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NRL Supercoach 2017: Brisbane Broncos

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NRL Supercoach Fantasy Cowboy2017 SuperCoach Team By Team Analysis

There are only a few teams that can boast more than a handful of SuperCoach Guns, but it’s worth knowing what each team has to offer. We’re constantly looking for shark moves throughout the season and you never know who will put their hand up as a worthy POD candidate.

It seems very likely that the 2017 SuperCoach Salary Cap will be 7 million while the starting prices should be worked out using 6685 as the magic number. Don’t let the increase in player starting prices scare you though. The increase in salary cap should allow you to field a similar make-up to last years’ starting SuperCoach teams. The only significant change from year to year is the number of rookies, cheapies and cash cows available at the start of the season.

Over the next couple of months I’ll be doing my predicted team by team line-ups along with a brief analysis.

*Some players’ prices may receive discounts that are yet to be applied.

Brisbane Broncos.

The Broncos’ have a very awkward draw in 2017 and it could be hard to justify having any of their backs in your SC team. Not only do they have arguably the worst opening draw, but they also have the week off on two of the three big bye rounds. Keep your eyes open for appealing picks in their forward pack. The loss of Corey Parker will result in a reshuffle that is yet to be determined. I wouldn’t be surprised if I go through 2017 without any Broncos’ players in my SuperCoach team.

  1. Darius Boyd ($340.9k) shouldn’t be SuperCoach relevant in 2017. I can’t see him scoring well during the opening rounds and he’ll miss a minimum of three games throughout the Origin period. He could be a POD option for the run home due to the favourable closing draw.
  2. David Mead ($264k) will play his debut season with the Broncos and should find himself on the wing. He averaged just 39.5 PPG at the Titans this season and could take some time to gel in a new team. He may come with a cheap price tag but he’ll be on my ‘wait and see’ list.
  3. Jordan Kahu ($291.4k) could be the new Broncos’ goal kicker now that Corey Parker has retired but he doesn’t usually rack up too many base stats. Like most of Brisbane’s backs, it’s probably best to wait until the Broncos’ tough opening draw is out of the way before monitoring.
  4. James Roberts ($340.9k) was a very frustrating player to own in 2016. He showed his high scoring potential on a couple of occasions but also produced a concerning number of poor performances. He isn’t worth the $340k price tag straight off the bat but he needs to be monitored closely. If he falls below $300k he has the potential to be a decent stepping stone to a keeper.
  5. Corey Oates ($334.2k) started the 2016 season at $232k and was owned by over 42% of coaches by round nine. There’s no denying this kid’s talent, but it’s hard to justify spending over $330k on him when he has a run of tough opponents at the start of the season. Fingers crossed he drops below $300k to become a more viable option.
  6. Anthony Milford ($444.5k) is one of the few SuperCoach relevant players among the Broncos’ backs. He averaged 66.5 PPG in 2016 which included a low averaging run throughout the Origin period. The Milf won’t be in my 2017 starting side but I’ll be monitoring him closely after round four when I’m hoping his price will be dropping significantly. He’ll be a nice addition to your run home side if he’s in good form through the Origin period.
  7. Ben Hunt ($372.3k) has proven that he’s capable of monster scores but he didn’t crack the 60 point barrier in the final seven rounds of the season. We’ll need to see some improvement before considering him as an option.
  8. Josh McGuire ($387.7k) is one of the few 80 minute props left in the game. There are rumours that he could replace Parker at 13 but I can’t see his base output changing significantly if he does. There’s no harm in waiting to see what his stats are like but we need to keep in mind that he’ll miss a minimum of three weeks throughout the Origin period.
  9. Andrew McCullough ($322.2k) comes with a reasonable price tag for someone of his calibre. His 2016 season didn’t exactly go to plan. He’s usually an 80 minute hooker but found himself playing between 50 and 60 minutes for a good portion of the start of the season. I’ll be monitoring his output and minutes closely as he could provide some value.
  10. Adam Blair ($277.4k) is another frustrating player to own due to his inconsistencies. His most obvious downfall is his scoring potential, scoring over 60 points on just one occasion in 2016. Don’t’ let the cheap price tag and ‘starting prop’ status convince you that he’s a ‘must have’ option.
  11. Sam Thaiday ($307.5k) averaged around 50 minutes per game for most of the season but became and 80 minute player for the final five rounds of the season. What does this mean for his minutes in 2017? He averaged over 60 PPG when playing the full eighty which makes him a viable option for your starting side.
  12. Alex Glenn ($266k) played from the bench on a number of occasions in 2016. His cheap price tag makes him one to consider although we’ll need to see what base stats he punches out while playing among the thirteen. He’s a low risk options but you don’t want to be stuck with someone who’s scoring 30s and 40s each week.
  13. Matt Gillett ($383.7k) is usually good for a fifty/sixty point game but you’ll be looking at offloading him at some point through the season. The way I see it, there’s just too many negatives with Gillett. He won’t play any of the big bye rounds and he doesn’t score well enough to be considered a keeper. His only positive is his occasional attacking stats which are just too rare for my liking.
  14. Jai Arrow ($195.8k) should be one of the most selected SC players if he finds himself in the Broncos’ starting side. He’s one of the candidates to fill the void left by Parker but we won’t know for sure until Team List Tuesday. Keep an eye on his Break Even after round two if he plays from the bench.
  15. Tevita Pangai Jnr ($223.9k) should continue to play from the bench in 2017 and will need to increase his minutes/output to be SuperCoach relevant. He could be an option if chosen in the starting side during Origin.
  16. Mitchell Dodds (???) has returned to the Broncos after playing just two games for the Warrington Wolves in 2016. I don’t’ think his involvement will be high enough to become a viable SuperCoach option but he may be a good choice through the Origin period if he finds himself playing a starting role.
  17. Benji Marshall ($299.4k) should drop to a very low price if he plays from the bench in 2017. In the unlikely scenario that he plays in the starting side, it’s probably best to add him to your ‘wait and see’ list.

How many Broncos are you looking at for your starting side?


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Good Stuff again Cowboys …. think you could be right about Jai Arrow taking Parkers spot …. started Milf last year (cheap) – thinking I might go set and forget with him this year and ride rollercoaster


Arrow is a great player and should do well at lock. Hope the Milf can generate some good scores for ya in the opening rounds. Will be tough against those opponents. Cheers Dave


On ya cowboy,
Great stuff as usual .
Agree with all except Ben Hunt ,,he may well have a hot start ….
Magic year coming up mate …
Cant wait 4 SC..


Haha thanks Killer!
It would be nice to see Bunt get some confidence back. He has so much potential! Can't wait for SC 2017 mate!