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NRL Supercoach Fantasy CowboyThe Gold Coast Titans have made some key changes to the team that finished 8th in the 2016 regular season.

Their three main signings for 2017 are Jarrod Wallace, Kevin Proctor and Dan Sarginson who will help fill the gaps left by Josh Hoffman, David Mead, Greg Bird and Luke Douglas. I really like how the Titans are shaping up for 2017 and I reckon they’ll make the top eight once again.

Putting aside their incredibly hard run between rounds seven and eleven, the Titans actually have a nice draw. I’ll be keeping a close eye on their outside backs once the meat of the Origin period approaches. They have just two top four opponents in the closing twelve games of the season. That sounds pretty dam good to me.


Titans NRL Draw Indicator

  1.  Jarryd Hayne ($244.7k) should be the most popular starting pick for SuperCoach 2017. He is massively under-priced for a player of his calibre and his DPP status puts the icing on the cake. I can’t see many competitive coaches leaving Hayne out of their side, especially with the Titans playing at home against the Knights in round two. Don’t even think twice about this decision. Just do it!
  2. Anthony Don ($194.5k) couldn’t crack the 30 point season average last year and produced many sub-twenty point performances. He’s the type of player you could grab if his break even somehow drops to -50 or more but you won’t see him in many coaches’ teams in 2017.
  3. Dan Sarginson ($219.9k) has been signed by the Gold Coast Titans after playing three seasons with the Wigan Warriors. There’s no doubting he’s a quality centre. He scored 27 tries in his time with Wigan and also represented the English International side last year. His price tag may be very attractive but I’d like to see how he handles the higher quality league before putting him on my radar. His DPP status is a nice little bonus though.
  4. Konrad Hurrell ($315.3k) may have failed to break the 50 point average barrier in 2016 although it wasn’t for a lack of performance. He played under 30 minutes per game in a quarter of his appearances and only played 12 games of the 24 game season. His average while playing 80 minutes was closer to 56 PPG and his price is very attractive for a player of that calibre. He’s definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a quality player that’s slightly under-priced. Keep in mind that Koni is currently battling an injury and is in question for round one.
  5. Daniel Vidot ($259.7k) has started training with the Titans in recent times but there’s been no official announcement of him joining the club. Vidot played the 2016 season with Salford after representing the Raiders, Dragons and Broncos prior to his UK trip. I reckon he’ll edge out John Olive as the winger of choice for 2017 and won’t hold back making his mark. He could be a good POD if you’re feeling ballsy.
  6. Kane Elgey ($226.7k) missed the 2016 season through an ACL injury and will be available for a very cheap price as a result. He signed with the Titans in 2015 and scored six tries from 16 games in his debut season; pretty impressive considering he’s a halfback. Let’s not forget that he comes with DPP status and he’s also capable of goal-kicking if required. He’s a very attractive buy and I think I’ll be giving him a crack in my starting side if he’s fit to play.
  7. Ash Taylor ($343.1k) had his breakout season in 2016 after making the move from the Broncos to the Titans. As crazy as it sounds I can see Taylor being a left-field POD but I’m not willing to take the risk myself. He’ll likely be the club’s goal kicker and he’ll have a high quality spine around him to compliment his off-the-cuff play. Don’t be surprised if he’s in the top five scoring halves after the opening five rounds.
  8. Jarrod Wallace ($251.8k) will be a popular SuperCoach choice if he plays at starting prop in 2017. He should generate at least $70k at some point but he probably won’t be in your run home side. Keep an eye on his break even and offload him at the right time.
  9. Nathan Peats ($364.8k) might be a popular choice if he becomes one of the few 80 minute hookers once again. He’s always hungry for involvement and he usually racks up a good number of tackles. The only concern is that he may not generate too much coin and he’s not really suitable for your run home team. He’ll just produce some consistent scores.
  10. Ryan James ($487.4k) comes with a huge price tag due to his large number of attacking stats in 2016. Is it naïve to think that he can’t repeat that epic effort? I’d prefer to spend my money elsewhere but you can’t be blamed for taking the chance.
  11. Chris McQueen ($303.9k) should either start in the second row or come from the bench; either way he’s too inconsistent for me. He scored the random 60+ last season but there were way too many scores under 40 to be considered reliable.
  12. Kevin Proctor ($407.8k) is one of the new additions to the Titans side and will start in the second row. He averaged over 60 PPG in 2016 and should be a reliable option, although he’s one of those ‘pay for what you get’ players. He’ll hover around that $400k mark unless he strings together some attacking stats.
  13. Agnatius Paasi ($311.7k) may emerge as a surprise point of difference option due to his price and scoring potential. He may have averaged just 46 PPG in 2016 but he managed to produce 60+ scores around 50% of the time in the opening ten rounds. He could be the ultimate stepping stone towards a keeper.
  14. Eddy Pettybourne ($149.5k) won’t be SuperCoach relevant if he plays the same role as last season. He averaged just 22 PPG and around 20 MPG in 2016.
  15. David Shillington ($260.1k) missed nine games in the middle of the 2016 season after averaging around 37 PPG in the opening ten rounds. It’s difficult to see Shillo bringing any real positives to your starting side.
  16. Zeb Taia ($352.6k) may or may not be a starting forward next season. The new additions in the Titans’ pack have made the make-up of their forwards hard to predict. Either way, I can’t see too many positives with having him in your starting side.
  17. Leivaha Pulu ($221.2k) will provide your team with a lot of scores between 20 and 30 points but won’t be a viable SC option in 2017.

Who do you think will make up the Titans’ starting forward pack?

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Titans play four home games in a row to start the season so im really looking at getting in a couple to start off.. Ryan James. Hurrell. Hayne? Skeptical on Hayne as there were rumours that it was up to the players whether they wanted him in the side or not?!?!? Also they play Newcastle in Rd 2 & in Rd 9. only other team to play Newcastle twice before the BYES is Penrith in Rd 4 & Rd 11


I heard similar rumours about Hayne mate but I think he can dismiss those now. He's just too much of an attractive option to pass up, especially with that sexy opening draw. Ryan James could jag a few attacking stats with that draw so good he he could be a great option mate. I'll be giving him a miss but it could be a costly error. I can see Koni having a nice season too.
Cheers Rabbits. Loving your input mate


He did have a massive breakout season and unbelievably played 24 matches. Ive always avoided him considering he was the most penalised player and couldnt help get suspended in the past. I think hell actually improve on last season. Hes up $34k on last yrs finishing price so like most of the premiums hell prob drop in price but hes a keeper in my book. Now with Proctor playing on Hurrells edge i reckon Hurrell gonna get some sweet ball playing alogside him.


Yeah good call mate. Koni is potentially a keeper and can produce the goods – especially with someone like Proctor on his edge. Now he has a preseason with the Titans under his belt surely the only way is up. $315k could be a steal. I gather you're going to start with him Rabbits?


Hayne and Wallace are no brainers! Both fantastic value, the rest I wouldn't go near barring a price drop on the hurrelcane! Hayne will hit 450 k at least at some stage.


I'm worried the Hurrellicane will even get a price drop!!!


If Hayne is playing fullback i'm on board the hayne train. Didnt even consider wallace.. interesting.


Only concern is whether he gets an increase in minutes……


amd SUPERCOACH 2017 is back open baby. yee haa


759047 – 12 man league team starts from rd 1

497897 – 20 man league