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Jeremy Howe Supercoach 2017

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jeremy howe now cash cow?Howe.. will he fare in 2017?

by Ben Madden

Up until 2016, Jeremy Howe was best known for his tendency to take a specky or 2. Unfortunately, you don’t get many Supercoach points for a hanger (does this need to be rectified?).

In 2016, with a move from Melbourne to Collingwood, Jeremy Howe became of interest to those in the Supercoach world. However, people were sceptical. What could this high-flying forward really do for our teams?

For the first 4 rounds, the answer wasn’t much. Round 5 saw Howe move to the backline, in arguably Buckley’s most successful move (for SuperCoachers anyway). From Round 5 onwards, Howe averaged 97.2.

Can he back this up in 2017?


2017 Price: $500,500
2017 Position: DEF
Games last season: 20
Average last season: 92
100+ games last season: 8
Sub 80 games last season: 5
Price range last season: $364,800 (round 6) – 510,800 (round 11)
Missed games last season:
  • 2 (first 2 rounds in the VFL)
Significant history:
  • Has missed no more than 2 games a season over the last 5 seasons
  • 4 scores of 120+ last season, 2 of those against Western Bulldogs and GWS


The main risk with Howe is picking him and missing out on a more potent Defender. Whilst Howe’s stats show that he is consistent, only falling below 80 3 times, there are a few defenders who far outweigh his scoring ability (Rance, Howe, Docherty etc). Do you want to restrict yourself when it comes to the pointy end?

The other consideration is that the Magpies’ defence personnel has changed. In a shifting lineup, it is not a certainty that Howe will be given as lucrative a role. This will be one to monitor throughout the JASPSDFPESRM Cup, but unfortunately we cannot be certain till we see him play Round 1.

Finally, the loss of DPP changes Howe as a pick. 2016 saw him fit into many sides as a D6, swinging with Uebergang to cover the forwards when required.  In 2017, much like he was in real life, he is anchored in the defence. This is something to consider when picking Howe.

Jock Reynolds Supercoach Magazine 2017


Howe is selected as a defence keeper. Depending on your structure, he’ll sit at about D3 or D4, where ideally he will be all season!


  • Very consistent
  • Had a great SC role in 2016
  • Can score big on occasion
  • Great 1 on 1


  • Unknown role in 2017
  • Volatility in the Magpies’ backline
  • Could clog up a spot in your finished backline


Howe is a pick that I feel I will debate a lot before Round 1. There could be an argument made to pick him over the more fancied Taylor Adams, what with Adams’ injury history. At the same time, Howe could easily find himself nullified in 2017 by a forward tag, and stuff your backline’s output. Do I have Howe in my team currently? No. Will I? Possibly.


Ben Madden

Chat with Benny below or on Twitter @benmaddentweets


Jock Reynolds Coach KingsThis article has been penned as part of the Jock Reynolds Community Series, where anyone from within our proud community can have their say in front of their peers. These men and women have displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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The Bont

Probably one of the forgotten ones from last year Ben , possibly because of Adams .
It will be a no from me only because there is much safer options around e.g docherty , heater , joey etc .
Buckley has talked about playing with the line up next year and with Adams floating off half back will Howe be affected ?
Will he back up last year ? Will bucks stuff it up ? …off topic but Why is bucks still coaching??
Too many questions with Howe for me about role etc . Interesting one though Ben could well be a good pod as everyone jumps on Adams etc

I N Pieman

I've been asking why is Buckley still coaching since 2012. He's a clueless nufti the players don't like. Well not just the players. I hope they hand the chequebook to Paul Roos sooner rather than later


What a load of dribble, looking forward to watching you eat humble pie next September. People have short memories, it took Mark Thompson 8 years to build the Geelong side and then they won a couple in a row. Bucks took over at the worst time for a new coach on a hiding to nothing. 2017 back to finals for the pies.

I N Pieman

I won't be starting Howe. Who knows his role. Buckley doesn't. Who knows what the high panted prick is thinking. If he's even thinking at all. He'll probably wake up one day soon & have an epiphany that Jemery Howe can jump & with no 3rd man up he will play him in the ruck & move Brodie Grundy to full back. Great job Ben

Luskin Star

Dont hold back Pieman, tell us what you really think of Bucks.

I N Pieman

Just quietly Luskin I'm not a fan of him


He averaged 100.2 from round 5… he's a lock. We recruited mayne to keep him down back

Luskin Star

I an going deep with defence keepers this year. He is my D3 at this stage


Yar, this is what I thought. It was Howes 5th round, round 7 for season. Before that Pendles was at half back due to cracked ribs. When Pendles returned to guts and Howe went down back, the Pies season improved considerably. I am pretty confident that he will go 95+, and reckon he is the best value premo defender. Plus I bloody love watching those speckies.


"Pies season improved considerably". That's funny


Bucks will stuff it up. Shame too, Howe was very consistent looking at his numbers.


Gun player, actually quite surprised at the amount of games per season he has played! would of thought he would of been injured slightly more.

I know of him when he was a junior in Tassie – bloke had a torn ACL and played basically a season and a half of decent level football. Not kidding about that, clearly he can play with pain. Always been a fan knowing that of him.

Not for mine, my back four hasn't changed at all since day 1 of The Higginator (love this thing so much thanks higgo)
Laird, Adams, Doc, Hodge.


Had him last year, and going again. Really consistent defender which is a big plus. Actually can't see his role changing at all. Lock.

Butcher of the ball

Adams already gets large amounts of the ball, improvement will need to come from increased DE%
Honestly think Adams isnt that far from his ceiling now maybe low 100's at best, Howe is a touch cheaper and should score 95-100
with a solid history of 20+ games per year, with those 1 vs 1 contested win stats even Bucks isnt going to flower that up and toy with Howe's position.