SuperCoach 2017: LekDog’s First Five.

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5 Must Have SuperCoach 2017 OptionsToday we are going to go with something a little different, today I’m going to take you through my first five SuperCoach selections for 2017.

These are all players who in my opinion are justified in their price and assumed playing role for 2017, unless we see any drastic changes during the preseason competition I would consider all of these blokes as locks.

Before we begin I must admit that I’m cheating a little bit by not including any ruckmen on this list as I have a strong feeling that the 2017 Jock Reynolds Magazine will change our perspective on the fantasy ruck role this year. I’m also not including one of my first picked players in Kade Simpson in this article because I gave a very in-depth look at his selection value here.

Let’s get into it:

#5 – number of Supercoach Grand Finals I blew last season..

 David Myers (MID $133,700)

Myers has not played football in a long time. With just 2 games in 2015 and 0 in 2016 why should we consider selecting him? Well from what I’ve been reading in addition to some reading between the lines, it looks like the Bombers will give all of their previously banned players every opportunity (maybe more opportunity than necessary) to break into the teams best 22.

Now assuming Myers can find his match fitness I think the 27-year old will be able to find his way into Essendon’s team. Currently sitting on 85 AFL career games I think it’s reasonable to assume that Myers could make it to 100 games in 2017, especially given how underdone the majority of the team is.

Myers is also a rookie priced player, a cheap rookie priced player and as Jock has told us we need to focus on these guys and not premium-priced rookies like McGrath. Myers has the advantage of having played before as compared to his rookie counterparts, not only has he played before but he has played at a relatively high level of production.

Myers averaged 74.0 Supercoach points in 2013 and a career high 85.6 points per game in 2014 before getting injured in 2015 (resulting in just two games for an average of 39). In 2015 Myers was able to rack up 14 scores of 80+ including two tons, if he can get anywhere near this sort of production in 2017 he could be buy of the year.

#4 – the greatest four-peat in living memory, Carlton winning from Round 5-8 in 2016..

Josh Caddy (FWD/MID $488,600)

I think Josh Caddy is an absolute bargain this year, particularly with a lack of obvious forward line selections available to us. If the rumors that Martin is going to play forward more in 2017 to fill the Deledio void then Caddy will be licking his lips to take some of Dusty’s possessions. If the rumors are false I still see Caddy filling a hole in the Richmond midfield as well as swinging forward to boot a goal or two.

In what was the steal of the trade period Caddy came across to the Tigers from Geelong for pick 24 (exclusive vision below), and I suspect this move will be great for our Supercoach aspirations.

Caddy had a solid year in 2016 averaging 89.8 Supercoach points over 16 games notching up 10 scores of 80+ (five of which were 100+). In 2015 Caddy had his career best year averaging 93.7 points over his 19 games including 7 scores of 107+ with a career high score of 171.

I’d be happy with an average of 90 in 2017 but I expect Caddy to push his average up towards the 100-103 points per game range despite the question marks over Richmond’s ability to actually win games. Lock this bloke in as an under-priced premium and you’ll be happy.


#3 – the amount of scores this guy had above 90 before I selected him in 2016..

Tom McDonald (DEF $488,200)

I believe it was Dex who discovered this man in 2015 but it was myself who had him in 2016’s Cheat Sheet for many weeks running. Last year I saw something in this man during his Round 10 performance against Port Adelaide. I picked him up in Round 11 and never looked back; from this point in time he averaged 100.8 through to the end of the season.

McDonald ended his season with scores of 144, 111,74,94,111,102,108 and 121, I fully expect him to carry this momentum into the 2017 season. I see the addition of Michael Hibberd into the Melbourne defensive unit as a positive for McDonald’s scoring potential as he will have an efficient disposer of the ball to work with, something he has been sorely missing over the last few years.

At under $500K McDonald is really underpriced, especially for a bloke who averaged over 100 for the majority of 2016. He might have some down games here and there but I’m locking him in as a value pick and a point of difference.

#2- the number of garments Crouching One owns..

Luke Dahlhaus (FWD/MID $520,700)

Dahl will be one of the most selected payers in 2017. He is an incredible player in a very talented team and best of all he’s an affordable forward line option.

Dahl offers us flexibility as a DPP but also offers us a player with a really high ceiling. In 2016 Dahl was able to post 9 scores of 103+ in his 17 games including a high score of 154! In 2015 Dahl was able to play all 22 games and had 14 scores of 102+ (20 scores of 80+).

I see Dahlhaus pushing his average back up into triple figures in 2017 and hopefully he can get back to playing every game of the year. At $520K in a year where we don’t have a lot of starting options in the forward line I think you are doing yourself a disservice by not selecting this man. It’s also important to note that Dahlhaus scored 104.7 points per game when he was in the lineup with Jackson Macrae, so if they are both fit the competition better lookout!

#1- where the Jock Reynolds Magazine ranks in Supercoach content

Patrick Dangerfield (MID $716,900)

It doesn’t matter what his price is, he is the best player in the competition. The man averaged 131.8 Supercoach points over 22 games in 2016…that is not human. I don’t expect him to replicate his 2016 season but I sure as hell wouldn’t be surprised if he did.

Dangerfield doesn’t really require a write-up; his 2016 season speaks for itself.

Dangerfield had 18 scores of 101+ in 2016. I’m going to list them and then write nothing else on him, select him.

162, 166, 137, 132, 129, 132, 127, 124, 229, 173, 110, 135, 140, 111, 144, 101, 131, 155.

Well let me know what you think community, who will be your first 5 selected players in 2017?

Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @Lekblog.

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Can we justify having both Dahl and Macrae in our fwd lines this year?


Docherty, Danger, Fyfe, Gawn, Dahlhaus


Lek my heart is having severe palpitations after reading this article.
As much as I love you buddy I will have to go to the fridge and sit in the garden for a few minutes.
I will not take the fridge with me just the contents.
I will come back to comment later.


LEK Okay I am back and have settled down a bit, You probably went to school on top of where I used to sleep in a tin hut. Don't you love Holmesgelen.
I used to play golf up at Upwey way too. Only mountain goats play there now.

David Myers yes if he looks like playing in early games.

Josh Caddy is well priced and has the bonus of FWD eligibility. He is most likely to share duties with Dustin Martin I feel. Inside mids will be filled with ????? Unfortunately even though I am now a Richmond supporter They will struggle to make the 8. (I did not say that)

Tom McDonald, becomes the mid-priced category that Patch hates so much, inconsistency is a problem for him, In a recent article Tom said that he expects Jayden Hunt to improve considerably this year. Melbourne is a definite top 4 contender in my opinion this year and Tom would not surprise but not for mine. I have been considering Hunt because he has had a fantastic pre season and put the weight on where it counts, the lad is fast as he represented Melbourne in the GF Sprint. Roosy also has a very high opinion of him even though he is not now the coach.

Dahlhaus is not in my team ATM but very good choice.

Dangerfield is a must have as a Captain choice at this stage of the season.

I love you blokes for putting up these very insightful articles, You are very much appreciated Lek.


Very, Very awkwardly priced but will ALWAYS be on my watch list.


The human Meatball, Dixon Prestia, straight into inside mid role. Dusty way too important in the middle to sit up forward


I would love to see a fully fit Prestia playing. Hardwick is the one that needs convincing of playing Dusty as mid only. Dusty and Caddy will both go forward and kick goals, that is there natural ability and they are sure to share those duties in my mind.


they gotta get goals from somewhere. if not dusty then….?


Jay, there are goals everywhere, Many never thought of players or supercoach irrelevant players.
Jack Riewoldt maybe relevant this year. Ha Ha Dusty and Caddy and many others who will play a rotating role.
Richmond have done some good trading and will probably play some rookies because they should realize that they are in a rebuilding stage.
They will win games but not enough.


Danger Gray Fyfe Lynch Adams


Very interesting call, Lek. Yet, you are a master intriguer, aren' ya? Caddy is a firm no. Just wildly unsteady and will probably be so on the most unsteady of teams. Dahl as an F1 makes my reproductive jello quake more than it should. Tom McD is interesting. Worth seeing how he goes in preseason. Danger and Myers are pretty firmly in.

My first 5: Danger, Kade Simmo, Gawn, Myers and Murphy.


Marc or Bob Murphy?


Marc. Apologies Mac.


One if the few, if not the only team I've seen with Marc Murphy in it, huge POD


Of the few, excuse my spelling!


If you look at his numbers on Footywire and figure Cripps won't be starting the year, he'll be gobbling up points. Not worth the risk at $500K+ but a proven premium well worth it for bargain $433K, my man.


Are you up for the Challenge. Will we meet again in a league this year buddy.
I can't wait for it to start.


For sure! Cannot wait to rumble again, my friend.


Danger Fyfe Myers JPK Treloar


Lek great article mate.
Glad not everyone agrees we are all different and have a different take. Otherwise would have the old cookie cutter syndrome.

Variety is the spice of life and a key to success

My 5 are: danger, Dahl, Myers, treloar and fyfe/roughie if fit and good to go Rd 1.


Sounds good Trigger.


admittedly i havent looked at any stats but it always feels like when a bloke is named the new captain he always goes on to have a blinder. lets hope roughie does the same


JPK ??


I share your thoughts greatly! I reckon JPK will be a 5-10 better player as captain and I think he'll want to tear the game a new one early one and avoid his usual slow start.


I usually go Parker, been tempted by Hannas but its all the way with JPK this year.


Zac williams
Danger & JPK


Great Carlton minds think alike mate. No real thought process has gone into picking williams i just think he will take it to another level this year. I will also be starting with Shaw next to him with Simpson at D1. Those are my back 3 for all year barring any long term issues.


Nice one, Lek. Can't share your optimism in TMac, he was horrid to start the year. If he was closer to 400k than 500 I'd be tempted, but firm no on that price.

Caddy will fit in well with the underachieving culture at Richmond. 95-100 average best case scenario I feel.

Mines a list of yet to move out of the Higginator – Heater, Danger, SPP, Sandiballs, TJ Lynch


The only forward with an average, for 2016, above 100 is Roo. An average, for the season, of 95>100 would probably place Caddy in the top ten forwards this year. Not in my team, doesn't fit my structure, but he looks to be a genuine forward option.


Fair call, Kevan. My mind is still adjusting to expectations of forward averages. It'll get there eventually!


Thanks Lek great food for thought! I like T-Mac, definitely worth consideration although I prefer Rance in the same category. Caddy appeared briefly in my team but he is a no for now. There are only 4 blokes who have not moved from my team this preseason. Danger, Fyfe, Gawn and Myers.


Nice work LEK…
T.Mac pick is an option iv looked at but don't have him in team ATM
Caddy .. I'm looking elsewhere i don't see the bargain you see with him, no matter where he lines up for the tigs
The other 3 expect most to have starting.

I N Pieman

Agree on Danger & Myers. My other 3 are Pendles and if they play round 1 Luke Ryan & Tom Stewart


When is Supercoach opening up for 2017 officially?


Not sure what you mean by officially but it is open now for Gold Members.
For everybody else like you and me it is normally early Feb.


ah right right, thanks buddy


NRL supercoach opens on 23rd January sop i suspect that AFL will also be the 23rd!? Screenshot your teams cos they will RESET!!!


love the caddy pick mate struggling to fit him in but i want it wouldn't surprised me if he has a huge year. I am trying to avoid mid pricers and injury prone players but i feel i need to take the risk and feel this year the forward line is the place to take the risk.


dalhouse ,Ryder , henney and caddy with however if bennell is named for round 1 i will take the gamble on him. Should change a lot though. The rest of my team is pretty safe so i am willing to take some risks in fwd.

Canny the Manny

Pretty sure David Myers was in the mix for captaincy at the Bombers so I don't know what all the bs about him not making it into the 22 is about. The only reason Myers won't play this year is if he's injured, and I'm pretty sure he's all set for round 1 atm. He's just a gift from the Supercoach Gods and anyone not selecting him is mad. Lock.

My 5 would probably consist of:

T. Mitchell, M. Gawn, L. Dahlhaus, N. Fyfe, D. Beams


Cheers Canny I will put him straight on my watch list.
The last meeting I had with the Supercoach gods I was told to put Dangerfield in to make sure I had at least one Captain option every week.
I will bring that up with the Gods next meeting before season start, I am disappointed they never mentioned him to me.

Tim Smith

Caddy or Heeney is the big question for me


I'm with Lek on Caddy. Conversatively he'll add 5SC with more mid time at Richmond which should make him a top 6-7 fwd. I reckon he'll add more like 8-10SC ensconching him as a lust worthy option


Jock please start talking English mate I am sick of looking these words up on Google.
past tense: ensconced; past participle: ensconced

establish or settle (someone) in a comfortable, safe place.

Sound like you like the Caddy boy, He can carry my buggy for a few weeks until the season starts and my team is looking serious.


Higgo gives me English lessons every Monday night 7:30pm Ock. I have to write the big words on paper so I can use them when I get the chance. Been waiting for an ensconch opportunity for bloody monthsSent from my iPhone


We will have to correct either Google or Higgo.


Prob Crouching


Great work Lek! I would have thought Hurley would have been in more teams, did average 95. Maybe the loss of the beard.
My top 5 would be
Fyfe, Hurley, Dahlhaus, Dangerfield, Myers


Danners, I had Hurley all of 2015 mate, he only started playing defense in the last 3 rounds of 2014 averaging over 100.
I am a big fan of the lad and is well priced this year.

Brown Dog

My first 4 is pretty safe:
However my 5th is a bit dif.. I have Jake Lloyd in there.
Big POD, I'm tipping an average of 90+ as he did in final 13 games (including finals).


Thoughts on big Stefan Martin?


I'm keen on him mate, currently rolling with Him and Grundy.
Think he has a lot of potential to avg 105 or more


Grundy for sure


Thoughts on Trent McKenzie? Has some serious potential, now that Malceski is gone it's about time he lived up to his hype and made the rebounding ball using role his own. 238K


Burnman, Hyphen! Avoid. Agree there is plenty of potential there, need to see it translate to fantasy scoring


Yeah spot on there Kev.. I've been lucky enough to have never been burnt by him. Just KK instead all of last year haha


Any intel on Gallucci from the Crows? They need pace in the middle, could get a gig early?


I'm thinking that Ellis yolman will come back in, however also the possibility lies that Charlie Cameron will go into the mid and Troy Menzel might go forward? Also dean Gore is still wanting a spot!


Sorry Lekdog, what was this article about? I just can't get past the clip of the Richmond recruiter, gold mate absolute gold! You know it's good when you come back to the site the following day and you want to watch it again, brilliant.
Anyway, Caddy was one that I had in my fwd line from when the Higginator first went up, thinking along the same lines as you re his average being maintained or even going up re contested ball in the middle, but guess see how he goes in the nab.
The blokes who seemed to have remained each time are: Old man Simmo, Danger, JPK, Pendles, Treloar, Turf Toe and the Haus.



Wingard or Bennell in the FWD line?

Thinking if Bennell's calves are right to go, would be the better option.

Top 5: Shaw, Fyfe, Myers, Heppel, Ablett


With phillips now on the LTI list at the blues they have space to upgrade a rookie.
Will probably be silvagni bringing in another tall but if Galluci gets upgraded be a huge bonus as kid can play and knows how to attract the pill


Galluci is at the crows and not on the rookie list Trigger!


Danger, Pendles, Fyfe, Goldy, Dahl

Sandi, Beams, Myers, Swallow, SPP


Word out of the dogs is that Luke Dahlaus is ready to go full time through the mid. Increased his tank significantly. Was probably a lock already but this has confirmed it.


has not shifted from F1 in any of my preseason teams.

Big G

What makes you so sure on Caddy Lekdog? Is someone like Buddy a more safer bet as F3 considering he consistently averages above 90 and can go big?


very good article LEK. At this time of the season this should be a very easy list for us all to do. We should all have at least 5 players who have been in every team combination so far and will be there come round 1.

My Five LOCKS (in order) are:

1. Fyfe – if he was $675k i would still lock him in.

2. Dangerfield – Have you seem him play?

3. Sandilands – His price is just too good to not pick him.

4. Dahlhaus – has been F1 in every version of my team this preseason. True midfielder with DPP status.

5. Docherty – I didn't have him last year and i found myself wishing he wouldn't go near the ball, but the ball would always end up going near him. At the peak of his powers with his best football still to come.

Big G

Like a real football team, it is usually the last picked 5 that make or break a super coach team.