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Matthew Boyd supercoach 2017Matty Boyd, nobody’s bunny and not too long in the tooth.

Rabbits, rodents and even wombats all have teeth that continue growing throughout their lives. I believe Higgo once mentioned on an early podcast that Rodent is Latin for “to gnaw”. Anyway, in order to maintain their dentures they have to constantly gnaw on fibrous plants. However, over time as the critters get older, they chew less and their incisors continue growing. The older animals get ‘long-in-the-tooth’, and that’s the origin of that saying.

Matthew Boyd. Too long in the tooth?

As footy players get older, they tend to slow down and score less fantasy points as a result, when we are looking to select our starting teams, the community generally rule a line these players that are ‘long of tooth’. However there are a handful of exceptions and by all accounts, Matthew Boyd is one of those ridiculously old footy players that are still SuperCoach relevant, especially as a defensive Premo keeper.

Matthew Boyd will be 35 in August 2017. He debuted mid-2003 as a young inside midfielder. However, in Bevo’s first year as coach,  2015, Boyd was move permanently into Defence and used extensively as a loose running half-back, with plenty of licence. He is an innate competitor that continued to be found at the bottom of the pack gaining precious contested possessions. It was a bit of a reinvention that saw his average climb back up from 98 in 2014 to 103 in 2015. Boyd’s form consolidated in 2016 where he was the only mainstay in the Bulldog’s defence while teammates fell to injury all around him. So much so, he was named in the AFL All Australian team for 2016.


2017 Price: $563,900
2017 Position: DEF
Games last season: 20
Average last season: 103.7
100+ games last season:  11 (6 of these were 120+ scores)
Sub 80 games last season:  2 (rounds 2 & 3. Round 18 he also scored 80).
Price range last season: $490,600 – $560,900
Missed games last season:
  • 2 (rounds 9 & 19)
Significant history: 
  • Premiership player 2016

• All Australian 2016

• Only missed 5 games to injury in the last 2 years so hasn’t been ‘managed’

• Former club captain

Coming off the miraculous 2016 Premiership, Boyd at 34 and without a contract for 2017 could have easily pulled the pin on his illustrious career and everyone would have wished him a happy retirement. Instead, he signed a one year contract. Some, including myself questioned his decision to play on until I saw this tweet from the Dogs just before Xmas. The 34 year old, 5 days from Xmas giving 100%.


You know it, I know it it’s his age.

Despite his impressive stats and history, at 34 you have to consider just how effective he will be. And, with his age and the drive for the Bulldogs to sustain successful momentum, we have to consider changes to his role and that he will be transitioning out of the team into retirement at the end of 2017…probably.


There’s really only one selection strategy for Matthew Boyd. He’s the 4th most expensive defender in 2017, costing more than Rance, Montagna or Laird. Furthermore, he’s only $15k cheaper than the over quality defensive veteran Kade Simpson. However, add these names along with Docherty and Shaw, and there is every likelihood of sameness in many people’s defensive structures in 2017. So, Boyd becomes a standout keeper POD selection with little extra risk than any of the other expensive keeper defensive Premos.


  • Relatively injury free
  • Consistent scorer 6 time he’s scored 120+ in 2016, lowest score of 74
  • POD. He was never in more than 18% of teams the whole year (started in only 5% of teams)
  • He kicks more than he handballs
  • Around 80% disposal efficiency (guys can you confirm this, please)
  • 5th in rebounding 50s across the League & just out side top 10 for marks and metres gained across the comp.

Jock Reynolds Supercoach Magazine 2017


  • His age
  • His price
  • It seems a lot of fantasy relevant players have the Round 11 bye


It all comes down defensive structures, do you risk taking an old expensive POD like Boyd over a Rance? Boyd is no lock by any means but like the bunny or the wombat it appears that Matthew Boyd is still gnawing away to keep himself part of the Bulldogs premiership defence in 2017.

For me in 2017…



Ripping debut Seeker! Get around him on twitter: @seekersupacoach


Jock Reynolds Coach KingsThis article has been penned as part of the Jock Reynolds Community Series, where anyone from within our proud community can have their say in front of their peers. These men and women have displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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Welcome, seeker. I loved that.

Boyd firmly on my radar. Final call will probably be a bye structure thing.

His d.e was 78.7


Totally agree Kev. Currently the Bye and whether Laird plays more of a mid role probably all that's keeping Boyd out for me right now.


It's a no from me. He's been a lock for me for most of the last 5 years though Going with the sideburns king from the doggies instead.

I N Pieman

Ripper seeker. Fond memories of this bloke from 2016. He got off to a slow start for the season & when owners were offloading him I picked him up for 490. And it was one hell of a bargain. I don't care how old he is, he's a gun & highly SC relevant. I'll be keeping a close eye on him again in 2017


Hi INP, yeah he dropped in price just as Sir Bob Murphy did his knee and a few brave souls jumped straight across, many others went for JJ who then did his hammy. He won't make any money but won't drip cash like other defence premos did last year

I N Pieman

Bob murph is probably the reason I won't start him. See how that effects him. Kudos again seeker. Debut century for sure

Nick Wealands

Love the article seeker

I most likely won't start him but keen to pick him up at some stage in the season as I did last year when Suckling went down.
The old boy still has it but just a little overpriced for starters but none the less a good safe option


Great competitor. My concern is the dogs have a few up and coming players they need to get games into. Williams, Webb, Rourke Smith, Lynch plus a few more are all highly rated and ready for more game time. I suspect we might start to see Matt Boyd and Bob Murphy rested a bit more.


That's one of my main concerns too


On the watch list as an upgrade target after his bye – too many good options in defence to start with him imo.


Nice intro! He's a no for me. Just not my premo back – nothing against the bloke. Legend. But at that price at his age the risk reward equation leans the wrong way for me.

The Bont

Very nice seeker , well said . All the arguments you make for him are right . But the tooth is getting a little long for mine and jj and murphy ( if both stay fit ) may affect his scores .


Thanks for the praise. I agreed Jock, he is a strongly consider type but he is still behind several others, still someone with massive plums might start him and reap the reward…


Shared! Shared! This is AWESOME stuff man! Thank you!