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harley-bennell-supercoachWhy take a ride on a Vespa when you can take a ride on a Harley?


As a Vespa quietly goes about its business it is fairly inconspicuous nothing flashy but gets the job done. When a Vespa passes you in the street you may give a cursory glance or might not even look up when it passes you by.

A Harley on the other hand is attention seeking, loud and bound to make you look up. It is flashy and catches the eye. Sure not everyone owns one but most people at one stage would have had a dream to go for a Harley ride.

It might cost you a bit more but the Harley ride has more appeal. Much like Supercoach.

No offence to Dennis Armfield but he quietly goes about his business on the footy field, not a big scorer but gets the job done each week. The Vespa.

Harley Bennell on the other hand may cost you a bit more but when he plays he catches the eye, makes you take notice, can go huge and unfortunately for him gets in the paper a little too often but when he roars past you sit up and take notice.

Too good to be true? Surely there is a catch?

How can you take a Harley ride for the same price as a Vespa when usually a Harley ride is twice expensive? Well this Harley ride comes with a disclaimer of take it at your own risk. In the past this Harley ride has been in trouble with the boys in blue as well as the club and has been in the repair shop on a regular basis spending all of 2016 up on blocks and out of action in the repair shop. So if you did take this Harley ride it would be based on what he has done in the past.

So let’s take a look:

2017 Price: $387,000
2017 Position: MID/FWD
Games last season: Zilch
Average in 2015: 102
100+ games in 2015: 6
Sub 80 games in 2015: 2
Missed games last season:
  • All 2016 and 6 in 2015
Significant history:
  • Second in the clubs B&F 2012
  • Polly Farmer medal
  • Round 2 draft pick 2010 National Draft
  • Larke Medallist
  • 26 Brownlow votes
  • Injury Prone
  • Off field indiscretions

Jock Reynolds Supercoach Magazine 2017

There is one outstanding quality that young Harley has in spades that most footballers would give their right arm for.  He was born with something special that separates him from most.

One word: TALENT

I’m talking about pure football ability. You either have it or you don’t and that won’t change no matter how many gym sessions, diets or psychology sessions you do.

Harley is extremely talented if focused he could be an elite player. He is that good. Quick, skilled and a classy finisher that can kick goals. But talent can only get you so far. You need to be able to firstly get on the park and this has been a problem for young Harley throughout his entire career.


Geez where do I start? This guy is a walking headline both on and off the field. When the plane took off from Gold Coast with Harley on board it nearly didn’t get off the ground such was the amount of baggage that Harley brought with him. To say he had a chequered past would be the understatement of the year.

Below is a brief summary in case you have been living under a rock.

Extra curricula


  • Dropped for disciplinary reasons Rd 3. Debuted Rd 2.
  •  He returned in Rd 4 but again was dropped two weeks later.
  • Returned to team Rd 11 against West Coast in Perth. Stayed in Perth, missed compulsory training dropped again.


  • Dropped in May after drinking alcohol after game despite the team agreeing to avoid alcohol for the week
  • July. Photo splashed over all the major newspapers of Bennell preparing to inhale a white powder (I don’t think it was Talcum)
  • Karmichael Hunt makes police statement and rats out teammates who he shared cocaine with. Harley is implicated.
  • Drunken altercation in Surfers Paradise.
  • Last straw for Suns traded to Fremantle in October


2013 –   Missed 6 games with a hamstring and 1 with a knee

2014 –  Missed 6 games with a calf including first 5

2015 –   Missed 3-4 games with a calf

2016-    Missed entire season with a calf


2012-    Missed zero games playing all 22. Second in B&F behind God himself


I think Harley Bennell has to at least be part of your thought process when picking your forwards next year as after the metamorphic transformation of our forward line I don’t think you can eliminate anyone and must look at all the options.

Just for a moment ignore the risk section.

If you can do that this and look at Harley the footballer this puts Harley Bennell right at the top of the forward line tree next year. Even the great man our leader Jock has said “This guy has a prodigious talent”. He is one of the few forwards who can go big and go big on a regular basis. You don’t go number 2 in the draft unless you can play and boy can this kid play.

Bennell has averaged over 95 for the last 4 years (2011-2015).  In 2015 he achieved a career high average of 102 SC points despite all his woes and posted 3 massive scores over 140. That is elite for the forward line. Priced at 71 if you ignore the risk then bang! Lock in a safe, lock in the cupboard, lock the room, lock the house and bury the key. With those numbers he could easily be number one forward in 2017.

Let’s have a look at what we have in the forward line. Top forward avg is just on 100.

Dahl – likely to be in just about every team
Nroo – getting old in the tooth – KPF
Buddy – KPF a real rollercoaster I believe a member of the community did an article on him
Lynch – KPF one his way up
Heeney – young gun on the way up but unproven
Caddy and McCrae – both gained dpp status can they take it up a notch?

I think most of these guys have had an article written on them so go into the index and have a read up if you want any more information on their potential as a key plank of your supercoach side next year.

So for Harley Bennell the rewards are huge.

So this is a classic Risk v Reward Selection.


  • DPP forward who can go big
  • No chance of a tag running through the Freo midfield
  • Underpriced for what he can deliver
  • A goal kicking mid
  • Doesn’t go as low as a KPF lowest score in 2015 was 70. 6 tons.


  • Has been known on occasion to partake in some extra curricula activities outside of playing footy which have been frowned on by the community
  • Injury prone
  • The Ross Lyin Factor.


As always the latest news on Harley is a good news/bad news story

Firstly the Bad.

In the headlines again this time his car was impounded by police for driving without a licence.

Of supercoach relevance:
Bad – injured again in preseason this time his other calf

The good (potentially) :
Young Harley sent over to Germany to see world renowned specialist Dr Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt – try saying that with a mouth full of peanuts.

The source of Harley’s recurring soft tissue injuries has been identified during the specialist treatment in Germany with the treatment to quote Ross “really, really positive”.

Apparently the Doc has worked on Usain bolt so if anyone has a chance of fixing Harley’s leg it’s the doc. While I don’t expect him to win a gold medal this could win you supercoach.


Will Consider.

Risk V Reward.

So here we have a guy who played up in his first season, settled down in his second showing us what he can do in a GC midfield which was often on the end of a hiding every second week. Year 3&4 played in patches but missed a number of games due to injury and then in 2015 went right off the rails, was traded by GC despite this averaged over 100 SC points. Missed all of 2016 with a calf.

Talk about an Enigma. If ever there was a speculative pick then this has to be it.

One thing we can be sure of is Harley Bennell’s talent. Let’s hope we are still to see the best of Harley Bennell.

Understandably many will overlook young Harley due to uncertainties that surround him as it is difficult to trust someone who has significant risks both on and off the field.

I guess I’m a glass half full guy who trusts the doc to fix young Harley as the rewards at his starting price for a fit and firing Harley outweigh the risks for mine. So I am willing to jump on and take a Harley ride if he comes out of the workshop tearing up the track and rearing to go Rd 1. Sure there may be a few bumps but as long as you ride the bumps and don’t crash this may well be a ride worth taking.

Who’s with me?


A great bloke to chat fantasy footy with. Ripping write up Trigger

Jock Reynolds Coach KingsThis article has been penned as part of the Jock Reynolds Community Series, where anyone from within our proud community can have their say in front of their peers. These men and women have displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.


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Absolutely can't deny his value or talent, Trigger. Fantastic write up this. Ross Lyin is a fantasy ruining knob but a good mentor, if he can get Harley to keep his nose clean (pun intended) there may be something in selecting Harley.

Too early to make a call just yet. It'll be fantastic to see him out on the track again, if he's tearing it up there's very little in the way of forward-line locks and he might just sneak in


Thanks Jock appreciate the feedback.


Thanks mate
Agree to early to consider but will consider if the doc not even gonna try and spell that again can weave some magic.

I N Pieman

There's only so many value risky picks you can take in. And that's why I have all of them including Bennell. Surely they can't all fall over. Famous last words. I'm keen if he lines up (pun) for round one. Loved the article Trigger


Cheers INP
at the moment I have 3 firming locks in beams (said he is feeling 100% and ready to go), fyfe and bob (similar story)
Sandi unknown but in team at present and with no 3rd man up pushed him closer to lock pending preseason
Bennell not in as injured but will see what happens next 3 months could quite easily get a starting gig
So could be going with up to 5 injured value picks.
Always appreciated your feedback

I N Pieman

Right now I have 18 players in my side that can score 100's. But only 3 of them played more than 20 games in 2016. Experience has taught me going in with that will be a death sentence. And probably an early exit. I'll probably dispose of most of those blokes & revert back to durable guns & rookies as we get a better look at them. But id like to keep 5-6 of them. Bennell though if he's fit for round 1 & at his price would be a gamble I'm willing to take. As you pointed out he's born to play


Nice one ! Love the depth of info here. Before you pinched him I was writing an article that had the header "Harley Bennell – White line fever or white line FEVER!"
He's got talent by the shed loads. Dockers should be better and if He and Fyfe are fit they will make top in 8.

Verdict for me? Yes. Worth the punt.


Thanks gave
Sorry didn't mean to steal your powder
White line fever love it.
Dockers could be worse could thy? Add those two instantly better.


Ordinarily a firm no.
But our forward stocks have been pillaged. Pillaged I say!
I'm guessing ole hoover snoz will start playing part way through the year, not round 1.
So I'll wait until he's strung a couple of games together and decide then.


Great write up trigger. I'm new to SuperCoach this year so absolutely loving the player profiles. Harley was not even on my radar for 2017 but after your article is definitely one to consider. Problem being that makes about 50 player possibilities. Thought provoking.


Mate if you wanna succeed at SC this is the only community to be in.
last year several of the community finished top 100 with a couple top 10.
We shine a light on these players you then put multiple scenarios in the higginator(love ya work higgo) and gives you the best chance come Rd 1 and throughout 2017.


Awesome write up, this decision looks similar to the Wells decision we all had to make this year. A player that hasent played any football lately and is injury prone, but a proven premium scorer. Ill be watching Bennel very closely, If he lines up for the NAB games aswell as round 1 then he is a certain starter. His talent and scoring capability is too hard to ignore for less then 400k and with the slim pickings in the forward line I see him being a safe selection, granted that he doesn't go down with a season ending injury.


Thanks mamba
Yep wells 2.0 written all over him

Harry H

Brilliant write up. I actually had Bennell in my team in 2015 and thought he was more inconsistent than the numbers you suggest but no score under 70 is a good sign with so few fwd options this year. He's in for now but still on my watchlist pre-season. Think will only go with one of he or Roughead but I'd read somewhere that Roughy probably won't play until May???? If so, odds of Bennell are looking higher


Glad u liked it Harry.
Wait watch and see.


If you pick him what are hoping for? 15 games at 100 ave? Would you take that over a player playing 20-22 games at 95 average? Because there is going to be loads of them…..I wouldnt.
I dont think the forwards are as bad as everyone is saying. We were just spoilt to have 3 guys average midfield numbers last year. But theyre no worse than the defenders.
I was on the Wells train very early last year but Bennells different. Hes more expensive and has off field dramas. Firm no for me


Yeah I'm with mousta on this one.
He is $100k cheaper than a 95 avg forward who are mainly dpp.
that $100k could mean you start say pendles over heppell.

if he averages around 100 going to make you quick cash and same points or more than a dearer fwd.
if he breaks down i guess that is why you have trades but could be lucky and he could do a 2012 season.
premo scoring in fwd line all year, pendles starting yep take that.


Thanks Trigger that's an excellent bit of journalism. I didn't realise that he'd been so fragile for so long but I have to start him if he gets through JLT.

Dr Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt I think the surname is pronounced 'Wall Fart' if its not a joke name I wonder how it originated. Probably one of the good doctors ancestors trying to hide his farts by squashing them against the wall on exit, obviously he wasn't successful or he would be known as Bumwohl rather than Wohlfahrt


Thanks beutelmaus. That's german for wombat.

Wall fart a hell of a lot easier to say than the docs name.


I'd be hoping for him to av 100, make me 120k and then sideways him when he goes down. That way you get premo scoring in that slot all year, for only 380k initial outlay (and a trade). The downside is if his inevitable injury comes r1 instead of say r7+


Whoops meant to reply to jack


Great work Trigger! Bennell can definitely score just if he will play, if this German doctor gets him out on the park, probably will make my team


Harley and the Case of the Curious Kraut Feel-up. Hope it works. His ceiling makes the pant zipper chime "Joy to the World" while his penchant for missing games turns that same area into a flaccid wasteland. As everyone here has said, see how he comes out in preseason. If he looks remotely ready to take it on, the price and proven skills are too much to pass up. Fantastic article once again, Trigger.

Luskin Star

In a year when it is difficult to find a fwd that will consistent.y score well we are offered a bloke who, if you take out his rookie year, has returned end of season averages of 98 97 95 101 for less than 400k. I dont care what he does off the field on the field ne is a must


Can't believe Bennell's being considered, biggest gamble of the year for mine. Problems with drugs, alcohol, discipline, the law amd injuries and an awkward price to boot. I can only forsee tears of pain for anyone with the unfeasibly large gonads who start with him. Good luck but the firmest of no's for mine!