Jarrod Witts Supercoach 2017

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Jarrod Witts Supercoach 2017New team, New Opportunity to Rise from the Ashes?

by Jambo

Starved of opportunities and overtaken by Brodie Grundy at Collingwood, Jarrod Witts has a great opportunity to resurrect his AFL career at the Gold Coast Suns.

In his second and third year of AFL, he looked pretty good and showed potential of being great. However, the kid hasn’t received much good fortune. However, he can put this run to bed the upcoming year. Let us examine the Gold Coast Suns’ ruck stock.

  1. Dan Currie (has played a few years in the AFL system, but is injury prone and inconsistent)
  2. Tom Nicholls (inconsistent, injury prone)
  3. Peter Wright (more a forward than a ruckman)

Now, I ask, “is this stiff competition?” If your answer is no, then well done. He’s a cash cow.


2017 Price:    $217,600
2017 Position:    RUCK
Games last season:    2
Average last season:    50.3
100+ games last season:    0 
Sub 80 games last season:    2 
Price range last season:    $393K
Missed games last season: 
  • 9 games (dropped for 2 games on form, injured 7 games)
Significant facts: 
  • Former NSW-scholarship player, rated very highly by plaudits as a potential top-10 prospect
  • Got 44 hit-outs and a couple of goals during his last VFL game
  • Average 72+ during 2013-14



  1. Injury-plagued his season
  2. Inconsistent
  3. Only two full seasons in him


  1. Looking for a POD (point-of-difference)
  2. As an R3.


  1. Likely to nab the no. 1 ruck role at GCS
  2. Has some real upside
  3. No Buckley


  1. Inconsistent
  2. Prone to injury
  3. Likely to rack-up clangers (2-3 a game each season)
  4. Can drift in-and-out of games
  5. Low hitout to advantage (between 20-23%)
  6. New coach


The SuperCoach Committee has given us potentially another Stefan Martin here. At the very least could accumulate up to $400k. May help us mid-season turn a mid-pricer into a Dangerfield. However, I wouldn’t dare pick him at R2. A wonderful bench option.

YES (only at R3) otherwise CONSIDER



Jock Reynolds Coach KingsThis article has been penned as part of the Jock Reynolds Community Series, where anyone from within our proud community can have their say in front of their peers. These men and women have displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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Bit of a curve ball this one, good bloke to do a write up on Jambo. Have to see how things pan out in the nab cup, but if he's the no.1 ruck, you'd have to look at him as a R3 option. Does he make you enough cash to cover the extra $110k you pay over a bargain basement R3 who you also use as your loophole? But like you say, if he does stay in the side as their no.1, you can downgrade him to a rookie after the byes – another good point is his round 9 bye, no need to worry about covering him as he's already on the bench, and use the coin made to get a premo on another line. Plenty to think about mate.

The Bont

I think I'd rather have strnadica at r 3 , will get as much of a go as Witts . Until Nicholls goes down I don't think Witts will get much of a look in , that being said they've brought him across for a reason . Gold Coast also have Brooksby who they used when everyone went down around him in 2016 . The price is the only thing tempting about Witts and if he does become their number one then I agree could make some money .


Agree Bont Witts a bit too excy to be sitting at R3.

According to jock yesterday in the rookie sheet and comments strnadica could get early games.

Unfortunately this takes away our loop.hole but on the other hand gives us cheap ruck cover. So taketh with one hand ….


No for me, Jambo. Needs a lot of things to fall his way to be relevant. Needs Nicholls and Currie to pick up LTI's because he is useless as a forward.

Way too pricy as a R3 and I'm not drunk enough to have him at R2 along with Sandiballs.

Mac is back jr

His is my team so far

Back: docherty, T Adams, Tuohy, McGrath, Scharenberg, (Stewart, gorter)

Mids: Pendles, hanners, the Bont, Fyfe, Heppell, Myers, SPP (hewett, Ahern, Bolton)

Rucks: Gawn, goldie (strnadica)

Forwards: Dahl, Macrea, heeney, Bowes, Pickett, Mcluggage (smith, eddy)

I've tried to not go for many mid priced and keep it simple and have 2 strong rucks because no third man up these guys will score 120+


You're one short in def and mids, Mac.

Nice gnr setup. Like the Tuohy selection, could do great things at the Cats. Needs Danger imo, maybe he's your missing mid.

Mac is back jr

Na sorry I had coniglio


are you sure it wasn't Dangerfield? I don't see him in your team.

The Bont

Yeah tuohy could be a ripper , other than that a lot of common players .. Other than danger , brave man !!

Mac is back jr

Whoops and Ryan is in the back too

Mac is back jr

Oh my goodness I'm missing people left right and centre I have coniglio in the mid too

The Bont

Heavy through the mid Mac.
Seems to be a common theme this year , youve got a lot of good picks there.
Surprised so many people are on myself (bont) now the third man up rule is dead
Along with the popularity of macrae and haus
A lot of dogs in the kennel

Mac is back jr

yeah so do you think i should do a few changes to get a few more PODs


Didn't scroll down far enough haha. I like Bont, just don't think he's quite ready to step up to super premo yet


Yeah not starting Bont for that reason too many dogs on.other lines. Going for durability this year just gotta cough up the cash with the exception of a couple of injured discounted premos.

Still debating beams gotta see him play and play well else it is Jelwood at M6.

Curious George

Who the helI is gorter besides a lump on your neck?

Only got 5 backs on ground and 7 mids.

Ahern is LTI won't play this year.

Other than that good job?

Mac is back jr

yeah sorry i have ryan and coniglio

I N Pieman

I did read recently for what it's wrote that Nicholls came back in terrible shape & is out of favour so to say. Witts apparently is in ripping Nic. It's worth a thought. Great option to put up Jambo


Good write up Jambo, places more options in one's mind. He is not a bad ruckman, however, get the feeling he will get better with age and he will need to score well to make up the 100k starting with a loop hole rookie like Strnadica would cost.


Tom Nichols has got R1 wrapped up I thought. F Witts is on my radar but would have to be named on the field rd1 to consider.


Nice, Jambo. Agree with Gaveday in that Nicholls likely has R1 down pat, so I'm not sold on him myself. He will need to stick around in the side for extended periods, and I'm not sure if he can rest forward with Lynch, Wright and Day all holding spots down there, but if he edges Nicholls or Day out of the side in round 1, I might try and make room for him on the bench.

I N Pieman

Nicholls came back plump & in bad condition. The club believes it's the reason he's done a calf


Ah, now I hadn't heard that! That makes things very interesting if he's on the nose at the Suns.

I N Pieman

Have a read of this patch old mate. Stumbled across this looking for Intel on someone else. The news on Witts & Nichols made me forgot who I was even looking up. Adds substance to Jambos argument


Thats some telling info. If his starting ruck in rd1 i will be tempted to go gawn witts combo with intention to upgrade witts once the 2nd best ruck reveals himself


you know if he was 150k and fit heading into round 1 I reckon most of us would do it.

Am tempted to play him ar R3 and have a R/F loophole at F8.

If he makes some coin turn him into a forward prem at some time.

I N Pieman

If he looks like scoring a lot more than the guy you were going to have at f8 then that's worthy of consideration

Dont Blush Baby

Is it too ballsy with the unknown 3rd up rule impact to go Sandi & Witts if they stack up during the NAB and then load up on keepers on other lines ? I currently have Goldy / Sandi , just putting it out there, also last year there was inconsistency compared to the previous year…

Luskin Star

Its ballsy but i think the principle is a good one. Not sure Witts is the right guy though. Give Giles a look.


Compelling case for sure, Jambo. Well done. Given that they aren't lacking and Eade is a bit unpredictable about who he's sticking with and who he's yanking, Witts is a firm pass. Leaning toward the rookie from Freo with the 5 consonants-leading name who has DPP and will likely get some time if Sandi goes down (my R2). Again, great case Jambo but GCS seems like a team still very much in flux.

Luskin Star

Being no1 ruck is one thing. Being any good is another. Its a no from me.


yep. IE LOBBE 2016.