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Pop quiz boys and girls!

SuperCoach Pop Quiz

Nice try. Take the test.

In 2016, which player received the ball by hand the most from his teammates?

  1. Scott Pendlebury
  2. Patrick Dangerfield
  3. Sam Docherty
  4. Andrew Gaff

A big clue was given in the title of this article, because if it was one of the first 3 three blokes this article about Andrew Gaff wouldn’t make a lot of sense would it?

The speedy wingman was given it 359 times in 2016 (17 times per match, an AFL record) and he delivered it at 72.3%. Now, handball receives can be looked at one of two ways: a) he’s a lazy prick and a seagull, or b) he runs hard and is always there to support his teammates.

In this case, it’s definitely b. Gaff averaged a tick under 30 disposals this year (29.9), 22.6 of them of the uncontested variety (ranked first in the comp) Supercoach gives you 1.5 points for each handball receive and when you’ve got Priddis (and now Smitchell) feeding them out to you it’s easy points!

His 2016 was a bit of a letdown after his breakout 2015. He wasn’t alone however, most of his midfield mates struggled for consistency. After 5 scores under 80 in the first half of the year, a switch was flicked post bye, 6 tons from 9 games and 30+ possessions 5 times. Despite his barnstorming finish to the year, he still finished the season valued at over $100,000 less than what he started the season priced at. Can he pick up where he left off after his 104 average in 2015, or is he a mid priced trap?

2017 Price:   $480,100
2017 Position:   MID
Games last season:   21
Average last season:   90.3
100+ games last season:   10 (high score 132)
Sub 80 games last season:   7 (low score 42)
Price range last season:   $354K (rd13) – $560K (rd1)
Missed games last season: 
  • 1 – Missed round 10 with concussion after Tom Jonas knocked him a few weeks into the future in round 9
Significant facts: 
  • Named on the wing in the 2015 All Australian team
  • Josh Worsfold medalist (Eagles B&F) – 2015
  • Made the 40-man AA squad in 2016
  • Eagles love him. That #3 jumper has only been worn by Juddy and Mainwaring



Not a whole lot. He’s a young bloke (24) who will hit the 150 game milestone later in the year if nothing goes pear shaped.

While I can’t knock him from a footballing perspective, his game is built on uncontested footy and it just isn’t supercoach friendly. He needs a lot of the pill to ton up, only managing to cross the 100 point mark once when he had less than 30 disposals. There were also times in 2016 when he did pass that 30 touch barrier, only to be rewarded with scores in the 80’s. You can see above that his +100/-80 games don’t offer us the kind of consistency we crave from a MID-only player.


As has been the case with a lot of these “maybe they will break out” midfield guys, there are just so many options in the fallen premium category we don’t really need to take the punt on Gaff this year. I don’t see him breaking into the top dozen or so midfielders. However, I will still watch his price. If he bottoms out at under 400k again I’d have a look.

If you want to grab him it he’ll need to lift the things I listed in “the bad” category. Along with upping his contested possession game. As he relies so much on uncontested footy for points, he also needs to lift his efficiency rate by foot to something truly elite.


  • Durable as buggery – Missed 1 game in 5 years
  • Runs all day and always in the game
  • Kicks more than he handballs (4th overall). 8th for total possessions
  • 7th best average in the AFL for metres gained (479)


  • Doesn’t like to tackle – 1.7 a game
  • Doesn’t hit the scoreboard. 7 goals last year and only 49 in his career.
  • A career high 3 clangers a game in 2016


Even if Gaff reproduces that 104 average from 2015 at a fairly modest price, I don’t feel that he will become a keeper in your team. If you’re after a midprice stepping stone player, there are so many cheaper options that will generate a better cash output.


Get amongst the comments or hit me up on Twitter (@SC_Kev7



Jock Reynolds Coach KingsThis article has been penned as part of the Jock Reynolds Community Series, where anyone from within our proud community can have their say in front of their peers. These men and women have displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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Jib Jib

Talked my brother into selecting him last year. He hated me for it.


Haha. Brilliant!


I like him better than Wines or Shiel and probably Marc Murphy too. Just not sure I'll bother with any of em.


I'd do the SC Gods a favour and set myself on fire if I was going to pick Murph.


I like his teammate Luke Shuey as an option over him. Great article though

Blackie White

Nailed it when you said, he'd be worthy of consideration if his price bottoms out sub 400k. He did that last year and he rewarded owners with a consistent 100+ ave on the run home.


Picked him up for 350-odd k in rd 15 and he averaged 102 from there on in (a 44 vs Freo offset by 3×125-odd).
Reckon he's good for a 100+ average with a clear run, but hard to know if he can push up too much past that.
For those interested in an Eagles stepping stone, maybe Jack Redden.
No preseason last year, apparently going well this time around, priced at 65-odd, seems possible he could get back to 90-100.


Another one that needs to play inside. I liked him at the lions. Eagles are wasting his talent playing him on a wing. I'll watch for his role preseason but with Smitchell arriving I doubt it will change

The Bont

Yeah would be on shuey if anyone as well . Not enough of the contested footy to warrant a look

Adam Isfullawater

With a more solid frame we may just see the contested possessions and tackling rise. Had the Gaff 2015 and looks like a mid POD they may sneak into my starting line up. Eagles are ripe for a big season, the numbers (ave. age, games played, final played) are in their favour.


I was watching that clip that Jock added and jeez he looks good with that ball in hand. The eagles need his speed on the outside so I can't see them changing him to an inside player

I N Pieman

Too many better options. Given champion data recently ranked Nic Nat the best ruck in the comp it will be interesting to see how the west coast mids go. Can't see myself picking any of them. Great job again Kev


Cheers, INP. Yeah, NicNat is absolute key to that midfield. Shame when he went down.


I don't think Eagles mids are worth looking at until they get the rucks sorted. Lycett and Nic nat are out for the first few at least (Nic Nat likely the season) so I'm banking on their mids struggling early and being nice cheap upgrades mid season. It's only a theory of course!


2 slow mids will be interesting Mitchell and priddis. I guess both r jets one by hand and one by foot. Gaff should get a fair bit on the outside. Shuey is the one to get.