NRL Supercoach 2017: Manly Sea Eagles

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NRL Supercoach Fantasy CowboyThe Manly Sea Eagles won just eight games in 2016 and ended the season in thirteenth position.

Blake Green is the only significant signing that could boost their chances to finish higher on the regular season ladder.

From a SuperCoach perspective there are a handful of likely candidates that could benefit our team in some shape or form. We just need to be careful how we utilize them.

Let’s take a look at how the Sea Eagles could line up in 2017.


SuperCoach 2017 Manly Sea Eagles

  1. Tom Trbojevic ($437.4k) looks to have made the fullback position his own after taking over from Brett Stewart last season. He’s every SuperCoaches dream – a dual position CTW with an extremely high ceiling that will score above 40 points on most occasions. You’ll find that a lot of coaches won’t mind forking out the big bucks for Tommy Turbo due to Manly’s attractive opening draw. Be prepared for some distressing moments if you decide to give him a miss.
  2. Akuila Uate ($172.5k) will play his debut season at the Sea Eagles after playing nine seasons for the Newcastle Knights. He should appear in a large number of starting teams because he’s almost guaranteed to make a decent amount of coin at some point. Be wary though! This is a guy who is more than capable of scoring single figure scores and he’s playing for a side that isn’t known for piling on the points. I’d recommend throwing him into your starting 25 but be prepared to use him as a NPR from time to time, especially when they’re on the road.
  3. Dylan Walker ($303.4k) could be a nice point of difference considering his scoring potential is a lot higher than what his starting price recommends. Let’s be honest, he’s a very inconsistent player so you’re almost guaranteed a roller coaster of scores. I can’t see his price getting much lower though; Manly’s most favourable run seems to be at the start of the season.
  4. Johnathan Wright ($231.7k) has joined the Manly Sea Eagles after playing two seasons with the New Zealand Warriors. I’m not sure whether he’ll earn a starting centre spot with Manly but he seems like one of the more likely candidates. He played just nine rounds last year; producing a season average of almost 35 PPG but never scored over 50 points for a single game. Keep an eye on his break even if he makes the starting team but I can’t see him being worthy of a spot in your SuperCoach side.
  5. Jorge Taufua ($296.3k) is a very inconsistent performer but we could look at this in a positive light. He’s the type of player that could have an awful run of scores then turn around and score a three round average of 60+. I’ll be ignoring him for now but we should keep a close eye on him if he drops below $230k through a run of terrible scores. He could be a good stepping stone to a keeper but you’ll have balls of steel if you decide to give him a shot. A lot of SuperCoaches would tell you Taufua isn’t SC relevant, which is well justified.
  6. Blake Green ($339.6k) averaged a touch over 50 PPG last season while showing glimpses of consistency through the core of the season. The big question is how he’ll be used alongside Cherry-Evans compared to Cronk. Personally I can’t see too much of a change and I’d consider him a slightly risky POD at best. His ownership didn’t exceed 1% last year and I’m expecting much the same in 2017.
  7. Daly Cherry-Evans ($358.5k) is a consistent performer that’ll give you a respectable score most of the time. He probably won’t enter my radar in 2017 due to one simple reason; there are just too many attractive options in the halfback position for DCE to be considered a viable choice. In saying that, he’s more than capable of scoring 100+ on his day.
  8. Nate Myles ($268.2k) finished the 2016 season averaging around 25 points from 30 minutes per game. He may be one of few starting props priced below $300k but he has well and truly earned that price tag. I can’t see him being a beneficial choice for your SuperCoach side.
  9. Api Koroisau ($349.8k) has been a hot topic among the community since the announcement of Matt Parcel signing with Leeds. Will Koroisau become an 80 minute hooker or will someone like Hastings or Godinet come on to steal his minutes? Either way he should be considered a risky option despite proving his capability of scoring well. The way I see it, it’s unlikely he’ll make enough coin to justify selection for your opening side.
  10. Darcy Lussick ($270.5k) may start at prop or play from the bench; either way he’s one that I won’t be monitoring too closely. It’s hard to predict if he’ll repeat the 50 minutes per game he played in 2016 due to the uncertainty of how the forwards and bench will be made up. Keep an eye on his break even if he somehow manages to exceed expectations.
  11. Lewis Brown ($177.1k) finished the 2016 season at $131k and averaged just 26.5 PPG. I think these stats speak for themselves. Don’t be fooled by his cheap price tag and starting second-rower status.
  12. Martin Taupau ($406.8k) had a very consistent 2016 season but scored just one 70+ game outside of his final five round average of 75 PPG. He managed to scrape above the 60 PPG season average but I can’t see too many positives with selecting him in your starting side. If he repeats his performance from 2016 you’ll probably get some consistent 50-60 point games, although he won’t make significant coin and he won’t be in your run home side. He’s a steady POD at best.
  13. Jake Trbojevic ($438k) started the 2016 season as a solid POD but quickly became owned by over 10% of coaches. He shot up over $400k after just seven rounds and produced an impressive season average of 65.5 PPG. The question is: Is $438k too much to pay for him or is it worth holding off seeing if he produces the same output as last season?  I have to be honest; my indecisiveness has forced him on to my ‘maybe’ list.
  14. Addin Fonua-Blake ($231.1k) came into the Sea Eagles’ side in round seven of the 2016 season and usually averaged around 25 to 30 minutes per game. He’s priced a little awkwardly this year but I don’t think he’ll be a SuperCoach relevant player.
  15. Brenton Lawrence ($274.8k) could find himself in the starting side in place of Lussick but I think he’s more likely to come from the bench due to the lack of game time in 2016. He played just nine games of first grade in 2016 and produced an average slightly over 40 PPG. I’ll probably just keep an eye on his break even due to his low-ish price tag.
  16. Shaun Lane ($143.6k) is another debutant in the Manly Sea Eagles side. Unless Perrett is named in the seventeen, he should make an appearance from the bench but he may not generate enough profit to make him worthy of a NPR spot.
  17. Jackson Hastings ($350.7k) should play from the bench at best case scenario which makes him too overpriced for SuperCoach selection. His mid to high range price tag is due to playing a number of games in the halves for the Roosters last year.

Are you willing to take a punt on any of the Manly boys?

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Lussick injured until round 5(ish)


Expect Bob Fulton favoutite Curtis Sironen to pop up somewhere.


Maybe replaces one of the benchies or could make an appearance while Lussick is out

Dont Blush Baby

Mathew Wright broke his at training this week but should be right for R1 but I'm tipping Brian Kelly (122k) to start with Walker,Tommy Turbo locked in the Centres and I'm expecting Shaun Lane to start in front of Lewis so he's on my bench.

Also the Eagles don't have a recognised kicker since Killer retired,if DCE gets the gig I'll be considering as he's 100k cheaper than Thursto & Johnson, plus he'll be better in attack with the signing of Green


Over the last 4 years DCE hasn't averaged more than 66 points. If he somehow gets back to that he still falls behind what SJ and Thurston averaged last year by 4 to 5 points. With the Manly attack (or lack there of) I would suggest it would be a miracle he increases his average from last years 53 to 70 points this year which is what would you would need to pick him over the 2 guns!!


Good call Casper. I reckon it's the $100k you'll save plus the strong rumours that DCE will kick (I'm thinking Walker) that's getting coaches interested in DCE. Not to mention the OK opening draw. I wonder if he can average well enough to make $100k out of him then give him the flick


DBB – i like how JT doesn’t leave QLD til round 7! Backing him for an 80 average over 6 rounds despite his bad habit of starting slow. It's bloody hard to ignore SJ with his opening draw too. A big conundrum in the halves but I'm the same as you; always looking yo save some coin in certain positions with my starting team


wow good point there Coach Cowboy for any cowboys player. 6 rds of not travelling me likey

Dont Blush Baby

I'm in the 497897 Rabbits – eaglesrock

Dont Blush Baby

Cowboy are looking at have a 'Team Reveal' say post the 9's tournament ?


Yeah either after Nines or TLT. I'd love to see what you've put together too mate! I have a rough team at this point but it was just a quick throw together. There's always a few surprises between now and round 1 that'll throw the team out of whack haha.


I've created a NRL Unlimited Group for the Jock Reynolds Community. Feel free to join up!!

1. If you have ALREADY REGISTERED for the FOX SPORTS SuperCoach NRL Competition, simply click the following link (you may need to login):
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2. If you have NOT YET REGISTERED, simply click on the link below and fill in the registration form as usual:
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Bre Bushies

Good Stuff again Cowboys – keep em coming !


Thanks Bushies! Glad you're enjoying them!


When will the other teams be up? Love these posts Cowboy 🙂


Thanks Felicity! I'm glad you're enjoying them. The Storm and Knights will be out shortly then I'll be be doing some muli-team write ups so we can get the ball rolling on some Team List Tuesday talk. How's your team coming along?


Awesome, can't wait! Well I'm completely new at this and have no idea what to do really, I've got about 10 so far, but I've heard I need some cheapies to build towards guns so I need to look into that a bit more 🙂 have you finished yours?


A good mix of cheapies and guns with a few middies is a good start. Well, I have a team that looks OK but it's bound to change when TLT comes out. Keep your eyes peeled for the money makers Felicity


I've got half an eye on Lewis Brown If he starts 2RF. Prior to being stuffed around last year as a Mr Fix It he comfortably averaged 40's for the prior 3 seasons


For sure MJS. He was thrown all over the place last year and could make some decent coin if he gets a string of respectable scores this year. At least he's a low risk option at his price