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SuperCoach 2017 DefenceEvery Premiership team needs a rock solid back half.

It’s no different in SuperCoach folks.

Our team-by-team podcast series has finished up – and we’ll be unpacking the SuperCoach 2017 backline in this week’s podcast.

Gaggin to discuss the results of the polls below on Tuesday’s show.

For those just starting to get stuck into the preseason here’s some stuff that’ll help you get cracking;

92 PLAYERS ANALYSED: The Community Series

ROOKIE WATCH: Cheat Sheet v1.0

STATS HEAVEN: Old Ocker’s Ultimate Supercoach Stats Spreadsheet

#1 REFERENCE FOR THE SC ELITE: 2017 Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Magazine

OK – which way are you leaning with your backline?

How many $500K+ DEFENDERS are in your lineup?

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Which $500K+ DEFENDERS are in your current lineup?

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What are your DEF structure thoughts this season?


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I don't understand why people are hesitant to start with Kade Simpson every year. He is ultra consistent averaging over 90 for the past 8 years, ultra durable and even averaged a 106 last year with Brendan Bolton. He will definitely be in the top 7 defenders if not top 5. Teams will most likely start to nullify some of Dochertys games which will allow kade simpson to run free. Hes a bit pricy at just under 580k but he has to be a lock.


Fair point …. doch is such a good user of the pill though he only needs around 15 touches to ton up generally ! I may start both


I have Simpson in my starting backline over Docherty and Shaw but really don't know which of these three blokes is best to start with… Is Simpson's age going to put him on the decline compared to Docherty who's yet to approach his prime?


Simpson's best days are behind him. Docherty's best days are still to come. I know who i want.


Plenty of folks were telling me the exact same thing a year ago but Simmo ended up being one of my best starting picks and semi PODs. He's a timeless wonder.

Having said all that I'll probably be starting Doch this season instead like you.


Thank you there was an article on the afl website today that Zac Williams is the leagues most underrated player yes he is underrated but not to the extreme Kade Simpson is!


Started with him last year afte doing a bit of research! First defender picked this year! Lock him in!


Currently have Docherty and Shaw D1 & D2 (mainly as place markers) and the more I think about it the more I worry that both will cop a high level of attention this season. Simpson is also highly efficient with the pill and is at least cheaper than Doc. Also what happens with Tuohy and Marchbank in the team? Do roles change throughout the Blues backline?


Tuohy isn't in team


Because if you overpay for every player, you will fall way behind. He will be available much cheaper, and is not a captain option. There is no rush.

PS I think he was a lock last season, due to being slightly under price
PPS He is like 85 yo so not without risk there

Tim Smith

Rory laird or JJ? who's the better option? please discuss!


id go JJ. rory laird was sneaky injury prone last year. i think JJ is unders on price, was very slow to regain form after the hamstring injury. same goes for laird i guess, the more i type the more even the see haha. id say youd be safe either one, cant see more than a 2 point average difference between the two come years end


Like both men but Laird seems an absolute, ridgy didge lock this year. He was the second guy I picked.


I think Laird looks like he belongs in the midfield, he will get some time there this year.


Toss of the coin for me both are ball magnets, I can't decide out of the two




Laird by a mile, JJ injuries much more likely to recur.


Anyone one of you guys considering Tom McDonald? I think he could be a great POD this year after watching his last half of the season last year and with the improvements of the Melbourne squad, thoughts community?


Yeah he's my D3 at the moment.


Current d3 but depending on mids could go to d4


No key forwards or defenders…ever !!


what about Roughie?


I like him I haven't got him in my team now but I reckon he might work his way into my team soon


Lek convinced me to lock him in at D3 – for now. Not sure how long he'll stay there but he looks underpriced. Not sure if he's top 8 though, which is my main concern.

Jib Jib

He's been in and out of my side so far. Picked him up around the byes last year and he dominated, but he runs hot and cold. I'm going to watch his pre-season form before deciding. He also needs to convince me that he deserves as spot ahead of JJ or Laird, which is a tough ask.


Solid pick, just have to limit how many 95+ guys you take when there are quite a few capable of 100+ this year.


rance and thurlow
or williams and bob murbhy


Rance and Thurlow.


i love williams but i think bob murphy is a trap. probably rance and thurlow from those options, but dont see thurlow as a keeper, should make a decent amount of coin though


Range and thurlow like Williams but unsure on bob


Funny isn't it?
Last year there was a huge debate over whether you spend over $500k on a defender in your starting squad.
Off memory i think shaw, Boyd and maybe 1-2 others were over $520k.
Now due to an increase in $ per points you have to spend over $500k on at least 1 premo.

I see zero doesn't even rate in the poll.

I'm starting 3. Plenty of good Def rooks who hopefully will get a gig Rd 1.


I have Williams and Lloyd and expect then to be keepers.


I've looked and looked but it seems Port Adelaide and Gold Coast don't have byes this year???

Treloar & Order

hahahha round 9


In round 9 they have bye because they are playing in china

Matthew English

Can I have everyones opinion on my current lineup please and if there is any improvements I could make

DEF: Docherty, Laird, Adams, Williams, Rampe, McGrath. (Stewart, Ryan)
MID: Dangerfield, Pendlebury, JPK, Treloar, Coniglio, Brodie, Gallucci, SPP (Myers, Gore, Graham)
RUC: Gawn, Sandilands. (English)
FWD: Dahlhaus, Macrae, McCluggage, Bowes, Picket, W. Rioli (Smith, Eddy)


Too much money if DEF which is leaving you very weak up FWD.

Turn one of the first 5 DEFs to a cheaper player and get another $450k+ FWD.

The Stiv

I think having that many high priced rookies is a mistake. Every year there are great scoring rookies under $130K.


Very Poor team


Mathew I don't mind your team at all. You have 13 potential keepers plus Sandi who if he stays fit will welcome the 3rd man up rule. Like everyone you will have 30 trades to find another 9 premiums. Between forwards and defenders you have 7, 5 down back. So what? In previous years there were more must have forwards because they were actually mids. Most of these have been culled for this season, but you have potentially 2, Dal and McRae. I do not see the problem trading more into forwards than backs. As for all of us, when the must have rookies become apparent you may need to change your team.

Shake n bake

Im starting with Doch & Shaw with Adams & JJ to be my 3rd def. So starting with 3 prem the rest will be rookie priced. Thinking their is a few good rookie priced def options this yr.


I've gone for a heavy mid ATM with 6 500+ Heppell the cheapest
And have 3 potential keepers in defence, Adams pittard and McDonald
Then a mid pricer in Kk
Anyone with any thought ms in that setup
I also have 3 500+ gws and Heeney in the fwd line


Fwds and heeney that is


Same structure mate! It's the way to go. Lock it in.


Doch, Simmo, Shaw + rookies. Not buggering around with def this year


Very safe and good options


I think a lot of coaches will pony up the cash for set and forget defenders at least through to D3 in 2017.

We will probably as a generalisation take a few more risks in the forward line this season with one or two of the likes of Roughie, Bennell, Wingard, Heeney, Steele, Ryder etc.


I'm thinking Rance Laird Burgoyne with the 3 you mentioned Kev as my upgrades, surely they'll drop? Looks bloody good having them to start though.


Locked Laird in right from the get go. Absolutely keen on this bloke this year, and with Scotty T heading to the back flank he'll likely push up to the wing.

The other 500k defender is troubling me – has been Montagna, Kelly, Burgoyne and Boyd in the space of two days. If I can find the cash it might be Simpson. Looks like there might be enough rookies in the back half this year for us to go lighter down there and stack the midfield.


Totally agree…waiting to see which def rookies come through which leaves me starting with 6 uber prem mids..set and forget. Scharenberg could even end up a keeper.


I'm not a fan of the older defenders, Simpson I like but I would rather doch and I can't afford them both.

The Stiv

Interesting that you mention Burgoyne Patch. I think Hawks may struggle a bit in the midfield this year and whenever their midfield is getting a flogging they chuck in Burgoyne. Dominates every time. Not many SC coaches are talking about him.


Tooth length not really a concern more of a consideration for those boys.
And they all have unanswered questions.

What impact will Bob and JJ have on Boyd? Scoring dropped considerablely when all dogs up and going early on. Only do many points to go around.

Silk. What is his role? Will he see more midfield mins now the 1-2 have left the Hawks?

Kelly. How will he be affected by the returning bombers?

Hopefully we get some answers by Rd 1.


Very intrigued about Burgoyne, could be another outstanding POD IF his age hasn't caught up with him.


Silk will be in the guts for the first few weeks until the likes of JOM, Lovell, Stewart, Langford have sorted out who will be the best for the job. Could be in for a good start, but not a keeper, will fall away once he isn't needed anymore.


Got 2 over the 500k mark Adams and Laird with 2 around the 480 mark backing them up plus the 2 on field rookies so going a little heavy down back this year.
The main problem i have ATM is trouble with the rnd 13 bye, looking for ways around it but not liking the players around the same price guess ill just keep flicking players in and out till i find the right mix…


Doch, Shaw, Rance, McGrath, Scharenberg, Stewart (Ryan, Long)
Bit thin?


Hope not cos I've got Doch, Laird and KK as my top three…just don't see any other defenders that I like.


No that looks fine to me Tommo.

Some coaches may go an extra premo down back but until we know the lay of the land in terms of rookies who actually play in Rd1 (rather than appear on some January cheat sheet) it's hard to get too fixated about structures right now imho.


No very solid defense I really like it


Hey lads
Who should i go for a cash cow up front
Hoskin Elliot or Cam Mc Carthy?

Treloar or Sloan in the guts?


In terms of the $200K club I'd probably go McCluggage for cash cow purposes assuming he plays Rd1. Reckon his game (at least on paper) translates to better Supercoach output potential than those two Giant discards, although let's see how he performs in the JLT first.

Hoskin-Eliott while originally highly touted as the 4th overall pick in the 2011 draft has only averaged over 50pts in one of his 5 seasons and that was back in 2014 and McCarthy only averaged a little over 50 himself in 2015. So you may only net $50-100K out of those guys which is not exactly dazzling cash cow material.

Hopefully some even cheaper forward rookies announce themselves in the JLT and then you can bank the $100K in savings to improve your team elsewhere.

With regards Sloane v Treloar there is no right answer until after the season has concluded. Both are elites of the comp so just pick who you personally like most as I'm sure you'll be very happy with either. Your side will probably change a million times between now and March 23 anyway!


They may not be traditional "Cash Cows" but Bennell and Roughie are $390k and $370k repsectively. Do we honestly think they won't put on $100 each in the first half of the season? In fact, I wouldn't be suprised if at least one of them is a keeper.


I have 4 this year.
Kade Simpson, Heath Shaw, Rory Laird and Bernie Vince. As safe as a church!


I'm not so sure that Vince is a very safe pick but I do like him


What's the fascination with Hibberd?
His upside is about $20k…. Unless he is there as a lock, there are far more options to make some dough to upgrade to a premium.
Zac Williams is a similar price with much more upside imo.
Better off going with the likes of Scharenberg, Andrews, Oxley, Francis, KK, even Rob Murphy.
Spend the extra dosh to upgrade your mids.


The only banned Bomber that may be of interest to some coaches now plays for Port and that's mainly because he has rare FWD/RUCK eligibility.

A year out of the game barely makes the 10% discount worth it for the vast majority of banned Bombers.

Jib Jib

Sorry to be pedantic but what about Meyers, probably the most picked player for 2017


No of course you're right … I forgot about him ha ha.

Was thinking more along the lines of the midpricer or premo priced players but absolutely Myers will be locked in many coaches midfields assuming he lines up for Rd1.


If you remove inj affected games in 2014 he averaged 95. So has gone back to back 95 av's, then had reduced output when the club imploded from asada drama. Certainly worth considering at that price, would be nice to see how he has slotted in to Mel in JLT of course. But lucrative role there in theory as their main run off half back.

Is an easy stepping stone to a more $$ defender if he doesn't work out. Williams is way more expensive, I would compare him to Hartlett, Bob, KK types.


Have a bit of money to spend and just wondering peoples opinions on where I am weakest. Going only 3 def keepers, heavy in the mids and 4 hopefully keeper forwards.

Def- Laird, Adams, Shaw, Sharenberg, rookie, rookie

Mid- Danger, Hanners, Fyfe, Treloar, Priddis, Heppell, Rookie, Rookie

Ruck- Grundy, Sandi

Fwds- Macre, Dahl, Caddy, Roughy, Rookie, Rookie.

175k lef.

Thanks in advance for your ideas.


persoanlly id swap out heppell for a high end premo, can see him and the other banned bombers getting off to a slow start


or maybe even priddis to danger


He has Danger


excuse my concussion effected brain

Dan Vicius

Love Bernie!


Is there some reason these latest polls aren't linking to Jock's home page? Those folks who are merely refreshing the home page may not even know they exist.


Nevermind someone just fixed this. 🙂


They're showing up after refreshing SCA, I'm looking via phone all good.


How's it going hedski? Are you amped for another huge season of SuperCoach?


Yeah good mate, 4 weeks into 5 weeks of holidays so turning it right up, hope to jump in a league with you later on since Gaz most likely won't feature in my line up this year. Cheers

Kimmy d

Why are so many picking Adams from Coll? Dual position? Interesting to note than in 5 seasons of afl the most number of games he has EVER played is 18. So with that info I'm not touching him with a 10 foot pole. I was 21-22 games if I'm spending that much and proven performers. He is injury prone and/or just not good enough to keep his spot in the side at gws and now Coll.


Totally Kimmy. It's little good racking up a 100 average if you only play 15 games or so, at least to Supercoaches.

But if he can play 20 games he will very likely finish a top 8 defender in terms of total points scored. Not currently in my side but keeping an open mind.

Certainly if he has any niggles between now and Rd1 I'll probably look elsewhere like you. But on the flip side if he tears up the JLT and looks in ripping nick it could prove tough to leave him out.


It's exactly the same reason why I am not picking beams or Murphy, at their price I want a keeper, with both their injury histories just cannot trust them. Rocky and Ablett both burnt me last year. Not making that mistake again, Fyfe is going to be my only risk in the midfield. I have no risk in the backline and only roughy in fwd line. Loved patchs article on mid pricers, so true every year some fall apart. Can't wait to say I told u so to all those who pick Murphy and beams etc etc. not sure I'm even going to pick swallow for same reasons. See how he goes pre season though to see if I can fit him in.


Gotta risk it for the biscuit kimmy


Being a pies fan and watching him last year, we were a far better side with him in the guts. We needed his inside grunt to help with clearances. Then again Bucks is coach so he could end up playing in the forward pocket


how much Midfield time will he play? i can't really remember that far back and i didn't notice him that much.


With all the games he misses you're kind of excused for forgetting about him ha ha.

I'll likely start with him in AFL Fantasy where it's not quite as painful to trade him out if things go pear shaped with the 44 trades you get there. He's also an excellent DT scorer. But still in two minds as far as SuperCoach goes.


Exactly, wait and see for me for Adams. How come not many are mentioning Hodge? He played with a broken arm last year but if he is in good nick come round 1 I see him as very good value and can go huge!


Shhhhh mate, my worry with Hodge is that he misses games but that ceiling is so appealing.


Personally it's risk Vs reward, I personally think his game has extreme fantasy relevance, if plays the role he did last season he's a lock for top 6 defender if he stays fit and is released back into the midfield he could be the No1 defender.

Tiger Shai

Is it totally mad having 3 premium defenders (Doc, Shaw (could be Z Williams instead) and Laird) and then having Adams sitting in the Mid at M5 purely for the swing factor?

My set up is currently only lacking a mid-def swing. I have 4 ultra premium and M Murphy at M6, Swallow at M7

Brown Cow

Bring a swinger in later Tiger. Too much value in the mids to use the space on a def / fwd. Do like Adams though. Agree with Pieman that he could be no 1 if his legs hold up.


Depends on rookie availability. If there are not enough in mid and heaps in def, it would be an advantage to start a dpp in the vacant mid slot, and then when you cash out a def rookie you get to bring in a mid premo.


alot of players may have missed this article by Higgo in the "off season"

if you have a moment have a look


I remember reading that Derek, just re hashed it. Very relevant, aggressive trading early and the right rookies early are massive.


it makes me rethink the Guns n rookie strategy a bit.

Swallow, SSelwood, Elliott, as stepping stones instead of the expensive rookies?


I've taken Scooter and Swallow out ATM while I play with my rucks but if they are firing early could see both in and $ saved firm up other lines.
Could play Moustachios team (full premo) if you start thinking to far that way tho, 2 or 3 most maybe?


I've put SSelwood and Swallow in with 5 premos and the structure looks really good. Might keep it.


Me likey Kevan, maybe Gray out cos of that turdly bye..hhmm.

Jib Jib

I don't know if the article really encourages me to start with more mid-pricers as opposed to guns and rookies. From the starting team the only mid pricers he had were JJ, Crouch (arguably Wells). JJ and Crouch were both traded out by rd 5 and only made him about 40k – not a great return. He traded Libba in pre-bubble and traded him out for a $120 profit, ok business but nothing to write home about and hardly a shark move in 2016. Wells was a big success but arguably not a mid pricer given he cost under $250k and again, everyone had him. Kerridge was not a pid price and also a super popular pick. The only mid priced move he did that paid off was his corrective trade from Barlow to Zerrett in rd 2 – which he was only willing to do after having the benefit of seeing how Zerrett had adjusted into the depleted Essendon side. So 1/4 mid priced success, and that was only with a player who was selected as a corrective trade, it doesn't sell me.

What I take away from the article is how aggressively he traded cash cows even when they were still slightly below their peaks. How important it is to nail a solid starting team – especially rookies – so as to minimise the need for corrective trades (he only needed 3) and important it is to ensure that correctives are used on premium players and not rookies. Finally how bloody lucky he got with injuries in the final 5-6 rounds when he was down to 2 only trades.


Yeah so Burgoyne has been swapped for Doch since the poll….smart move? I reckon.
Doch Laird Rance (Stewart)
McGrath Berry Ryan (Hibberd)


Depends how much you rate the decisions of the crowd. They get it right most of the time, but you have to pick the times they didn't…


Had Doch, Simmo and Heater all in at some stage, lots more kerjiggering yet.


There's a few handy DPP's in DEF this year. Any McGrath who i think is a certain starter in defence, will be picked R1 barring injuury. Tay Adams and Jarrod Berry, who you'd think will be given an early run if McCluggage spends more time up forward.

Question is, can a starting Suercoach team afford tyo have a Berry in DEF and a McCluggage in the MID?



Bags fwd


Do i go with Taylor Adams or Leigh Montagna


Community – can anyone tell me how to calculate what the "priced to average ?? points". Thanks


This season the magic number is $5,441 per Supercoach point. So for instance Beams at $432,500 / $5,441 is priced to average 79.5ppg – a long way short of his 113.4 average back in 2015.

However in terms of midseason calculation purposes it's probably closer to $5,000 per point. So for instance a rookie who scores around 70ppg will appreciate to roughly $350K give or take.


For this reason I take hardly anyone who is not unders in some way. If you pay full price you are losing cash.


Thanks very much


i haven't seen one team with B Houli. Is there any love?


Same goes Rich


I guess in this seeming new era of super defenders like Shaw, Doc, Simmo, Boyd and potentially Adams (if he can keep that body together) it's hard to get too excited about spending nearly $500K on Bachar who is far from guaranteed to finish a top 8 defender. Only averaged over 90 twice in his 10 year career.

If you were going that route you may as well go with Bob Murphy for $100K less who produced similar output over the past 5 years.Or maybe Hartlett for $50K less who had consistently scored between 90-100 for five seasons in a row until he fell off a cliff last year. But I think most coaches will spend the extra coin to get those super defenders in to the top line of their defence.

At least Bachar's durability had been very respectable up until last season.


At the moment I think Laird is a lock for my defence, and I'm tossing up between Rance, Simmo, Kade & Doc for the D1 spot. I like Zac Williams as D4 also, think the kid will go to another level this year.

However, in regards to Adams – do people think it's going in too Pies heavy with Adams, Pendles and Treloar? (strongly considering Grundy to partner Gawn in my ruck division also)


Gotta be honest fellas I reckon the defenders are massively overrated this year, Infact I prefer the forwards. Taylor Adams the most popular defender?? What's the most games he has played in 1 year? Is he a walk up starter in his team, or a few bad games away from being dropped? At a similar price I'm comparing him to Dahlhaus as the most popular FWD, and Dahl is so far ahead it isn't funny.
The rest of the premium defenders are either overpriced, too old or unproven..bar Laird who is the only lock. Even the value picks Hurley, Hibberd, Murphy & Hartlett have massive question marks.
Compared to the FWDs, I can pick 4 players straight away before I even get to Roughead, Bennell or rookies and that's without picking Buddy, Lynch and Kennedy who are all guaranteed to average 95+ and durable.

Average Joe

fwds are usually better than defenders, as usually there are a lot more midfielders who get dual position because they drift forward and kick a few goals. Robbie gray, dusty, dahl and swanny just a few midfielders who have been dpp last few years. defenders who run thru the midfield are almost always the most popular defenders as well because 1. There are a lot less of them and 2. a lot of the key position players in defense suck at scoring. But I would say Docherty, shaw, Simpson, Montagna, Rance, Laird and JJ are all good picks down back.

Also, you might want to rethink your last sentence.
buddy hasn't averaged 95+ for the past two years
since 2011 jjk has only averaged over 95 once
lynch never averaged over 95


Pretty much agree, there is lots of cash to be lost by taking many defenders. Looking like lots of rookies may be available to save us tho


I'm not buying into all this Zac Williams hype floating around right now. I realise there was an afl.com.au article the other day pumping up his tyres on how under-rated he was which will no doubt ratchet this hype up even further:


I also understand he improved his average by 20pts over the previous season but so did KK and we know how that sad and sorry tale ended for those talking him up about this time last season. We barely hear KK's name mentioned nowadays.

Also young Zac didn't ton up in his final 10 games of the season including two finals and had a couple of sub 60 games in there too. Has potential burnman written all over him I reckon.

So I'll be keeping my distance at least initially and will only consider upgrading to him post byes assuming he proves me wrong!


Apparently, KK had an abdominal issue for most of last year. Expect him to bounce back this year after posting eight SC tons in 2015. Ranked no.1 at the Suns for metres gained. I didn't have him last year after having him in 2016 (pre -season form a guide). Currently have JJ in my team but am watching pre-season form.


Should read "didn't have have him last year after having him in 2015"


Well I guess if JJ doesn't pan out then next on the list will be II..

..but since there is no II then I suppose HH is next on the alphabetic descending scale in defence priced at an attractive $423,700. 🙂


Very funny.


Tbh if KK looks good in pre-season and GC have found that 3rd tall so KK and play with more freedom back there I'm very tempted to ride the roller coaster again.


Hey guys can someone tell me why there's no love for Caleb Marchbank?
Is he injured?
I would have thought he'd be in more teams with zach touhy gone, he should slot into the Carlton back line and score ok, I would've thought.
Am I missing something obvious?


One thing is for certain, first week the umpires will be tough on the deliberate rushed behind. I'm sure we will be discussing it st some stage.

How do people see this affecting SuperCoach scoring?

There will be less kick ins. Shaw will certainly lose a few points. Mr Kick to myself and play on.

The defenders will be forced to hold the ball in play longer, giving small forwards like Cyril more opportunity.

What do you reckon fellas, thanks fellas.


Thanks wayno!!


Jackson Thurlow was ready to break out last year. Geelong had pretty much done their defensive planning around him being in the side.


I'm keeping an eye on him


G'n'R. Simmo-Shaw-Rance. Dependable and tend to go over 20gm a year. Seems this year will blessed with a good selection of R1 rooks. Taking advantage of that.

May consider Thumper but he's role will need to be clear and his form back to a level that matches his talent. Preseason shall tell.


Who would you choose out of Heaney and Macrae?


is this blake mcauffile




Here is my team. Thoughts on what I could change.

DEF: H.Shaw T.Adams R.Laird L.Keefe M.Scharenberg M.Hibberd (L.Ryan T.Stewart)
MID: P.Danger S.Pendles M.Bont N.Fyfe J.Macrae M.Murphy D.Swallow D.Myers (W.Brodie N.Freeman C.Brown)
RUCK: M.Gawn A.Sandilands (L.Strnadica)
FWD: L.Dahl I.Heeney P.Ryder J.Elliott W.Hoskin-Elliott H.McCluggage (H.Balic B.Eddy)


Get Macrae out of the mids. I'd downgrade Keefe to Newman and then use the cash to upgrade Macrae.


Whos this newman? From Sydney? Hows he gonna get games there to make good cash?
O keeffe will be partnering Moore as key forward so xould get an easy 150-200k out of him


He was close to getting games at the back end of last year. Keefe was useless as a defender so he's not going to be much better as a forward.


If u want to have macrae i would have him in the forword and get a better mid


peoples thought on Hibberd and Carlisle in the backline?


Backs: Docherty, Shaw, Laird, McGrath, Scharenberg, berry, Ryan, Stewart

Midfield: Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Sloane, Bontempelli, Fyfe, Beams, Swallow, SPP, Myers, Freeman, Graham

Rucks: Grundy, Sandilands, Strnadica

Forwards: Dahlhaus, Heeney, Roughead, McCluggage, Ainsworth, Long, Pickett, Eddy

Thoughts? I think the backline and mid are really solid. However the foreword line looks weak, I believe Dahlhaus Heeney and Roughead will be top 10 and at those prices it's gold


I'm not s Beams fan so I would trade Beams and Swallow for a Premium and a rookie


Thoughts and feedback on this team Ive whipped up lads
BACK: H.Shaw, T.Adams, R.Laird, A.Mcgrath, M.Scharenberg, L.Ryan –
MID: P.Dangerfield, S.Pendlebury, J.Kennedy, A.Treloar, R.Sloane, N.Fyfe, S.Powell-pepper, D.Myers
RUCK: M.Gawn, A.Sandilands
FORWARD: L.Dahlhaus, J.Macrae, P.Ryder, W.Hoskin-elliot, J.Pickett, B.Eddy
Obviously any rookie selections are subject to pre-season/whether they will be named round 1. Ive gone very heavy in the Mid, all are proven guns, Pendles i am a bit unsure of Bucks was trying some interesting stuff with him last year, upfoward etc But he is an absolute star and being a pies man i start him every year regardless of his price so will find it hard to give him the flick. Foward line is straight up garbage this year.. found it hard to justify any big spending up there… if anything thinking of flicking pendles to swallow and looking at a premo backman or the likes of roughy or heeny depending on how they are looking in the nab


Thoughts and feedback on this team Ive whipped up lads
BACK: H.Shaw, T.Adams, R.Laird, A.Mcgrath, M.Scharenberg, L.Ryan –
MID: P.Dangerfield, S.Pendlebury, J.Kennedy, A.Treloar, R.Sloane, N.Fyfe, S.Powell-pepper, D.Myers
RUCK: M.Gawn, A.Sandilands
FORWARD: L.Dahlhaus, J.Macrae, P.Ryder, W.Hoskin-elliot, J.Pickett, B.Eddy
Obviously any rookie selections are subject to pre-season/whether they will be named round 1. Ive gone very heavy in the Mid, all are proven guns, Pendles i am a bit unsure of Bucks was trying some interesting stuff with him last year, upfoward etc But he is an absolute star and being a pies man i start him every year regardless of his price so will find it hard to give him the flick. Foward line is straight up garbage this year.. found it hard to justify any big spending up there… if anything thinking of flicking pendles to swallow and looking at a premo backman or the likes of roughy or heeny depending on how they are looking in the nab


50k left over also

Big fact hunt

Sandy has broken down that will change some sides


3 def doc rnd 11 bye rance rnd 12 bye shaw rnd 13 bye


Marchbank or R Murphy?