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PODCAST: Melbourne & North Melbourne Supercoach 2017

Published by Jock on

Jock Reynolds PodcastFirstly, we hope you all have a cracking Christmas period community

As significant as this week is for many of us it is essential to keep our snout in the trough of our Supercoach 2017 research my friends. Today we get Melbourne & North Melbourne up on blocks and see what’s under the Supercoach bonnet.

These two mobs have the two most Supercoach significant big pricks in the game shouldering the ruck burden. Max Gawn. Todd Goldstein. They will form the R1 and R2 duo of many many teams this season – but is that wise?

Equally as significant is the importance of pre-ordering your 2017 Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Magazine. We are again staggered by an unexpected volume of orders and it is ESSENTIAL that you lock one in now to make sure you can get your hands on one.


Jock Reynolds Supercoach Magazine 2017

Look forward to your thoughts in the comments below community!



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In the shed bout t have a listen boys, bring on the big bash, merry xmass.


Ha ha. Missus was lookin at me funny laughin with ear buds in (she still has card hidden!)


Thanks again guys for the Pod. Have a great christmas. Thanks for the card Jock. My Missus loves it.


Elite podcasting again gentleman. Highlight of my week.
Thanks guys


Got my card yesterday Jock, was completely unexpected and made my day mate. Merry Xmas Jock, Peter and Crouching One.


The hand written greeting was pure class.


Love it, gents. Genuinely considering Higgins (preseason pending, obviously) to fill the gap in the Roos' midfield. Still torn on rucks – will pore over Higgo's wisdoms in the mag!


Black Mamba here, starting my journey on Supercoach 2017 supremacy today. Higgo and Jock both have good points regarding the Gawstein duo. However I dont see how you can go any other way. Goldstein and Gawn are arguably the only two ruckman that are capable of going 150+. Perhaps grundy or even the old ginger will overtake goldstein or gawn and be part of the top 2. However I dont see Gawnstein averaging under 110, although the price tag is hefty and it is tempting to go with a left sided ruck selection, Gawnstein is a reliable, proven pick.


Me at end of every season: Guns and rookies ONLY next year.
Me at the start of the next season: Surely at $320k he'll average 90.


I hear you! When we don't know much about the rookies yet, don't those mid-priced teams look awesome! And you convince yourself that KK, Bennell, Roughy, Swallow, Murphy, Hibberd, Beams, Hartlett are all fallen premiums and not really mid pricers at all!


Nice team xD


Is Heeney a top 8 forward?


I think he is. This year with one, just one, can't miss forward (dahl) I think you just have to take the punt.




Ed Vickers-willis could get a run early with the latest injuries at Arden St. He's well worth a look for D7
2017 is also looking like it might be the year for Majak, no Petrie, no Black and only a spasmodic waite and episodic brown as fwd alternatives, Goldstien is probably already limping which wont harm majaks chances at all, those big marks seem to score a lot more than a normal mark in SC


Mason Wood is emerging though…


AFL have just announced that they have banned third man up at the ruck contest. If the key ruck scores go up slightly, then it might be even harder to trade up from a mid-price option (eg starting with Ryder at R2 hoping to buy Gawn or Goldy cheaper and move Ryder back into the forward line). Whilst I think Gawn and Goldy will both benefit from this, maybe Sandy might be the biggest beneficiary of this. Interesting dilemma. Gawn/Sandy and see Goldy role with the emergence of Majak, or set and forget Gawn and Goldy?


I've deleted Goldy as a potential starter kbc. My higginator has Gawn-Giles to start with Wylie on the bench and Majak at F4


I much prefer Ryder at F4


I still carry the scares and sleepless nights of TBC and Lobbe and was looking forward to the carefree days of Gawn and Goldy……. now I'm am starting to rethink.


Maybe Gawn/Sandi for me.


Daw over Ryder Wombat? Can u unpack that thought for me?


I'm not convinced that Patrick has woken up fully after his 12-month hibernation and Majak is the fittest ruck/fwd in the comp atmo, so I'm taking the opportunity to spread the love at christmas. After Jan 26th I might swap


I've got doubts on Daw staying fit/being selected for a whole season. Granted he was learning the game in his early seasons, played 8 times 2016. Can't see him playing more than 12


I'm seeing a Waite type first 6 games of 2016 from majak in 2017. That'd be enough to get some serious POD points in the fwd line. Then I'll trade him and Giles for whoever the next best ruck is after max.
Obviously its not written in stone I could even end up with Philips and Gorringe depending on pres-season games.


I read article where Beams was saying that his knee will never be 100% but he will learn to live with the pain and manage his workload.

I have put a line through Beams.


Why are you being so rational Derek? Surely 2016 taught you that rationale was fools gold.


Beams has BCrouch written all over him.


"I'm going to have this problem for the rest of my career, but if managed it can be controlled


"The aim for me is to play all the games this year," Beams said.

"I've done the work and done all the prep that I can and left no stone unturned. I've given myself the best possible chance."

I am budgeting a trade for Beams. Beams is priced so low for his output that even if you add the value of a guaranteed trade to his price, he's still good value.


Thoughts on K Turner and T Garner from North as cheap fwd options.


It's risky, but it's not going to cost you the whole season to take the punt, which at that price, for what Fremantle have drafted him in for, is possibly worth a peak… If he goes down with a thirsty nostril or another calf then cut him loose for a rookie that you may have missed, bank the $200k and watch the new rookie rise up anyway. You'd rather be on the Harley if it's riding to Heaven than watching every other mug roar past you on the footpath with your stalled Vespa. Good article, I'm chucking him in for now and watching what Dr Woolfart produces… Anyone got thoughts on Jack Steele?


Thirsty Nostril hahahahaha

Dont Blush Baby

When or if will there will be any price changes as per the statement on Team Picker ?

Dont Blush Baby

Excellent ,Cheers Jock ,Seasons Greetings, hope Santa empties his sack at the Bungalow mate