Supercoach 2017 Team Reveal v2.0

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SuperCoach 2017 Tam Reveal

It is NIGH. SuperCoach will open tomorrow.

While we’ve been in preseason mode since November, the preseason begins for a stack of 2017 SuperCoach contenders as soon as those sacred electronic doors open on Tuesday

To those of you beginning your 2017 journey – welcome to season 2017! You’re amongst mates, and we’re gagging to draw you into the warm, safe genius of our communities sizeable bosom.


You’ve got a stack of research to catch up on – here’s a list to get you up and running;

Essential Research:

  • THE HIGGINATOR – a highly advanced SuperCoach team builder / analysis tool by the great Peter Higginbotham
  • Me, Higgo and Crouching have picked the bones of every list in the competition for SuperCoach relevance – CATCH UP ON THE PODCAST HERE (new podcast every Tuesday)

Time to reveal our current squads below.. extremely aroused!

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No Danger! Brad Crouch! Giles! Mid pricers! Balls to the wall mate.


Wow Jock. That is a pod team if ever I've seen one.
No plain vanilla there.
Hurley i read today has a leg complaint so maybe just monitor his progress/pre season
Titch, crouch, murph and heppell – huge pod action right there. No one would have those 4.
Admire the testicular robustness of those picks – value and could turn out to be genius. Murph over beams . Massive plums love it.
Gawn? I'm sure someone said in the last pod cast they wouldn't touch gawn as he was too big for his boots? What changed your mind? Thought stiffy was the rage?
Giles convinced by higgo?
Expected to see Roo and joey as i know you are big on those top two saints
Anyways for what its worth that's my two cents very podish, as i said could be pure genius, you are the father.

SPP. I reckon has gotta play early impressing the parts off all and sundry so far and they r trying to hold him back, has the attitude try and keep me out. I heard he went one on one with thunder thighs the other day and more than held his own.

oh and no danger! That is probably the balliest move of the lot. But caution i refer you to a community article on the topgun "can you really afford not to start him". Definite maverick Jock, always will be. Case and point just look at that team!


TMitch, Crouch, MM, Heppell. Any of those likely top 10 mids end of the year? Love that you're taking a punt mate but that's throwing them all at the wall and hoping they stick.

Giles… Well. You must know something we don't, Jock. 12 tons in 57 games


Very unique team, Jock. I love the selections of Montagna and Hurley. I don't know about Roo, I think he will hit the post-byes with a wet sail. Love the selections of Crouch and Heppell. Not so sure about Giles. Is he R1? With NicNat out, yes, but does he bring a strong hit-out to advantage to the team? Taylor Adams is a very tempting pick but his injury history is too risky for mine. I prefer Bernie Vince at a lower price.

I can't tell you what processes to go through but this is a good team that can use some improvement. I could be wrong, and I hope I am.


Robust. Hearing though Lycett might be alright for Round 1. Hope to see the JR Brumby get up in the ranks again

The Honey Badger

What is NOMCOCK?


No Sloane there jock?


B: Montagna, T.Adams, Laird, K.Kolodjashnij, Keefe, Ryan (Vickers-Willis, Stewart)
M: Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Ablett, Rockliff, Fyfe, Beams, Powell-Pepper, Myers (Pickett, Graham, Bolton)
R: Gawn, Sandilands (Strnadica)
F: Dahlhaus, Heeney, Ryder, Roughead, Black, Pickett (Long, Eddy)

$11.3k remaining


I like this team
I'd have a few different like Montagna and Ablett
But them at personal preference
But same set up as I'm going for


i saw Ablett running around with a bright orange cap last week.

apparently a Bright orange Cap means = don't tackle – shoulders are stuffed.

And the Suns then said how great he played in the simulated game…. i reckon i could even get a few kicks if i got to wear the Bright Orange Cap.

Worrying signs for the little master.


Just a few two many injury regulars for my liking….GAJ, Rockliff (will be at some stage), Fyfe, Beams, Sandi, then you have the unknowns….Myers, Ryder, Roughie.

Luskin Star

Thumper will burn you.

Raging Bulls

Just wanted to say what a pleasure it has been reading the articles on this great website over the course of this preseason. Thank you Jock and everyone else that has contributed! Good luck for SC 2017 you legends!

Raging Bulls

Oh and what do people think about Tom Cutler? He has potential to be a good rebounding defender.


Killed me last year (had him as my breakout in defence, on my burn list now haha

Raging Bulls

Only thing different this year except natural progression is a new coach. Just look at how the Carlton rebounding defenders player last year under Bolton. Fagan comes from the same Hawthorn system, and I think he will create a good defensive structure.


will watch closely, feel like he has to beat out Bob Murphy (who is cheaper) to get into my side though

The Coach

Backs: Doc, Shaw, Laird, McGrath, Scharenberg, Berry (NOMCOC, Ryan)
Mids: Danger, Dependlebury, Hannebery, Fyfe, Beams, Swallow, SPP, Myers (SPS, Scheer, Graham)
Rucks: Gawn, Goldy (Strndica)
Forwards: Dahlhaus, Macrae, Heeney, McCarthy, McCluggage, Pickett (Other NOMCOC, Eddy)

New to the community – read your stuff last year. This year has been massive already, can't wait to see if one of the community can take it out because the articles have been beautiful.


The article in the magazine on the high priced rookies will be the first one i read.

I don't see them as being in competition with other cheap rookies for their place in my starting team, but against the cheaper Mid-Price players such as Swallow, Boyd etc. even up to mid-prices under $400k who won't be keepers. The high priced rookies who play Round 1 and can score 75+ are much better value than the more expensive mid-prices who will be flat out doing any better and they are less risky than playing a cheap rookie.

the cheap rookies are for the bench only. last year because of early injuries i need to have a few of these cheap rookies play (Menapoo etc) stuffed my season.

can't wait for the magazine


SPS – Sam Petrevski Sexton
NOMCOC v1 – Ben Long
NOMCOC v2 – Willie Rioli


Def: Laird, Burgoyne, McDonald, Hurley, Scharnberg, Ryan (Stewart, VW)

Mid: Danger, JPK, Treloar, Rockliff, Fyfe, Swallow, SPP, Myers, (Graham, J Williams, Galluci)

Ruck: Gawn, Sandi (strnadica)

Fwd: Dahl, Caddy, Heeney, Ryder, Black, Eddy ( Smith, Rioli)

Rookies subject to change, feel I'm lacking POD.


you have many POD's. Burgoyne, McDonald, Hurley, Treloar, rocky and Caddy, all low ownership. maybe too many POD's.

Matthew English

Burgoyne is a terrible choice. I picked him last year and I regret it so much. I only see his scoring decline this year.


Post-bye last year he scored incredibly well Matthew. Also, if you look at the centre bounces attended at Hawthorn he ranked 3rd behind Lewis and Mitchell. I'm hoping he gets some more mid time in their absense and with JOM looking like Rd5 at earliest. he's also pretty durable. In saying that, nothing's locked in but as it stands he's firm
In my team.

Matthew English

Yes that is very true without Lewis and Mitchell, he will most definitely get some more mid time


Def: Adams, Tuohy, Murphy, McGrath, Scharenberg, Berry (Ryan, Stewart)

Mid: Danger, Pendles, Dusty, Cripps, Fyfe, Beams, Ainsworth, Myers (Brodie, Powell-Pepper, Graham)

Ruck: Gawn, Sandi (Strnicda).

Forward: Dahlhaus, Macrae, Heeney, Roughy, Boyd, Pickett (Black, Eddy).

Rookies subject to change,.. any tips/thoughts on the premo's?


i can see 10 premos (that includes Heeney). Might be a couple short in your starting team. Do you have any cash left over?


Def: K. Simpson, R. Laird, T. McDonald, R. Murphy, C. Hampton, F. McInnes (L. Ryan, T. Stewart)

Mid: P. Dangerfield, S. Pendlebury, G. Ablett (although I like Treloar here), J. Kennedy, R. Gray, D.Beams, S. Powell-Pepper, D. Myers
(D. Gore, N. Freeman, J. Graham)

Ruck: S. Martin, A. Sandilands (L. Strnadica)

Fwd: L. Dahlhaus, J. Caddy, T. Miller, J. Roughead, A. Black, J. Pickett (H. McKay, B. Long)

This will obviously change a lot pending preseason and the Jock Magazine but i think we can go nuts with our forwards and rucks this year in terms of taking risks.

big dog

No Fyfe?


#FyfeIsLife …if he is fit and I see him play in the preseason


Loving your thinking on the McDonald selection Lek, not sure if I've got the balls to pick him though! Key position worries me.


Interested to see the ruck setup Lek.. I'm toying with Sandiballs as a ruck option as well, but reckon if you go that way, you probably need a DPP ruck coverage option in the fwd line for when he breaks down (e.g. Ryder).


T. Adams, M. Hurley, C. Hooker, M. Hibberd, A. McGrath, L. Ryan, (J Berry, T Stewart)

P Dangerfield, J Kennedy, M Bontempelli, N Fyfe, D Heppell, D Beams, D Swallow, D Myers. (Powell-Pepper, Gore, Pickett)

Gawn, Sandilands, ( D Cameron)

T Lynch, P Ryder, J Roughead, W Hoskin-Elliott, C Mcarthy, B Ainsworth, (McCluggage, A Black)


20k left over


Lots of mid price players in there, maybe take a quick gander at Patch's article…


Yeah I read it. Its about picking the correct mid pricers. Hooker and Hibberd will be closely monitored pre season.
At this early stage I see this team has good balance and scoring potential. Obviously if there is a glut of must have rookies then is a simple matter to select another premium or two.


I see no point in having non playing cheap rookies sitting on the bench


Nor does anyone, apart from the one to be used for the loop hole… Still doesn't mean you go out and buy the expensive ones!

Also, just saw this, early days but something to keep an eye on…


yeah read about Hookers hammy this evening so he will be out maybe Loyd from the Swans to come in.
Early days.
I see expensive rookies as more likely to play games and appreciate in value hence the selection
If a team can be formulated ( sorry Jock, Higgo will explain the big word ) and have salary cap room for expensive rookies
then in the last frantic hours before round one will be less stressful.
Selecting lots of cheap non playing rookies will lead to poor last minute decisions IMOO


You said " Still doesn't mean you go out and buy the expensive ones!"…………..
Well thats not logical M8. Yes it does mean you don't want cheap non playing rookies on your bench
So You DO Find and pay for the ones that will play and appreciate so that you can build a competitive side!
If your initial team ( No Jock! you DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN THE TEAM)) makes room for higher priced rookies it will be an easy last hours adjustment prior to kick off.
Obviously its early days but methinks its easier to add a cheap rookie and upgrade a mid price under pressure
than be faced with a last minute non playing bench and trying to find the right mid pricers.
Bring It !


As a dons supporter I'm locking in Hurley, but Hooker is even if you remove the hamstring as a factor a very hard player to select. He will most likely start the year as a key position forward which concerns me supercosch wise

Jib Jib

Although there are a couple of fallen premos in the mix I've tried to strictly adhere to a guns and rookies structure this year. I have never really picked a uber successful breakout mid priced player and given Patch's article a few days ago I don't think I'll bother trying again this year. This whole structure may change if the overall crop of 2017 rookies are poor as they were at the beginning of 2016. Looking forward to some pre-season games to get an idea of what we're working with.

B: Docherty, Heater, McGrath, Scharenberg, Newman, Ryan, (Stewart, Long)
M: Danger, Pendles, JPK, Jelwood, Bont, Fyfe, Viney, Meyers (Luggage, SPP, Graham)
R: Gawn, Sandilands (Strnadica)
F: Dahl, Bennell, Boyd, Black, Pickett, W.Rioli (Smith, Eddy)

$281k leftover


McGrath is too high at D3, Jib. Black won't be a high scorer

Jib Jib

True Ken it does look a bit skinny down there, thing is I don't want mid priced defender at d3 either (or at all for that matter) as I'm trying to be real strict with a GNR structure. I think I'm just short on cash to upgrade him to JJ. I'll need to squeeze a few more $$$ our of somewhere. Plenty of water to go under the bridge yet.

Jib Jib



you could change Viney for a cheap rookie and have McCluggage onfield and swap newman to Adams in defence

Jib Jib

Doubt I'll even go with McBags by rd 1, just in there for structure.

Was tempted to downgrade Viney to Heppell or even Watson (but I don't want to break my mid-price rule), then upgrade McGrath to JJ or Adams.

All so speculative at this stage but I definitely won't be going with McGrath at D3 come round 1.


I wouldn't consider Watson a mid pricer. He'd be in the mid 500k price range if he hadn't been discounted for his year off, and by all reports he's been ripping up the pre-season match simulations. Hasn't skipped a beat.

Jib Jib

Yeah but he won't be a top 10 mid so really what's the point?

I think it's better restructure the mids down to 6 premos and 2 rookies and use the spend the extra cash in defence.


Heppell will be or very close to it, very durable also I can see him playing all 22 this year, Watson I don't think will, too old.


I would not go Boyd in fed line either far too risky. He is a mid priced, can't see him av more than 80-85 total waste of coin, not a good stepping stone player, better off with roughy or Bennell, I would roughy though with Bennells injury history personally. Roughy is a mid pricer but more likely to be a keeper, should av 90-100 this season easily

Jib Jib

I'd be really happy with 22 games at 80-85 from Boyd to be honest. Long term plan is to have him at F6, and with Sandi at R2 I need a fwd/ruck swing. Can't trust the big man's toe.


Mainly GNR with the exception of value picks sandi and roughie. Gone strong through the guts.

Simmo, shaw, laird, mcGrath, scharenberg, berry (ryan, Stewart)
Danger, pendles, jelwood, treloar, JPK, fyfe, SPP, myers ( Hibberd, Graham, brown)
Martin, Sandi. (Strndacia)
Dahl, heeney, ryder, roughie, mcbags (this can be anyone from Hoskins Elliott down -might be bowes), balic. (eddy, smith)

As usual will/may change after JLT but haven't changed it for over a week so pretty happy to roll with this or something similar Rd 1.


I like Docherty ahead of Simmo. Tooth length on Simmo just too long.


I agree with Derek


Tooth length argument was proven to be rubbish last year.


It happens to the best of them


This is probably the one and only time I wont agree with your words of wisdom Derek. True the tooth length to some extent but this should only factor if they have had a injury affected past imo. Simmo's last 11 seasons, he has missed 5 games. 9 (including last season) he has not missed a game.
Age shall not weary Simmo. I think they are both solid selections and will probably be in everyones side by seasons end.
I'm going Simmo to start with though purely based on he is a proven premium.


I think both will do good this year but i'd prefer not to start the season with who carlton defenders. So to choose one over the other, i thought about tooth length and in particular my belief that Simmos best days are behind him but Docherty's best days are still to come. On that basis i've gone Docherty.


Best team I've seen so far, still scrolling down tho =p


I like it! I have gone the same structure, so I am very biased. Love the 6 deep mid. So many are playing Beams or Swallow at M6. I have shaved a few premos down a bit so I can get 3 premo forward plus Ryder.


D: Doc, Adams, JJ, scharenberg, Long, ryan (berry, stewart)

M: Danger, pendles, JPK, treloar, bont, fyfe, myers, SPP (graham, freeman, bolton)

R: Gawn, sandi (strdinca)

F: dahl, caddy, ryder, roughie, picket, galluci, smith, eddy

really happy with this
any thoughts community


Def: S. Docherty, H. Shaw, T. Adams, A. McGrath, L. Ryan, J. Berry (B. Long, T. Stewart)

Mid: P. Dangerfield, S. Pendlebury, JP. Kennedy, A. Treloar, N Fyfe, D. Beams, D. Swallow, D. Meyers (S. Powell-Pepper, J. Graham, N. Freeman)

Ruck: M. Gawn, A. Sandilands (D. Cameron)

Fwd: L. Dahlhaus, J. McCrae, P. Ryder, H. McCluggage, B Eddy, T. Smith. (W. Rioli, S. Bolton).

Thoughts community? Liking Ryder for ruck cover but not completely sold on him. If a ruck rookie gets a game I'm leaning towards turning Ryder into N. Riewoldt.


Here's something a little different a few other viable rookies for you mob to investigate
Danger,Pendle,Gaz,Smurph,Fyfe,Heppell,Swallow,Myers,Brown,Williams, Graham
StNick,Dahlhouse,Petrie,Elliott,McCarthy,Galluci,Pickett, Rioli
130k for pies and beer




Plenty of over 30s here but proven is proven. Pick the teeth out of it lads

DEF: Simpson Shaw Adams McGrath Scharenberg Ryan (Newman Long)

MID: Dangerfield Ablett JPK Treloar Rockliff Fyfe Myers Freeman (Berry(Def) Graham Bolton(Fwd))

RUC: Gawn Sandilands (Strnadica)

FWD: Riewoldt Deledio Bennell Knight Bowes Pickett (Eddy Smith)


Not a fan of the expensive rookies would downgrade them and use the cash elsewhere.


Will change if needed if better options present themselves. McGrath and Bowes both starters for mine and will play alot early


I'd go Ainsworth over Bowes. He'll be at the feet of Lynch, Wright, Day


Cheap rookies (with maybe one exception if you really have to) are to sit on the bench as cash cows and only be used if there is a one week injury or late out etc. Looking at a couple of the expensive rookies this year (McGrath & McCluggage) they should do ok on field and should score 75+. Much happy with an expensive rookie than a cheaper mid-pricer (Swallow, Boyd etc) save some cash and score some reliable points.

Look at Mills and Weitering last year. their point scoring was pretty good and was as good as alot of the mid-price players (Brodie Smith, KK etc)

Every year there is a cheap rookie or two who plays first round and does ok, but eventually they will hurt your score if you rely on them too much.


Wouldn't class a lad who has never played AFL as reliable points… proceed with caution.

Doesn't matter if you get a crap score on the ground with a cheap rookie, you spend the cash elsewhere and make up the points.


With injuries last year I had too many cheap rookies on field early and they were very poor. I wished I had weiteting and mills.

I'm not saying the expensive rookies are competing with the cheap rookies for spots in my team, they are competing against the midpriced players so you are saving cash as well


Guns n Rooks for the most part….
Simmo, Adams, The Burger, Scharenberg, Berry, Ryan (Stewart, Long)
Danger, Pendles, JPK, Treloar, Fyfe, Beams, Myers, SPP (M Hibberd, Pickett, Graham)
Maxy, Sandi (Strnadica)
NRoo, Da Haus, Macrae, Knight, Thomas, Rioli (Smith, Eddy)

$140k left re any first up injury, adjustments. The mids bench of Hibbs and Pickett in at this stage re dpp link, but with any rookies can change. Riley Knight might swap into the big Orange Roughie, and reckon Josh Thomas, if in best 22, can go as well if not better than one of the higher priced rookies (may end up a cheap rookie depending and preseason games). Beams also is a wait and see how he's travelling, especially if he turns up to training in an orange Gary hat!


Very similar structure and players to me. Fair to say I like it!!


But who is the burger ?


Shaun Burgoyne, reckon he might see even more mid time than last year, solid scores over the whole year, slide into the top 8 def??


Have a couples guys ahead of him but do like him as an option.


Josh Thomas on the rookie list at the moment


Burgoyne will score well if he goes into the guts until JOM is ready. however, it might be Cyril, Bruest, Hodge or even Roughie who goes into the middle. the problem is, if Burgoyne doesn't, he will score 75-80 and at $500k defender than is a poor ROI.


love the Burgoyne pick, Bench! Have similar thoughts re: selecting Hodge. Burgoyne won't get suspended like Hodge will though!


Thanks re all the suggestions guys, good to see different views. Plenty to ponder, and you could be right Patch re loose cannon Lukey!


Like the team Bench! And obviously a fan of the Burgoyne selection! 😉

Feel like I keep re-posting the same comment on multiple teams but the R11 bye will be hard with that fwd line. Roo, Dahl, Macrae, Smith will all miss and if Pickett does get a bench spot, he'll miss to so can't swing him in. Just something to consider…


Hey Community, my current team as it is.
Haven't changed it in a while (which is a good think).

DEF: Shaw, Adams, Laird, Scharenberg, Hibberd, Newman (Ryan, Stewart)

MID: Danger, Pendles, Treloar, Rocky, Fyfe, Beams, SPP, Myers (Freeman, Gore, Graham)

RUC: Gawn, Sandi (Strnadica)

FWD: Roo, Dahlhaus, Macrae, Bennell/Roughead, Black, Pickett (NOMCOC, Eddy)

I have chosen who I think will be top in each position then adding some value picks that will score well and possibly become keepers. I'm not interested in any of the rookies with elevated price unless I can see them scoring 75+ each week.

Please give me your thoughts on my team.
Cheers Liam.


Very nice team… Don't like Rocky risk together with Fyfe and Beams tho.


It's been challenging Jock. Preseason will sort out rookie picks.

Def: Docherty, Shaw, Rance, T. Adams, McGrath, Schaernberg (Ryan, T.Stewart);

Mids: Danger, Pendles, Bont, Fyfe, Beams, O'Mera, Powell-Pepper, Myers (Bolton, Freeman, Graham);

Rucks: Gawn, Sandilands (Strnadica)

Fwds: N.Riewoldt, Dahlhaus, Ryder, McCluggage, Pickett, Bowes (Eddy, Smith).


JOM looks like he won't be ready until at least round 4.


Thanks – may revert back to Swallow, or consider a POD such as Roughy?


Refer to TEAM Reveal v1.0

No Changes….

Chef Locky

what time does this brilliant game open ? I will be like a kid on xmas morning !!


I'm just sitting here refreshing.

Brown Cow

Nice one THawk. The other site says midnight tonight but we will see. Danger should still be there in the morning.

Chef Locky

this is annoying


First post guys
DEF: Doc, Heater, Rance, Adams, Ryan, NOMCOC, (Berry, Stewart)
MIDS: Danger, Hannabery, Treloar, Rocky, Fyfe, Pow-Pep, Myers, Pickett,(Bowes, Parfitt, Graham)
Ricks: Gawn, Sandi (Strnadica)
FWD: Lids, Buddy, Lynch (GC), Hosk-Elliott, Ainsworth, Galluci (Adel), (Smith, Eddy)


pretty solid, 13 keepers, pure GnR team. teams without Beams to me look so much better. allows a premium D4.

personally i'd swap either Lids or Lynch to Dahlhaus.


Thanks Derek, will strongly consider

Mallee Boy

V 2, although still a few changes to be made.
Backs: Shaw, Hurley, Lloyd, Bob Murphy ??, [Newman, Long, Ryan, Stewart]
Mids: Danger, Pendles, Kennedy, T. Mitchell, Steven, Watson, [Powell-Pepper, Myers, Freeman, Graham, Jarman]
Rucks: Gawn, Jacobs, [Strnadica]
Fwds: Roo, Dahl, Heeney, Knight, [McCluggage, Pickett, Smith, Eddy]

I figured that given the lack of stand-out fwds, I'd go with 2 of the top 3 & see what happens. Bob Murphy up back is not locked in, but the blokes a goer. Watson is a bit of a punt, but he's a gun & could do anything.

Pick it to pieces!!!!


Just wondering bud, who's Roo?


Nick Riewoldt


Cheers mate


Some fantastic defensive options this year, Mallee Boy. Shaw + 3 midpricers probably isn't the best.


i'd take a punt of Heppell but not Watson as he may not spend much time in the guts this year.

Steven will find it difficult with a deep midfield at Saints, refer to last weeks PODcast.

Knight could be the bargin or the year.

First team i've seen with Sause Jacobs. i think his best days are behind him.


DEF: Simspon, Shaw, Williams, Scharenberg, Hibbard, Ryan ( Newman & Long )
MID: Danger, Pendles, JPK, Trelor, Fyfe, White, SSP, SPP ( Myers, Alison, Graham )
Ruck: Grundy , Sandi ( Stmadica )
FWD: Roo, Dahl, Lynch, Ryder, Bennell, Pickett ( Smith & Eddy )


I can't actually remember exactly how I had mine set up before the 2017 picker went down, but using the Higginator, I think this is how I had it.

Shaw, Laird, Burgoyne (Ryan)
Berry, Hibberd, Newman (Stewart)

Danger, Pendles (Graham)
Kennedy, Treloar, Bontempelli (Witherden)
Fyfe, SPP, Myers (Pickett)

Gawn, Ryder (Cameron)

N Riewoldt, Dahlhaus, Wingard (Parfitt)
T Smith, Balic, Brown (Long)

Love to hear your thoughts.


Yep, this is how I had it. and I remember because my remaining coin is $118,300 and I remember wondering where to spend it, or if I needed to spend it.


Spend it… I would look for more fwd line picks, I don't think we will have 5 rooks on the park named for R1 in that line this year (I am budgeting for 2 only plus Aaron Black)


Looks good, Damien. Personally not a fan of Wingard. I'd swap him with Ryder and grab another R2. You should be able to afford Stef Martin or Sandi, maybe even Grundy


The thing that intrigues me about Wingard is how is averages fluctuate.
2012 – 51
2013 – 98
2014 – 79
2015 – 97
2016 – 80
2017 – high 90s average again?

But you're right, Ryder could be the safer option in F3.

Canny the Manny

Am currently neglecting an annoyed Missus at the moment, so I'll try and make it quick… although she should know Supercoach preseason is an important time of the year and shouldn't be taken lightly.

BACKS: T. Adams R. Laird J. Johannisen B. Long
M. Scharenberg C. Hampton J. Berry L. Ryan

MIDS: T. Rockliff M. Bontempelli N. Fyfe T. Mitchell N. Freeman
D. Beams D. Swallow A. Witherden
S. Powell-Pepper D. Myers J. Graham

RUCKS: M. Gawn T. Goldstein L. Strnadica

FORWARDS: L. Dahlhouse J. Macrae P. Ryder J. Pickett
H. Bennell J. Roughead M. White B. Eddy

I'm a tad unsure; structure wise, regarding midfield strength with Beams at either M5 or M6, leaning towards M5 at this stage due to the luxury of having Myers at M8 and Swallow at M6 which strengthen the mids enough in my opinion.
No Dangerfield at the moment, that's not a certainty, I just feel if he has a slow start which he isn't immune to having, I'll be ahead of the pack and it will allow me to splash some cash elsewhere.

Not sure on Goldy at R2 either, I would love nothing more than to go Sandi but he's body is a liability and I prefer not to stuff around in the ruck department.

I've gone pretty heavy in the Forwards this year, we're not spoiled for choice in terms of quality players. The amount of mid-pricers worry me, but Bennell and Roughead will only start in my team round 1 if they're fit and ideally have played a few NAB games, they're both much better than their price indicates. Not sure about Ryder either, not a fan of him as far as fantasy footy goes, but if he's cemented as Port's NO1 ruck then I'll probably have to pick him.

Guns and Rookies sort of Backline, but if Scharenberg and Hampton get on the park, they'll produce well above rookie standard.

Cheers lads.


finally a non danger side!

Canny the Manny

Ahh I've just realised the text has been switched up after I've submitted it. Damn, some rookies appear like they're on my field but they're in fact on the bench.


Mate if she's huffing now on Day 1 imagine how tough her life is about to get…!


Solid team but risky, looks like a museum of potentially cooked players


Hey lads, good to be back for SuperCoach 2017! Thoughts on my team would be great.

DEF: Simpson, Shaw, Laird, McGrath, Berry and Ryan (Long and Stewart)
MID: Danger, Pendles, Bont, Fyfe, Heppell, Swallow, Brodie and Myers (Powell-Pepper, Fisher and Graham)
RUC: Gawn and Goldy (Strnadica)
FWD: Dahlhaus, Deledio, Heeney, Taranto, McCluggage and Bowes (Williams and Eddy)

11.5k left with a not so good bye structure of (R9) 5, (R11) 9, (R12) 4, (R13) 11. Cheers!


Nice harvs! Would hold off on Taranto – will struggle to break into the GWS midfield, and even if he does, will struggle to make enough cash to make it worthwhile. Feel McCluggage will have a better shot, but hold out for the JR mag on elevated rookie prices!

Looks very solid though mate! Haven't seen many with Lids


I've opted to risk it in the forward line there but if Deledio has a role that could trouble his scores in the JLT series, I'll probably end up going Franklin/Macrae. Downgrading Taranto will bag me an extra 70k. Thanks for the feedback mate.



DEF: Docherty, Shaw, Laird, McGrath, Ryan, Berry, Logue, Newman
MID: Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Selwood, Sloane, Fyfe, Swallow, Petrevski-Seton, Powell-Pepper, Myers, Hibberd, Graham
RUC: Gawn, Grundy, Strnadica
FWD: Dahlhaus, Macrae, Heeney, McCluggage, Long, Rioli, Eddy, Smith


The Rd 11 bye will be hard to manage with that Fwd line… Dahl, Macrae, Heeney, McCluggage, Long & Smith will all miss….


Hi Community.
First year as part of your community. 2nd year SuperCoach player. Have loved all the player reviews and have taken it all on board as I have selected my team.

Def: Docherty, T. Adams, Laird, Keefe, Scharenberg, Mitchell Hibberd, (Newan, Ryan).

Mids: Dangerfield, Pendlebury, J.P.Kennedy, Fyfe, Tom Mitchell, Beams, Powell-Pepper, Myers ( Freeman, Bolton, Graham.)

Rucks: Gawn, Sandilands ( Strnadica).

Fwds: Dahlhous, Macrae, Heeney, Ryder, Thomas, Long. ( Lebois, Eddy ).

Remaining salary: $4,300.

Would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks Paul.


very solid team mate love tom mitchell as a POD


His price Jock! Look at his price! Cheaper than LOBBE last year.


Rd11 bye will be hard on your forwards… Dahl, Macrae, Heeney & Long will miss…


Hey all, I'm not seeing any love for Bernie Vince who is DPP in the backline. I didn't catch many Melbourne games last year and while he's pricey, if he runs through the midfield is he worth a punt or am I missing something? Cheers

Brown Cow

He had some defensive roles late last year after starting strongly Rogie. As you say one for the watchlist if he runs through the middle.


I found he scored better when tagging!


I'm with you on this one Rog!


DEF: Simmo, Rance, Laird, Schranberg, Keefe, Newman, Vickers-Willis, Newman, Ryan
MID: Danger, Pendles, Kennedy, Treloar, Fyfe, Murphy, Brodie, Berry, Myers, SPP, Hibberd
RUCK: Martin, Sandi, Strnadica
FWD: Dahl, Lynch (GC), Caddy, Rough, Turner, Eddy, Long, Pickett

Relatively happy structure wise. Only thing i may change is go sandi to grundy then rough down to a rookie if one of sandi or rough doesn't come up r1. Thoughts much appreciated.


Love the Lynch and Kennedy calls, MOC. I'm torn between Lynch and Gunston at the moment and can't decide at all.


Yeh I'm a bit the same patch re Gunston vs lynch! I'm just going lynch for now as personal preference and a bit of cognitive bias coz I love watching him play. Can't go wrong with either imo


GAJ training in the orange hat = no ball for Lynch. I'd take Gunston at this stage (esp with Roughy back hopefully).


That may not be entirely true! Because if you just include the 8 games that Ablett didn't play, then lynch's average goes to 96 so I don't think he'll be that heavily affected.


Harley Bennell hasn't joined full training yet. Surprised to see him in so many teams.

Jib Jib

A lot of puff pieces about him in the media yesterday, could be why.


Just a quick one gentleman, I'm incredibly keen on Dom sheed this year. Showed heaps towards the back half of the year. At a relatively awkward price at 270k however I'm backing him to be a big stepping stone to a fallen promo around the byes hopefully reaching 450-500k. Anyone convince me otherwise?


Interesting, he's about the right age with the right profile. He's priced at around 50. If you think he can get to 90 then he is probably worth a punt however I would first like to see how Sam Mitchell is used and how this could help him. Secondly, is he better value than Scooter or Swallow who could both go up by 40+. Thirdly, will there be other, much cheaper rookies who will make more cash? Good watchlister imo.


Like the left of centre thinking, Hyphen. I've cautiously had my eye on him too, but I did the maths last week on it – (

He'd need to average over 90 to gain the 230k required to hit 500k. If Smitch hadn't been brought in, he might be a chance but I'm not sure he'll consistently hit 90 for the first half of the year.

Love the thinking though!


I chucked an article up for the community series regarding sheed mate, have a look!
Im intruiged by him as well, think he'll be a star one day its just a matter of when. Too much uncertainty for me to pick him at this stage but I could be convinced in lre-season


Swallow seems like a much safer bet for same upside


Shane-o's Lads version gosh only knows of about a million!

Def: Docherty; Laird; Johannisen; Berry; Vickers-Willis; Long; Ryan; Stewart

Mid: Dangerfield; Fyfe; Bontempelli; Hannebery; Treloar; Merrett; Heppell; Graham; Powell-Pepper; Myers; Wigg

Ruck: Gawn; Grundy; Strnadica

Fwd: Dalhaus; Ryder; Bolton; Brown; Rioli; Poholke; Eddy

Approx 130k left. Rookies are obviously very fluid at this stage and depend on round 1 teams. Deliberately stacked midfield, and light forward line and a distinct lack of midpriced options 'cause i got so badly burned last year!


I like your setup shaneo!
Just becomes risky if fwds rookies don't get consistent games! Hell of a lot of cash generation if it pays off though


Thanks hyphen you've hit the nail on the head. High cash generation and 13+ starting premos was my game plan. Not too focused on rookies just yet but the plan is to have plenty of flexibility between mid and fwd lines with my rooks to offset the lack of premos in the fwd 50. Will likely bring in mccluggage as i believe he will play a lot early and turn and burn the rest as fast as possible to hit full premo quick sticks 🙂


You're going to have to go with some midpricers, and pony up that extra cash in the piggy bank. We won't have so many playing fwd rookies named for R1 imo.


DEF: Doc, Adams, Laird, McGarth, Scharenberg, Ryan (Stewart Long )
MID: Danger, Ablett, Fyfe, Tmitch, Beams, Murphy, SPP, Myers ( Pickett Bolton Graham )
RUC: Gawn, Sandi ( Strnadica )
FWD: Dahl, Caddy, Heeney, Ryder, Roughy, Black ( Smith Eddy )

Maybe Ablett to Selwood
Not sure if Beams and Murphy is a good idea

First go today
Thoughts anyone?


Ablett hasn't joined full contact training yet, that shoulder is still being managed. You could also swap Ablett to Treloar or Priddis as well. All similarly priced, and great contributers. Last year Priddis went bang at the start of the year and was solid all the way through, only 5 of his scores were under 100 and only four under 80 (79, 77, 76, 75)

I would definitely swap out of Beams or Murphy. Beams has come out and said that his knee will be forever stuffed, so I'd go a Jobe Watson instead if you need someone similarly priced.


Lots of experimental picks, would try to work in a few guys who have been top in their position over multiple years and don't have recent inj history.


Back – docherty laird jj McGrath scharenberg berry (Ryan, Stewart)

Mid – danger pendlez gaz treloar fyfe beams swallow powell-pepper (Myers freeman graham)

Ruck – gawn Ryder (strnadica)

Fwd – dalhause heeney roughy mcluggage bowes black (Pickett eddy)


DEF Shaw Montagna Adams Murphy Rook x 4
MID Pendlebury Sloane Bont Watson Murphy Beams D.Swallow Rook x 4
RUC Jacobs Sandilands Rook x 1 R/F
FWD Dahlhaus Ryder Wingard Bennell Roughead Cloke Rook x 2

Mid price madness if you dare but all these have hit premo at some stage in their careers
$ 6,300 left


Crazy cowboy team.


Remember there is a difference between a POD and a POS.


I've had to completely re-do my side since I found mid pricers are completely terrible: pure, PURE guns and rookies here and a lot will change as I've only had a few drafts to keep myself fresh.

So here are the potatoes as of the third or fourth draft, with rookies completely up to change:

DEF: S. Docherty, R. Laird, T. McDonald, M. Scharenberg, S. McLarty, C. Hampton, L. Ryan, A. Morgan
MID: P. Dangerfield, S. Pendlebury, J. P. Kennedy, R. Sloane, N. Fyfe, D. Heppell, D Myers, B. Sier, P. Ahern, N. Freemna, K. Mutch
RUC: M. Gawn, A. Sandilands, L. Strnadica
FWD: L. Dahlhaus, J. Gunston, I. Heeney, J. Roughead, H. McLuggage, S. Durdin, W. Rioli, E. Himmelberg

Steering completely clear of mid-pricers in the middle. I'm having none of it, aside from potentially Marc Murphy, maybe. It's very cookie cutter for now, but once I can trawl through Ocker's stats I might be able to find something I like more up forward and down back.


Your guns look great, Patch! I'm gonna pick on your rooks. McLarty buggered his shoulder in Sept and is on non-contact drills at the Pies. Hampton might struggle for regular games, as will Himmelberg. Ahern needs a knee reco (again)

Morgan and Sier are new names for me. Any info?

Jib Jib

Don't mean to be pedantic but isn't there a lot of mid pricers in there for a pure GNR team?

After reading your article I also decided on a pure GNR team, but the forward line options are just nasty this year. Toying with the Nick Riewoldt but I just he's gone 1 year too long and will drop form like poor old Pavlich.


Good team… Heppell probs not a top 15 mid (therefore a mid pricer??). Also what are Sandi, Heeney and Roughy? Embrace the dark side Patch, you know you want to load up on these bargain picks!

Luskin Star

WHAT no Zach


Breakout year last year with rank around 3k previously it was about 100k and the community played a big part in that rise
Still not very good compared to the rest of the community but here is my team (V1)
Using The Higginator

DEF: Docherty, Shaw, Laird, McGrath, Scharenberg, Stewart
MID: Danger, GAZ, Bont, Fyfe, Beams, Swallow, Powell-Pepper, Myers
RUC: Gawn, Sandi
FWD: Dahl, Buddy, Lynch (GCS), Heeney, McCluggage, Bowes

Haven't bothered with bench rookies yet as they will change heaps

Open to any suggestions or ideas
Not sold on Buddy, Sandi, Beams or Shaw

Thanks Jock and Community

Jib Jib

The injury risk presented by having Gaz, Fyfe, Beams and Swallow in the same midfield would give me cold sweats.

The forward cupboard is bare this year, Buddy is as good a pick as anyone else there as long as you're prepared to accept his outrageously inconsistent scores. If Sandi stays fit I think he should score around 100. It's not like he'll be a POD this year so if he gets injured it shouldn't ruin you. Beams is just too much of an injury risk for me, massive upside but he literally gets injured every season, at some point that's got to start affect his ceiling. Shaw is a lock.


Excellent trajectory in recent years but lack of a full pre season this year, not convinced you can make the jump to premo coach this year. One to put on the watch list tho.


R11 bye doesn't suit the fwd line. Dahl, Buddy, Heeney, McCluggage all miss…


Traded Buddy for Bennell


Missing a few rookies like SPP here, too. They'll find their way in in subsequent drafts


Hello Community.

First time SuperCoach player, any feedback would greatly appreciated.

Def: Docherty, T.Adams, Laird, Scharenberg, Berry, Newman, (Ryan, Stewart).

Mids: Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Treloar, Bontempelli, Fyfe, Beams, Swallow, Myers, ( Freeman, Graham, Bolton).

Rucks: Grundy, Sandilands (Cameron)

Fwds: Dahlhaus, T. Lynch, Heeney, Ryder, Thomas, W. Rioli, (Long, Eddy).

Cash: $3,500.

Thank you Vicki.


Adams feels like a trap. Having not played out a season is a worry, you want a bit of security at D2.

Thomas on the rookie list.

The Bont

Def – Shaw ,docherty , Burgoyne , Hampton , Newman , vickery willis ( Ryan , Stewart )
Midfield – danger , pendles , hanners , treloar , Fyfe , beams , swallow , Myers ( Powell pepper , graham , Bolton )
Ruck – Gawn , Martin (strnadica)
Forward – Dahl , macrae , Bennell , Thomas , lamb , eddy ( Rioli , smith )


Hi all, first time commenting been reading all the reviews with great interest so thank you to all involved. Current draft of team:

Def – Docherty, Adams, Laird, McGrath, Scharenberg, Berry (Ryan, Stewart)
Mid – Danger, JPK, Treloar, Fyfe, Heppel, Mark Murphy, Myers, SPP (Freeman, Graham, Leonardis)
Ruck – Gawn, Grundy (Strndica)
Fwd – Dahl, Caddy, Ryder, Hoskin-Elliot, Knight, Bowes (Pickett Eddy)

Not sold on Adams, just don't like any other premium defender either. Ryder may become Heeney but I've been scared off by Patch's article…


thanks Jock and thanks for all your work on the site


I'm seeing less teams with Henry. Patch has everyone second guessing.




ooooooo holmsy


Hello Community. First time poster. SC addict.

Def: Doc Shaw Rance Tmac Newman Ryan (Stewart Sproule)

Mids: Danger Pendles Fyfe GAJ Treloar Beams Swallow Po-Pepp (Myers Brown Graham)

Rucks: Gawn Sandi (Strnadica)

Fwds: Franklin Ryder Roughead Black Pickett Rioli (Eddie Bolton)


Lock in Dahl for sure I reckon. GAJ in zero contact training, would look elsewhere. Very nice team tho.


U can get Dahl anytime Buddy's opening to the season could be massive.


Def- Docherty, Adams,Johannisen, Laird, McGrath, Scharenberg (Ryan, Stewart)

Mid- Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Bontempelli, Fyfe, Beams, Swallow, Powell-Pepper, Myers (Bolton, Freeman, Graham)

Ruck- Gawn, Sandilands ( Strnadica)

Forward- Dahlhaus, Heeney, Ryder, McCluggage, Bowes, Smith ( Pickett, Eddy)

$236,900 in bank


Get those dollars on the field amigo.


Don't leave loot in the bank Homie


SuperCoach not open yet :/


Not yet for the general public. It was open for subscription members but that looks to have closed now. I can't access it anymore


I expect it will open when the Hun has it's staff at work to respond to the heavy load of reopening the site. Whilst probably done by contractors, the Hun will no doubt have the phone lines pummeled with problems with the load.


And apparently needs a log in before you can even enter the site.


Using hs log in doesn't work yet.


DEF: Shaw, T Adams, JJ, Bob, McGrath, Ryan, Stewart, Vick-Will
MID: Danger, Pendles, Fyfe, Jelwood, JPK, Fiorini, SPP, Myers, Graham, Bolton, Parfitt
RUCK: Gawn, Sandi, Strnadica
FWD: Dahl, Heeney, Ryder, Bennell, Luggage, Rioli, Eddy, Long.

Rookies will surface no doubt, so all rookies will shift to accommodate those who get the early start.
Bennell is questionable, but Roughy could slot in here.

I'm impressed with Fiorini and his finish last year. I think he's set to explode.
Bob, well, there's significant history to his durability, alas not from such an injury. The early preseason will
determine whether he ends up here or I load up with another mid-price or rookie.

Hard to go full Premo-Rookie considering there is some mid-pricers that are tempting. Sure Patch has made some
great analysis, but haven't we all been burned by not picking up that mid-pricer that explodes (and those who picked
up on Barlow!).

I'm in the corner that you may pick 2-3 mid-priced options, but we will need to see some preseason form to decide on
who those are. Got to keep an eye out on a number of options, especially those coming back from injury.

Going to be a fun year as I think this is where the men will be separated from the boys, not around rookie selection this
year, but around the mid-priced, fallen or injured premo's and who you pick will determine to where you sit in the
SC pecking order.


There will be those with Beams and those without. He is shaping up as the dividing line as it changes the whole structure.

Sandi, bob and roughie are similar on the other lines. All great value


like your fiorini choice dunkley from wb also ready to explode. will not be picking dangerfield at current price. will use extra money for premium pod midfielder ie coniglio or cripps


Should Watson and Heppell be in our teams?


I'd say watch both to see how they go in the preseason games.


Watson flying apparently…so much to prove…453k……in my side ahead of heppell who doesn't get a lot of contested ball.


Not top mids, therefore only take for cash generation if a) not enough good rookies and/or b) want a smooth upgrade path to a better premo.

Watson will make much more cash if fit so would take him over Heppell. But have Beams and MMurphy ahead of either for that role.


Watson is a bit long in the tooth, Heppell I'm considering


Is it open today?


For general public?


Yep. Not yet. Check back this arvo


Righto thanks mate


Def: H Shaw [VC], K Simpson, R Laird, B Vince (MID), M Scharenberg, N Newman, (L Ryan [E], Joel Smith)
Mid: S Pendlebury [C], S Coniglio, N Fyfe, D Heppell, D Mundy, B Fiorini, D Myers, S Powell-Pepper, (J Barrett [E], C Maynard (FWD), N O'Kearney (FWD))
Ruck: B Grundy, A Sandilands (J Witts)
Fwd: J Macrae (MID), J Gunston, I Smith (MID) J Billings (MID), R Knight, C McCarthy, (K Lebois, B Eddy)

Remaining Salary: $37,600


Not big on Mundy after last year, Jambo. Fiorini is a brave call. 280k on the back of two games? You could save a bit of coin there I reckon with a cheaper rook. There's a few forward options like Bolton, NOMCOC v2, Pickett you could grab over McCarthy/Knight types


2016 was a poor year for Mundy, yes.
the other hand, I can see a rapid improvement in Fremantle this year on the back of a fit Sandilands, Fyfe and the addition of Bradley Hill and Lachie Neale continuing his rise to über elite rank. Mundy will roam as he pleases and collect possies at will.


Plenty of pods. Love Cogs, not sure about Smith or Billings with both competing with many for lucrative roles (so is Cogs I guess, but what a gun).

No Danger = perilous indeed


Absolutely love this community! My first year where I haven't done my own supercoach pre-season but thanks to this great group of people I was able to assemble a starting squad. Patch's article on mid pricers has influenced my starting squad massively, persuading me to not take the risk on players who "might become premium one day". I decided to take a punt on proven premiums at a discounted price (Beams, Murphy and Sandilands) with the idea of off-loading them around the byes. And as a point of difference I've decided to go with Tom McDonald as Lekdog's write up on him has got me seriously considering him, key position is the only thing worrying me. Would absolutely love to hear what the community thinks about my (Very rough) side. Cheers!

DEF: Simpson, Laird, Johannisen, McDonald, Scharenberg, Ryan (Stewart, NOMCOC)
MID: Dangerfield, Treloar, Bontempelli, Fyfe, Murphy, Beams, Powell-Pepper, Myers (Gore, Bolton, Graham)
RUC: Gawn, Sandilands (Strnadica)
FWD: Riewoldt, Dahlhaus, Franklin, Hoskin-Elliot, Black, Pickett (Eddy, Smith)


Looks solid, Gags. Bit of news on Twitter this morning that Murph will be spending time deep forward


"Certainly this year I've done a lot of training inside so I'll play a lot inside mid, filter on a wing, and then also go deep forward as well," definitely some good signs here if he's going to play inside but playing deep forward could damage his output. All I'm looking from Murphy is to be consistently scoring 90's and increase in price by the byes. Any other suggestions though?


Heater, Monty, Adams, and five rookies,,,,Alex Johnson, Ryan, Newman, (Nomcoc, Stewart).

Bont, Rocky, Danger, Watson, Parker, Pendles, SPP, Graham (Freeman, Berry, Myers)

Goldie, Sandi, (Strnadica)

Roughy, Dids, Dahl, Macrae, Shoenmakers, Pickett (Eddy, Cameron)

Shoe a big POD and so cheap if he gets games. Still got 181.4 k so Scharenberg might yet get d5/6….lots of captain loopholes early season.


Any new on trades in bye rounds ??


Hi Jock
i am representing a group called Richmond Tiger Supporters Supercoach Page
we have around 120 members and we are building a community team this year for the first time.
and we are up for a challenge , i was wondering if you had a community team and were up for a challenge aswell 🙂


we are armed with the jock reynolds magazine (coming soon ) …and we are going to be very dangerous 🙂

Tim Smith

DEF: Shaw, Adams, Laird, JJ, McGrath, Scharenberg (L.Ryan, T.Stewart)
MID: Danger, Pendles, Hannebery, Treloar, Fyfe, Beams, Swallow, S.Powell-Pepper (D.Myers, N.Freeman, J.Graham)
RUCKS: Goldy, Sandilands (L.Strnadica)
FWD: Dahlhaus, Caddy, McCarthy, McCluggage, J.Picket, S.Bolton (T.Smith, B.Eddy)

2k leftover, yes i do know my forward line is weak but i just don't know who to pick this year, so I'm just waiting it out.




First league is open 586828, would love some good competition jump in lads!


Spots filling up fast 🙂



Pitch 72

I'm in, great stuff


Cheers Pitch


I've jumped in hedski


On ya Kev, on a side note do you know how to change your teams guernsey can't work it out? Cheers