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Willi Rioli SuperCoach 2017Nomcoc V2.0

Going through my rookie research I was staggered to find yet another Nomcoc. Albeit for one different reason.

This one has forward thinking visionary parents that named him Willie.

Right here we have:

Nephew Of Maurice

Cousin of Cyril

How many bloody cousins does Cyril have! I’m hearing 630 & growing daily.

Back in a time before the Tigers were quick-finals-exit specialists, they could lose Grand Finals. The last one they participated in was 1982. On that day Maurice Rioli made history as the first man to be awarded the Norm Smith medal in a losing side. Richmond has won nothing of significance since then until the AFL gifted Trent Cotchin a brownlow. Still makes me feel sick.

So what do Maurice Rioli Michael Long & Cyril Rioli all have in common? They are all Norm Smith medallists. So both of the Nomcoc’s come from absolute football royalty.

Nomcoc V2.0’s pathway onto an AFL list is a lot different to Nomcoc V1.0. But once again we have a mature age recruit purpose selected to fill a void.

It wasn’t an easy road for Nomcoc 2.0. He’s made his way onto the Eagles list via the SANFL. When he missed out on being drafted as an 18 year old his parents got in his ear. No Rioli had ever played in the SANFL so they encouraged him to be the first. And eventually he did. But it took him a couple of years. Nomcoc V2.0 was never willing to give up on his dream on playing AFL.

But he had a problem..

He was a fat bastard.

One evening Nomcoc 2.0 phoned a couple of friends. They were Relton Roberts & Chris Yarran. At the conclusion of these conversations Nomcoc 2.0 was left with no doubt that AFL teams don’t like fat bastards. Nomcoc 2.0 had a decision to make. If he was going to have any chance of playing AFL he needed to get fit. And to his credit that’s exactly what he did.

A self confessed junk food addict went from Maccas freak to Steak & salad. He became absolutely dedicated & peeled off 16kgs of fat in one preseason. When Nomcoc V2.0 stepped out on the park in Round 1 for Glenelg he was no longer a fat bastard. Instead he was a lean quick goal crumbing Gun.

The first evidence of the impact of his weight loss was in May when he represented the SANFL  in a match against the best of the VFL. Nomcoc 2.0 got his name up in lights with 4 goals. Towards the end of the season he put on a 5 goal match winning masterclass against Norwood that really caught the eye.

And after completing a stunning season with Glenelg his dream was realised.

Nomcoc V2.0

2017 Price:   $117,300
2017 Position:   FWD only
Age:  21
 2016 SANFL Games:        16 (AVG 1.4 goals a game)
Height & Weight:    177cm & 75kg (was 91kg)
Draft Selection:    Pick 52 West Coast
Estimated 2017 SC Avg:    50-60 PPG


Let’s cross to Bruce McAvaney for his thoughts on the prospect of another Rioli playing AFL footy this year.

Bruce Willie Rioli

Sorry Bruce – I’ll leave you to it mate.

It’s important that whilst Nomcoc 2.0 & Nomcoc are similar in some respects Nomcoc 2.0 does not provide the versatility the Nomcoc does. He is a Fwd only for a reason, that’s all he can do. He is a genuine clever crumbing shark who is deadly accurate with his peg. Known to be able to kick goals from anywhere & on any angle. He is also well known to be an accurate & reliable set shot.

Nomcoc 2.0 at the combine ran a 2.98 over 20 metres which is quick, & ran a respectable 13.2 beep test. That’s good enough to play as a small forward in the AFL.


Let’s let his coach Adam Simpson take care of this.

Simpson said the 21 year old, who impressed for Glenelg in the SANLF this season, was targeted to fill a specific need for the Eagles;

“There is a small crumbing forward position available, so if he keeps tracking the way he has there’s no reason why he can’t play early”

“We will see how he goes. At the moment we really like what we see & we’re really happy with what we have got”

On his body change:

“It shows commitment, doesn’t it. The word is he’s lost a  fair bit of weight & it’s self driven. We admire that. When you see someone like that who’s done it on his own, I think it definitely helps. And when you lose that much weight & get that much fitness, you’re  always going to play better too, aren’t you”?


Not a hell of a lot here. Injury I suppose & perhaps he may get dropped. But once again I can’t see him being a high scorer. Small forwards never really are.


  • Knows how to find the big sticks
  • Excellent gatherer of the pill
  • Elite kick
  • Tackles
  • Forward Pressure
  • Quick
  • Significant improvement to his endurance


  • Won’t play anything but a small Forward
  • Won’t score much


Nomcoc 2.0 has been cherry picked to come in & play a role. No doubt about it.

His job will be to hang around the feet of Kennedy & Darling & shark goals & create forward pressure to keep the ball in.

It’s Nomcoc 2.0’s spot to lose.

So Nomcoc vs Nomcoc V2.0..

Why Cant We Have Both?

High on the Watchlist!



Jock Reynolds Coach KingsThis article has been penned as part of the Jock Reynolds Community Series, where anyone from within our proud community can have their say in front of their peers. These men and women have displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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General Soreness

Another great rookie write up Pieman, filling the void of information that exists with a lot of these draft selections. Will pop him on the watchlist as advised!

I N Pieman

Cheers General. Absolutely one to keep an eye on


He will not score you points nor make you any coin. If he even gets a game it will be very minimal, don't forget people, some are out to lead you astray?? Be smart!!



Saw his name a couple of days ago when I was having a play with the team and the higginator but didn't know much about him. Now I do. The word rioli always peaks an interest.

Gr8 read.

Looks like the rioli family tree gathering is a huge event may need to book out the G. Be a fairly decent kick to kick.

Will put him on the watch list and if stuck for rooks come Rd 1 if named may get a gig as a slow burn bench option.

One again thanks your Intel on the rooks is invaluable.

I N Pieman

No worries trigger. Probably will be a slow burner but he's cheap. The blokes I think that might see more of the pill come with an inflated price tag. There's always a catch

Curious George

Do like the look at Berry in the backline. Could get early games in the backline to replace pearce off.

I N Pieman

Love him Curious. Most importantly about Jarrod Berry is he has a massive tank (15.1 beep test which is elite), he also won the 3k time trial at the combine. Super athlete. Massive chance for early game time. DPP as well. Brilliant. And another one Alex Witherden. Gun. Keep an eye on him


Tigers have sucked for ages (that's what happens when you switch wife swappers for wife bashers I guess), but I loved going down and watching Willie play these last few years. He was really good in the SANFL VS VFL game at Adelaide Oval last year too. Booted 4-5 goals and generally looked above the pack in terms of tricks and skills.

I N Pieman

I was wondering if you'd seen him action BVC. He kicked 4 in that SANFL vs VFL game. Very impressive


Terrific write up INP. Being from the west we get plenty of news items on the Eagles. He made the back page when he was drafted. Slow burning rookies are not the worst to have on the bench, can always pinch hit knowing he can keep his spot if he keeps fit. Depends on the structure up front and how many rookies we want.

I N Pieman

Cheers Kevan. Back page of the paper aye. Adam Simpson likes him so that's a huge tick for me


slow burning rookies are good, all they need is one big game and their price can jump for 3 weeks.

I N Pieman

Exactly Derek. One good game where they kick a few goals & away goes the price again


There are slow burning rookies and then there is Conor Menadue.

I N Pieman

Spudadue. What a lemon


You had to go and mention the war 🙂

Menaspew. Potato anyone?


he got 3 kicks in a half of footy that scored 100sc


Tom Papley comes to mind. Basically made 180k on the back of 2 tons and an 80

I N Pieman

These guys will be quite similar to papley. If you can get 200K out of them then that's a pat on the back


"But once again I can’t see him being a high scorer. Small forwards never really are."

Just a question, because I don't know. Is Eddie Betts classified as a small forward?

I N Pieman

He is considered a small forward. But rookies won't kick 75 goals a season. Be good if they could but


The Rioli family. It's like "I'm Spartacus"!

Brilliant footballing family. Would love to be a part of it, except I'm white, middle aged, overweight, have no sense of rhythm, and can't play football to save myself.

I N Pieman

Is that you Chris Dawes




No. I forgot short. But close!


This from coach Simpson today:

Wile E Rioli has been exceptional at training, bringing forward pressure and will feature early in JLT.

So good news as we get a look at the kid and allows him to show his wares.

I N Pieman

Simpson does rate him. If he does get picked round 1 he might have a but more job security than most


Really valuable knowledge this, Pieman. Thanks mate.

I N Pieman

No worries Kev

Smell this

I fart in your general direction
Hope you smell and enjoy


this comment stinks


Thank you Pieman, there is actually some competition for spots on my bench now! Got any bobfoc's we should know about?

I N Pieman

Competition is a good thing AMAC. I've got a bit more gold up my sleeve yet


Pieman I love these insights on players and especially Rookies,
I have not done much research on rookies this year but Rioli will be added to my watch list.
Thank you and everybody else for taking the time to research these blokes, Our success this year depends on starting with the right team. (As Usual)
One BIG Mistake I made last year was starting with some of the wrong rookies. Costing me valuable trades.

Cheers mate.

I N Pieman

No worries Ocker. People waste too much time wondering if player x can take his Av from 105 to 108. Knowing your rookies gives you a massive leg up over the opposition. Understanding if one can score 20 points per game more than another is far more valuable


Spot on mate, I am making a list and studying rookies ATM.
I never had time to do one for the "Ultimate Spread-sheet" this year but with the delay of getting her out I just might have time to get Jock to add it in if I can finish it in time.

Stay tuned tonight for an Article from Patch.

I N Pieman

The old Patch up. Can't wait


another big trap is people selecting a rookie because they are picked for Round 1, without knowing that they won't play many games once <insert name> returns round 2.


True… but better than picking one not even named in R1. Might debut R2 or R22.


Funny as **** ! No for me. Still laughing now at the photo references.

I N Pieman

Saw that pic & thought that's got Bruce written all over it. Cheers Gave

Luskin Star

Great write up as usual. And well timed with Patchs article also coming out. If we flick mid pricers as he suggests we need more rookies and this is one i hadnt yet considered.

I N Pieman

Thanks Luskin. Yeah I'm trying to go as close to guns & rookies as I can


You've been KILLIN' IT this preseason with the rookie review, Pieman. Another potential gem unearthed. High on the watchlist for sure. Hope he can provide some magic during NAB so I can slot him in R1. Shooting to keep F4-F6 all rooks.

I N Pieman

Guns & rookies my man. Thanks throts


His kick to handball ratio is very SuperCoach friendly, if the match simulation at Eagles training is anything to go by, and also looks like he loves to get amongst the contested ball in the forward 50.


A very good option to pick in the hope that he scores well for a few weeks, and then trade him immediately after his price goes to around $300,000. I wouldn't want to risk holding onto a small fwd for long at all.