by a massive 20 points to an average of 108 (this is outstanding for a defender) to become the number 1 ranked SuperCoach defender by year end?

Or to quote bugs “hey bub, what’s all the hubbub?”

We expected this from Shaw but no one could see this one coming maybe it was simply “don’t take life too seriously you’ll never get out alive”. But there was more to it than that.

Clearly it wasn’t one thing but a number of factors that turned Doc in a SuperCoach gun but once all the ducks lined up in a row its “wabbit season, no it is duck season bang, bang, bang, bang”.

Doc was one of the infamous mummy boys go home 5 traded from Brisbane at the end of 2013. While others headed to West Coast, Port, the Pies and Saints, Doc rather than “taking a left turn at Albuquerque” made a vline for princess park and became a Blue. However at the time of his arrival the blues had a running defender called Yaz and the stalwart in Simmo who drove the ball out of the backline so he was asked to play an accountable role in the back pocket or sometimes forward. At the end of 2014 Yaz was traded to the Tiges creating a running half back role for Doc. Bang duck 1.


Despite now having a role that suited him at the start of 2015 the coach at the time was Mick Shitehouse who employed a game plan from the 1980’s where you would chip the ball around and only use the wings to bomb it into the fwd line. Doc wanted to run but was hamstrung by this plan? and would have loved to tear out of the backline dashing up the guts but this was strictly forbidden by the coach. The middle was sacred ground only to be used by the hawks, cats and swans. So Doc was good not great. The coach was sacked during 2015 with John Barker becoming the interim coach. Although he tried to change things you can only do so much during a season. Bang duck 2.

Brendan Bolton appointed as Carlton coach. Bang duck 3. Bolts came off the Clarko coach production line. He put his stamp on the club straight away bringing in his own support staff and a new game plan which was pretty simple really. You are accountable, work hard, don’t shirk the contest when it is your time to go you go, chase tackle and harass when you don’t have the ball, have fun but beyond all – back yourself. Doc did just that.

Bolts and the blues then addressed the list with the big one being recruitment. SOS was welcomed back with open arms and was appointed chief recruiter. Setting up a spine was his number one priority especially defence. Bang duck 4. Now Doc had some help with Weita and Plowman now holding down key posts. They can take a contested grab and then feed it out to Doc either by hand or foot to let him do his thing. And boy how he loved that and his thing was exceptional.


2017 Price:    $592K SC
2017 Position:    DEF
Games last season:    22
Average last season:    108
100+ games last season:    16
Sub 80 games last season:    1 (76 in rd2)
Price range last season:    $473K – $585K
Significant facts: 
  • Blues B&F winner 2016
  • #1 ranked defender 2016
  • #10 ranked SC point scorer 2016
  • 1st round draft pick (# 12, 2011 National Draft


The Doc is in the house!

Check out these numbers:


  • 10th best overall SC point scorer in the competition which included 16 tons and two games over 140 delivering all season


  • 26 possessions and 8 marks per game
  • 3rd rebound 50 – average 5.4 per game
  • Every game Doc played last year had more kicks than handball usually 2 to 1 or better
  • Was on the ground at least for 80% every game with an average game time of 90%.
  • Number 14 ranked player for disposal efficiency (3rd best defender)
  • 9th for kicks per game
  • 3rd in total marks and marks per game



Nearly $600k for a defender is unheard of and a truck load of cash to splash on a player.

Some people are of the opinion that you don’t pay over $500k for a defender. Let me counter this with class is class and you get what you pay for. Doc was the 10th highest point scorer for the 2016 season including midfield!

To put that into perspective that is more points than JPK, the Bont, Dusty, Priddus, Sloane and Goldy just to name a few. Enough said.

The Tuohy Factor or rather the lack of Tuohy factor.

Zac Tuohy was used by the blues as a bit of a lock down player to help Doc and Simmo to play the running defender role. With Tuohy gone will Doc or Simmo be asked to lock down in defence therefore limiting and reducing their scoring power? Maybe but the blues did trade a 1st round pick for a kid called Marchbank who should play early and also got a bonus in the interceptor in Macreadie. Surely one of them gets a gig early and still allows the lads to run the ball out of defence. I don’t think Bolts will ask either of them to change their role as they are the best one/two combo in the AFL. Shaw and Williams may challenge for the title this year but they are the current title holders. Supercoach has recognised this and priced them accordingly in 2017.


Will teams start to lock down on Simmo and Doc in 2017? Maybe but pretty unlikely. At stages last year this tactic was employed but with limited success as if you tag one the other gets off the chain. The Blues also have a guy called Cripps who opposition coaches are sure to put more time into. Doc has proved in the past he can handle the tag using his footy smarts, he is no D Rich who goes missing if you man up on him in defense.  And besides it is the Blues. They may be sharp out of defence but they will not hurt you at the other end on the score board. This is still a work in progress.


My research has uncovered that Doc does infact suffer from a rare immune defect which he controls with medication. As long as Doc takes his meds he is fine but when he doesn’t he starts to see things. “Run for the hills folks or you’ll be up to your armpits in Martians”.


Surely after reading the above you realise he is a keeper all season long?

Either to start with or as an early upgrade but get him into your team ASAP.


  • #1 SC defender 2016
  • Loves playing with the freedom under Brendan Bolton
  • #10 SC point scorer in 2016
  • One of the best intercept markers in the competition and has the ability to hit seemingly difficult targets off half back with pinpoint accuracy
  • Player every game last year. Very durable.
  • Fantastic disposal efficiency


  • Costly for defender
  • May be tagged more heavily
  • What impact will the loss of Zac Tuohy have on his output
  • Can he keep it up?


Lock now or ASAP depending on $$.

But don’t miss out on all those points for the sake of a few extra $$.

Reality is we have a new defensive supercoach king who missed the ton on only 6 occasions with a high kick to handball ratio, who gets plenty of the ball, can mark and is super-efficient by foot. You are either going to start him and forget about him or hope he drops in price which he will as every player does, and grab him when you feel the timing is right. But sooner or later he needs to be in your team else “you are ‘mud’ and remember mud spelt backwards is ‘dum’”.

This is the final article in our pre-season community write-ups. From all the authors we hope you enjoyed reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them. And remember “if we can make one person smile, or pee their pants a little, then our day was not wasted!”

Err Yibbida, Yibbida


Roll Community Series credits:


Jock Reynolds Coach KingsThis article has been penned as part of the Jock Reynolds Community Series, where anyone from within our proud community can have their say in front of their peers. These men and women have displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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He has been in and out of my side almost every day.

In the end it will depend on the rookies, if there are a lot of good defensive ones then he will be an upgrade target.


Locked and loaded.
Thoughts on Shaw and Laird as D2 and 3 VS Laird and Williams as D2 and 3?


Shaw and Laird, Eric. Shaw is Shaw, massive ceiling and has proven he can go on high scoring runs. Laird training with the midfield group, becoming very hard to leave out


Shaw only averaged 89 in the second half of last year, due to Williams' increased role. I'd steer clear of Heater to start with.


Williams only averaged 76 himself in the second half of the year, Baps. Shaw was tagged 3 times and couldn't handle it.

I N Pieman

Fantastic article Trigger. I have 2 issues here. His bye presents an issue for my team. But most importantly he's at price that he's never been at before. That tells me one thing. He's coming down. No doubt about it & that's when I'll pick him off. Kudos again on a great pitch


Yes I may have to leave him out due to bye considerations and his lofty pricing too. That's one slight advantage a Taylor Adams has with his Rd13 bye.

Not many top 8 defender candidates have a Rd12 bye other than Rance and maybe Houli.

Nick Wealands

Great stuff Trigger, I'll be happy to lock and load him for round 1, he's a bloody gun who'll average over 100 this season so he's a no brainer, locked away early


Locked him in Trigger. He was fantastic last year. Might not hit the same heights but won't be far off.

Great wrap up of writeups too. You've put in a brilliant preseason, Trig!


I've got him in but I've been wavering since I reckon his price will drop. Just looked at Carlton's fixture: Rich, Melb, Ess, GC, Port… you might be waiting a little bit for his price to drop by then… has got a tough few weeks before his bye tho.


Does he score better against bottom sides?


Def- Laird, JJ, Houli,Hibberd, Mcgrath, Berry (Collins,Ryan)
Mid- Danger, Treloar,Bont, hepell,beams,swallow,Powell-pepper, Myers(Freeman,Witherden,Bolton)
Ruc- Gawn,Grundy(Cameron)
Fwd-MAcrae,Smith,Heeney,Rioli, Mccluggage,Bowes(pickdtt,Lamb)
Whats your thoughts got 140k left in the bank


Will his price go down? Docherty's last years ave against his first 10 opponents this year was 113.8
Richmond 118
Melbourne 110
Bombers 76 and 102 both tagged
Gold Coast 116
Port 147
Swans 112
Pies 120 and 87
Saints 141 and 104
Freo 87
Hoppers 135


I have been in the buy him later camp. But the doubts over McGrath and Scharenburg have pushed me from a 3-0-5 Defence to a 4-0-4. When really the best D4 I could find was Pittard, I feel like I have to take him now. Especially on the back of these numbers. Forces me from JPK to Selwood to even up the bye structure but overall feels like the right thing


Hello Please rate my team looking to really get up into top 100 territory been floating around 10/20 thousand mark,

S Docherty H Shaw R Laird
A Mcgrath M Sharenberg E Vickers willis bench L Ryan T Stewart

Danger BONT Coniglio FYFE T Mitchell D Beam SPP d Myers Bench J beryy J Picket J Graham

M Gawnstein bench L Strndac

Dahl T Lynch i Heeney

H Mc luggage B LONG Willioli Bench Eddy, mc Kay


Thoughts on Keefe?


He's probably in the Pies best 22 although some may have their doubts. So it will likely come down to role and the availability of other cheaper defensive rookies on how many coaches select him, assuming he plays Rd1 himself.

He's certainly capable of producing 60-70ppg which would see him appreciate by $150-200K so should be on everyone's watch list at the very least.

Pacca Jnr

Hi community – first year putting a team in (with Dads help) and keen to find out if I am crazy or not with this one, mid structure a bit left of centre. Going deep as I feel like points to be had while cash to be made at the same time in players like Scooter and Sheed – silly? Also tried to stick to choosing guns who are reliable and don't score poorly often (no Toby roller coaster like dad had last year)

DEF: Simpson, Adams, Laird, McGrath, Keefe, Berry (Collins/Ryan)
MID: Danger, Pendles, Hanners, Sloane, Fyfe, Scooter, Swallow, Sheed (SPP/ Myers/ Pickett)
RUCK: Gawn, Giles
FWD: Macrae, Ryder, Bennell, Roughie, Bowes, Bolton (Rioli/Eddy)

All advice well received 🙂


Not bad, mate, Woosha said in an interview today McGrath not being "overloaded" in his first season. Methinks he will get rested a lot. Not ideal at his price. Unlikely he'll earn enough cash to be a good pick. Berry had surgery on his knee and is out 4-6 weeks of preseason.

Like the deep mids. Sheed is ballsy. Have a look at Bowes from GC in preseason games. He'll get a shot early and is a better option for more.

Giles… Well, the risk has gotta be somewhere I guess. I assume your R3 is Str-what'shisname for coverage with Ryder. Bennell will find his way into a lot of sides if he tears up preseason


Would anyone agree with a 2-2-4 defence this year as there a lot of interesting mid pricers!! Hartlett, hodge, jibber, Murphy etc. I was thinking of starting the year with hodge and Hartlett and if they aren't performing to look to jump on a fallen premium (as I am sure there will be plenty). Also hodge and Hartlett have proven them selves to finish with decent averages


Under 500k I'd rather Lloyd or ZacW. Mills training with the midfield group is a positive

Jib JIb

Not personally a fan of the 2-2-4 Graham but only because I'm going guns and rooks this year. I agree though there are plenty of good mid pricers across all lines if you want to take the punt on them this year.


Meant to be hibberb


Great write up mate, and what a sensational series of write ups from everyone involved.

The Old fart is going to say something on this subject of Doc.
He has increased his average by 21 points in a single season, now he maybe classed as an absolute gun. (One season I get horrid thoughts of last year)
That is a hell of an increase in one season and how much can he improve his score from last year?

I am steering well clear because I believe his score will reduce enough based on his Points per Dollar value.
He may well be a certain upgrade but according to my figures which you may see soon he is priced to lift his average again by another 6 Points. He is priced to average 115.1 Last years average was 108.7. (On the plus side he did play 22 games)
I can't see that and feel he is too expensive to start with and will be cheaper after a few rounds when it is time for 1 of the first upgrades.

I did take my medication today too, Please feel free to debate.


Any love for Gibson or Rampe?


Please don't pick Gibbo, just don't, had him last year, no.


Hi community where can I find the points given to a player for each effective handball, kick and also the advanced stats such as1%ers and all of those


Hey Jordan. If you Google "supercoach scoring system" you'll find how it all breaks down.

For advanced stats I use footywire. Search for a player and you can toggle between the basic and advanced stats


No room for him at that price, thinking he will come back to the pack a bit but still be top 3 defender at seasons end, upgrade target for me.
Nice work from Trigger and the boys for all write ups during the preseason Great stuff by all….Cheers…


I'd like to add my appreciation to the crew for all these write ups. Loved all of them. Thanks again for your time and effort.

neil demons delight

great write up Trig deleted doc and shaw for Kelly and Williams with a view to pick both up r6. Both Kelly/Williams may well be def keepers.This enables me to pick up lynch for swallow probably another keeper thanks again trig


Happy New Year Community hope all are well. This is one year I am certain huge priced defenders wont matter when you have Hurley returning and Hibberd now playing for Melbourne, I love these two plays and believe they will Average you 95+
I also like Bob Murphy however my only concern is his age and coming back from a ACL, due to his massive price drop, if he was 4 years younger he would be a definite LOCK for me irrespective of his averages in the past.

Here is my current side community.

DEF: Simpson, Hurley, Hibberd, Scharenberg, Hibberd, Newman (Ryan, Stewart)
MID: Danger, Pendles, Sloane, BONT, Fyfe, Caddy Powel-Pepper, Myers (Drew, Graham, Ronke)
RUCK: Gawn, Goldy (Strnadica)
FWD: Dahlhaus, Franklin, Gunston, Roughead, Bolton, Cameron (Lyons, Eddy)

Any feed back regardless if its Negative or Positive is welcome.