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Scott Pendlebury Supercoach 2017

Published by Jock on

Supercoach 2017 Scott Pendleburyby Carlos

He’s arguably the most consistent and reliable performer in the history of SuperCoach.

So the question is: how can you not pick Scott Pendlebury in 2017?

Every season the doomsayers make the same hollow prediction: “Pendles will drop off this season, his best days are behind him”. But year after year the great Collingwood midfielder goes out and proves them wrong. He plays every match, hitting tons with minimum fuss while rarely putting in a bad display.

The nickname “Dependlebury” suits him to a tee. From the time Scott became a bona fide superstar in 2010 his numbers have been unrivalled. Over the past seven seasons he has averaged 121.4, a figure only bettered by the great Gary Ablett junior. But unlike Gaz, Pendles has only missed five games during this period. To make things even more impressive four of these five matches were the result of a knee injury in 2012, meaning he has missed just one game in the other six seasons.

To match his elite durability, Pendlebury is remarkably consistent. During the seven-season period, only five times has he returned a score under 80. Of those occasions, at least two were a result of an injury sustained during the game.

Here are his numbers from last season:


2017 Price: $645,700
2017 Position: MID
Games last season: 22
Average last season: 118.7
100+ games last season: 18
Sub 80 games last season: 0
Price range last season: $554K – $657K
Missed games last season:
  • 0
Significant history:
  • Has averaged a significant 121.4 points per game over the past 7 seasons
  • He has missed only five matches over that seven-season period
  • Just three scores under 80 in the past six seasons

After averaging 129.2, 124.7, 126.6 and 124.4 during a prolific period between 2011 to 2014, Pendlebury’s scoring has dipped slightly in the past two seasons by his lofty standards. He averaged 116.2 in 2015 and 118.7 last season. Are his best days behind him? To put things in perspective, his average in 2016 was still the second best in the competition. Even if he is again unable to get back to that magical 120-mark in 2017, he is still guaranteed to be one of the highest scoring midfielders in SuperCoach.


There aren’t many risks at all when it comes to selecting Pendles. Perhaps the only one is the naivety of Collingwood’s clueless coach Nathan Buckley. Now Leppa has gone, Buckley makes a strong claim for the title of worst mentor in the competition.

There has been talk of Nathan playing Pendlebury up forward more in 2017. Bucks’s shithouse ploy of playing his best onballer off of half back at the beginning of last season back-fired spectacularly. Pendles registered scores of 89, 110, 102 and 104 in the first four rounds before sanity prevailed and he was moved back into the midfield, resulting in improved performance from both him and Collingwood. Let’s hope Nathan doesn’t get any similar brainwaves of genius in 2017.


Pendles will end up in everyone’s teams at some point during 2017. The question is whether to start with him or pick him up during the season at a lower price. For me, it’s an easy decision. Like Danger, I’d rather lock him in from day dot and sit back and enjoy consistent scoring and a reliable VC option every week. There are only 4-5 blokes we can say for sure will be top 8 mids at the end of the season and Pendlebury is one of them. So why not lock him in from the start?

Scott rarely gets injured, and when he does, he has an almost machine-like ability to get himself up for the next game. In round 20 last season he appeared to badly hurt his ankle, resulting in a low score of 82. With Collingwood out of finals contention he was considered a near-certainty to miss the next week. But in true Pendles style, he got himself up for the next match. Although he only returned a 94, he pumped out a mammoth 164 the game after.

Durability is a big factor in this game and knowing you have a keeper that can virtually be locked in to play all 22 games for the season is extremely valuable.

Jock Reynolds Supercoach Magazine 2017


  • Excellent durability – has only missed five games in past seven seasons
  • Consistent and reliable – rarely plays a bad game. Three scores under 80 in past six years
  • Guaranteed keeper and top five midfielder
  • Huge ceiling – high scores of 165, 161, 157, 143, 140 and 140 in 2016
  • Still only 28. Should have plenty of good footy left in him
  • Had a “quiet” season in 2016 by his high standards. Was still second best scorer in comp


  • Buckley has been talking about playing him forward in 2017
  • Are his best days behind him?
  • Deep Collingwood midfield could take away time in the middle


Throw away the key. Do yourselves a favour Community and just pick this man. You will be rewarded with consistency and durability unparalleled by any other player in the history of SuperCoach. The ultimate set-and-forget player.


What are your thoughts on Scott Pendlebury?


Twitter: @carlpfeiffer9

Carlos finished 410th overall in SuperCoach last season and took out the Jock Reynolds Inner Sanctum league.



Jock Reynolds Coach KingsThis article has been penned as part of the Jock Reynolds Community Series, where anyone from within our proud community can have their say in front of their peers. These men and women have displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

Scott Pendlebury Community Poll:

Where are you at with Scott Pendlebury in 2017

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Locked in at M2


Jock does the fact bucks is looking to play him up forward worry you?


A superstar write up Carlos for a legitimate SC God (even though that name is graced by some little bald geezer).

With all the mid-price value swirling around the midfield its easy to forget our reliable midfield locks and wow what can you say about those numbers, his consistency and genuine top class player.

Admitedly the argument against does get stronger this season with the Pies midfield growing stronger and with Bucks ross like meddling but as you say after last seasons experiment let's hope Buckley has realised the only place for one of the best on-ballers in the comp is exacly that, on-ball.

For me its simple, watch the Pies pre-season and all being well with Pendles both from a fitness and positional sense he's locked in from round 1.

Absolutely supeb write-up mate and really brings home the fact that we have to him in our teams at some stage, gee these write-ups are really starting to stir the excitement-ometer community!


Locked in. The R13 bye makes him hard to go past when looking at my set up. Just hope Bucks snaps back to reality and leaves him where he should.


didnt start him in my first two seasons of SC. Learned my lesson. Locked n Loaded for 2017.

For those umming and ahhing., do yourself a favor and do a one on one with alternatives. Except for Danger the choice is Pendles every time.

V Parker – Pendles
V Hanna -Pendles
V Fyfe -Pendles (Risk is substantially lower)
V Bont -Pendles
V JPK -Pendles (can get JPK later at lower price)
V Beams/Rockliff -Pendles

doesnt matter who you choose the answer is Pendles.


For value I would pick Beams and Fyfe over Pendles. But Pendles is still a lock.


Locked in alongside Dangerfield, Kennedy, Selwood and Fyfe but the dilemma is which mid premium to join them at M6 with Ablett, Hannebery, Rockliff, Sloane and Bontempelii all vying for the spot.


Treloar should be right up there.


Ripping write up, Carlos. Really slammed home his consistency and durability. I went without him last year and despite being smug as hell about it for a month, paid dearly after that.

Locked and loaded

I N Pieman

I started without him a few years ago Kev. Killed me. Had to trade my best rookie in Polec at 450 & cough up anther 200k to stop the bleeding. I learnt my lesson to

I N Pieman

Outstanding Carlos. The problem of starting without him is trying to get him. He never has a bad game to plummet in price let alone 2 in a row. He also leads the AFL for disposal efficiency because of his unique ability to create space & hit the target. And that leads to his uber scoring ability. if Buckley does play him out of position I'm sure it won't take long to realise he's an idiot & put him back where he belongs, just like he did in 2016. There's only a handful of players that if you dont start with with they make you pay. He's one of them. Lock

Luskin Star

Good job Carlos. Reckon you must have spent most of the time argueing with Jock about having to include a Downside section. Truth is, there isnt a downside. The guy NEVER misses a top 5 finish

Nick Wealands

Great write up this Carlos, I know for mine I picked him up as my first upgrade as he stank it up in those first 4-5 games and it payed huge dividends at around $100-$120k cheaper which set up multiple other trades. I for one will wait to see how that midfield gel before i lock away any pie midfielders in the hope to replicate last season and get them at a discount


Last year I picked up Pendles for an absolute bargain when he bottomed out, but I doubt he will start slowly again next time. Just set and forget.
And at this stage he will start as my M1.


He didn't bottom out until after round 22 steeeve when he went to $554,400. I think it was all over by then mate.
If you got him before he bottomed out perhaps after round 6 when he was 50k cheaper than when he started you would have been rewarded with 143, 157, 140, 118, 125, 122, 87, 161,


Lock him up. Take the key. Get out your leathers and sunnies and dress up ala Arnie in T2 and get to your local smelter. Melt that little bastard into oblivion. Forge into into a little trophy. Congratulate yourself on being one step closer to being $50k richer.

The Benchwarmers

Really the poll says it all, at 82% (at time of writing this) most of us are either locked in or likely to start him, he is just that reliable, you don't have to second guess anything, he's rock solid for the season. It'd be interesting to see how many teams, after the bye rounds, have the "Double Up" mids – Danger/Selwood (Cats), Pendles/Treloar (Pies), JPK/Hanners (Swans) and maybe Fyfe/Neale (Freo), be a fair line-up!


Top stuff Carlos.
Looks like I have to start with this bloke who's softer than butter on a 45 degree day but manages to score 120+ SC points week after week

Timmy Tomahawk

His Missus is up the proverbial duff though Carlos… This has not been mentioned! Sure you get a bit of 'Baby-Swag' at some point, but that MASSIVE life interruption is going to have an impact, as he moves into the next phase of his life approaching 30… Would not undersell the emergence of Treloar as a genuine points-stealer and the further development of Taylor Adams. Daniel Wells coming in as well?? There's a lot NOT been considered in this article, although it has been well-written, it is very BONER PENDLEBURY… The guy has been incredible but at $645k there's no doubt you'll get him at some point around $550k or less if he has a couple of down weeks which will quite possibly come in 2017… I'll spend the loot elsewhere to start the season and slot him in when the time is right. Welcome.

I N Pieman

I'd suggest there's enough coin floating around the Pendlebury residence to make sure the superstar & super model wife get a good nights sleep & have someone else do 3am nappies. I think Buckley should take that role. And finally add some value to the team


Fair points Timmy. There's no doubt I'm very pro Pendles, I've started with him every year I have been playing SuperCoach and he's never let me down.
Interesting about his misso having a bun in the oven, I'd like to think a professional like Pendles won't let it impact his performance, but you never know!
He seemed to work well with Treloar last season and both didn't steal each other's points too much, but a fully fit Adams and the addition of Wells certainly makes things more interesting – time will tell.

I N Pieman

Treloar just takes Dane Swans role as a point pig. That never effected pendles. Pendles came back to preseason training day 1 with the kids. He is the ultimate professional


Excellent attempt to try and make Pendles more of a pod by talking others out of him. It'll never work tho.


He still has a year left in him as the top mid at pieland, locked away.


I have already locked in Treloar…111.3 av last season, and that was without a preseason. I'm expecting him to go 115+ this year. Thoughts on starting with him and Pendles?


I'm starting with both. Pendles used to dominate playing with Swanny and Beams in the middle and they racked up monster numbers as well. No reason why the same can't happen with Treloar.


Same back and forth every year with Pendles. "Too much. Let's wait." vs "You've never done that and he's always repaid your loyalty. Lock in" And usually settle for the latter. While there are concerns he's not on the downward slope yet. This could be the season he starts his descent…but not going to bet against Dependlebury. Lock. Excellent write-up on a true SC champion. Kudos Big C!


I have never not started him.

End of the day this year we have some very tasty mid prems cheap as anything who could match the top 10 scorers early in the season.
So it comes down to structure for every individual. Are you going gawn/goldie and loading up your backline? maybe its tough to squeeze a pendles in? That being said i'm prepared to say I will lock this weapon away round 1.


Just Put him in and worry about the other 29.

Gold Rush

Bucks played him at bfn in the first 4 games because he had broken ribs. Freaking Legend, locked and loaded.

Gold Rush

Make that HBF.


Pick him. If in doubt, go away then pick him. Friends don't talk friends out of picking Pendlebury!!