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Seb Ross 2017Saint Sebastian

St. Sebastian is often known as the saint who was martyred twice. He was ordered by the Roman Emperor to be shot by archers with arrows.

Miraculously, the arrows did not kill him. The Emperor then had him beaten to death. He is Patron Saint of Athletes because of his physical endurance and his energetic way of spreading and defending the Faith.

Will 2017 be the year saint Sebastian rises?  Or will he be shot back down into mediocrity?


2017 Price:   $512,400
2017 Position:   MID
Games last season:   22
Average last season:   94.2
100+ games last season:   6
Sub 80 games last season:   4
Price range last season:   $366K – $502K
Missed games last season: 
  • 0
Significant history: 
  • Cousin on Jobe Watson, Nephew of Tim
  • Selected at pick 25 in 2011 National Draft
  • 81.6% TOG in 2016


2016 was a big breakout year for Seb bumping his SuperCoach average up a whopping 27 points to 94.2 based largely on natural progression and more importantly – a change in role.

After playing a predominantly inside midfield role early in his career, 2016 saw Ross in more of an outside role gathering uncontested ball and delivering at an impressive 75.4%. This new lease on life resulted in his average disposal count jumping from 18.2 to 26.5 as the 23 year old flourished, ranked 9th for uncontested possessions per game and 15th for inside 50s per game in 2016 respectively.

Looking through his scores for the year what struck me was other than one game against Gold Coast (where the saints didn’t rock up) he was always in the game, always getting plenty of the pill, and while it doesn’t always translate into huge scores there wasn’t any tear your hair out sub 60 scores either, and I think as he progresses into 2017 these scores will only get better.

But one match in 2016 impressed me so much it actually led me to writing this article.

Round 14 post bye versus Geelong. I sat beer in hand expecting a comfortable win for the cats, what I saw instead was one of the most interesting match ups of the year deployed by Alan Richardson.

Now I obviously wasn’t there but I assume the conversation went like this;

Allan – “Seb just go keep that bloke with 35 on his back quiet for us would you?”

Seb ….. “S#it”.

What I saw next was a 23 year old not only limit the Brownlow medalists influence on the game but also influence the game heavily himself.

In the end the stats for both players speak volumes about the quality of Seb Ross

  • ROSS: 33 disposals, 6 marks, three tackles, 111 SuperCoach pts
  • DANGER: 29 disposals, 3 marks, 1 goal, 2 tackles, 110 SuperCoach pts.

More importantly was four points for the sainters and a bucket load of faith instilled into Richardson about the prolific talent of this kid.



If you read the third sentence of this article you will understand what could happen to your SuperCoach team in a league matchup or worse a final… ‘beaten to death’  says it all. Matching Ross up against a Pendles or a  Hanners could turn a 50 point lead into a loss. On the other side of the coin that 100k you saved on your purchase could be used elsewhere to boost your score along with Seb being a handy pod if he goes big … Ahh SuperCoach, a game where we are forever unsure of the outcome of our decisions.

The tag will never come with Ross’s way with poor jacky Steven seeming to be the perennial unlucky one, and as mentioned above Seb has improved hugely in his consistency and output on a weekly basis.


Definitely a big POD. Perusing through the SuperCoach reveal 2017 from Jock I saw a lot of the following names; Pendles, Danger, Hanners, Kennedy, Treloar, Fyfe, Titchell, Swallow, Beams etc. I don’t reckon I saw Ross once. And at $512K perhaps that’s fair enough.. perhaps.

However if Ross (and as always that’s a big if) steps up another gear this year and averages 100+ it could be a master stroke.

Every year we all look for that one player that will take his game from the 90-100 average and pushes into premium territory. I’m not one that’s known for taking a big risk, and truth be told a large number of the players mentioned above are currently in my team.

But I always love having that one pod each year. We all know the guy, he averaged 90 odd his last year, perhaps finished the season strongly, or had a few big scores along the way (Seb got 152 against the bombers) .


  • Showed great Improvement in 2016
  • Very SuperCoach friendly role, great mix of inside/outside play
  • Great age for breakout (will be 24 in 2017)
  • In an emerging side looking to bust into the 8


  • Will he step up to premium status or forever be stuck in purgatory?
  • Has only had one good year
  • Loved the third man up and a change of rules will no doubt affect him (stunning analysis of the statistical impact on the change in 3rd man up rule in this year’s JockBook – buy here)


It would take some mighty large plums to pick Seb in 2017 . There is a huge amount of talent under 600 k ( Fyfe, Coniglio, Cripps, Bont, Titchell, Gray, Sloane etc). And 512k is a miiiiiighty awkward price. But somehow I’m still considering him.. Call it a hunch




Jock Reynolds Coach KingsThis article has been penned as part of the Jock Reynolds Community Series, where anyone from within our proud community can have their say in front of their peers. These men and women have displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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Super tough trying to sell a guy at 512k. You've presented him well, Bont.

Would have liked to see a few more hundreds out of him in a breakout season, 12x 80-99 is a sign he doesn't push on and hit the three figures as much as needed for a mid spot in 2017

The Bont

Yeah thought the same thing , was a hard sell Kev .
I think if he get a touch more inside and get spa few more contested possies could push 100+ . Will be interesting to see him in the pre season and first few games to see if he can step it up a touch

I N Pieman

If he had DPP id look at him. But he doesn't. If I was looking for a Hail Mary selection with some potential upside in his price I'd go Sam Menegola. But with the likes of Beams Murphy Watson JOM & Swallow for sale much cheaper I can't entertain it. For 1k more you can have Heppell. Solid No for me. Great job Bont & ripping preseason from ya mate

The Bont

Cheers pie, Yeah Menegola worth a mention . Probably hard to get a read on how good he is from 10 odd games . Plus I like to get a good mix from all clubs so he doesn't fit my 'plan' . I like all the cheapies that you mentioned pie , it's just a wait and see with preseason , will be really tricky if they're all fit . Cheers again pie


An excellent summation.He stunned me with his improvement & did it on the bit. His consistent one-paced style of play suits point scoring & he should remain StKilda's new version of Lenny Hayes. Like a Diesel engine,can't see him slowing down in '17 & I can expect him to hit the scoreboard more this year. Ignore at your peril..

The Bont

I see him progressing as well grant , just hopes its pronounced and he pushes past the 100 mark.
The kids got huge potential that's for sure , watched him closely a few games and he is very good at what he does.


I dunno. I'm not convinced he'll crack the ton average and I'm not convinced the saints will be any better. It's a tough price too. Enjoyable read though. But it's a no for me.


great write up Ritchie.. He will improve enough to ave 100ish. Another preseason under his belt, more on field leadership role, an improvement of the Sainters will see him have quite a good season. Not on my radar SC wise, but will be interesting to see his improvement..


You mention Cripps being under $600k. Any chance he's 100% by the start of the season?


His said to be playing rd1 but he will be underdone. Upgrade option.

the Bont

Yeah he's 585 Steve . AS Dukes said I can't imagine he'll be 100% after a back issue , that being said we'll know more as the pre season progresses. Hoping he gets up because the kids a lock if he's 100%

Harry H

Are you considering a write up for his team mate Billings? I find him interesting. Last year the players nominated him as the breakout contender, but were they just 1 year too early? He's potentially a POD in the forward line with a lack of options

The Bont

Have looked at him Harry , I think the reason he didn't break out is largely due to the fact Seb Ross took his role as the outside distributor . Don't see that changing much this year and think billings will remain in mediocrity