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Toby Nankervis Supercoach 2017

Published by Jock on

toby nankervis supercoach ruckmanby Kev

Through no fault of his own, Nankervis never really got a decent run of it at the Swans.

He broke into the Swans lineup in his second year, managing 5 games but unable to oust the incumbent Mike Pyke (in case you forgot, he’s a former Canadian rugby union player). When Kurt Tippett went down in round 12, 2016, Sammy Naismith was given the nod as first choice ruck.

Initially Toby had no desire to move clubs. He was prepared to stand his ground at Sydney and fight hard to prove himself. With a fit again Tippett back in the line up, along with competition from Naismith, Callum Sinclair, and recent draftee Darcy Cameron the Tigers eventually wore him down with promises of a bigger pay packet and more opportunities for senior footy.

On his trade to Richmond, GM Neil Balme had this to say about him:

“When he finally saw that there’s a much bigger opportunity at our club, than there would be at Sydney, he decided to come down. 

We’re really pleased he’s here . . . He’s only played a dozen games or so, but he’s always looked very lively, he’s pretty good up forward as well, and he’s a very willing, competitive kid.” 

What excites me about Toby is his desire to not rest on his laurels and develop more strings to his bow. Realising the plethora of talls at the Swans was keeping him out of the side, Nankervis used the NEAFL to shift forward and develop his goal-kicking in the hope of winning back a senior spot.

2017 Price: $366,400
2017 Position: RUCK/FWD
Games last season: 6 (12 NEAFL)
Average last season: 74.8
100+ games last season: 0 (season high: 88)
Sub 80 games last season: 3 (season low: 55)
Price range last season: $226k (round 4) – 317k (round 21)
Missed games last season:
  • 16 (12 in the NEAFL)
  • 3 times senior emergency
  • Rested the week before Swans semi final which he played
Significant history:
  • Named #1 ruck in U18 AA team
  • Named in the 2016 NEAFL team of the year
  • Taken pick #35 by the Swans in the 2013 draft

Jock Reynolds Supercoach Magazine 2017


The risk v reward ledger is about evens with Nankervis in 2017. He’s not the most mobile big man going around but he works hard to provide a contest. As long as Hampson is fit he gets first shot at the #1 ruck mantle, so I see Nankervis battling it out with Ben Griffiths for the gap at CHF and he can’t be worse than the guy the Tigers got a second round draft pick for but would have been happy with a fun sized Snickers and a warm coke.

Nankervis won’t be clueless playing forward either, he managed a bag of 6 and twice hauls of 3 in the NEAFL. Don’t go expecting him to smash out tons just yet, keep in mind he’s still only 22 which not the prime age for big men. Though with an extended run of games he’s got the tools to be a reliable cover for your R2. Now, if you’ve read my articles so far you know I love my stats, so lets get them out the way.


I wouldn’t get too carried away with NEAFL stats, definitely not the most competitive state league going around. The AFL stats, according to fanfooty, had all of his games as a forward pitch hitting in the ruck. The challenge for Toby I can see is him translating the amount of goals at NEAFL level to the AFL.


It all depends on your ruck structure. With a Gawn/Goldilocks/Grundy R1/R2 setup I probably wouldn’t bother with The Nank. At his price he’s probably a F3/4 and he’s not cut out for that. However, if you’re going to take a punt on Sandiballs as your R2 you’ll need cover. Boyd, Ryder, Lycett are a few of the names that spring to mind who have been given RUC/FWD DPP in 2017 and all of them have their pros and cons. In a perfect SuperCoach world Nankervis will eventually become your F7/8, but we all know the SC Gods are bastards so that probably won’t happen.


  • Just look at those tackle numbers. Throws himself into the contest
  • Stuff all in the way of injury history
  • Can take a grab and is accurate in front of the sticks.
  • Forward spot there for him with the departure of Spud Vickery


  • Could join the long and illustrious list of midprice duds. With stuff all forwards in the cupboard this year he may be hard to get rid of if he spuds it
  • Could be in and out of the side while Hardwick fluffs about with his setup of tall timber
  • The Richmond factor


Tough one. I’ve been caught out before by having no ruck swing and I tell ya, it’s not a great feeling munching on a donut when there’s nothing you can do about it. I’m a staunch fan of the set and forget ruck strategy but maybe this is the year to try something new. For me, a few things need to happen:

  • Sandiballs defies his age, his toe, and his Lurch-like qualities to make it through the preseason
  • Nankervis has a strong NAB and is given an assurance of role
  • Something happens to Ryder. I don’t want to be tempted by that burnman




Jock Reynolds Coach KingsThis article has been penned as part of the Jock Reynolds Community Series, where anyone from within our proud community can have their say in front of their peers. These men and women have displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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Cheers, Jock. Traded in for legit competition to Hampson and not to fill CHF, though I reckon that's where he'll get his start. If he knocks off Hampson or Hampson does a knee than he becomes very very tempting

Psycho Muppet

I actually prefer Tom Boyd over Nankervis…… he is about 70K cheaper, dual position and still cheap considering he plays a role in a premiership winning team.

psycho muppet

And the Bulldogs done have a really steady ruckman ( I know Roughead has played that role all year) but when he injured, boyd plays in the ruck too. They may even make Boyd their number 1 ruckman this year, that's the beauty of Luke Beveridge, he gets the best out of every player on that field. he makes them feel like they are wanted and have a required role on the field. Every single player knows what they are meant to be doing when out on the field, he cements that role in their mindset. Hardwick does not adopt the same strategy which to me makes Nankervis a player that is going to struggle when it comes to supercoach, there will be an inconsistency of points week in week out if in fact he does make the starting 22


INP did a fantastic writeup of Boyd earlier on. Has a gander if you missed it

The thing with Boyd was that when he got an opportunity he smashed it. 53 season average compared to 82 throughout the finals. If Nankervis gets a similar opportunity than he's way unders

I N Pieman

Cheers Kev. Boyd worth keeping an eye on. Anyone going in with Sandi must have cover. I've had Ryder at 550 odd & he did my head in. Axed him after 2 weeks. At low 4's & DPP I might be a little more tolerant


Averaged above 150 in both TAC Cup and National Carnival… He'S actually really mobile and is a great tap ruckman. If he gets no.1 ruck he's a lock!

Luskin Star

Noble attempt to sell his wares Kev but its a no from me. If you go set and forget you dont need a swingman. If you dont go set and forget then i think you have to bury the hatchett with Paddy or risk Boyd. The other options dont give you much points potential.


Agree Luskin, I say as much in the selection purpose. I'm really warming to the idea of taking a punt on Sandiballs at R2 so the research on these RUC?FWD DPP blokes is so important. As soon as I see the name P. Ryder in my Higginator I hate myself


Brilliant Kev. I am truly enjoying watching the development of you guys in the tent as writers and investigative reporters. These reviews have always been funnier than the detritus that the other sites dish up and they are rapidly becoming more insightful, exposing and accurate. You should all be very proud of yourselves.
Now can I have my jumper back


lol jumper is back straight away, Santa must have borrowed it for christmas

Luskin Star

Agree 100%

The Bont

Would be great as a number one ruckman but I don't think that's what Richmond brought him over for .
Will play the very sc unfriendly spud vickery role for mine , and the young fella will be praying for bug Hampson to go down . And if he does he could be somewhat relevant .. If it wasn't for that awkward price .
I think that the player that deserves a big mention in this conversation is Jarrod Witts , 220 k and with Nicholls either injured or out of favour with rocket and Currie the same I think he'll get plenty of opportunity in 2017 , only 220 k too . Cheers for the write up Kev

I N Pieman

If witts is playing sole ruck with 2 metre back up then he's an option Bont. Won't be a keeper but there's value there for sure


Ah the old mid pricer unproven gamble.
Pops up every year very few pay off.
I think nank could be a tank and leave you in no man's land like tbc in 2015.
Lad does love a cuddle which is always a bonus.
Will c what role he plays in JLT but would have to impress the pants off me to warrant selection.

Beauty of a write up Kev.


Cheers, Trigger.

Always tough selecting a mid pricer. Double tough selecting a mid priced ruck. Opportunity is the buzzword here. Hampson/Nankervis can't be in the same team

The Stiv

He can and will be Kev. Richmond have no KP forwards other than Griff and Jack. Nank will start forward and pinch hit until he eventually takes over from Hampson.

I N Pieman

I remember going to the MCG on Boxing Day the day Warnie took his 700th. It was so busy I decided to buy 4 beers at a time. Sitting in the sun it was the 16th that finally got me & I had to leave because i couldn't see anymore. No amount of beer today will have the Nank in my side. It's the no mans land price that I can't justify. Cracking piece Kev & he could be relevant in years to come


R u there now?

Need a few more than a dozen cold ones today it is bloody hot. Need for serious lubrication.


I hope watching the test is part of that routine. Or maybe it is just a given on boxing day. So it is written. Bugger the yacht race boxing day test is where it is at.
I'm similar except still setting up the young lads chrissy pressies. Santa was rather generous this year.


100%. 🙂


Surely watching a bloody yacht race over the boxing day test is a crime punishable by death

I N Pieman

Nah not there today Trig. On the recliner with esky on one side & reaching broom on the other

I N Pieman

You boys noticed Nathan Lyon has become a much better bowler since he was renamed to Gary. Being called Gary will do that


Billy brownless better watch out.


Toby or not Toby. That is the question.


Hahahaha, quality Westy. That would have been a great lead in!


Toby the tank engine?


Toby the Tiger Trap


Thanks Kev, I can't hope to submit the player reviews that the good folks at are providing as they are top class, but I can provide the odd amusing one liner.


Whether 'tis safer for our teams to suffer the slings and arrows of midpriced tempters or to take arms against a sea of troubles and stick to guns and rookies.


Well played sir!

The Stiv

Hardwick is pretty keen to play 2 rucks. Hampson will start as no.1 ruck and Nankervis will play forward and pinch hit in the ruck. At some point Hardwick will realise the team is too slow and will drop Hampson as Nankervis takes over.