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jarryd-roughead-supercoachRough Justice.

by Trigger Happy

If you took a poll of football followers throughout our great land and asked the simple question. Who do you admire and respect the most? I bet regardless of who you barracked for one of the names at the top of the list would be Jarryd Roughead. He is pretty hard not to like. He has a way about him, a layabout relaxed bloke that would be happy to sit down for a beer and yarn. He’s just a ripper bloke.

Much like when Bob Murphy went down with a knee except even more so the football world went into shock when the larrikin bloke made an announcement that his cancer had returned. Roughie had a melanoma cut from his lip in 2015 only to find out the cancer had returned in May 2016 this time in his lungs. No matter who it is it makes you sick in the stomach to hear something like that.

Let’s not kid ourselves the treatment for cancer is pretty horrendous and he would have gone through hell and back but one thing we know is “Roughie” is up for a fight and would do whatever it takes to beat this new threat.

Even though he could no longer play football he immersed himself in the club, the family club and lent a hand whenever it was needed. On more than one occasion a question would come his way in relation to his treatment and in true roughie style he would flash a grin and say he was here for the club and was just there to help the club get their next win.

Even though the club tried to get on with the job without Roughie it showed both on and off the field as they tried various options but found that he is pretty hard to replace, he is just so versatile. His treatment no doubt had a mental impact on some players especially those that were closest to him. However in December Christmas came early for Roughie and the football community as he announced that he was cancer free. This meant the lumps and tumours have gone. The drugs worked and killed off the cancer. He had endured and won!

Now he can, to quote the great man – “get back to doing what I love and play some footy”

2017 Price: $367,000
2017 Position: FWD
Games last season: Zilch
Average in 2015: 96
100+ games in 2015: 8
Sub 80 games in 2015: 4
Missed games last season:
  • All 2016 and 3 in 2015
Significant history:
  • Second in the clubs B&F 2013, 3rd 2014
  • All Australian 2013,2014
  • Coleman medallist 2013
  • 4 * Premiership player
  • Round 2 draft pick 2004 National Draft
  • 50 Brownlow votes
  • Recovering from life threatening illness

Jock Reynolds Supercoach Magazine 2017

Finally roughie is back training with his teammates after receiving the all clear and has now commenced a tailored preseason program joining teammates on the track for the first time since being diagnosed.

So what does this mean to our supercoach sides in 2017? Is Roughie a relevant forward line option?

He would have to a flawless and blitz in the preseason but if picked in Rd 1 he could be an astute pick.

Firstly he is priced at $367k which is at an average of 67. Over the last 5 years (excluding 2016) he has averaged on 100 SC per season. So if he lines up Rd 1 he would almost be guaranteed to make you some cash. With averages like this it puts him in top 6 forward calculations.

His versatility is remarkable as he can play in almost any position. He is not like you general KPF who’s scores are reliant goals to score points, and the footy coming into the forward line. As with most hawks he can play anywhere often lining up in defence, taking a grab on the wing and he is more than a handy ruckman. He also provides a considerable midfield presence with his ability to win clearances from the middle. He has great awareness in and around goal often kicking a goal himself after a strong grab or passing off to a better option to finish off his good work.



Missed all of 2016.

We really have no idea how much of an impact his treatment has taken out of him.

What are the side effects of immunotherapy treatment?

Level of fitness?

To a lesser degree with both Mitchell and Lewis gone will the delivery into the hawks forward line fall away? I’m sure Clarko will drill into his new charges the game plan and what is expected of them.

No third man up anymore so if Roughie went into the ruck he would up against bigger opponents with no chop out.


Stepping stone or keeper?

When will he play?

I think this is the key one. Really depends who you ask or listen to.

Recent quote from Jack Gunston:

“I miss playing with the big fella. I’m sure there’s a bit more water to go under the bridge, but I’m hopeful. He’s done a fair bit of work already, so it’s great to see. I know he’s been training and jogging and whatnot. We’re all hopeful he’ll be ready. Like everyone else, I’m hopeful he’ll be there in round one, but I guess his health is more important than anything else. I’m sure he’ll let us know when he ready to go”

The club understandably is more guarded about a potential return date.

But we are all hopeful this is going to be sooner rather than later. 


  • Battled cancer and won the fight – he is now cancer free
  • See the point above.
  • Underpriced for what he can deliver
  • Versatile
  • At his best he is capable of some huge supercoach scores

As this is good news story lets focus on that. Supercoach stats last 4 years

  • 2012 – 11 tons, 1score under 80, missed 2 games, Avg 104 SC points
  • 2013 – 11 tons, 4 scores under 80, played every game, Avg 99 SC points
  • 2014 – 8 tons, 4 scores under 80, missed 3 games, Avg 96 SC points
  • 2015- 8 tons inc a 173, 3 games under 8, missed 3 games (2 for melanoma), Avg 96 SC points


  • Missed all of 2016 while battling cancer
  • What has the treatment taken out of him, how long until he fully recovers?


Undecided – Too many variables.

At his best, Roughead is a stats monster, possessing the ability to fill up almost every column on the statistics sheet. When roughie fires you want him in your team.

His career bests are at dizzying heights. The 194-game veteran has highs of 29 disposals, a dozen marks, 18 hit-outs, 10 tackles, eight clearances, four goal assists and has kicked eight goals twice.

If we see him doing what he does best in the preseason then he will warrant consideration but to be honest I don’t really care on this one as the important thing is he has beaten the cancer and is cancer free.

I hope we see the big fella up and about soon and doing what he loves on the footy field and maybe even dishing out some of his own Rough Justice.


A great bloke to chat fantasy footy with. You’re a belter Trigg. On behalf of our entire community I would like to wish Roughy all the very best – I reckon we’ll see the big bugger back to his best. Jock. 

Jock Reynolds Coach KingsThis article has been penned as part of the Jock Reynolds Community Series, where anyone from within our proud community can have their say in front of their peers. These men and women have displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.


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It'll be great to see Rough back out there! Absolutely agree with your verdict, Trig. Even if he's named round 1 I probably won't start him. At his price and so many iffy forwards to chose from, he's an easy corrective trade if he looks the goods in his first two games.

Great write up, Trig


Thanks mate different take on this one, as said i think we are all hoping he is out on the park real soon
The old fwd line quandary who is best fit, value etc. If rough does get up will firm in a lot of calculations


Thanks trigger,Unless roughie himself says that he wont be playing before round 4 I'll be locking him in. I don't care if he spuds it for 3 weeks I just wanna see his ownership % at number 1 as a show of community support for the big ranga


Be a nice touch that 🙂

I N Pieman

Fantastic piece & tribute trigger. Absolute gun player & gun bloke as you've covered. This is a real tough one. No issue with his price vs output. Like Kev I'm looking at him as a corrective if he plays round one. Ideally he comes in later so we get a couple of looks before making a call


Thanks INP a gun that we wish all the best


In an article in The Age on 5 December it talks about how the treatment has also affected his vision. The other key point from that article is that Roughy was also recovering from a PCL operation when the cancer was discovered as coming back. As such, he hasn't been able to put the work in on recovering from the knee operation yet. This as much as anything else could slow down his re-emergence as a SC force. I hate to say anything negative about the bloke, but from a SC perspective, it's a no for me at this stage. Hope the bugger proves me wrong and I will pick him gladly.


Thanks Keen didn't catch that article but something else for the community to consider


I've got him in my side for now but am kind of hoping a bunch of forward rookies present themselves so the decision to leave him out is made for me. Wish him the very best though.


Great piece Trigger, had him in earliest drafts but he's drifted out for rookies, as said above would love to sneak him in after a look.
Having podcast withdrawals anyone know when next one's out? Cheers


Cheers hedski

Love the higginator

Fwd line such a mystery box


Loved it Trig. He's been through a lot so respect to him for being a warrior. Expect ch7 will no doubt promote the arse out of his return to the point where I want to belt the tv in. But when he plays, at that price, he's a lock.

Nice work Trig.


Yep absolute warrior.

No doubt 7 will be huge on his return you wont miss it.

Imagine if he slots a lazy 4-5 on return feel good story of the year


Heart felt stuff there Trigger…. As you say Trigg the whole of the footy community hope to see him get back to playing.
I'v made up 3 teams so far the first team was a team without Danger and Pendles just to see what i could fit in the guts and fwd line it looked ok but was never going to be the starting lineup and no Roughy in that team.
The 2nd team was the real deal with the 2 top mids from last year leading the team again and a more traditional starting lineup of guns and rookies and again no Roughy …
The 3rd team i went looking for the savings in the guys who missed large chunks of last year but are proven scorers, I like the look of the team but it will all depend on no setbacks and getting through NAB and being named round 1, Roughy sits in this team at f4 and is part of the group coming in to the year that cant afford any setbacks at all. If he can get back and play 2 nab games and named rnd 1 ill be trying to fit him into my starting lineup.


Thanks mate

Love the higginator

Take some large plums to go option 3 – risk v reward

at the moment gave a reduced price gun on each line.
some but not a massive risk v reward deal

The Bont

Well done trigger .
Perfect breakdown , so many variables , poor bloke has gone through the ringer .
Would love to see him come out and dominate for the Hawks but there is so much Unknown . The forward line is causing me some real headaches currently


Definitely one to mull on, even though the numbers should make this a lock. At worst a corrective if he comes out looking even close to the old Roughy. Solid review as always, Trig.


At $367k, if he plays Round 1 I'll will probably pick him. He either plays the year out and will make you $$ because he will certainly average more than his starting price suggests, which is 67. Even if he averages 87 that's a huge win. He is a perfectly positioned stepping stone if he's seen to be flagging around the byes. The hawks also could use his leadership too after losing Mitchell & Lewis


Completely agree with this take, he is locked into my team if named r1. A couple of spud scores to start with would still be okay value for that price.


Great article, Patch!

I think we ought to avoid picking him based upon sentiment. Yes, I'm over the moon that he beat cancer. That's one mean feat! On the other hand, we are forgetting that this bloke spent a year out of footy. When he does play, I reckon it'll take a while before he hits his stripes. Also, Hawthorn just offloaded their clearance weapons so, the ball may spend less time in their forward line. Also, Gunston, I believe, has become the go-to target for Hawthorn.


Pardon me, excellent article, Trigger Happy!