PODCAST: Port Adelaide & Richmond Supercoach 2017

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Jock Reynolds Supercoach PodcastPlenty of opportunity around at Port & Richmond in season 2017 folks.

There’s something bloody refreshing about starting a new year. Wipe that crap off your SuperCoach 2016 slate and start fresh.

Both Port Adelaide and Richmond will be looking for fresh starts in 2017. Opportunity will be presented to new cattle. And opportunity will be presented to those SuperCoachesย who can capitalise on changing team dynamics. We’ll discuss Patrick Ryder. Ollie Wines. Pittard. Hartlett. Rance. Caddy. Prestia. Chopsticks. We’ll unpack some very attractive rookie selections and stacks more.

Equally as significant is the importance of pre-ordering your 2017 Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Magazine. We are again staggered by an unexpected volume of orders and it is ESSENTIAL that you lock one in now to make sure you can get your hands on one.




Look forward to your thoughts in the comments below community!

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Great podding of the cast fellas!


When does it open for non gold!

old ocker

Old ocker will save the day if he can get a internet connection.


great Pod. Considering Ryder now.

Stevo Rivo

Nice work Jock. Ryder looks a much safer bet than Nankwevis at F3. Value in the rookies on both teams too. Tigers may surprise this year and make 9th again.

Yellow & Black

The last time we finished 9th was 2008. Time for a new joke! No chance of finishing that high this year…

Stevo Rivo

Yes Jock. Dimma will be under real pressure without early wins this time. Crouching may have to stock up on the rum cans.


Matt White $328,000?


My bad sorry was 2016 price


Good stuff fellas as usual. No discussion re One Chad Wingard?


Or Robbie?


Chad's previous four seasons:
2013: 98.6
2014: 79.9
2015: 97.8
2016: 80.8
Aside from last season (18 games played) he missed just one game in those three years prior. Due for high 90s again?


Chad seems to like the odd years.


With this news apparently from AL paton on twitter yesterday that "there is no bye rules in place for the Gold Coast Suns and Port, meaning best 22 still need to be fielded" surely this changes or at least provokes a thought process on running with premos Ryder, Gray, god, lynch etc or to a lesser degree swallow and SPP?

If true 50 shades may have to be a post bye upgrade.

Pod on.


Totally agree on Gray. Great post bye upgrade. He has a couple of tougher games immediately post bye, so the timing might be tricky.
With Ryder, I think that the discount on his starting price means that we can start with him and carry him through the bye. He is going to be valuable through the main bye rounds with his DPP, and we may not want to be trying to bring too many in at that time. So, I think I may start with Ryder.
SPP may be loophole if he is still in our team.
swallow – hope will have upgraded at that time. Maybe in Rd 9 it is Swallow and SPP for a premo. Then Gray in the next few weeks.

I N Pieman

If your considering starting a few port & GC boys then you should consider beggining with swing sets in place


Round 10/11 is the week to bring in the Port and GC players it looks.

After their bye rounds and before/when everyone else starts. Port have a Thursday night game in Rd 10 and 11, bang, there's Gray as your VC there.

I'm still starting with Gray though.


Gray is in my team at the moment, but could easy become Parker, Sloane or the Bont. The tough start and the round 9 bye might make me not start him.


And miss out on two months of 150's from GABLETTTTT? Nope i'd rather enjoy those massive comeback to greatness scores from the bald little master as he shoves it up all and sundry. Chuck him on the bench for that one round and let the good times rolls every other week, sniggering behind my hand at all those players who doubted the great man would come back to such dizzying heights. Season defining selection…


Stellar episode, gents. Warmed my ear holes while walking to work in the -16c morning.

Given the flimsy forward offerings and Sandiballs at a zipper popping price, Ryder looks like a solid choice as FWD swinger. Kid has so much natural talent and doesn't seem to waste goal kicking opportunities. Just need his body not to cash out early.

He and Sam Pepperidge Farm will probably make Team Sir Throats-A-Lot. The knuckle in the 2 hole R9 will probably limit it to those PTA players as I'll probably have only two I can take from GCS.

Such a glorious time…can not wait for NAB to start.


"Warmed my ear holes while walking to work in the -16c morning. "

…F**k that.


Ha. Barron, when the weather tries to break me, I just smile in its face. Then I usually slip on a piece of ice and shart in me pants.


Good to be back, my man!


Great league last year Throtts, are you organising another this year?


Of course, my man. Do I have your email?


I remember the game against the Hawks that Jock mentioned in the POD. On that form he would be Port's Number 1 ruck everyday of the week


Love seeing your name in the comments old mate! Agree re-Port selections and ruck thoughts. Still very torn on Gaz myself. Wines a firm no after last year's shenanigans. Pittard the same after the year before.


Mr. Graduate, how you be? Wines was considered but my gut tells me he needs PTA's form to pick up first. Not sure that will happen. Third man rule also makes him less attractive. Pittard wears one of those shoestring head bands. Auto disqualification. Gazza will tempt me with his preseason play…not sure how I will go. Considering a Pendles-Treloar combo but may be more driven by nostalgia from the ol' Swan/Pendles days. Shall see, my friend!


As an Essendon supporter I'd be very happy with 9th this year! ๐Ÿ™‚


Once again left flabbergasted by the genius of the three wise men!! Your wisdom knows no bounds. Looking forward to a big year in SuperCoach and CoachKings admin and community!! To jock and all the admin in particular thank you for the abundance of knowledge you've graced this wonderful community, you've have created something very special and I'm very grateful to be along for the ride. Cheers guys all the best for the year


where was Wayno? can't wait to find out what he got up to over New Year.


Also of revelance this year lads:

The Chad (odd number years??)
Westhoff (down year, obvious injury affected games, has been top fwd by total points in prev years)
RGray (slightly down year, will be considering heavily for upgrade after the R9 bye)


PS Jock, can you comment more on why you don't see much upside to Hartlett? Has his role changed compared to last couple seasons where he was averaging 95-100? If not he must have been carrying some injury or maybe it was a symptom of Ports crap year. He had 5 solid seasons before that and is only 26…

I N Pieman

It's an intriguing one Mustachio. Why did his scoring fall off a cliff, why did he become DPP, & why did Port ask him to look elsewhere. The problem Port had was Harlett is contracted for big money till the end of 2021. But maybe this will make him pull his finger out. If so he'd be a great pick. The round 9 bye is a pain


That's right, I forgot they had shopped him around. Esp weird when he had just signed such a long contract. You'd think if his performance was due to injury they would have known this and not tried to shove him out the door. Think they sense a bad attitude. Does not bode well for his SC prospects. I think a few from PTA had down years tho, I wonder if the club culture has just turned to shit atm.

R9 bye is kind of a positive, if you only have a couple of them…


Jack Graham – Larke medalist, SA Captain and massive championship stats. Pick 53 by the Tigs. Quad injuries kept him out of the draft testing. Definitely late first round draft pick discounting injuries. Overlook at your own peril.
It's our secret.


Yep there are a couple of teams on the reveal page that don't have him. Good research David but you could have saved hours if you'd come to this site first.

I N Pieman

Was amazing he lasted till pick 53. Shows the quality of the draft. Absolute bargain. Let's hope he plays round 1


Yeah I'd love to know the reasons why Blues, Crows, Pies, or Eagles didn't give him a go instead of their actual 3rd round picks. Pick 53 is 12th pick rnd 3 and it's not like the bloke was anonymous

I N Pieman

He's good with his hands. But his foot skills are poor


Another great pod Jock and the boys! I am now kind of convinced about Caddy and Ryder in a depleted forward line both look to be top forwards for this year


what about Robbie Gray