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Jack Gunston Supercoach 2017Jack GUN-ston – What’s in a name?

4 x Grand Finalist to go along with 3 flags. Jack Gunston must be loving life since he walked out on the Crows in 2011. With everyone’s favourite ginger out of action in 2016, Gunston became the top dog in Hawthorn’s forward line.

It was a funny old year for for him, he managed another 50+ majors (51) for the third consecutive year, but Clarko also experimented with him in a other roles, popping up in defence on occasion and attending a few centre bounces. Whether that is Clarko trying to add versatility to his game or whether he is trying to fast track the development of Hawthorn’s young talls is up for debate.

What shouldn’t be questioned is Gunston’s pedigree as a forward, 16 touches and 6.4 grabs for game -almost half of which were inside 50 – to go along with a few sausage rolls. At just 24 years of age, Gunston continued to improve his game.

With Roughead’s return (fingers crossed) in 2017, Jack will get less attention. Is he worth a shot in 2017?


2017 Price:    $502,300
2017 Position:    FWD
Games last season:    22
Average last season:    92.2
100+ games last season:    11 (high: 127 twice)
Sub 80 games last season:    6 (low: 46 – 4 games under 60)
Price range last season:    $395k (round 23) – $521k (round 1)
Missed games last season: 
  • None* (63 on the trot)
  • Gunston received a pretty bad corkie in round 21 which saw a massive decrease in his output for the final few weeks of the year with returns of 46, 74, and 47. Take those out his average jumps to 98
Significant facts: 
  • 2x leading goal kicker at the Hawks (2015, 2016)
  • 2x AA top 40 squad member (2014, 2015)
  • 3x premiership player (2013, 2014, 2015)



He is a key position player. While that average looks bloody good for a KPF his standard deviation is very high. His bad games are shockers.

Listed at 85kg’s, he doesn’t have the physicality to play that high-half-forward-roaming-into-the-middle role that Riewoldt and Buddy can do. I’d be much more likely to shit my pants if it was Buddy spearing me into the MCG turf than Gunston. Orange Rough’s return may see him playing closer to goal.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Hawks traded clearance kings Sam Mitchell and Jordan Lewis. The Hawks were already bloody ordinary when it came to centre clearance and clearance stats, but with the departure of these two it may have a massive knock on effect to their forward supply in 2017.


Hawthorn Clearance Statistics


If you’re after a KPF Gunston is one of the better options. However, I wouldn’t start with him. Monitor his form and numbers and if he’s pushing out consistent scores without those shite 50’s and 60’s then he had a low ownership % in 2016. He is a nice POD for the run home.


  • Young with plenty of responsibility. Future leader of the club.
  • Accurate in front of the sticks. 64% conversion rate over the past 3 seasons.
  • 3 tackles per game. Not bad for a key forward.
  • 2% TOG.


  • The spread of goal kickers at the Hawks means he rarely has a day out with a big bag of goals.
  • Hawks have traded their two best centre clearance players.
  • Up and down scoring.


It was interesting researching Gunston. There’s nothing about him that makes me want to pick him and at the same time there’s no reason not to. No doubt he is a star of our game, from a fantasy viewpoint though he doesn’t take game by the balls and deliver the big scores. If you’re going to take a punt on a KPF you want those flower off massive scores that can win you your league and a Supercoach flag.


Kev (@SC_Kev7)


Jock Reynolds Coach KingsThis article has been penned as part of the Jock Reynolds Community Series, where anyone from within our proud community can have their say in front of their peers. These men and women have displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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Rick Grimes

I traded him in last year after the byes and was disappointed. Just too many sub par scores. If you're gonna go key forward, better to pay the coin for a Reiwoldt or a Buddy. I'd probably go Lynch (GC) ahead of him too.


Gun?ston luv it Kev.

That price is a beaut. What does that make him top 5 priced forwards for 2017?

If I was gonna spend that much cash on someone other than dahl I would probably go McCrae as not a KPP less likely to serve up a shite game.

Big roughs return can only help gunston as allows him to play a more roaming role where he is most damaging. If he plays Rd 1 I will have a hawk fwd in my team but it will be big rough who gets the nod. Cheaper and more upside for potentially the same output.

Bit too excy to start but may bring him in later once a cow or two start to fatten. I can't see him going up much I think he is max price to start.

Starting to really warm Titch. More I look and think about it he will be the number 1 mid so abundance of points up for grabs Afterall who does he now have to compete with?


Thanks, Trigger. Agree re: Tmitch. Clarko doesn't bother with tagging. If he's allowed to play his natural role he'll smash the most disposals in a year record

The Bont

Spot on regarding T Mitch lads. Thinking Lids for F2 instead of a Gunston as well, should have a much lower standard deviation and could tear a few games a part for GWS .


As a Tiger I don't begrudge Lids chasing a flag at GWS. Wasn't gonna come close at the tiges. Calf, hammy, achilles are a worry. Don't expect a full season from him, Bont

Luskin Star

Leave out his rookie year and lids has a career avg of 101. Ill take the gamble on injury. On Gunston i think that there are too many fwds with a big chance to avg 100 to take a chance on someone who hasnt regularly done it at 500k

The Bont

Also before 2015 super durable , hoping he can be play at least 20 games, calf and quad weren't major injuries , hoping gws can get rid of the niggles for him .


GWS have a great medical team one of the best unfortunately you can't fix an ageing body that has played years of footy and is starting to show wear and tear.

Nick Wealands

I traded him In pretty early in the piece last year and was some what satisfied. You get what you pay for with Gunston, nothing more and nothing less. Definitely one to monitor


Yeah. Nothing great about him, pretty solid though. Like to start the year with a bang then consolidate. Upgrade candidate maybe

I N Pieman

Excellent again Kev. You must be non stop with these articles. I agree with your verdict, he's a maybe later. Can't see him hurting me not having him. Price will come down. You make a valid point about who's going to deliver the pill. Smitch Lewis & Hill gone leaves big holes. And let's be honest Tom Mitchell isn't exactly lethal with his boot. I think it's a wait & see approach with every Hawks premo


What are your thoughts on Burgoyne? I hadn't really considered him but as Kev says above, 3rd in centre clearances when Mitchell and Lewis were around. Wondering could he play a bigger role in getting that pill forward, especially if JOM isn't fit until R5+… As Trigger says above, there's points up for grabs, might they go his way?


Fair call I reckon fatboy, the Burgers will see a rise in his time spent in the middle, a sneaky spot in our defence, he should keep up his high average, finish in top 8 defenders for year, pod?

I N Pieman

My son & Shaun Burgoyne's son play comp basketball together. When the season resumes in a few weeks I'll ask him. I'll post the intel. I see your point, Burgoyne is silky smooth & might be needed further up the ground

the Bont

Yeah will be interested to hear that Pie , Smooth mover when allowed to roam through the guts . could be a veeeery tasty POD. Age not a huge factor , ultra durable.


Burgoyne averaged 113.63 after the Rd 15 bye, including finals 111.9 and only 1 score under 80 after Round 10 with 9 of 15 over 100.

I N Pieman

Some very solid numbers there Adam

Better Luck Nxt Yr

I kind of think both Burgone and Hodge getting some upside. Hodge $30k cheaper. Burgoyne more likely to stay on the park.


Burgoyne is the go to man at the Hawks, if there is a problem, he's the one to fix it.


What worries me about these options is: does it all change when/if JOM gets on the park? Where does O'Rourke fit into this? Surely he gets a shot? Hartung should get more time in the Hill role. Does the new kid Burton get a sniff? So many options- all of them value if correct, but all potential mid-priced traps at the same time. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't try different combos during the year. But I think the one constant will be Titchell. Reckon he's a lock.


Reckon Titch will struggle this year. Never been the number 1 onballer at Sydney. Will get the attention of opposition teams. His disposal is poor at the best of times let alone when he's going to be closely checked by the opposition from now on.


Love the discussion on Burgoyne, fellas.

INP, using the little ones for SC intel, love it!

I N Pieman

I have no shame Kev


I reckon Shiels might be the big winner. Has average 96 before and is priced at 70. Will certainly play a roving type roll. Awkward price but if he can increase his average by 30 then he could be worth a punt.


i have been waiting for the time when Cyril is sent to the midfield full time. Not sure it will ever happen, but we can only hope.

I N Pieman

Don't think any of the blokes you've mentioned would effect Burgoyne Keen. JOM, well who knows when he will get on the park. O'Rouke has been a lemon since he entered the system. Hartung steps straight into Hill's shoes & Burton can only really play as a forward.


Great write up again Kev. Like Guntson, but plenty of mature players returning to fit my forward structure. May consider later in the season.


Great Article Kev! However I dont like going near any sort of KPF (Buddy is an exception, I always look to bring him in after the bye).

Completely unrelated to this article but I havent seen many teams with Gary Ablett, I get that hes priced at 620k and he has had injuries during the past few seasons, but we all know that if he plays, he will score. I dont give a stuff what people are saying about him spending more time up forward. A healthy GAJ will not be in the forward line. Worst case scenario for mine is that he plays the first 3-6 rounds pumping out 120+ and then gets injured, but at that price we can trade him to whoever we please, and as evident by the winner of Supercoach 2016, saving trades is not as important as it used to be. However best case scenario is that GAJ is fully fit and he ends up playing 19 games averaging 120-125. I dont see how you can go wrong.

Black Mamba out.

I N Pieman

I'm quite keen as well Mamba. And I have thought the same thing, if he gets injured you can trade him to anyone. If he goes on a Gary like tear & you don't have him it will cause pain & suffering. I'm hoping he has one last ball tearer left in him


I've been fairly bullish on him in the past, Mamba. We all know what he can do, just the body is letting him down a bit. Only in 18% of teams when Jock crunched the numbers of preseason selections. I haven't ruled him out but if there's any whisperings of an interrupted preseason I'll put a line through him

Luskin Star

The worry for me is at some stage he has to drop in form, surely. With Suns having an early bye i'll be watching closely and may pounce after bye. Agree that that may be too late but have to take some risk


Bear in mind that if you are fielding rookies in those 3 games he missed, his effective av for you is only 115.


Anyone keen on KK?

I N Pieman

If he's playing the main avenue out of defence role he's worthy of consideration. But Eade was playing him in a variety of roles last season that killed his scoring. The Suns also picked up a bloke in the draft called Jack Scrimshaw. He's going to play out of defence & he may well take that role. He's classy & plays like Grant Birchill. I'd be very careful before you pick KK

Luskin Star

I was thinking Hanley might also be a candidate for that role

I N Pieman

He could Luskin & he could do it with real class. He's done it before. Another reason to get your hand off the thumper


KK apparently had some kind of poopy problems last year (literally) which have been resolved now, would expect an improvement in scoring but the question is how much…


loved the look of sicily last year. has the potential to go really big if hes let off the leash by the Hawks. thoughts?